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J.B. Neumann Papers

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
© 2002
The Museum of Modern Art Archives
Finding aid prepared by Claire Dienes and Jeremy Melius, 2002, updated by Rachel Garbade, 2023.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Neumann, J.B. (Jsrael Ber), 1887-1961
Title: J.B. Neumann Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1914-1964
Quantity: 6.17 linear feet
13 boxes and 3 reels of microfilm


The Papers are organized into nine Series:
Series I: Correspondence, 1914-1959
Subseries A:Artists, ca. 1919-1957
Subseries B: Other
Series II: Unpublished Manuscripts, ca. 1940s - 1950s
Subseries A:Klee in the U.S.A., ca. 1949, 1952
Subseries B:Confessions of an Art Dealer, n.d.
Series III: Material Published by JBN, 1920-1945
Subseries A:Bilderhefte, 1920-1922
Subseries B:Art Lover, 1926-1937
Series IV: Gallery Ephemera, 1916-1953
Subseries A: Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf, Germany, ca. 1916-1931
Subseries B: New York, NY, United States, ca. 1924-1953
Series V: Related Material, 1920s - ca.1960s
Series VI: Personal Documents, ca. 1950s
Series VII: Photographic Material, 1929 - ca. 1961
Subseries A: Photographic Prints, ca. 1929
Subseries B: 7.5" × 10" Negatives
Subseries C: Glass Negatives
Subseries D: Slides
Subseries E: Microfilm Reel #3
Subseries F: 35 mm Film
Series VIII: Addenda, 1929-1960
Subseries A: Correspondence, ca. 1951
Subseries B: Mock-up ofArt Lover Library, Vol. 1, n.d.
Series IX: J.B. Neumann Correspondence Received from Peter Neumann, 1919-1964

Biographical Note

Jsreal Ben Neumann [JBN] was born in Austria in 1887. In 1910, he opened his first book and art store in Berlin, displaying works by such artists as Edvard Munch. By 1922, branches were opened in Bremen, Düsseldorf, and Munich. Neumann moved to New York City in 1923; a year later he would open a gallery, first called J.B. Neumann's Print Room and later the New Art Circle gallery, which was also known as a meeting spot for artists and art lovers. He championed progressive living artists, including Wassily Kandinsky, Max Beckmann, Paul Klee, and Georges Rouault. His wife, Elsa Schmidt, was a well-known artist who worked in mosaics. In addition to being an art dealer, Neumann was an art critic, author, lecturer, and publisher. Periodicals issued by Neumann include Bilderhefte (Berlin, 1920-1922) and Art Lover (New York, 1926-1945, 1959). Neumann died in Rye, New York on April 28, 1961.

Scope and Content Note

The Papers date from 1914-1964, and are contained in thirteen document boxes (twelve 5" boxes; one 2.5" box), one archives storage box (10.5"×12.5"×15.5"), and three reels of microfilm. Materials include correspondence to and from Neumann, unpublished manuscripts, photographs of works of art, and publications issued by Neumann.

Material on R. Bresdin, Beckmann, Kandinsky, Klee, Rouault, and Munch is particularly well represented in the Papers.


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain no restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The J.B. Neumann Papers are the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Persons and Organizations:
Art critics
Art dealers
Artists -- Correspondence
Beckmann, Max, 1884-1950 -- Correspondence
Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944 -- Correspondence
Klee, Paul, 1879-1940 -- Correspondence
Munch, Edvard, 1863-1944 -- Correspondence
Neumann, J. B. (Jsrael Ber) -- Archives
Neumann, J.B. (Jsrael Ber), 1887-1961
Rouault, Georges, 1871-1958 -- Correspondence
Art critics
Art dealers
Artists -- Correspondence
Beckmann, Max, 1884-1950 -- Correspondence
Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944 -- Correspondence
Klee, Paul, 1879-1940 -- Correspondence
Munch, Edvard, 1863-1944 -- Correspondence
Neumann, J. B. (Jsrael Ber) -- Archives
Rouault, Georges, 1871-1958 -- Correspondence
Document Types:
Exhibition catalogs

Related Collections at MoMA and Elsewhere

See Library for related published material; and Archives of American Art (AAA) for additional Neumann Papers.

Originals of Beckmann letters supposedly in Frankfurt University Neumann-Albers correspondence at the Josef Albers Foundation, CT

Microfilm of letters in I.A.1-2 also available at AAA.

Administrative Information


The Papers were a gift to the Museum Library from Elsa Schmidt Neumann, J.B. Neumann's widow, in 1962. They were transferred from the Museum Library to the Museum Archives on April 28, 1997, and re-processed adhering to archival principles. Series IX was donated by Peter Neumann, J.B. Neumann's son, in 2017 and 2020, and processed in 2023.

Preferred Citation

J.B. Neumann Papers, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.


The condition of material in the J. B. Neumann Papers varies from very stable to very volatile. Unstable photographic material has been reproduced in the form of black and white contact sheets, color slides, preservation color photocopies, or microfilm, as appropriate.

Series I-VIII have been digitized; digital surrogates are available to view within the MoMA Archives Reading Room. For Subseries I.A, number ranges in the left-hand column indicate both microfilm frame and digital image numbers for each correspondent's material. Series IX, Vol. 1 of Art Lover Library in Folder III.B.2, and Folder V.D have not been digitized and are available to view in their original form in the MoMA Archives Reading Room.

Additional Descriptive Data

Explanation of Abbreviations

ACS is an Autographed Card Signed.
TCS is a Typed Card Signed.
ANS is an Autographed Note Signed.
TNS is a Typed Note Signed.
JBN stands for J. B. Neumann.
JH stands for Jean Holtzman.
I-MV stands for Ilse-Margret Vogel.
ALS is an Autographed Letter Signed.
TLS is a Typed Letter Signed.
TL stands for Typed Letter.
MoMA is The Museum of Modern Art.
n.d. stands for no date.
re: stands for regarding.

Container List

Series I: Correspondence 1914-1959

Subseries A: Artists ca. 1919-1957

The order of the list of correspondents on both reels reflects the order in which they appear on the microfilm; inclusive dates of the material appear in parentheses. In January 1962, Mrs. J.B. Neumann lent the original letters to MoMA for microfilming. The original letters were offered at auction on May 24, 1962; see auction catalogue Archiv und Teile der Sammlung J. B. Neumann Auktion in Bern, 24 Mai 1962. (Bern: Klipstein and Kornfeld), available at the MoMA Library.

