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Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
© 2006
The Museum of Modern Art Museum Archives
Finding aid prepared by Rona Roob and others.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Barr, Alfred H., Jr. (Alfred Hamilton), 1868-1935
Title: Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1927-1984
Quantity: 83.5 Linear Feet


The Papers are organized into eighteen series:
Series 1: Correspondence
Series 1b: Barr Biographical: Honors and Awards
Series 1c: Correspondence, Resor, Mrs. Stanley B.
Series 2: Tributes and Condolences 1981, 1983
Series 2a: Tributes and Condolences 1962, 1972, and undated
Series 3: Abstract Art, Cubism, and Futurism
Series 3a: Barr/Feininger Material
Series 4: Foundation for Arts, Religion and Culture (ARC)
Series 5: Lectures, Speeches/Talks and Eulogies
Series 6: Exhibitions/Publications
Series 7: Political Controversy
Series 8: Soviet Matters
Series 9: Barr Writings
Series 9a: Chronicles
Series 10: Personal/Desk
Series 11: Matisse 1946-1975
Series 11a: Matisse Addenda
Series 12: Barr Picasso Papers
Series 12a: Barr Picasso Papers: Addenda and Oversize
Series 13: Russian Material
Series 14: Harvard: Board of Overseers
Series 15: Family Letters and Early Education
Series 16: Painting and Sculpture in The Museum of Modern Art, 1977
Series 17: Removed Material; Formally 3g and 3h
Series 18: Alfred H. Barr, Jr. / Nelson A. Rockefeller Papers

Biographical Note

Alfred H. Barr, Jr. spent nearly his entire professional career with The Museum of Modern Art; following is brief chronology of his decades-long association with the Museum.

1902 Born January 28
1922 Graduated from Princeton University; achieved his M.A. the following year.
1923-1927 Taught courses at Vassar College, Harvard University, and Wellesley College.
1929-43 Director
1939 July (1940 June 30)-1943 October 27, Vice-President
1940 January 4, elected to Board of Trustees and named Vice President
1943 October 15, date of letter from Stephen C. Clark requesting he resign as Director of Museum
1943 October 28, named to post of "Advisory Director"
1944 named Director of Research in Painting and Sculpture
1944 October 19, at this Board meeting accepted appointment to the Chair of Modern Painting and Sculpture which was created at Board of Trustee meeting on May 11, 1944
1946 September 12-1949 October 13 Coordination Committee
1946 briefly, Executive [Committee?]
1947 February-1967 June 30, appointed Director of Museum Collections; as Director, an ex-officio member of Acquisitions Committee
1947 October on, Committee on the Museum Collections
1967 June 30, elected Counsellor to the Trustees
1968 June 13, resigned as Trustee
ca. 1970s Elected Honorary Trustee for life
1981 Died August 15

Scope and Content Note

The Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers are composed of files kept during Barr's tenure at the Museum of Modern Art, including personal and professional correspondence with museum officials, curators, writers, historians, critics, art associations, foundations, magazines, artists, and collectors such as John Canaday, Stanton Catlin, Camilla Gray, René d'Harnoncourt, John Hightower, Roland Penrose, and James Thrall Soby. Office files cover staff, exhibitions, publications and collections of MoMA, and abstract art, cubism and futurism (some related to Barr's book Cubism and Abstract Art, 1936.) There are files present on the Foundation for Arts, Religion and Culture (ARC), Barr's travels, lectures, speeches, exhibitions, publications, political controversies, and artists and collections in the U.S.S.R.; writings, including travel notebooks regarding his trip to Russia, 1959, visits with Pablo Picasso, 1956, and Henri Matisse, 1952; exhibition catalogs, clippings and printed material; and photographs.

Also included are materials collected by Margaret Scolari Barr, including Alfred's obituaries, A Memorial Tribute, 1981, an invitation and guest list to the memorial service, and condolence letters; and photocopies of autograph letters, ca. 1920s-1970s, from the Barr collection sold to Arthur A. Cohen in 1975.


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain few restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers are the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in DADABASE, the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Persons and Organizations:
Art -- Exhibitions.
Art -- Study and teaching.
Art historians.
Art museum directors.
Art, Abstract.
Art, Modern -- 20th century.
Art, Russian.
Barr, Alfred H., Jr. (Alfred Hamilton), 1868-1935
Barr, Alfred H., Jr. (Alfred Hamilton), 1868-1935
Barr, Alfred Hamilton, 1902-1981 -- Archives.
Foundation for the Arts, Religion, and Culture -- History -- Sources.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- History -- Sources.
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973 -- Archives.
Politics in art.
Art -- Exhibitions.
Art -- Study and teaching.
Art historians.
Art museum directors.
Art, Abstract.
Art, Modern -- 20th century.
Art, Russian.
Barr, Alfred Hamilton, 1902-1981 -- Archives.
Foundation for the Arts, Religion, and Culture -- History -- Sources.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- History -- Sources.
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973 -- Archives.
Politics in art.
Document Types:

Related Collections at MoMA and Elsewhere

Because of Barr's unique and paramount position in the museum's history, materials concerning his activities can be found in numerous additional collections. Please see an archivist with specific questions.

The Archives of American Art possess not only microfilm of the Barr papers, but also major related collections.

Administrative Information


Preferred Citation

Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Additional Descriptive Data

Explanation of Abbreviations

ALS is an Autographed Letter Signed.
TLS is a Typed Letter Signed.
TL stands for Typed Letter.
MoMA is The Museum of Modern Art.
n.d. stands for no date.
re: stands for regarding.
AHB is Alfred H. Barr, Jr.
MSB is Margaret Scolari Barr
JTS is James Thrall Soby
SCC Stephen C. Clark
ACG is A. Conger Goodyear
PJS is Paul J. Sachs
AAR is Abby Aldrich Rockefeller
PJ is Philip Johnson
NAR is Nelson A. Rockefeller
RDH is René d'Harnoncourt

Container List

Series 1: Correspondence

Inventory reflects order of Correspondence as it was microfilmed. The name of the correspondent(s) is indicated in parenthesis when item is alphabetized under the name of an Institution. In some instances, the location and/or function of an organization is indicated in parentheses if it is no longer in existence or is not well known. From time to time correspondence between individuals other than AHB are in the papers. In those instances, the name of the author is placed in brackets next to the name of the recipient. Titles (Dr., Prof., Director...) have been eliminated; nicknames are indicated in parentheses, e.g. John E. Abbot used the nickname ("Dick"). Microfilm reel and frame are indicated as [mf roll#:frame#] in the first line of each folder description.

Folder Title Date
1.1; mf 2164:41 Katherine Dreier/Societé Anonyme

Yale items added to this

1.2; mf 2164:46 Abby Aldrich Rockefeller

Kelly, Anna L.
Blackburn, Alan R.

1.2a Alfred H. Barr, Jr. tax returns

Not filmed

1.3; mf 2164:218 A-L

Abbott, Jere
Brummer, Joseph
Albin, Kathryn
Atland, Daniel F.
E. Weyhe
Brownell-Lamberston Galleries
American Assoc. of Museums (Siple, Walter H.)
Amster and Ruthardt (Gall., Berlin)
The Arts (Watson, Forbes; Robb, William)
Art Center (NY; Levy, Florence N.)
The Art Workshop (Educ Ctr, NY; Leslie, Mabel)
Bakeless, John
Baltimore Society of Independent Artists (Boas, Gregory)
Barr, Alfred H., Sr.
Barr, Alfred H., Jr.
Barr, Andrew
Abbott, Jere
Stattliche Gemäldegalerie (Dresden; H. Posse)
Schleswig-Holsteinischer Kunstverein
Binsse, Harry Lorin
Bryan, Mrs. Wilhelmus B.
Burchfield, Charles
Chase, George H.
Children's Aid Society (NY; Osborn, Wm. Church)
Churchill, Mary (Mrs. Henry S.)
Clark, Stephen C.
The Cleveland Museum of Art (Whiting, F.A.)
College Art Assoc. (McMahon, Audrey [Mrs. A. Philip]; Nirdlinger, Miss)
Creative Art (NY; Gutman, Walter; Levine, Mrs. M.)
De Colliny, Isabella (Honorary Comm. Liaison Artistique et Litteraire)
Close Up (London)
Columbia University (Potter, Russell)
Contemporary Arts (NY; Francis, Emily)
Cook, Mildred
Currier, J. Franklin
Darby, Delphine
Dwight, Mrs. Arthur
Ede, H.S. (Jim)
Eden, Sybil
Einstein, Carl
Joubin, Andre
Harshe, Robert B. (Art Institute of Chicago)
Phillips, Duncan
Cone, Etta
Erfurth, Hugo
Demotte, Lucien
Feininger, Lyonel
Farnsworth Museum (Wellesley, MA; Hersey, Celia H.)
The Evening News (London; Sizen, Reginald)
Goodyear, A. Conger
New York Herald Tribune (Van Doren, Irita)
Hawes, Charles
Harding, George
Hamilton, Helen
Hagen, Angela
Hopkinson, Charles
Howe, George
Inman, Ondess L.
Johnson, Mrs. Homer H.

Hofer, Philip
Keller, Martha
Kiesler, Frederick W.
Kirstein, Lincoln
Johnson, Philip
Klee, Paul
Levy, Julien (E. Weyhe)
Liebman, Mrs. Charles J.

