Press release for the exhibition, Picasso: Forty Years of His Art. November 6, 1939. The Museum of Modern Art Exhibition Records, 91.8. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York

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Since its founding in 1929 the Museum has promoted its activities through press releases. These are informative and often unique sources on MoMA exhibitions, programs, persons, events, and artworks.

Press releases are accessible in two parts: 1929–1997, below, and 1996–present.

1929–1997 releases are virtually complete. These press releases have been scanned from originals housed in the Library.

1996–present releases are selective. These include all major news announcements, film and gallery exhibition releases, and MoMA building project releases.

Press release titles are searchable within a given year. For example, to find 1945 releases with the word photograph or photography in the title, click “1940–1949”, below, then click “1945”, and search (PC: ctrl+F; Mac: command+F) for photograph. To search the full text of a given press release, open the PDF file and search (PC: ctrl+F; Mac: command+F) for photograph.

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