Correspondence from the following artists: Johannes Becher, Gerhart Hauptmann and Walter Jacob is listed in the auction catalogue but is not included on the microfilm; correspondence from the following artists, [?] Dulberg and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff is not listed in the auction catalogue but is found on the microfilm.

Microfilm material in subseries I.A: correspondence with artists, has been scanned and digital images of the materials are available for viewing within the archives. Number ranges in the left-hand column indicate both microfilm frame and digital image numbers for each correspondent's material.

Folder Title Date
I.A.1; 0007-0021 Microfilm Reel #1: Albers, Josef 1937-1945
I.A.1; 0022 Microfilm Reel #1: Arp, Hans 1930
I.A.1; 0023-0027 Microfilm Reel #1: Adler, Jankel 1932, 1936
I.A.1; 0028-0029 Microfilm Reel #1: Archipenko, Alexander 1923, 1933
I.A.1; 0030-0031 Microfilm Reel #1: Baader 1920
I.A.1; 0032-0220/0221 Microfilm Reel #1: Beckmann, Max

See also I.A.3

I.A.1; 0222-0250 Microfilm Reel #1: Behmer, Marcus 1920-1948
I.A.1; 0251-0255 Microfilm Reel #1: Burliuk, David 1930-1941
I.A.1; 0256-0259 Microfilm Reel #1: Calder, Alexander 1931
I.A.1; 0260-0271 Microfilm Reel #1: Campendonk, Heinrich 1935-1936
I.A.1; 0268 Microfilm Reel #1: Corinth, Lovis 1921
I.A.1; 0269-0271 Microfilm Reel #1: Cassirer, Bruno and Else 1942
I.A.1; 0272-0288 Microfilm Reel #1: Chagall, Marc and Ida 1937, 1938, 1941
I.A.1 Microfilm Reel #1: Cohen, Walter

Note: see "L"

I.A.1; 0289-0318 Microfilm Reel #1: Dix, Otto 1934 and n.d
I.A.1; 0319-0326 Microfilm Reel #1: Dreier, Katherine S. 1925-1950
I.A.1; 0327-0328 Microfilm Reel #1: Dulberg, [?] 1920
I.A.1; 0329-0337 Microfilm Reel #1: Ehrenstein, Albert 1921-1943
I.A.1; 0338 Microfilm Reel #1: Ewers, Hanns H. 1920
I.A.1; 0339-0345 Microfilm Reel #1: Feininger, Lyonel 1920, 1940-1943
I.A.1; 0346-0352 Microfilm Reel #1: Feuchtwanger, Lion 1957
I.A.1; 0353-0383 Microfilm Reel #1: Felixmüller, Konrad 1921-1958
I.A.1; 0384-0397 Microfilm Reel #1: Flechtheim, Alfred 1924-32
I.A.1; 0398-0402 Microfilm Reel #1: Frank, Leonhard 1921, 1957
I.A.1; 0403-0410 Microfilm Reel #1: Fuchs, Eduard 1927-1930
I.A.1; 0411-0440 Microfilm Reel #1: Gangolf, Paul 1919-1939
I.A.1; 0441-0453 Microfilm Reel #1: Grohmann, Will 1930-1954
I.A.1; 0454-0473 Microfilm Reel #1: Gromaire, Marcel 1939-1940
I.A.1; 0474-0476 Microfilm Reel #1: Gropius, Walter 1928, 1957
I.A.1; 0477-0479 Microfilm Reel #1: George, Waldemar 1930
I.A.1; 0480-0481 Microfilm Reel #1: Grossmann, Stefan 1928
I.A.1; 0482-0486 Microfilm Reel #1: Glaser, Curt 1918, 1931
I.A.1; 0487-0488 Microfilm Reel #1: Gosebruch, Ernst 1931
I.A.1; 0489-0492 Microfilm Reel #1: Guillaume, Paul n.d.
I.A.1; 0493-505 Microfilm Reel #1: Gurlitt, Wolfang 1955-56
I.A.1; 0506-0508 Microfilm Reel #1: Gulbransson, Olaf 1951
I.A.1; 0509-0510 Microfilm Reel #1: Guggenheim, Peggy 1942
I.A.1; 0511-0544 Microfilm Reel #1: Grosz, George 1921-1939
I.A.1; 0545-0552 Microfilm Reel #1: "H"Hegner, Jakob 1924, 1952
I.A.1; 0553-0555 Microfilm Reel #1: Haller, Hermann 1926, 1929
I.A.1; 0556-0562 Microfilm Reel #1: Helion, Jean 1936-1951
I.A.1; 0563-0568 Microfilm Reel #1: Huf, Fritz 1920
I.A.1; 0569-0574 Microfilm Reel #1: Hardt, Ludwig 1938-1939
I.A.1; 0575-0577 Microfilm Reel #1: Hofer, Karl 1934
I.A.1; 0578-0581 Microfilm Reel #1: Harlfinge[r?], R. 1918
I.A.1; 0582-0584 Microfilm Reel #1: Hegner, Jakob 1924, 1952
I.A.1; 0585-0611 Microfilm Reel #1: Heckel, Erich 1924-1934
I.A.1; 0612-0616 Microfilm Reel #1: Heidegger, Martin 1957
I.A.1; 0617-0626 Microfilm Reel #1: Jansen, F.M. 1920-1921, 1957
I.A.1; 0627 Microfilm Reel #1: Jungk, Robert 1954-56
I.A.1; 0628-0630 Microfilm Reel #1: Janthur, Richard 1921
I.A.1; 0631-0635 Microfilm Reel #1: Jaeckel, Willy 1920
I.A.1; 0636-0637 Microfilm Reel #1: Jacob, Max 1932
I.A.1; 0638-0646 Microfilm Reel #1: Jungk, Robert 1954-56
I.A.1; 0647-0662 Microfilm Reel #1: Jannings, Emil 1927-1929
I.A.1; 0663-0747 Microfilm Reel #1: Kandinsky, Wassily