1.4; mf 2164:450 M-Z

MacDougal Street Playhouse (Hvidt-Bie, Katrine)
McMahon, Mrs. A. Philip
Mayor, A. Hyatt
Mazaraki, Nico
Morey, Charles Rufus
Memorandum (2 sheets) Re: Exh. on Amer. Art, Dec. 1930
Princeton University (Baker, H. Drewry)
Sachs, Maurice
Osborne, Frank
Pauli, Gustav
Read, Helen Appleton
Neagoé, Peter
The Renaissance Society (Schütze, Mrs. Martin)
Rindge, Agnes
Rogers, Mrs. Rainey
Rowley, George
Russell, Mrs. Charles H.
Sachs, Maurice (Demotte Inc.)
Sachs, Paul
The Saturday Review (Canby, Henry S.)
School of Modern Architecture (Kocher, A. Lawrence)
Schütze, Mrs. Martin (The Renaissance Society)
Simon and Schuster
Swroluchowska, Dorria
Spahr, Mrs. Charles B.
Stern, Louis E.
Alkazin, Alice
The Symposium (A NY Critical Review; Burnham, James)
Taylor, Francis
Thomson, Randall
Thonet Brothers, Inc.
The Town Hall Club (Brackett, A.S.)
Uzielli, Mario (Frankfurt)
Butow, Herr H.
Vaughan, Malcolm
Wadsworth Atheneum (receipt)
Waite, Louise
Wallace, Mrs. William K.
Walls, Franklin Jasper
Warburg, Edward
Warren, Constance
von Weber, Roland
Roerich Society of NY
List of Wellesley slides
Wellesley College
Avery, Myrtilla
VanVechten Brown, Alice
Moore, Alice
Hersey, Celia
Wellesley College Literary Review (telegram)
Weyhe, E.
Whidden, Mrs. Ethel Jones
Women's City Club of NY (Dreier, Ethel E.)
Exerpts from exam papers

1.5; mf 2164:605 A-K

Klein, Jerome (Columbia University)
Sachs, Paul J. (salary table for Amer. Assoc. of Museums)
AHB Appendix notes on MoMA Personnel
Malette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Atland, Daniel F.
Brownell, Blanche (Brownell-Lambertson Galleries, Inc.)
Blackburn, Alan
Sachs, Paul
The American School and University (Yearbook; Clark, Anna H.)
Abbott, Jere
The Arts (Robb, William)
Assoc. of Art Museum Directors (Burroughs, Clyde)
Bannier, Jean
Beuchner, Robert
Blackburn, Alan
Brentano's (NY Bookseller)
Brewer, Joseph (Brewer, Warren & Putnam Inc.)
Cahill, Holger
Cashman, Sol H. (Cashman Laudry Corp.)
Century Club Exh. (NY)
Breck, Joseph (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Chicago (Palmer, Potter; Art Institute)
Coussinot, Elizabeth
Creative Art (Glassgold, Adolph)
Barr, Margaret
Cunningham, John
Davis, T.K.
Davis, James E.
Duveen Bros.
Boggis, B.
Eddy, Katherine Willard (The Riverside Church)
Einstein, Sergi M.
(American Russian Institute; Clark, Elizabeth; Counts, George)
Fitzmaurice, May
Gellert, Mr. (by AHB, never sent)
Goodrich, Lloyd
Goodyear, A. Conger
Hagen, Angela
Hamilton, Helen
Henderson, Yandell (Yale University)
Hayman, Mr. & Mrs. David
Kahn, Ely Jacques
Kips Bay Boys Club (Aldridge, Chester)
Kates, George
Kirstein, Lincoln ( Hound & Horn)
Klein, Jerome

1.6; mf 2164:760 L-Z

Lemann, Bernard
Institute of Int'l Education
Lewis, Elizabeth Ray
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
McKay, Frank J.
Marvel, Josiah P. (Springfield Museum of Art)
Mazaraki, Nico
Meigs, Hester
Morey, Charles Rufus (Princeton University)
Heckscher, August
Morgan, William F. (Navy & Marine Memorial)
Mummery (Baum, Herman)
Nast, Condé
Nat'l Alliance of Art and Industry (Art Center)
Levy, Florence N.
Bement, Alon
The News Review (Strunsky, Frances)
Nyhuis, Mr. & Mrs. H.J.
O'Callaghan, May
Porter, Vernon Carroll (The Artists' Aid Committee)
Richardson, Leslie
Rusk, William (Wells College)
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
Kelly, Anna
The Saturday Review (Canby, Henry S.)
Sargeant, Genève R.
Schütze, Mrs. Martin
Schapiro, Meyer (Columbia University)
Shelter (Levinson, Maxwell)
Simons, G.J.M.
Smith, Baldwin (Princeton University)
Smith College (Neilson, W.A.)
Sterne, Katharine G. ( The New York Times)
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Cornelius J.
The Survey Graphic (Wilson, Mrs. Andrew W.)
Sweeney, James Johnson
The Symposium (Trowbridge, L.H.)
The Daily Tar Heel (UNC Chapel Hill newspaper; Daniel, Clifton; Dungan, J.E.)
T-Square (Levinson, Maxwell)
United Press Assoc. (Johnson, Earl J.)
Vassar College (Flanagan, Hallie)
Rindge, Agnes (Vassar College)
The Viking Press (Oppenheimer, George S.)
Wellesley College (Avery, Myrtilla)
Whitney Museum (Glassgold, C. Adolph)
Wiener (Int'l Art & Advertising Service; Mallette, Alice)
The Yale Review

1.7; mf 2164:906 A-L

Abbott, Jere
The American Assoc. of Museums (Coleman, Laurence Vail)
The American Magazine of Art (Whiting, Mrs. F.A.)
The Artists' Aid Committee (Porter, Vernon Carroll)
Art Center (Bement, Alon; Nat'l Alliance of Art & Industry)
Austin, A. Everett
Avery, Myrtilla (Wellesley College)
Barr, Andrew
Barry, Iris
Belling, Rudolf
Bier, Justus
Bloomingdale, Samuel J.
Blume, Mrs. Peter
Bryan, William
Burr, Marion
Calder, Alexander ("Sandy")
Carnegie Institute (Saint-Gaudens, Homer)
Chicago (Palmer, Potter; Art Institute)
College Art Assoc.
Columbia University (Potter, Russell)
The Community Church (Nadles, Hanna)
Courtauld, Samuel
Creative Art (Blossom, F.A.)
Crowninshield, Frank
Experimental Cinema
Davis, James
Courter, Al
Fansler, Roberta M.
Force, Juliana (Whitney Museum)
Ford, J.D.M. (Harvard University)
The Forum (Jones, Lombard C.)
Blackburn, Alan [Jones, Lombard, C.]
Gallatin, A.E. (Gallery of Living Art)
Goodyear, A. Conger
The Group Theatre (Crawford, Cheryl)
Kuhn, Charles
Howe, George
Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Award
Levinson, Maxwell ( Shelter)
The Philadelphia Award [Speiser, Maurice]
Stokowski, Leopold
The Philadelphia Award [Levinson, Maxwell; Shelter]
Kansas City, Mo (William Rockhill Nelson Trust)
Kates, George M. (College of Chinese Studies; Peking)
Kellner, Sydney
Kimball, Fiske (Penn. Museum of Art)
King, Edward S.
Kirstein, Lincoln ( Hound & Horn)
Kuhn, Charles (Fogg Art Museum)
Knoblaugh, Marion
Latham, LeRoy
Levy, Julien
Leyda, Jay (King, Carol; Shorr, Brodsky & King)

1.8; mf 2164:1264 M-Z

McAndrew, John (Amer. Academy in Rome)
McMahon, Philip and Audrey
The Nation (Whiting, Caroline; Blackburn, Alan)
The New Republic (Bliven, Bruce; Babtiste, Elizabeth; Brown, Slater; Blackburn,
Liebeman, Mrs. Charles J.
NYU (Bossange, E.R.)
The North American Review
Paine, Frances Flynn (The Cosmopolitan Club)
Phi Beta Kappa Assoc.
Princeton (Silber, Gordon)
Fawcett, Barbara
Read, Helen Appleton
Rehn, Frank K.M.
Rollins, F.S.
Review of Reviews and World's Work (Blackburn, Alan)
Shaw, Mrs. Roger
Rich, Daniel Catton (Art Inst. of Chicago)
Riefstahl, Rudolf M.
Crowninshield, Frank
Nelligan, J.J.
Paul, D'Arcy
Riefstahl, Rudolf M. (College Art Assoc.)
Safe Deposit & Trust Co.
Paul, D'Arcy
Riefstahl, Rudolf M.
Morey, Charles Rufus
Paul, D'Arcy
Robinson, Celia
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
Kelly, Anna
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Rogers, John William
Rorimer, James (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Cook, Walter W.S. [Rorimer, James]
Rosenberg, Paul
Sachs, Paul J.
Boothby, Ruth E.
Scribner's Magazine
Senior, E. (student)
Sheppard, Jeanie (Mrs. John E.)
Sompaynac, Irma de B.
Sotheby & Co.
Spring (Marvel, Josiah P.)
Sullivan, Mary
Sweeney, James J.
Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts (Olmstead, Anna)
Moore, Edward T.
Thwaites, John A.
Toll, N. (Kondakov Institute)
Van de Woestyne, Helen M.
Vassar (Chatterton, C.K.)
Flanagan, Hallie
Warburg, Edward M.M.
Tyson, Levering
List of suggestions for radio lecture series (Milligan, Mrs. Harold V.)
Whitney Museum (Force, Juliana)
Glassgold, Adolf
Whitney, Mr. & Mrs. John Hay
Willisch, Mariane
Willoughby, Harold R.
Wilson, Susanna

1.9; mf 2165:4 Europe and Greensboro, Vt.