see also I.A.4

I.A.1; 0748-0792 Microfilm Reel #1: Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig 1919-1927, 1935
I.A.1; 0793-0805 Microfilm Reel #1: Klossowski, Erich 1930
I.A.1; 0806-0827 Microfilm Reel #1: Kokoschka, Oskar 1930, 1937-1943
I.A.2; 0007-0023 Microfilm Reel #2: Kubin, Alfred 1920, 1922, 1927, 1930
I.A.2; 0027-0028 Microfilm Reel #2: Lehmbruck, Manfred 1948
I.A.2; 0025-0026 Microfilm Reel #2: Cohen, Walter 1930
I.A.2; 0029-0035 Microfilm Reel #2: Marcks, Gerhard 1931
I.A.2; 0036-0053 Microfilm Reel #2: Masereel, Frans 1921-1957, 1959
I.A.2; 0054-0058 Microfilm Reel #2: Mataré, Ewald 1955
I.A.2; 0059-0060 Microfilm Reel #2: Mellinger, Freidrich 1920
I.A.2; 0061 Microfilm Reel #2: Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo 1938
I.A.2; 0062-0064 Microfilm Reel #2: Moser, [?] 1932
I.A.2; 0065-0074 Microfilm Reel #2: Mendelsohn, Erich 1925, 1941, 1952
I.A.2; 0075-0077 Microfilm Reel #2: Meseck, Felix 1920
I.A.2; 0078-0079 Microfilm Reel #2: Martin, K. 1954
I.A.2; 0080-0083 Microfilm Reel #2: Mataré, Ewald 1955
I.A.2; 0084-0088 Microfilm Reel #2: Meidner, Ludwig 1919
I.A.2; 0089-0107 Microfilm Reel #2: Meier-Graefe, Julius 1930
I.A.2; 0108-0111 Microfilm Reel #2: Nauen, Heinrich 1930
I.A.2; 0112-0120 Microfilm Reel #2: Nolde, Emil 1921-1926
I.A.2; 0121-0125 Microfilm Reel #2: Orozco , J.C. 1935
I.A.2; 0126-0130 Microfilm Reel #2: Poelzig, Hans 1921
I.A.2; 0131-0133 Microfilm Reel #2: Pannwitz, Rudolf 1921
I.A.2; 0134-0136 Microfilm Reel #2: Pankok, Otto 1921
I.A.2; 0137-0140 Microfilm Reel #2: Pottner, Erich 1938
I.A.2; 0141-0150 Microfilm Reel #2: Richter, Hans 1959
I.A.2; 0151-0160 Microfilm Reel #2: Rössner, Georg W. 1929, 1950-1951
I.A.2; 0161-0171 Microfilm Reel #2: Roger-Marx, Claude 1928-1931
I.A.2; 0172-0183 Microfilm Reel #2: Rebay, Hilla 1933, 1936, 1945
I.A.2; 0184-0314 Microfilm Reel #2: Rouault, Georges and Isabelle Rouault

To JBN and Mrs. JBN; see also I.A.7

I.A.2; 0315-0325 Microfilm Reel #2: Scheyer, Gulka 1936, 1943
I.A.2; 0326-0377 Microfilm Reel #2: Segall, Lasar 1936-1940
I.A.2; 0378-0383 Microfilm Reel #2: Seligmann, Kurt 1949, 1953
I.A.2; 0384-0387 Microfilm Reel #2: Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl, 1925
I.A.2; 0388-0389 Microfilm Reel #2: Stinnes, Dr. H. 1916
I.A.2; 0390-0394 Microfilm Reel #2: Spiro, Eugen 1928, 1933
I.A.2; 0395-0400 Microfilm Reel #2: Scheffler, Karl 1929-1932
I.A.2; 0401-0404 Microfilm Reel #2: Severini, Gino 1931
I.A.2; 0405-0407 Microfilm Reel #2: Schlemmer, Oskar 1931, 1934-1935
I.A.2; 0408-0428 Microfilm Reel #2: Stein, Leo 1929, 1933
I.A.2; 0429 Microfilm Reel #2: Stieglitz, Alfred 1924
I.A.2; 0430-0431 Microfilm Reel #2: Toller, Ernst 1936
I.A.2; 0432-0439 Microfilm Reel #2: Thöny, W. 1933-1941
I.A.2; 0440-0442 Microfilm Reel #2: Tietze, Hans 1951
I.A.2; 0443 Microfilm Reel #2: Tappert, Georg 1920
I.A.2; 0444-0451 Microfilm Reel #2: Uhde, Wilhelm 1936
I.A.2; 0452-0459 Microfilm Reel #2: Weber, Max 1924, 1937
I.A.2; 0460-0466 Microfilm Reel #2: Zweig, Stefan 1930
I.A.3 Beckmann, Max

Incl. ALS Beckmann-JBN 1926
See also I.A.1

I.A.4 Kandinsky, Wassily

See also I.A.1

I.A.5 Klee, Paul

Klee, Felix 1952, 1958

1934, 1939
I.A.6 Munch, Edvard 1914
I.A.7 Rouault, Georges

See also I.A.2


Subseries B: Other 1914-1963

Folder Title Date
I.B.1 Family

10 items
Son (Peter)
Daughter-in-law (Annie)
Wife (Elsa)

1951, 1958-1959
I.B.2 Friends, clients and dealers, etc

Arranged alphabetically
Incl. TLS Jay Leyda-JBN
TLS Nelson A. Rockefeller-JBN
TLS JBN-Louis (Stern)

1926, 1940-60
I.B.3 Re: prints by R. Bresdin

10 items

I.B.4 Re: El Greco's St. Francis in Meditation

41 items
Purchased jointly by JBN and Marian Willard

I.B.5 Miscellaneous

12 items

I.B.6 Irma Benoit

3 letters and 5 postcards to Irma Benoit from J.B. Neumann.

This folder was added in 2023.


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Series II: Unpublished Manuscript; ca. 1940s - 1950s

Subseries A: Klee in the U.S.A. ca. 1940s - ca.1950s

Collected for unpublished book; forward by Felix Klee, edited by JBN.

Folder Title Date
II.A.1 Correspondence

Annotated typescripts
Handwritten notes
7 items

1949, 1952
II.A.2.a Photographs of works of art by Paul Klee

Items numbered 1-49

II.A.2.b Photographs of works of art by Paul Klee

Items numbered 50-90

II.A.2.c Photographs of works of art by Paul Klee

Items numbered 91-118

II.A.2.d Photographs of works of art by Paul Klee

Items numbered 119-146

II.A.2.e Photographs of works of art by Paul Klee

Items numbered 147-199


Subseries B: Confessions of an Art Dealer ca. 1958

Unpublished memoir by JBN in which he discusses Max Beckmann, Paul Klee, Edvard Munch and Georges Rouault.

Folder Title Date
II.B.1.a Unbound version

Miracles, Mostly Minor, p. 1-14
Incl. cover page and foreword
A Son of the Midnight Sun, re: Munch, p. M1-M22

II.B.1.b Unbound version

Between Heaven and Earth, re: Rouault, p. R1-R20
Sorrow and Champagne, re: Beckmann, p. 1-47
Shclussgesang, "Endsong", p. 48-49
Introducing the Miracle, re: Klee, p. K1-K15
New Beginnings, p. 1-8

II.B.2 Bound version

128 sheets
7 chapters


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Series III: Material Published by JBN 1920-1945

Subseries A: Bilderhefte 1914-1963

Folder Title Date
III.A.1 Bilderhefte (Berlin)

Vol. 1, nos. I-VI
Art Lover: JBN's Bilderhefte (New York), Vol. 2, nos. 1-9, 1926-1927
Vol. 3, nos. 1-8/9?, 1930-1937
26 issues
One bound volume

III.A.2 Bilderhefte (Berlin)

Vol. 1, nos. 1
5 n.d.

May 1920

Subseries B: Art Lover 1914-1963

Folder Title Date
III.B.1 Art Lover

Vol. 2, nos. 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 (1926-1927)
Vol. 3, nos. 1, 2, 6 (1930-1937)
Vol. 4, no. 1 (1945)

1926-1927, 1930-1937
III.B.2 Art Lover Library

Vol. 1, 1929; Vol. 2, n.d.; and Vol. 3, n.d.

See also VIII.B.1 for mock-up of Vol. 1, 1929 and V.D for additional materials on Rodolphe Bresdin.

Vol. 1 was added to this folder in 2023 and has not been digitized.


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Series IV: Gallery Ephemera 1916-1953

Includes invitations, exhibition announcements, catalogues, annotated brochures, clippings, etc., for JBN's various galleries and activities as an art dealer. Arranged by country, then chronologically.

Subseries A: Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf, Germany n.d.

Folder Title Date
IV.A.1 Graphisches Kabinett, 50 Kurfurstendamm, Berlin ca. 1916
IV.A.2 Graphisches Kabinett, 10 Briennerstrasse, Munich ca. 1928-1931
IV.A.3 Galerie Neumann-Nierendorf, Berlin and Düsseldorf ca. 1925-1926

Subseries B: New York, NY, United States 1914-1963

Folder Title Date
IV.B.1 J. B. Neumann's Print Room, 19 East 57th Street 1924-1925
IV.B.2 New Art Circle, 35 West 57th Street 1926-1928
IV.B.3 New Art Circle, 509 Madison Avenue 1934-1937
IV.B.4 New Art Circle, 543 Madison Avenue

Neumann-Willard Gallery and the Art Book Center also mentioned

ca. 1940
IV.B.5 New Art Circle, 41 East 57th Street ca. 1948-1953

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Series V: Related Materials ca. 1920s-1960s

Folder Title Date
V.A 1920-1929

Incl. issue of Der Neue Merkur Monatshefte with annotations (Nov./Dec. 1921)
"What and When is Painting Today?" by Oscar Bleumner (Oct. 1929)

V.B 1930-1963

Incl. Plaza Art Galleries, Inc., auction catalogue "A Selection of Modern Art, European and American from JB Neumann and Others" (May 8, 1940)
Exhibition brochure for From Realism to Abstraction, assembled by JBN for The Cincinnati Modern Art Society (Feb. 26-March 17, 1945)
Brochure for JBN, "Counsellor in Art" (1956-1957)
Issue of Massachusetts Review, re: R. Bresdin (Autumn 1960)

V.C n.d.

Incl. announcements, brochures, photographs re: artist K. S. Kulkarni

V.D Material on Rodolphe Bresdin

Includes excerpts from Print Collectors Quarterly and notes by Neumann about Rodolphe Bresdin, as well as mock ups for the text and images of Art Lover Library, Vol. 1. (See III.B.2 for an annotated copy of Art Lover Library, Vol. 1 and VIII.B.1 for a mock up of Vol. 1.)

This folder was added in 2023 and has not been digitized.

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Series VI: Personal Documents ca. 1950s

Folder Title Date
VI.A Photographs and U.S. inoculation and vaccination certificate

9 items

1954, n.d.
VI.B Course catalogs and lecture notes

6 items

ca. 1933-1936, n.d.

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Series VII: Photographic Material ca. 1929-1961

Subseries A: Photographic Prints n.d.

Folder Title Date
VII.A.1 Installation photographs of first exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art

One annotated envelope
8 items

VII.A.2 Klee in the U.S.A.

See II.A.2a-II.A.2e


Subseries B: 7.5"×10" Negatives 1914-1963

Items are 7.5" × 10" negatives unless otherwise noted; there are some prints, which vary in size; 351 items; arranged alphabetically by artist or descriptive phrase; phrases in quotation marks reflect original labeling of material.

Folder Title
VII.B.1 Beckmann, Max

15 items

VII.B.2 Béraud, Jean, 1883

1 item

VII.B.3 Blythe, ?, 1883

1 item

VII.B.4 Chagall, Marc

8 items

VII.B.5 Coffermans, Marcellius, 1575

1 item

VII.B.6 Dufy, Raoul

1 item

VII.B.7 Gatch, Leo

13 items

VII.B.8 German Expressionists

19 items

VII.B.9 El Greco

3 items

VII.B.10 Kandinsky, Wassily

10 items

VII.B.11 Klee, Paul

6 items
4 negatives
2 prints

VII.B.12 Knaths, Karl

28 items

VII.B.13 Kokoschka, Oskar

3 items

VII.B.14 Kopman

24 items

VII.B.15 Kuniyoshi, Yasuo

3 items

VII.B.16 Levinson, (A.F.)
VII.B.17 Matisse, Henri

2 items

VII.B.18 Maurer, (Alfred H.)