Blackburn, Alan
Warburg, Edward
Mallette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Warburg, Edward
Johnson, Philip
Mallette, Alice
Johnson, Philip ("Pippesco")
Blackburn, Alan
Barr, Margaret
Johnson, Philip
Goodyear, A. Conger
Neumann, J.B. (New Art Circle)
Blackburn, Alan
Mallette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Crowninshield, Frank
Mallette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Goodyear, A. Conger [Harshe, Robert B.; Clark, Stephen]
Mallette, Alice
Simonson, Lee
Blackburn, Alan
Lehmann-Haupt, Hellmut [Barry, Iris]
Searle, Bertha Ashley [Blackburn, Alan]
List of unusual talks given by Searle
Blackburn, Alan
Goodyear, A. Conger
Johnson, Philip
Blackburn, Alan
Willisch, Mariane
King, Edward S. (Kingibus)
Johnson, Philip
Blackburn, Alan (telegram)
Mallette, Alice
Johnson, Philip [Robert, L.W.; Treasury Dept., Washington, D.C.]
Mallette, Alice
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
Blackburn, Alan
Mallette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Mallette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Barry, Iris
Mallette, Alice
Johnson, Philip
Bankers Trust Co. (cable transfer)
Mallette, Alice
Simonson, Miss
Mallette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Mallette, Alice
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
Mallette, Alice
Blackburn, Alan
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
Blackburn, Alan (telegram)
Warburg, Edward and Gershwin, George (postcard not filmed)

1.10; mf 2165:163 Barr/MoMA

Ulrich, Ione
Blackburn, Alan
Fantl, Ernestine
Barry, Iris
Blackburn, Alan
Fantl, Ernestine
Blackburn, Alan
AEM (? Mallette, Alice)
Blackburn, Alan
AEM (? Mallette, Alice)
Cahill, Holger
Courter, Elodie
Ulrich, Ione

1.11; mf 2165:21 A-M

Abbott, Jere
Abraham Lincoln High School (Friend, Leon)
Allen, George C.
The Artists and Writers Dinner Club (Sloan, John)
Allen, George C.
Avery, Myrtilla
Avinoff, Andrey
Walters Art Gallery
Blume, Peter
Bonney, Thérèse
Canadian Nat'l Gallery
Calder, Alexander
Chatterby, Harry Y.
Chicago (Harshe, Robert B.)
Clark, Stephen C.
Collier & Son Corp. (Beardsley, W.W.)
Tupper, Harman
Walters Art Gallery
Collins, V. Lansing
Cott, Perry B.
Crane, Josephine
Davis, William Carroll
Ede, H.S. (Tate Gallery)
Fansler, Roberta M. (Carnegie Foundation)
Franc, Helen M.
French Dinner (The French-America Society of NY)
Gardner, Helen (Art Institute of Chicago)
Garrett, Mrs. John W.
Garrett, Robert
Garthe, Otto
Fansler, Roberta M. (Carnegie Foundation)
Gimpel, René
Goodyear, A. Conger
Winterbotham, Joseph
Juilliard School of Music (Kiesler, Frederick)
Goodyear, A. Conger
Washburn, Gordon (Albright Art Gallery)
Grand Rapids (Creaser, Marion L.)
Grosser, Maurice
Hagen, Angela E.
Halpert, Edith Gregor (The Downtown Gallery)
Hemingway, Ernest
Hound & Horn (Levine, Doris)
Houston, Katherine Baker
Howland, Murray Shipley (First Presbyterian Church)
Jackson, Katherine Gauss (Charles Scribner's Sons)
Kates, George N.
Kimball, Fiske F(Pennsylvania Museum of Art)
King, Edward S. ("Kingibus")
Kirstein, Lincoln
Kuhn, Charles L.
Lane, James W.
Healey, Francis C. (First Municipal Art Exhibition)
Levy, Julien
Lurçat, Jean
McMahon, A. Philip
Marvel, Josiah P.
Miller, Dorothy
Morey, Charles Rufus

1.12; mf 2165:440 N-Z

Nadejena-Krinkin, Lydia
Nat'l Child Labor Committee (Dinwiddie, Courtnenay)
Niles, Edward
The Northfield Schools
Offner, Richard
Panofsky, Erwin ("Pan")
Park, Edwin Avery ("Billy")
Pleasants, Freddy
Porter, Mrs. Kingsley A.
Princeton Nat'l Alumni Assoc.
Resor, Mrs. Stanley (Foote, Natalie, J. Walter Thompson Co.)
Reznikoff, Misha
Rowan, Edward B. (Treasury Dept., Washington)
Rich, Daniel Catton
Rindge, Agnes
Rockefeller, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson A.
Pratt, Mrs. Harold Irving
Rosenberg, James N.
Ross, Cary
Rowley, George
Rusk, William S.
Sachs, Paul
Sarah Lawrence College (Warren, Constance)
Sarfatti, Margherita G.
The School Art League of NYC (La Farge, C. Grant)
Rockefeller, Mrs. Nelson Aldrich
Searle, Bertha
Sloane, Joseph C.
Smith College
Stapleton, Laurence
Stevenson, William E.
Stewart, Andrew W.
Stohlman, Freddy
Sunami, Soichi
Swan, Nathalie
Sweeney, James J.
Taylor, Francis H. (Worcester Art Museum)
Thomson, Virgil
The NY Times Literary Supplement
Van Hook, Katrina
Vassar College (Challerton, C.K.)
Lincoln, Marion
Vassar Coop. Bookshop
Wald, Albert (NY State Senate)
Wehle, Harry B. (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Whitney, John Hay
Wiener, Paul & Alma
Willoughby, Harold R.

1.13; mf 2165:626 Association of Museum Directors

Mallette, Alice
MacLean, J. Arthur (Toledo Museum of Art)
City Art Museum of St. Louis
Rogers, Meyric R.
LaBeaume, Louis
MacLean, J. Arthur
LaBeaume, Louis (Marceau, Henri)
Rogers, Meyric R. (City Art Museum, MO)
MacLean, J. Arthur
LaBeaume, Louis
Minnigerode, C. Powell
MacLean, J. Arthur
Harshe, Robert B.
MacLean, J. Arthur
Harshe, Robert B.
Arthur, MacLean, J.
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
Kelly, Anna
Rowe, L. Earle
MacLean, J. Arthur
Scholle, Hardinge
MacLean, J. Arthur
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
Goodyear, A. Conger
Packard, Artemas
Preliminary Program for 1936 Mtg. of Assoc. of Art Museum Directors
Kelly, Anna [Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.]
MacLean, J. Arthur (Toledo Museum of Art)
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
MacLean, J. Arthur [Youtz, Philip N.]
Montgomery, Virginia (The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences)
Memorandum for NY Committee of the Assoc. of Art Museum Directors
MacLean, J. Arthur
Worcester Art Museum (Taylor, Francis Henry)

1.14; mf 2165:725 A-L

The MoMA Film Library Corp.
Abbott, John E. ("Dick")
Barry, Iris
Abbott, Jere
The American Mercury (Ferman, J.W.)
Norman, Dorothy S.
Art Front (Baron, H.S.)
Barr, Margaret
Jardé, Irène (Princeton University)
Fantl, Ernestine M.
Barry, Iris
Bauer, E.
Beddington, Jack
Benson, E.M.
Blackburn, Alan (telegram)
Bliss, Robert Woods (telegram)
Bossange, E.R.
Blume, Peter
Breckinridge, Mrs. Henry (City of NY Municipal Art Committee)
Colby, Elinor
Coan, Constance Rogers
Columbia University (Dinsmoor, W.B.)
Cone, Etta
The Cosmopolitan Club (Palmer, Charleton H.)
Ede, H.S.
Eisenhart, L.F.
Fantl, Ernestine
Finch School
Flechtheim, Alfred
Floyd, William & Louis Adams
Forbes, Edward W.
Roger Fry Memorial Fund
Martin, Alec
Heather, E.N.
Gardner, Helen (Art Institute of Chicago)
German Consul General in NY
Goeller, Charles L.
Goodyear, A. Conger
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
Halpert, Edith G. (The Downtown Gallery)
Hall, Clifton
Hepburn, Mrs. Barton
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell
Jouvène, Alex
Hofer, Philip (The Pierpont Morgan Library)
Johnson, Philip
Junior League (Beach, Josephine)
Klein, Jerome
Chase, George Davis
Kennedy, Clarence (Smith College)
Lange, Hans (Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra)
Little Brown & Co. (Blanchard, Charles B.)
Lynes, George Platt