26 items

VII.B.19 Metzinger, Jean

2 items

VII.B.20.a Modern Americans

30 items

VII.B.20.b Modern Americans

30 items

VII.B.20.c modern Americans

37 items

VII.B.21 Modern French

Includes Dufy, Gromaire, Modigliani, Soutine
12 items

VII.B.22 Picasso, Pablo

12 items
4" × 5"
works of art by Picasso and photographic portraits of the artist as a young boy and a man

VII.B.23 Rouault, Georges

42 items
12 negatives
30 prints

VII.B.24 Rousseau, Henri

1 item

VII.B.25 von Wuchtman, ?

20 prints

VII.B.26 Unlabeled

Various European artists 40 items
1 of them 4" × 5" negative

VII.B.27 Unlabeled

Various artists
Mostly European and American
40 items
1 of them 4"×5"

VII.B.28 Unlabeled

Various artists
Mostly European and American
30 items

VII.B.29 Unlabeled

Various artists
Mostly European and American
40 items

VII.B.30 Unlabeled

Various artists
Mostly European and American
40 items

VII.B.31 Unlabeled

Various artists
Mostly European and American
43 items
6 of them are 4"×5"

Subseries C: Glass Negatives

Various subjects; 60 contact sheets were made for reference use; negatives are 3.25 × 4.25" unless otherwise indicated; the 140 3.25 × 4.25" negatives were originally separated into 7 boxes; this original order has been retained; originals are housed in box 10

Folder Title
VII.C.1a African Negro

8 items
Originals are glass negatives, 8 × 10.50"

VII.C.1b African Negro Sculpture

13 items
Originals are glass negatives, 8 × 10.50"

VII.C.2 Unlabeled

8 items
Incl. film stills, photographs, cartoons

VII.C.3 Unlabeled

4 items
Incl. various European artists (Fantin-Latour, Renoir, etc.)

VII.C.4 Unlabeled

3 items
Incl. various European artists (Arp, Grosz, Mondrian, etc.)

VII.C.5 Unlabeled

7 items
Incl. various early twentieth-century European artists

VII.C.6 Unlabeled

4 items
Incl. photographs
various European artists

VII.C.7 Unlabeled

6 items
Incl. cartoons
Medieval works
Rousseau, Mohol-Nagy, Titian

VII.C.8 Unlabeled

7 items
Incl. cartoons
Breughel, Rouault, Daumier

Subseries D: Slides n.d.

84 items; color photocopies were made for reference; originals are housed in box 10.

Folder Title Date
VII.D.1 Schmidt, Elsa

6 items
Original slides are 2 × 2"

VII.D.2 Various artists

78 items
Original slides are 2 × 2" and 3.5 × 4"


Subseries E: Microfilm Reel #3 n.d.

11 rolls consolidated onto one. Original reels housed in box 10. Incl. articles in German, Russian, and other Eastern European languages.

Subseries F: 35 mm Film n.d.

Box 10, Original photographic material (retired)

Folder Title Date
VII.F.1 Slide film

Various artists
8 images
Color slides have been made from the film
Originals are housed in box 10

VII.F.2 JBN vacation 1

37 images
Black and white contact sheets have been made from the film
Originals are housed in box 10

VII.F.3 JBN vacation 2

Black and white contact sheets have been made from the film
Originals are housed in box 10


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Series VIII: Addenda 1929-1960

Subseries A: Correspondence n.d.

Correspondence to Jean Holtzman from J.B. Neumann and Ilse-Margret Vogel (Director of the New Art Circle gallery in 1950). Gift of Jean Holtzman, 1992-1993.

Folder Title Date
VIII.A.1 Correspondence to Jean Holtzman from Ilse-Margret Vogel

5 items
TLS I-MV-JH (1951), on New Art Circle gallery announcement, with envelope 2 items
TLS I-MV-JH (also signed by JBN) (12/11/51), with envelope, annotated (12/11/51)
2 items
TLS I-MV-JH (n.d), on New Art Circle gallery

ca. 1951
VIII.A.2 Correspondence to Jean Holtzman from J.B. Neumann

20 items
announcements re: New Art Circle gallery 2 items
TLS JGN-JH (8/29/5), re: loan, cancelled check attached 1 item
ACS JBN-JH (3/10/52?) 1 item TCS JBN-JH (1/18/55) 1 item
TLS JBN-JH (4/6/56), with envelope 2 items
ACS JBN-JH (2/21/57), with ANS, TN, and envelope 4 items
TLS JBN-JH (1/9/58), with envelope 2 items
ACS JBN-JH (12/20?/58) 1 item
ALS JBN-JH (2/10/60), re: Courbet, with envelope 2 items
TLS JBN-JH (4/18/60), re: Courbet and money loan, with envelope 2 items
ALS JBN-JH (7/6/60), re: Courbet, with envelope 2 items


Subseries B: Mock-up of Art Lover Library, Vol. 1 1929

See III.B.2 for Vol. 2 and 3 (n.d.).

Folder Title Date
VIII.B.1 Mock-up of Art Lover Library, Vol. 1

See also: III.B.2 for an annotated version of Vol. 1.


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Series IX: J.B. Neumann Correspondence Received from Peter Neumann 1919-1964

Correspondence between J.B. Neumann and artists, art historians, art dealers, museum directors and curators, writers, and others. Peter Neumann donated this material to the MoMA Archives in 2017 and 2020. This series was added in 2023.

Some of these letters may be duplicates of those in Series I, here in their original form.

Minimal arranging was completed to organize the folders in alphabetical order by correspondent's last name. Several folders of empty envelopes were received in no discernible order, though original order was maintained. Discrete stacks of envelopes were often broken into several folders, which are labeled with "1 of 2," "2 of 2," etc. Many of the empty envelopes at the end of the series may correspond to the letters in this series and Series I. In most cases, senders' names are printed or written on the envelopes, which is usually postmarked with the date. Two folders of clippings (IX.79 and IX.80) were removed from their original arrangement, among the correspondence, to the end of the series.