1.15; mf 2165:882 M-Z

Interesting letter/notes re: future of MoMA-in letter to Mrs. Rock
McMahon, Audrey (College Art Assoc.)
McMahon, A. Philip
McMillin Academic Theater (Columbia University)
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Kimball, Fiske; Pennsylvania Museum of Art [Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.]
Francis, Henry Sayles; Cleveland Museum of Art [Mabry, Thomas
Dabney, Jr.]
Vanderbilt, Paul; Pennsylvania Museum of Art [Mabry, Thomas
Dabney, Jr.]
MacGregor, Robert (Bolshaya Pirogovskaya, Moscow)
Mack, Gerstle
Knopf, Alfred A.
Mongan, Agnes
Duggan, Stephen (Institute of Int'l Education)
Mongan, Elizabeth (Lyman Allyn Museum, CT)
Morey, Charles Rufus (Princeton)
Morris, George L.K.
Nat'l Alliance of Art and Industry (Bement, Alon)
Carter, Frances K.
[Note: interesting letter/notes re: future of MoMA-in letter to Mrs. Rock) Nat'l Assoc. for the Advancement of Colored People (White, Walter)
Nat'l Child Labor Committee (Zimand, Gertrude Folks)
Moffat, Abbot O.
Waldron, Joseph Lock
Newhall, Beaumont
Paine, Frances Flynn
Packard, Artemus (Dartmouth College)
Panofsky, Erwin ("Pan")
Pleasants, Frederick R.
Program for performance at New School for Social Research
Pollak, Frances M.
Raymond, Bernard
Reynal, Mr. & Hitchcock, Mr.
Rich, Daniel Catton (Art Institute of Chicago)
Richardson, Leslie (Institute of Art and Archaeology, Paris)
Resor, Mrs.
Rockefeller, Nelson
Rockeller, Abby Aldrich
Kelly, Anna
Rockefeller, Laurence
Rogers, John William ( The Daily Times Herald, Dallas)
Ross, Cary
Rowley, George
Sachs, Paul [Wadsworth, Mary]
Stevens, George S.
Scher, Bernhard
Schapiro, Meyer
Titus, Helena Rubinstein
Sweeney, James Johnson
Van Hook, Katrina
Report on Candidate for Scholarship for Institute of Art and Archaeology, Paris
Warburg, Edward M.M.
Werthessen, Helen Hamilton [Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.]
Verne, Henri
Wilson, Susanna
Wolfe, Edward
Wood, Richard
Van Schmus, W.S. (Radio City Music Hall)

1.16; mf 2165:1014 Museum

Abbott, John E.
Lists of Films for "A Short Survey of the Film in America 1895-1932" Series
Mallette, Alice
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Barr, Alfred H.
Mallette, Alice
Newmeyer, Sarah
Reinfeld, Beatrice
Goodyear, A. Conger
Ulrich, Ione
Barr, Andrew
Mallette, Alice
Miller, Dorothy C.
Fantl, Ernestine
Mallette, Alice
Fantl, Ernestine
Abbott, John E. ("Dick")
Barry, Iris
Mallette, Alice
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Fantl, Ernestine
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Goodyear, A. Conger
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Mallette, Alice
Fantl, Ernestine
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Barr, Margaret [Barry, Iris]
Mallette, Alice
Goodyear, A. Conger
Mallette, Alice
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Mallette, Alice
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Mallette, Alice
Marshall, Mr.
Newmeyer, Sarah
Mallette, Alice
Goodyear, A. Conger
Mallette, Alice
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Mallette, Alice
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Goodyear, A. Conger [Emmet, Grenville T.]
Mallette, Alice
Barry, Iris
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Mallette, Alice
Goodyear, A. Conger
List of approx. costs of assembling and circulating Van Gogh Exhibition
Mallette, Alice (telegrams)
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Barry, Iris
List of requests from the film library ("Film Things")

1.17; mf 2165:1142 Museum

Knedler, Elisabeth
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
List of objects received by MoMA, from AHB
Knedler, Elisabeth
Barr, Alfred H.
Galerie Nierendorf (Berlin)
Knedler, Elisabeth
Barr, Alfred H.
AEM (? Alice Mallette)
Knedler, Elisabeth
Mallette, Alice (telegram)
Knedler, Elisabeth
Barr, Alfred H.
Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.
Barry, Iris
Newhall, Beaumont

1.18; mf 2165:1201 May, June, July

Chrysler, Walter
Rockefeller, John D., Jr.
Chrysler, Walter
Bills from Paris hotels
Barr, Alfred H. (cables)
Goodwin, Philip
Goodyear, A. Conger
Rockefeller, Nelson
Barr, Alfred H.
Goodyear, A. Conger
Johnson, Philip
Rockefeller, John D., Jr.
Mabry, Thomas D.
Goodyear, A. Conger
Oud, Jacobus Johannes Pieter ("J.J.P.")
Hudnut, Joseph (Harvard University)
Fantl, Ernestine
Fantl, Ernestine, [Hudnut, Joseph]
Goodyear, A. Conger
Barr, Margaret
Exhibitions Schedule of Expenses
Newhall, Beaumont
Goodyear, A. Conger
Goodyear, A. Conger [de Lorey, Eustache]
[Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich; telegram]
List of works of art inspected by the acquisition committee
Miller, Dorothy C.
Whitney, John Hay (telegram)
Abbott, John E.
Goodyear, A. Conger [de Lorey, Eustache]
Goodyear, A. Conger
de Lorey, Eustache [Goodyear, A. Conger]
Degarrois, André
Goodyear, A. Conger [de Lorey, Eustache]
Ulrich, Ione [Gieger, J.M.]
Goodyear, A. Conger [de Lorey, Eustache]
de Lorey, Eustache
Guillaume, Mrs. Paul
Haddon, Rawson W.
Brummer, Joseph
Mallette, Alice
? (hotel de crillon blue stationary)
Knedler, Elisabeth
Groundplan, Musée du Jeu de Paume
Mallette, Alice
Garthe, Otto
Reiss, Henriette
Ratton, Mr.
Schedule of Exhibitions for 1936-37 season
Seligmann, Germain
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig
Perkins, Mr.
Resor, Helen
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig [Peterhans, Walter]
The Bulletin of MoMA: The Library (May 1936)
Jaques Seligmann & Co., Inc (de Hauke, C.M.)
deLorey, Eustache [Goodyear, A. Conger]
Musée Jeu de Paume des Tuileries, Paris (Valland, Rose)
Wiener, Paul Lester [Goodyear, A. Conger]
deLorey, Eustache [Goodyear, A. Conger]
Dezzarrois, André (Musée Jeu de Paume des Tuileries)
Goodyear, A. Conger
de Lorey, Eustache [Goodyear, A. Conger]
Goodyear, A. Conger
Bliss, Mrs. Robert Woods
Verne, Henri [Goodyear, A. Conger]
Huisman, George [Goodyear, A. Conger]
Goodyear, A. Conger
Goodyear, A. Conger [Huisman, George]
[Verne, Henri]
[deLorey, Eustache]
W., Gleneray

1.19; mf 2166:112 Barr, Personal Correspondence: A-L

Ackerman, Wolfgang
American Christian Conference (Hudgings, Franklyn)
Pro-Palestine Federation of America (Russell, Charles Edward)
D. Appleton-Century Co. (Williams, John L.B.)
Art Students' League of NY (Robertson, John T.)
The Baltimore Museum of Art
Bedford, R.I.
Beers, Clifford W.
Bernays, Edward L.
Bliss, Mildred
Blume, Peter
Calder, Alexander
Chadwick, Audrey (telegrams)
The Art Institute of Chicago (Harshe, Robert B.)
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
Dali, Salvador
Detwiller, Frederick K.
Jackson, Katharine
Dreier, Katherine S.
The De Luxe Editions Club (Tupper, Harmon)
Eisenhart, Katherine
Baker, Charles (telegram)
Encyclopedia Britannica (Hooper, F.H.)
Fantl, Ernestine
List containing Summary of Exhibitions Proposed by Members of the Committee
Federal Theatre Project (Wagner, Robert P.; U.S. Senate)
Field, Evelyn Marshall [Knedler, Elisabeth]
Ferren, John
Flexner, Abraham
Gardner, Helen (The Art Institute of Chicago)
Garthe, Otto & Margarethe
Gibbs, Mrs. William Francis
Goldwater, Robert
Goodyear, A. Conger
Hartt, Frederick (telegram)
Hofer, Philip (Pierpont Morgan Library)
Hudnut, Joseph (Harvard University)
Hughes, Wesley
U.S. Civil Service Commission
Howe, George
Index of American Design (Pollak, Frances M.)
Int'l Printing Ink Corp. (Welp, George)
Iowa State University
Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Winslow
Johnson, Theodatia
Johnston, Ames
League of American Writer (Schneider, Isidor)
Lozowick, Louis
Johns, Orrick (Federal Writers' Project)

1.20; mf 2166:246 Barr, Personal Correspondence: M-Z

Added letter from de Zayas 5/22/36
Neumann, J.B. (New Art Circle)
NY Museum of Science and Industry
The New Yorker (Dupee, Frederick)
personal profile questionnaire
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of NY
Trustees of Princeton University: Committee on the President's Program
Duffield, Edward D.
Stevens, Richard K.
Snyder, Eldredge
Stevenson, William E.
The Northfield Schools (Moody, Ambert C.)
Moody, Ambert C. [Knedler, Elisabeth]
United Committee to Aid Vermont Marble Workers (Tallentire, Norman H.)
Packard, Artemas
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
The Print Club of Rochester (McCurdy, Jean Cooke)
Rollins College (Bourne, Severin)
Ross, Cary
Ross, Terry
Ruhtenberg, A.G. Jan
Sachs, Paul
Saltarstall, ? (friend of Montgomery, Stuart)
The Saturday Review (Loveman, Amy)
Schapiro, Meyer
Soby, James Thrall
Sunami, Soichi
Sweeney, James Johnson
Teacher's College, Columbia University (Mort, Paul R.)
U.S. Works Progress and Administration for the City of NY (Simon, Louis)
U.S. Senate Wagner, Robert F.
Copland, Royal S.
von Simolin, Rudolf
Beckman, Max
Walker, John, III (American Academy in Rome)
Warburg, Edward M.M.
Remington, Preston (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) [Warburg, Edward M.M.]
Willis, Frederick (Columbia Broadcasting Co.)
Wadsworth, Edward (Tate Gallery)
Walker, Joseph (The Yale Club)
de Zayas, Marius