Folder Title Date
IX.1 General A-V

2 letters from Jankel Adler
1 telegram from Walter C. Arensberg
1 letter from Maurice Becker
1 letter from Edward L. Bernays
1 postcard from Walter Cohn
1 letter from Dulberg
5 letters from Albert Ehrenstein
1 letter from Hanns H. Evers
1 postcard and 10 letters from Conrad Felixmüller
6 letters and 1 postcard from Eduard Fuchs
1 letter from Waldemar George
1 letter and 1 postcard from Curt Glaser
1 letter from Ernst Gosebruch
2 postcards and 4 letters from Will Grohmann
1 letter from Stefan Grossmann
1 letter from Olaf Gulbransson
2 letters from Herman Haller
2 letters and 1 postcard from Ludwig Hardt
1 letter from Richard Harlfinger
1 letter from J.D. Hatch
2 letters from Jakob Hegner
2 letters from Karl Hofer
1 letter from Fritz Huf
1 letter from Max Jacob
2 letters from Greg Jacobel
3 letters from F.M. Jansen
1 letter from Richard Janthur
5 letters from Robert Jungk
2 empty envelopes
3 letters from Erich Klossowski
1 letter from Clarence John Laughlin
1 letter from Robert O. Levine
2 letters from Ewald Mataré
1 empty envelope
1 letter from K. Martin
4 letters from Ihres Meidner
1 postcard and 5 letters from Julius Meier-Graefe
1 letter from Friedrich Mellinger
2 letters from Felix Meseck
1 letter from Carl Milles
1 letter from Otto Pankok
1 letter from Rudolph Pannwitz
1 letter from Erich Pottner
3 letters from Hans Richter
4 letters from Georg Rössner
4 letters from Karl Scheffler
2 letters from Kurt Seligmann
4 letters from Eugen Spiro
1 letter from Suzie
4 letters from W. Thöny
1 letter from Hans Tietze
1 letter from Fritz Voigt

IX.2 "Special Correspondence"

1 letter from Will Grohmann
1 letter from Jerome Mellquist
1 letter from Barbara Morgan
1 letter from Meyer Schapiro
2 letters from Kurt Wolff
2 notes
1 clipping from The New York Times

IX.3 Papers and Correspondence

1 letter from C. C. Briggs
1 letter from Alice G. Maslin/Nancy Craig
1 transcript of a conversation with Nancy Craig and Neumann
2 items from The New School for Social Research
2 pages of notes about social tendencies in contemporary art
2 schedules of events for the Art Fair hosted by The Junior League of the City of New York, Inc.

IX.4 General A

4 empty envelopes
2 letters from Elmer Adler
3 letters from Merle Armitage
1 letter from Walter C. Arensberg
3 letters from Boris Aronson
6 letters from George C. Ault
3 letters from Everett Austin
1 letter from Milton Avery

IX.5 Josef Albers

44 letters and 4 postcards from Josef Albers
22 empty envelopes
1 note

IX.6 Alexander Archipenko

2 letters from Alexander Archipenko

IX.7 Hans Arp

1 letter from Hans Arp

IX.8 General B

2 letters from Albert Barnes
1 letter from Leonard Baskin
4 letters from Herbert Bayer
1 letter from Rene Beck
4 letters from Maurice Becker
1 letter from Quappi Beckmann
1 letter from E.M. Benson
1 letter from Ben Benn
1 letter from Eugene Berman

1 letter from Lucienne Bloch Dimitroff was moved to IX.9 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

IX.9 General B

1 postcard from George Biddle
2 letters from George Biddle
1 letter from Elmira Bier
1 letter from Marc Blitzstein
1 letter from Lucienne Bloch Dimitroff
2 letters from F. Blumberg
1 letter from Belle Boar
6 letters from Walter Bohannon
11 letters and 1 telegram from Ilya Bolotsky
1 letter from J.B. Neumann to Ilya Bolotsky
5 letters from Eliu Borgrave
1 letter from Adelyn Breeskin
1 letter from William A. M. Burden
2 letters from Henri Burkhard
2 letters from Bryson Burroughs

IX.10 Alfred H. Barr, Jr.

7 telegrams, 53 letters, and 7 postcards from Alfred H. Barr, Jr.
6 letters from J.B. Neumann to Alfred H. Barr, Jr.

IX.11 Marcus Behmer

3 empty envelopes
6 letters and 1 postcard from Marcus Behmer

IX.12 Marcus Behmer

21 letters and 7 postcards from Marcus Behmer
6 clippings of articles by Marcus Behmer

IX.13 Oscar Bluemner

2 postcards and 28 letters from Oscar Bluemner
8 letters from J.B. Neumann to Oscar Bluemner
1 letter from John Davis Hatch, Jr., regarding Oscar Bluemner
2 letters from John Pancoast, regarding Oscar Bluemner

IX.14 General C

4 letters from Mary Callery
3 letters from Jean Charlot
3 letters from Sheldon Cheney
1 letter from Walter Chrysler
30 letters from Alpert Churchill
3 letters from Stephen Clark
1 letter from Charles Collingwood
1 letter from Joseph Cornell
1 letter from Royal Cortissoz
2 letters from Richard Courant
1 letter from Norman Cousins

IX.15 General C

8 letters from Lord Crawford of Balcarres
7 letters from Frank Crowninshield
2 letters from C.C. Cunningham

IX.16 Alexander Calder

9 letters from Alexander "Sandy" Calder

IX.17 Heinrich Campendonk

2 letters from Heinrich Campendonk

IX.18 Marc Chagall

4 empty envelopes
1 letter from Marc Chagall

Items were originally in a plastic sleeve with the number 297.

IX.19 Ida Chagall

3 letters from Ida Rapaport Chagall

Items were originally in a plastic sleeve with the number 293.

IX.20 Lovis Corinth

1 letter from Lovis Corinth

IX.21 General D

1 letter from M.C. D'Arcy
7 letters from Andrew Dasburg
4 letters from J.B. Neumann to Andrew Dasburg
1 letter from Stuart Davis
2 letters from Jacob Baart de la Faille
5 letters from John Dewey
1 letter from William Dieterle
1 letter from Marcel Duchamp
4 letters from Carlos Dyer

IX.22 H.S. Ede

4 letters from H.S. Ede
4 empty envelopes

IX.23 Louis M. Eilshemius

1 letter and 1 envelope from Louis M. Eilshemius with 2 notes about Eilshemius

IX.24 Albert Einstein

2 letters from Albert Einstein

IX.25 General F

1 letter from Conrad Felixmüller
5 letters from Lion Feuchtwanger

IX.26 General F

1 note that says "John Flanagan"
1 letter from Juliana Force
5 letters and 3 postcards from Arnold Friedman
1 empty envelope and 1 letter from R. Buckminster Fuller

IX.27 Lyonel Feininger

1 empty envelope
1 letter from Lyonel Feininger

Items were originally in a plastic sleeve with the number 295.