1.21; mf 2166:340 Barr, Personal Correspondence: A-L

Corresp. re: new bldg.; blueprint of 6th floor
Albers, Josef (Black Mountain College, NC)
American Artists' Congress (Knuiyoshi, Yasuo)
American Association for Adult Education (Adam, T.R.)
List of Dinner Guests, 4/28/37
The American Museum of Natural History (Wissler, Clark)
Barry, Iris
Preliminary Outline of a Course on Film
Benson, Gertrude
Blume, Peter
Bowie, Theodore
The Carnegie Institute (Church, Samuel Harden)
Fantl, Ernestine [Carter, John]
Committee on Fellowship (Mills College, CA)
Cook, Barbara Manning
College Art Assoc.
Shapley, John (The University of Chicago)
Cochran, Joseph W.
Cook, Mary Manning
Dali, Salvador
Cooper, Douglas
Crowninshield, Frank (Condé Nast Publications)
Wilson, Susanna
Hall, Clifton R.
Encyclopedia Britannica (Hooper, F.H.)
Fansler, Roberta Murray (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Thomas, Wilbur K. (Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation)
Feininger, T. Lux
Frazier, Katharine (The Cummington School)
Gazette des Beaux-Arts
Hagg, Hedwig
Babelon, Jean
Wildenstein, Georges
Gruau, M.G.
Gellert, Hugo (Artists' Coordination Committee)
Goodwin, Philip L.
Clark, Stephen C. [Goodwin, Philip L.]
Rockefeller, Nelson [John Lowry, Inc.]
Minutes of Mtg. in Mr. Goodwin's Office 8/10/37 re: MoMA
Newspaper clippings
Blueprints for 6th floor of new Museum
Clauss, Alfred [Mabry, Thomas Dabney, Jr.]
Gropius, Walter
(Harvard University)
Hatch, John Davis, Jr.
Hentzen, Alfred (Nat'l Galerie, Berlin)
Horton, Perry
Hovey, Angelica Haigh (Raymond & Raymond, Inc.)
Howe, George
Hudnut, Joseph (Harvard University)
Heil, Walter (M.H. de Young Memorial Museum)
Kirkpatrick, John
Kellner, Sydney
Goodyear, A. Conger

1.22; mf 2166:523 Barr Correspondence: M-Z

Man Ray
Soby, James Thrall
Morey, Charles Rufus
Murphy, Robert Cushman
Marc, Fernand
Mayor, Hyatt
Downing, George E. (Brown Univ.)
McMahon, Philip A. (NYU)
Mongan, Agnes (Fogg Art Museum)
Bevan, Elaine
Moore, Marianne
Mort, Paul R. (Teachers College, Columbia Univ.)
The Museum of Costume Art (Lewisohn, Irene)
Panofsky, Erwin ("Pan")
Paton, R. Townley
Peterson, Russell F.
Paton, R. Townley
Peterson, Russell F.
Pleasants, Frederick R. (Peabody Museum)
Peterson, Houston (Columbia Univ.)
Plotkin, Leah (U.S. Works Progress Administration)
Raymond & Raymond (Raymond, Bernard)
Rindge, Agnes (telegraph)
Rollins College (Bourne, Severin)
Roosval, Johnny
di Santillana, George (Casa Italiana, Columbia Univ.)
Warren, Constance (Sarah Lawrence College)
The Saturday Review (Loveman, Amy)
Schapiro, Meyer (Columbia Univ.)
Sloane, Joseph C. (Princeton Univ.)
Soby, James Thrall
Society of American Sculptors (Horn, Milton)
Schawinsky, Xanti (Black Mountain College, NC)
Rivière, Nina Stevens
Sterne, Katherine
Swarzinski, Horne
Sweeney, James Johnson
Teachers College (Mort, Paul R.)
Schapiro, Meyer
Ulrich, Ione
Walker, John III (American Academy, Rome)
Wallenstein, Alfred (Radio Quality Group Service, Inc.)
Wildenstein & Co. (Wildenstein, Felix)
Wilson, Stanley
Bistrom, M. (Minister of Sweden)

1.23; mf 2166:9 MoMA

Ulrich, Ione
Courter, Elodie

1.24; mf 2166:919 Building Lighting

Goodwin, Philip L.
Abbott, John E.
Troy, Walter
Goodwin, Philip L.
Kurt Versen Co.
Kennedy, Clarence

1.25; mf 2166:668 A-Z

Abbott, John E. ("Dick")
New York Post (Backer, George)
Menu for Trustees Dinner 5/8/39
Roosevelt's Address on MoMA 5/11/39
Abbott, Jere
American Artists' Congress (Emptage, Arthur)
Murnan, Margaret K. (The American Assoc. of Museums)
American Guild for German Cultural Freedom (Heinemann, Maria)
List sent to American Guild for German Cultural Freedom
Hoguet, M.
Summary Report sent to the Dept. of Arch. 6/39
Abbott, John E.
Henrich, J.
Abbott, John E.
Street, Julian, Jr. [Abbott, John E.]
Abbott, John E.
Memo re: Fire Protection in connection with MoMA
List of Requirements of Service Section having to do with objects for display
Abbott, John E.
Browning, Lenore
Mabry, Thomas D.
Bragdon, Claude
Bourne, Mortimer (Committee for the Interchange of Artists betw. the Amercias)
Howe, Thomas C. (California Palace of the Legion of Honor)
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
d'Harnoncourt, René
van Doesburg, Pétro
Calder, Alexander ("Sandy")
Drew, Winifred
Dudley, Dorothy (cable 7/15/39)
Mongan, Agnes (telegram)
Geier, Paul E.
Geier, Mrs. Frederick
Goodyear, A. Conger
Grand Central Art Galleries (Barrie, Erwin S.)
Hamlin, Chauncey J. (Buffalo Museum of Science)
Hitchock, Henry-Russell, Jr.
McAndrew, John
Bulletin on what MoMA has done in the field of Amer. Art
The Institute of Modern Ar Plaut, James S.
Saltonstall, Nathaniel
Plaut, James S.
Minutes of Mtg. of Board of Trustees 3/28/39
Montgomery, Stuart
Saltonstall, Nathaniel
Kaltenborn, Olga V.
Kaufmann, Edgar J., Jr.
Harrison, Wallace
Lessore, Frederick (Beaux Arts Gallery, London)
Lewes, W.S.
Lewisohn, Mrs. Samuel A.
Browning, Lenore
Lothrop, G.V.N. (The Women's City Club of Detroit)
Mabry, Thomas Dabney
Milwaukee Art Institute (Pelikan, A.G.)
Murphy, Ray Slater
Portland Art Assoc. (Brewster, William L.)
Nelson, Paul
Pawley, Frederic Arden
Rockefeller Foundation (Stevens, David)
Krofta, Kamil (Minister of Foreign Affairs; Praha)
Rockefeller, John D. III
Lever, James (Victoria and Albert Museum; London)
Fincham, Daniel C.
Manson, J.B. (Tate Gallery; London)
Horton, Percy
Askew, Kirk, Jr.
Carstairs, Carroll
Minutes of Mtg. of Amer. Committee for Exhib. of Amer. Art at Royal Academy
Sweeney, James Johnson
San Francisco
Volavka, Vojtech (Moderni Galerie; Prague)
Neumann, J.B.
Whitehill, Virginia N. (College Art Assoc.)
van Deventer, S.

1.26; mf 2166:956 Barr Personal

Wagner, Robert F.
Fraser, Mary ( Time, Inc.)
Salmagundi Club (Williams, Keith Shaw)
Rogers, Eliza N.
Nat'l Fed. for Constitutional Liberties (Matson, Howard G.)
Marquand, Mary
Mea, James M.
Fight for Freedom, Inc. (Weinstein, L.)
English-Speaking Union (Sim, Amy S.)
Dinner-Forum on "Europe Today"
Hellman, Lillian
Neff, Beatrice
Committee for the Election of Stanley M. Isaacs
Clark, Mrs. Lloyd M.
Brooklyn Museum (Roberts, Laurance P.)
Barlow, S.L.M.
Abberley, Lester
Stevenson (Banker's Trust)

1.27; mf 2166:1003 Theater Art Department

Hawkins, Frances
Kirstein, Lincoln
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Kirstein, Lincoln [Abbott, John E]
Dance Archives-Summary of Budget Proposal, 1940-41
Outline of Tentative Project for Exhib. on Lyric Theater from 1900-1940
List of Advisory Committee for Dept. of Theatre Art & Notes
Excerpt from Minutes of 79th mtg. of the Board of Trustees on 6/15/39
Kirstein, Lincoln
Newhall, Beaumont
Goodyear, A. Conger [Kirstein, Lincoln]
Outline of Suggestions for Foundation of a Dept. of Theatrical Arts & Technics
Minutes of Mtg. of Exec. Committee of MoMA 2/14/40

1.28; mf 2166:1078 Space Needs Figures

Analysis of Gallery spaces in Old and New Bldgs.
Museum Collecton Policy Reports
Lists of Ideal Collection for MoMA

1.29; mf 2166:1097 Lectures

American Brazilian Assoc. (Arner, O.Q.)
Irwin, Beatrice
The Master Institute of United Arts
Institute of Modern Art
Phillips Memorial Gallery (Phillips, Duncan)
Neumeyer, Alfred (Mills College)
The Art Institute of Chicago

1.30; mf 2166:1113 A

The American British Art Center (Story, Ala)
An American Group, Inc. (Markow, Jack)
American Society for Aesthetics
Munro, Thomas
Gatz, Felix M.
Ames, Winslow (Lyman Allyn Museum)
The Art Institute of Chicago
Rich, Daniel Catton
Danforth, Mary A.
Sweet, Frederick A.
The Art Students League of NY (Eisner, Anne)
Artists for Victory Inc. (Nichols, Hobart)
The Arts Club of Chicago
Eisendrath, William N. Jr.
Schweikher, Paul
Askew, Kirk (Durlocher Bros.)