IX.28 General G

1 letter from Benno Geiger
2 letters from Blake-More Godwin
3 letters from A. Conger Goodyear

IX.29 Paul Gangolf

1 letter from J.B. Neumann to Paul Gangolf
13 letters from Paul Gangolf
3 empty envelopes
1 drawing

IX.30 Lee Gatch, 1 of 2

61 letters, 1 postcard, and 1 telegram from Lee Gatch
3 bios of Lee Gatch
1 letter from Anne K. Stolzenbach to Lee Gatch, sent to J.B. Neumann

IX.31 Lee Gatch, 2 of 2

39 empty envelopes
25 letters from Lee Gatch

IX.32 Adolph Gottlieb

1 letter from Adolph Gottlieb
1 empty envelope

IX.33 Marcel Gromaire

7 letters from Marcel Gromaire
7 empty envelopes

Items were originally in two plastic sleeves, one with the number 271.

IX.34 Marcel Gromaire

2 empty envelopes
3 letters from Marcel Gromaire

IX.35 George Grosz

9 letters and 4 postcards from George Grosz
8 empty envelopes

Items were originally in two plastic sleeves, one with the number 272.

IX.36 General H

4 letters from Oskar Hagen
3 letters from Esther Hamerman
1 letter from Walter Hampden
1 letter from Thomas Handforth
3 letters from Katherine Hanna
1 letter from George "Pop" Hart
1 letter from Leon Hartl
2 letters from Marsden Hartley
1 letter from Alonzo Hauser
6 empty envelopes

IX.37 General H

1 letter from Zoltan Hecht
1 empty envelope
2 letters from Georg Heidenreich
3 letters from Dennis Herron
1 letter from Carl Holty
1 letter from Walter Homère
1 letter from Doris Humphrey
1 letter from Aldous Huxley

IX.38 Martin Heidegger

1 letter from Martin Heidegger

IX.39 Jean Helion

1 postcard and 4 letters from Jean Hélion

IX.40 General I-J

3 letters from Harold L. Ickes
1 letter from R. Sturgis Ingersoll
1 letter from Alexandre Istrati
6 letters from William Ivins
3 letters from Eugene Jolas
5 empty envelopes

IX.41 Max Jacob

3 letters from Max Jacob

IX.42 Emil Jannings

5 letters from Emil Jannings

IX.43 General K

1 letter from Horace M. Kallen
1 letter from Honka Karasz
3 letters and 1 postcard from Bernard Karfiol
3 letters from Edward Kaufman
1 postcard from Earl Kerkam
4 letters from Frederick J. Kiesler
8 letters from Fiske Kimball
1 letter from Alexander King
1 letter from Daisy B. King
1 memo to Karl Knaths from Thomas Brockway
6 postcards, 20 letters, and 2 memos from Karl Knaths
3 letters from Oskar Kokoschka
6 letters from Katharine Kuh
2 letters from Charles L. Kuhn
3 letters from Walt Kuhn
4 letters from Yasuo Kuniyoshi
1 empty envelope

IX.44 Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler

12 letters from Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler
2 letters from J.B. Neumann to Kahnweiler

IX.45 Wassily Kandinsky

13 letters from J.B. Neumann to Wassily Kandinsky
3 pages of inventories of Kandinsky's artwork
1 American Consular Services Declaration form

IX.46 Felix Klee

5 letters and 1 postcard from Felix Klee
1 empty envelope

IX.47 Benjamin Kopman

27 letters from Benjamin Kopman
1 clipping
4 empty envelopes

IX.48 General L

2 letters from Stephan Lackner and Gretl von Bronneck, a.k.a "Puck"
2 letters from Burt Lancaster
1 letter from Clare Leighton
1 letter from William Lescaze
1 letter from Abraham F. Levinson
1 letter from Wyndham Lewis
2 letters from Jay Leyda
1 letter from Jean Liberte
1 letter from The Library of Congress
1 letter from Richard and Louise Lippold
3 letters from Walter Lippman
3 letters from Jacques Lipschitz
1 letter from Israel Litwak
1 postcard and 5 letters from Alain Locke
4 letters from Louis Lozowick
1 letter from Ernst Lubitsch
4 letters from Wright Ludington
5 letters from Mabel Dodge Luhan

IX.49 Manfred Lehmbruck

1 letter from Manfred Lehmbruck
1 copy of Un Fait Divers, 1920, with 8 woodcut prints by Frans Masereel

IX.50 General M

1 letter from Loren MacIver
1 letter from Prince Matchabelli
2 letters from Helmut May
1 letter from Grace M. Mayer
1 letter from A. Hyatt Mayor
1 letter from Grace L. McCann Morley
1 letter from Ladislas Medgyes
7 letters from Frederick Mellinger
2 letters from Mary Mellon
1 letter from Paul Mellon
2 letters from Kurt Mettler
1 letter from Grégoire Michonze
1 letter from Paul Mills
1 postcard from E. Mongan
8 letters and 1 postcard from Randall Morgan
1 exhibition announcement for Randall Morgan
1 letter from George L. K. Morris
1 letter and 1 postcard from Robert Motherwell

IX.51 General N

1 letter from Jean Negulesco
1 letter and 1 postcard from Ben Nicholson
2 letters from Isamu Noguchi

IX.52 General O

1 cartoon from Robert Osborn
7 letters from José Clemente Orozco
5 empty envelopes
1 letter from Paul Outerbridge, Jr.
1 letter from Amédée Ozenfant

1 postcard from Ben Nicholson was moved to IX.51 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

IX.53 Clifford Odets

41 letters and 1 photocopy of Prometheus from Clifford Odets
1 photograph of Near Hollywood by Clifford Odets
2 empty envelopes
12 letters from J.B. Neumann to Clifford Odets

IX.54 Georgia O'Keeffe

2 letters from Georgia O'Keeffe
1 exhibition announcement for Georgia O'Keeffe, 33 New Paintings (New Mexico), An American Place, New York, December 27, 1931-February 11, 1932

IX.55 General P

1 letter from Walter Pach
1 empty envelope
1 telegram and 25 letters from Duncan Phillips
3 letters from Henry Varnum Poor
2 letters from Joseph Pulitzer