1.31; mf 2166:1180 Abbott, John E.

Heads of Depts.
Kirstein, Lincoln

1.32; mf 2166:1210 Arcrhitectural Department and Industrial Design

Carson, Alice M.
Noyes, Eliot
Carson, Alice M.
List of Items under Consideration for Dept. of Industr. Design Perma. Collection
Carson, Alice M. [Chamberlain, Betty]
Minutes of Mtg. of the Arch. Committee held at MoMA 10/19/42
Minutes of Mtg. of the Arch. Committee held at MoMA 2/17/42

1.33; mf 2166:1242 Association of Museum Directors and American Association of Museums

Coleman, Laurence Vail ("Larry")
D'Amico, Victor (re: Museum News article on educational work)
Amer. Assoc. of Museums Mtg. of the Council at Williamsburg 6/18/42
Budget and Policy Reports
Wissler, Clark
Hamlin, Chauncey J. (Buffalo Museum of Science)
Excerpt of letter from Laurence Vail Coleman
Wissler, Clark
Amer. Assoc. of Museums Mtg. of the Council 2/6/42
Budget and Policy Reports

1.34; mf 2166:1294 Advisory Committee

Rindge, Agnes
Schapiro, Meyer
Soby, James Thrall
Janis, Sidney
Schapiro, Meyer
Rindge, Agnes
Schapiro, Meyer
Wheeler, Monroe [Soby, James Thrall]
Soby, James Thrall

1.35; mf 2166:1311 B

The Baltimore Museum of Art
Fox, Douglas C.
Cheek, Leslie, Jr.
Hawkins, Francis (Publications; MoMA)
Breeskin, Adelyn D.
Berlandia, Jane
Howe, Thomas C., Jr.
Berman, Eugene ("Genia")
Soby, James Thrall
Bernays, Edward L.
Bliss, Cornelius N.
Bliss, Mildred
Blume, Peter
Botkin, Gleb
Boyle, Kay
Brennan, Francis E. ( Fortune)
Breton, Mrs. André
Weiss, D. (L.J. Phillips & Co.)
Brooklyn Museum (Roberts, Laurence)
Browning, Lenore
Buchholz Gallery (Valentin, Curt)
Schapiro, Meyer
Burden, William A.M. (Dept. of Commerce)

1.36; mf 2167:136 Clark, Stephen C.

Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation (Thomas, Wilbur K.)
Carnegie Institute (O'Connor, John)
Chamberlain, Betty (Executive Office of War Information)
Chermayeff, Serge (Brooklyn College)
Cincinnati Modern Art Society
Rentschler, Rita
Becker, Marion R.
Frank, Peggy
College Art Assoc. (Robinson, David M.)
Citizens Committee for The Arts
Common Council for American Unity (Swenson, Hjordis)
Cone, Etta
Civilian Public Service Camp (Schomer, Howard)
Cooper, Sydney
Smith, Polly McClure
Lyford, Annie (Executive Office for Emergency Management)
Lists of Number and Categories of Paintings for "Live Action Sequence"
Coordinating Council of French Relief Societites (Schiaparelli, Elsa)
Wheeler, Monroe
Crane, Joseph B.
Crane, Mrs. W. Murray
Crowninshield, Frank (Condé Nast Publications)

1.37; mf 2167:176 C

Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation (Thomas, Wilbur K.)
Carnegie Institute (O'Connor, John)
Chamberlain, Betty (Executive Office of War Information)
Chermayeff, Serge (Brooklyn College)
Cincinnati Modern Art Society
Rentschler, Rita
Becker, Marion R.
Frank, Peggy
College Art Assoc. (Robinson, David M.)
Citizens Committee for The Arts
Common Council for American Unity (Swenson, Hjordis)
Cone, Etta
Civilian Public Service Camp (Schomer, Howard)
Cooper, Sydney
Smith, Polly McClure
Lyford, Annie (Executive Office for Emergency Management)
Lists of Number and Categories of Paintings for "Live Action Sequence"
Coordinating Council of French Relief Societites (Schiaparelli, Elsa)
Wheeler, Monroe
Crane, Joseph B.
Crane, Mrs. W. Murray
Crowninshield, Frank (Condé Nast Publications)

1.38; mf 2167:257 College Art Association

Rusk, William Sener (Wells College)

1.39; mf 2167:262 Dept. of State Releases 1942
1.40; mf 2167:278 D

Danes, Gibson (University of Texas, College of Fine Arts)
d'Harnoncourt, René
Dias, Cicero
The Downtown Gallery
Halpert, Edith Gregor
Dows, Olin (U.S. Army)
Karpel, Bernard
Dreier, Katherine S.
Dreyfuss, Henry
Durant, Will Aronson, Nahum
Recommendation for Jimmy Ernst

1.41; mf 2167:338 Goodwin, Philip 1942
1.42; mf 2167:372 G

Galván, Jesús Guerrero (Univ. of New Mexico)
Gebauer, Paul
Gizycka, Felicia
Goeller, Charles L.
Goldstone, John L.
Abbott, John E.
Greacen, Ruth Nickerson
Grippe, Peter
Guggenheim, Peggy
Ernst, Max

1.43; mf 2167:408 F

Ferargil, Inc.
Price, Frederic Newlin
Egan, Charles R.
Flechtheim, Alfred
Fogg Art Museum
Stout, George L.
Mongan, Agnes
Sachs, Paul J.
Green, Samuel
Ford, Lauren
Titcomb, Elizabeth
Borgstedt, Gregory (Portsmouth Priory)
Free World (Dolivet, Louis)
Freshfield, J.W. (Priors Barton)
Friele, Berent
Fry, Varian
Van Hook, Miss [Barry, Iris]

1.44; mf 2167:512 Film Library

Barry, Iris

1.45; mf 2167:52 H

Hallgren, S. Philip (E.L.Hildreth & Co.)
Halpert, Edith G. (The Downtown Gallery)
Keppel, David (Harlow Keppel & Co.)
Hartell, John A. (Cornell Univ.)
Pope, Arthur [Hartell, John A.]
Crosby, Sumner McKay [Hartell, John A.]
Hartman, Arthur
Hayes, Bartlett H., Jr. (Addison Gallery of Amer. Art)
Herald Tribune (Burrows, Carlyle)
Heythum, Antonin (Calif. Institute of Tech.)
Guggenheim, Solomon R. (Thiele, Albert E.)
Hilb, Emil
Hiler, Hilaire
Hill, Ginny Carpenter
Hirschland, F.H.
Hoffmann, Arnold
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
Phillips, Elizabeth
Hoffmann, Edith
Henry Holt & Co. (MacMurphey, Robert H.)
The Home Insurance Co. (Smith, McLean)
Hopper, Edward
Hopper, Jon
Howard, Thomas Fine
Howe, George
Hufstader, Robert
Hunter, Vernon (New Mexico; Federal Works Agency, WPA)
List of Southwestern Artists
Mabry, Thomas Dabney [Lancaster, Isabel]
Huth, Hans
Huxley, Julian S. (The Century Assoc.)
Lamont, Thomas W.
Chamberlain, Betty
Crown Publishers (Fuller, Edward)
Frost, Rosamund ( Art News)
The Hyperion Press
Crane, Aimee
Gloeckner, André

1.46; mf 2167:645 Secretary: Frances Hawkins

Ash, Mark, II
Chamberlain, Betty

1.47; mf 2167:663 Invitations

Rogo, Elsa (telegrams)
Reid, H.J.
Navy League of the U.S. (Russell, Mrs. Charles Howland, Jr.)
The Maple Leaf Fund, Inc.
Terry, Schuyler Baldwin
Atkinson, Donald
Latin America Refugee Fund, Inc. (Cannon, Walter B.)
Kates, George
Hatch, J.D., Jr. (Albany Institute of History and Art)
Gazette des Beaux-Arts (Visson, Assia R.)
The U.S. Flag Assoc.
Seals, William F.
Page, William Tyler (Cables)
Chamberlain, Betty
Coverdale, W.H.
Common Council for American Unity (Kelley, Nicholas)
Colby Junior College (Squires, J. Duane)
American Museum of Natural History (Murphy, Robert Cushman)
Citizens' Committee to Free Earl Browder
White, Elizabeth Wade
Bromfield, Louis
Artists League of AMerica (LeBoit, Joseph)
University of Michigan; Ann Arbor
Wethey, Harold E.
American Women's Voluntary Services
Balzan, Consuelo Vanderbilt

1.48; mf 2167:732 Industrial Designs

Carson, A.M.
Noyes, Elliot
Kaufmann, Edgar
Mallette, Alice

1.49; mf 2167:744 K

Kauder, Helene
Kaufman, Max
Kaufmann, Edgar J.
Kaufmann Department Stores (Gabor, Laszlo)
Kaufmann, Arthur
Kazloff, Alexander
Keck, Sheldon
Kelly, Leon
Kennedy, Clarence (Smith College)
Kilpatrick, James
Klein, Jerome
Knoedler & Co. (Petrov, Basil)
Knoller, Jacob
Alfred A. Knopf (Leger, Antoinette)
Kauffer, Edward McKnight
Kopman, Benjamin
Kootz, Samuel
Kopman, Benjamin
Kraushaar Art Galleries
Kris, Ernst

1.50; mf 2167:790 L

List of outgoing loans arranged according to donor (1942)
Lahm, Renée
Lakeside Press (Kittredge, William)
Lambert, Baroness
Lasker, Albert
Laughlin, Thomas
Lee, Rensselaer W. (College Art Association)
Leger, Fernand (with cover letter from Archibald Macleish)
Levy, Julien
Levy, Adele (with catalog of works by Charlotte Brand)
Lewis, Wyndham
Lewisohn, Samuel
Leyda, Jay
Liber, Amour F. (Millard Fillmore Hospital)
Lidice Lives Committee (Fadiman, Clifton)
Life (Varga, Margit)
Lilienfeld, Karl
Lincoln School of Teachers College (Quin, Marion)
Lion, Louis
Lipchitz, Jacques
Litchfield, Elizabeth
Littlefield, William
Lloyd, Mrs. H. Gates
Lo Medico, Thomas (with letters by Irwin Franklyn and Cornelia Van Chapin)
Lopez Mendez, Luis
Loran, Erle (University of California, Berkeley)
Losada, Mrs. J. A.
Los Angeles County Museum (McKinney, Roland; R. C. Rathbone & Son)
Louckheim, Aline
Ludins, Ryah
Luzzatto, Ettore
Lyman Allyn Museum (Lyman, Lila)
Lynes, Mildred (The Shipley School)
Lyons, Philip

1.51; mf 2167:917 Music Committee

This file contains various correspondence between Frances Hawkins and members of the music committee
Smith, Carleton Sprague (New York Public Library)
Sykes, James (Colorado College Music Department)
Balogh, Erno (with accompanying music programs)
Reis, Claire
Stefan, Paul
Boden, Eric
Halmans, Ray
Taylor, Davidson (Columbia Broadcasting Systems)
Tentative music program of James Sykes
Sanger, Eleanor (WQXR)
Minutes of music committee meeting (9-10-42)

1.52; mf 2167:946 Inter-Office Memoranda

Courter, Elodie
Switzer, Leslie
Woodruff, Emily
List of estimated expenses on sending circulating exhibitions to Mexico
Miller, Dorothy
Wheeler, Monroe
New York Times clipping (12-20-41)
Questionnaire from dept. of circulating exhibitions to exhibitors (3-10-42)
Statement from dept. of circulating exhibitions about questionnaire
Statistical analysis of questionnaire replies
Comments in answer to the questionnaire
Donahue, Kennedy
D'Amico, Victor
Soby, James Thrall
Allen, Virginia
Dudley, Dorothy
Ulrich, Ione
Ryan, T.
Blank form for permanent collection of industrial design
Outline of registrar's routine
List of agents in South America for shipping (with instructions)
Edison, Sidney
Hagen, Holger E.
Henrich, Janet
Memo of exhibition on Modern Architecture in the U.S. 1932-42
T., Ann
Karpel, Bernard
Lytle, Dorothy
Magriel, Paul
Misson, Molly
Newhall, Nancy (with accompanying invitation and list to Stieglitz opening)
Newhall, Beaumont
Newmeyer, Sarah
Porter, Allen
Reinfeld, Beatrice
Smith, Janet
Van Hook, Elise
Allen, Mrs. A.
Warren, George Henry
de Zulueta, Luis

1.53; mf 2167:1188; mf 2168:5 M

Mabry, Thomas (Office of Facts and Figures)
William Macbeth Inc. (McIntyre, Robert G.)
Sloane, Joseph C.
Macy's (Blum, John A.; with accompanying news release of 12-31-41 and list of artists/artworks for exhibition in 1-42)
Madden, John C. (Edwin Bird Wilson, Inc.)
Man Ray
Martins, Mrs. Carlos (written by Dorothy Wyeth, secretary)
Maryhill Museum (Erwin S. Barrie, Grand Central Art Galleries; Clifford Dolph; Z. O. Brooks, secretary)
Matisse, Henri
Matisse, Pierre
Matta, Echauren
McBride, Mrs. Malcolm
Mayer, Beata
McCausland, Elizabeth
McAlpin, David H. (RCA)
McNeley, Glen (with attached Designograph and memo from James T. Soby to AHB)
Meiss, Millard ( Art Bulletin)
Mellquist, Jerome
Mendelsohn, Eric
Mesens, Mr.
Metropolitan Museum of Art (Foster, F. M.; Jayne, Horace H. F.; Mayor, A. Hyatt; Wehle, Harry B.; Taylor, Francis Henry)
Meyer, Franz (with memo from AHB to Dorothy Dudley)
Miami Daily News (Welch, Hoke)
Midtown Galleries (Gruskin, Alan D.)
Miestchaninoff, M. O.
Miller, Grace Lewis
Miller, John M. (Sports Guild, Inc.)
Miller, Mrs. J. L. J.
Miller, Carl
Mills College (Neymeyer, Alfred)
Miró, Joan
Mock, Betty
Mondrian, Piet
Modern Art Gallery
Moe, Henry A. (Comm. for Inter-American Artistic and Intellectual Relations)
Molzahn, Johannes
Art Association of Montreal (Martin, Charles F.; Morgan, F. Cleveland; Bohn, Marie; expense statement for exhibition in 2-42)
Mopp, Maximilian
Morey, Charles Rufus
Morris, George L. K.
Morton Galleries (Morton, Leonora)
Moselsio, Simon
Marr, Agnes V. (Bennington College; not microfilmed)
Moss, Marlow (American British Art Center; with memo from LJS to D. Miller)
Muller-Munk, Peter (Carnegie Institute of Technology)
Municipal Art Society (Kahn, Ely Jacques)
Munson Williams Proctor Institute (Trovato, Joseph; Derbyshire, Arthur)
Munsterberg, Hugo (with memo from Elise Van Hook to AHB)
Museologist (Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Constable, W. G.)

1.54; mf 2168:46 N

National Academy (Nichols, Hobart)
National Art-Collections Fund (Meldrum, David)
National Art Gallery of New South Wales (Waterhouse, B. J.)
National Gallery, London (Clark, Kenneth)
Navy Department (Lake, F. U.; Jacobs, Randall)
Nelson, Paul Daniel (National Housing Agency; with letter by John E. Orchard, Office of Lend-Lease Administration)
Netherlands Information Bureau (van Riemsdijk, Rombout)
Neumann, J. B. (with letter by Beaumont Newhall to Neumann)
New Directions (Laughlin, James)
Newman, Arnold
New York University, Institute of Fine Arts (Wolf, E.)
Nicholson, Ben (Chy an Kerris)
"PAINTING. Personality and Purpose.," essay by Herbert Read
Noguchi, Isamu
Northwestern University (Waterman, Audrey; with note from C. Hearn to Betty Chamberlain)

1.55; mf 2168:99 O

Oglesby, Catharine
Onslow-Ford, Gordon (with memo from Dorothy Dudley)
Osborn, Max (with curriculum vitae)
Ozenfant, Amedée

1.56; mf 2168:113 P

Packard, J. S.
Pacific Art Review (Dorothy Newman for Anson B. Cutts)
Paley, William S. (CBS)
Palm, Tage
Pan American Women's Association (Grant, Frances; notice for 11-42 exposition)
Panofsky, Erwin
Parkinson, Betty
Pan American Union
Papsdorf, Fred
Parsons, Robert L. (U. S. Navy)
Passedoit, Georgette (with exhibition list)
Pearson, Ralph M.
University of Pennsylvania (Horter, Elizabeth)
Penrose, Roland
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Marceau, Henri)
Phillips, Duncan (with letter to wife)
Philippart, George (with Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival notice)
Picasso, Pablo (Rosenberg, Paul)
Pinacotheca (Fried, Rose)
Platt, Eleanor
Pohl, Frederick J.
Portinari, Cândido (letter from Robert C. Smith, Library of Congress; Sermolino, Maria)
Postcard sets list
Princeton University (Boyd, Julian P.; with article by Boyd)
New York Public Library (Scoggin, Margaret)
Puma, Fernando
Pylick, Nathalie O.