1 letter from Elmira Bier was moved to IX.9 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

1 letter from William Dieterle was moved to IX.21 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

IX.56 General R

1 letter from Man Ray
8 letters from Abraham Rattner
1 clipping
1 letter from Herbert Read
1 postcard and 5 letters from Hilla Rebay
1 letter from J.B. Neumann to Baroness (Hilla Rebay)
8 letters from Bernard and Gutza Reder
1 postcard from Gutza Reder
1 letter from Ad Reinhardt
1 letter from Max Reinhardt
1 letter from Erich Maria Remarque
1 letter from Daniel Catton Rich
1 letter from E.W. Root
1 letter from Henry P. Rossiter
1 letter from Paul Robeson
2 letters from Boardman Robinson
4 letters from Edward G. Robinson
5 letters from Nelson A. Rockefeller
2 letters from James J. Rorimer
1 letter from Arnold Rönnebeck
2 letters from Reuven Rubin
1 letter from Anne Ryan
1 letter from [illegible]

IX.57 Georges Rouault

1 letter from Georges Rouault
3 headshots of Georges Rouault

IX.58 General S

1 letter from Elizabeth Sacartoff
1 letter from Paul Sachs
1 letter from Jimmy Savo
1 letter from Meyer Schapiro
1 letter from Joseph Scharl
1 letter from Carl O. Schniewind
2 letters from George Schrimpf
1 letter from Heinrich Schwarz
1 letter from Gino Severini
7 letters from Charles Sheeler
2 letters from James Thrall Soby
1 letter from Joseph Solomon
8 letters from Moses Soyer
2 letters from Eugene Speicher
1 letter from Jürg Spiller
6 letters from William Steig
15 letters from Leo Stein
1 letter from Ralph Steiner
6 letters from Maurice Sterne

IX.59 General S

2 letters from Glorya Stokowska
4 letters from Irving Stone
1 letter from Josef Stransky
7 letters from James Johnson Sweeney
1 letter from Mark Szwan

IX.60 Galka Scheyer

1 headshot of Galka Scheyer
11 letters from Galka Scheyer

IX.61 Alfred Stieglitz

16 lettersand 1 postcard from Alfred Stieglitz
1 clipping of text by Alfred Stieglitz
3 exhibition announcements from Alfred Stieglitz
14 empty envelopes

1 letter from Jürg Spiller was moved to IX.58 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

IX.62 General T

1 letter from Booth Tarkington
1 letter from Frances Taylor
1 empty envelope
28 letters from J.B. Neumann to G. David Thompson, a.k.a. Dave
22 letters from G. David Thompson
3 letters from G. David Thompson to Paul Neumann

IX.63 General T

1 letter from Virgil Thomson
1 note that says "Gene Tierney"
1 letter from Hans Tietze
3 letters from Mark Tobey
1 letter from Ernst Toller
2 letters from Carlo Tresca
1 letter from Hans Heinrich von Twardowski

IX.64 General V

2 letters from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
4 postcards and 3 letters from Curt Valentin
3 letters from W.R. Valentiner
2 letters from Vincent Willem van Gogh
7 letters from Hendrick Willem van Loon
1 letter from J.B. Neumann to Hendrick Willem van Loon
1 postcard and 5 letters from Jean "Yanko" Varda
1 letter from Edgard Varèse
1 letter from Carl Van Vechten to Mabel Dodge Luhan
1 letter from Jacques Villon
2 letters from Ambroise Vollard
1 letter from M. Vollanberg

IX.65 General W

1 letter from Herwarth Walden
9 letters from Franklin C. Watkins
3 letters from Gordon B. Washburn

2 letters from C.C. Cunningham were moved to IX.15 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

IX.66 General W

1 letter from James Lesesne Wells
1 letter from Glenway Westcott
3 letters from Paul Westheim
1 letter from Warren Wheelock
1 letter from Marian Willard
4 letters from Kurt Wolff
1 postcard from Kurt Wolff

IX.67 Forbes Watson

1 clipping by Forbes Watson

IX.68 Max Weber

1 letter from Max Weber to Arthur B. Davies
50 letters from Max Weber
1 letter from J.B. Neumann to Max Weber

IX.69 Gert Wollheim

8 letters and 1 postcard from Gert Wollheim
2 empty envelopes

IX.70 General Y-Z

14 letters and 2 postcards from Art Young
1 letter to Charles Zadok
1 letter from Carl Zigrosser
1 letter from William Zorach to Elsa

IX.71 Stefan Zweig

1 letter from Stefan Zweig

IX.72 Empty Envelopes

45 empty envelopes from assorted senders

1 letter and 16 empty envelopes from Lee Gatch were moved to IX.31 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

IX.73 Empty Envelopes, 1 of 2

40 empty envelopes
1 events calendar for the Stadtische Kammermusikreihe Darmstadt

IX.74 Empty Envelopes, 2 of 2

46 empty envelopes
1 note with Forbes Watson's address
1 checklist for a Grégoire Michonze exhibition at The Mayor Gallery

IX.75 Empty Envelopes, 1 of 4

36 empty envelopes
1 letter from Camilo Egas in an envelope

IX.76 Empty Envelopes, 2 of 4

35 empty envelopes

IX.77 Empty Envelopes, 3 of 4

35 empty envelopes

IX.78 Empty Envelopes, 4 of 4

4 pages from a booklet about The Prophet Jonah
23 empty envelopes
1 program for Elsa Schmid Art Classes at the Rye Public Library
3 papers related to Peter Neumann's education

1 postcard from Gert Wolheim was moved to IX.69 to maintain alphabetical sequence.

IX.79 Clippings about J.B. Neumann and The New Art Circle

33 clippings
1 photograph
1 lecture announcement
1 page of notes of lecture locations

IX.80 German Clippings 1930

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Box and Folder List

Box Series Folder
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2 II II.A.2c-II.B.2
5 VII VII.B.1-VII.B.15
6 VII VII.B.16-VII.B.20c
7 VII VII.B.21-VII.B.27
8 VII VII.B.28-VII.B.31
10 VII VII.C.1a-VII.F.3 (Originals)
11 IX IX.1-IX.24
12 IX IX.25-IX.52
13 IX IX.53-IX.72
14 IX IX.73-IX.80

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