1.57; mf 2168:219 Q

Quebec (Rainville, Paul; with letter to Martin Baldwin)
Queens College (Keappa(?), Paul; Lombardo, Josef)
Quintanilla, Luis

1.58; mf 2168:229 R

Rabow, Alexandre (with introduction letter by René Gimpel)
Read, Helen Appleton (with memo from Leslie Switzer to Mr. Bernard Karpel)
Reid, Elizabeth W.
Reis, Mrs. Bernard (with attached memo)
Rewald, John
Richter, Hans
Ridges, Bergman
Ritter, Chris (with exhibition list)
Riverside Museum (Porter, Vernon C.)
Robinson, Maude (Greenwich House Pottery; with cover letter by Elizabeth Phillips, Mrs. Rockefeller's secretary)
Robus, Hugo
Roichel, Claude (Lincoln School of Teachers College)
Ronnebeck, Arnold
Roothbert, Albert
Rosenberg, Paul
Rosenblum, M. L. (L. Bamberger & Company)
Rothschild, Howard
Rothschild, Lincoln
Rothstein, Irma
Rowe, L. S. (Pan American Union)
Rowley, George (Princeton University)
Rubin [art dealer]
Rubinstein [Helena] (note to Princess Helena Gourielli)
Rusk, W[illiam] S. (Wells College; with attached program of 5-42 conference)
Rutt, Anna (Louisiana State University)

1.59; mf 2168:328 Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

This file mostly contains correspondence between AHB and Elizabeth Phillips, Mrs. Rockefeller's secretary, unless otherwise noted
Wainwright, Alice C., Winold Reiss's publicity agent
Honoré, York
Boyd, Julian (Princeton University)
Fraser, Joseph T. (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)
Wilson, Florence (Rockefeller offices)

1.60; mf 2168:384 Nelson Rockefeller

This file mostly contains correspondence between AHB and Nelson Rockefeller, unless otherwise noted correspondence between Ira V. Morris and AHB
Invitation to showing of Portinari murals at Library of Congress 1-12-42

1.61; mf 2168:401 S

Sacartoff, Elizabeth
Saint-Gaudens, Homer (War Department)
Sachs, Nadine (Civilian Defense Volunteer Office)
Salter, L. J.
Salz, Sam
San Diego Fine Arts Gallery (Poland, Reginald)
San Francisco Museum of Art (Morley, Grace L. McCann; Russell, Mrs. Henry P.)
Sabatello, Dario
Clark, Stephen C.
list of proposed paintings by Emilio Pettoruti
newspaper clipping of Pettoruti Exhibition at de Young Museum, San Francisco
San Francisco Museum of Art brochures
Soby, James Thrall
Sangree, Carl M.
Sarah Lawrence College (Warren, Constance)
Sarina, Melle Saiko
Sasco, Adolfo J. (Embry-Riddle School of Aviation)
Scaravaglione, Concetta
Schaeffer, Hans
Schallinger, Max
Schawinsky (Xanti)
Schiaparelli, Elsa (with memo from Dorothy Dudley to AHB)
Schomer, Howard (Civilian Public Service)
Schweitzer, Marianne (with letter of introduction by Gerhard Marcks)
Schwitters, Kurt
Scott, Foresman and Company (Jenkins, Elizabeth; with attached letter to Dreier, Katherine)
Scribner, Elizabeth (with attached correspondence by Elizabeth Phillips, secretary
to Mrs. Rockefeller)
Sculptors Guild, Inc. (Kane, Margaret Brassler)
Sheafer, Lesley
Silberman, Messrs. E. and A.
memo from Mr. de Zulueta to AHB regarding Siqueiros mural
Sixtieth Street Galleries (Los, N. Michel; with attached brochure for Celine
Baekland show 10-42)
Smith, E. Baldwin (U. S. Navy)
Scheeler, Charles
Skidmore College (Bowie, Theodore)
Smith, Charles (Bennington College)
Soria, Martin S. (with curriculum vitae)
Spiro, Eugen
Spitzer, Julius
Springfield Museum of Fine Arts (Robinson, Frederick B.)
Galerie St. Etienne (Kallir, Otto)
Stapp, Philip (Greenwich Country Day School)
Steegmuller, Francis
Stephens College (Dudley, Louise)
Steichen, Edward Steinitz, Kate (with letter by Stefan Hirsch)
Stickle, Helen W.
Stimson, Frederick S. (with curriculum vitae)
Stokowski, Leopold
Streat, Thelma J.
Stone, Maurice L.
Stonorov, Oscar
Street, Julian (Treasury Department)
Strunsky, Robert (L. Bamberger & Company)
Studio Publications (Holme, Bryan; with statement by AHB)
Stunzi, Walter
Sunami, Soichi
Sweeney, James Johnson
Swope Art Gallery (Cox, John Rogers)
Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts (Olmsted, Anna Wetherill)
Szecsi, Ladislas

1.62; mf 2168:637 James Thrall Soby

This file mostly contains various correspondence between AHB and Mr. Soby, unless otherwise noted Telegram from Beaumont Newhall to Soby
Alfred Stieglitz label
Letter from Nancy Newhall to AHB
Letter from Soby to Isabel Paterson (Andrew Furuseth Club)

1.63; mf 2168:698 T

Taft Museum (Hanna, Katherine)
Tate Gallery (Rothenstein, John)
Taylor, Prentiss
Tchelitchew, Pavel (with letter to Eugene Brenwasser)
Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences (Lansford, Alonzo; with letter to
Elodie Courter)
Thannhauser, Justin
Time (Hodgins, Eric; with memo from S. Newmeyer)
The New York Times (Martin, John)
Toplis and Harding, Inc. (Herz, F. F.)
Art Gallery of Toronto (Baldwin, Martin)
Tovell, Harold M.
Trabich, Irving
Tuttle, C. Horace (Standard Oil Company)

1.64; mf 2168:754 U

Taft Museum (Hanna, Katherine)
Tate Gallery (Rothenstein, John)
Taylor, Prentiss
Tchelitchew, Pavel (with letter to Eugene Brenwasser)
Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences (Lansford, Alonzo; with letter to
Elodie Courter)
Thannhauser, Justin
Time (Hodgins, Eric; with memo from S. Newmeyer)
New York Times (Martin, John)
Toplis and Harding, Inc. (Herz, F. F.)
Art Gallery of Toronto (Baldwin, Martin)
Tovell, Harold M.
Trabich, Irving
Tuttle, C. Horace (Standard Oil Company)

1.65; mf 2168:759 V

Vaillant, George (University of Pennsylvania)
Valentine, Martha E. (with invitation to Maxim Kopf show in 1-42)
Vanderbilt, Paul
Van der Gracht, Ides
Van Vechten, Carl
Vargas, Mr. and Mrs. Luthero (accompanied by introduction letters to the
following people: Kimball, Fiske; Marceau, Henri; McIlhenny, Henry P.;
Rich, Daniel Catton; Shaw, Mrs. Alfred; Longman, Lester D.; Iselin, Mrs.
O'Donnell; Rathbone, Perry T.; Valentiner, W. R.; Morley, Grace L.
McCann; McKinney, Roland; Macdonald-Wright, S[tanton])
Varley, Robert A.
Vassar College (Rindge, Agnes)
Vincent, Mrs. George E.
Resor, Helen
Vogue (Talmey, Allene)

1.66; mf 2168:800 Warburg, E. M. M.

This file only contains correspondence between AHB, E. Warburg, and Frieda Levine, Warburg's secretary

1.67; mf 2168:806 WPA Committees

Raffle tickets
Letter to raffle book-holders 2-7-42
Dinner invitation 2-16-42
Smith, Marian Clare
Hays, Aline Davis
Donation letter
New York Times article 1-11-42
CCGAP newsletter 1-42
Hunter, Howard O.
Barlow, Samuel L. M.
Lee, Mabel Barbee

1.68 mf 2168:827 Wheeler, Monroe

This file mostly contains inter-office memoranda between AHB and Mr. Wheeler, unless otherwise noted
Letter from M. Wheeler to André Gloeckner (Hyperion Press)
Letter from M. Wheeler to Francis H. Taylor (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Correspondence between Horace H. F. Jayne (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and M. Wheeler

1.69; mf 2168:942 W

Wadsworth Atheneum (Austin, A. Everett)
Walker, Maynard
Walkowitz, Abraham
Wallis, J. H.
Warburg, Mrs. Felix M.
Warneke, Heinz
Warren, A. M. (Department of State)
Watson, Peter
Weber, Max
Weil, André
Wells College (Rusk, W[illiam] S.)
Wellesley College (Bongiorno, Laurine)
Wescott, Glenway
Westheim, Paul
White, Amelia
White, John C. (Fulbright, Crooker, Freeman & White)
Whitney Museum of American Art (Force, Juliana)
Whyte, John (Brooklyn College)
Willard, Marian
Willoughby, Hugh
Willkie, Wendell L.
Wills, Mrs. Alberto
Winter, Ella (Art Book Center)
Wise, Stephen S.
Woodworth, Elisabeth D.
Switzer, Leslie
Worcester Art Museum (Sawyer, Charles H.; with letters to Perry T.
Rathbone, City Art Museum of St. Louis)
WQXR (Hogan, John V. L.; with attached leaflet on roundtable discussions 2-42 to 3-42)
Wright, Charles Clifford
Wurster, Mrs. William

1.70; mf 2168:1032 X-Y-Z

Yale University Art Gallery (Sizer, Theodore)
Yun Gee
Zalstem-Zalessky, Mrs. [ex. Mrs. Stokowski]
Zadkine, Ossip (attached to correspondence of Georgette Passedoit)
Zborowski, George (with letter by Marion Losada)
Zorach, William
Zwemmer, A.

1.71; mf 2168:1056 Circulating Exhibitions

Twining, Emily M.
Courter, Elodie
Woodruff, M[arjorie]
Soby, James Thrall
Proposal to reorganize the Department of Circulating Exhibitions
Comments on the proposed budget
Personnel for a Department of Circulating Exhibitions and Educational Services
Statements on museum education

1.72; mf 2168:1107 Complaints re: Museum

Response letter by Leslie Switzer
Wahlberg, Andrew V. (with response letters by Thomas Hess, Ruth Olson,
Kenneth Donohue, Leslie Switzer)
Mandel, Edna Horn
"The Antrobi at Home," newspaper article by Charlotte Hughes
Hood, Ann
Memo from Betty Chamberlain to Eliot Noyes re: competitions and citizens

1.73; mf 2168:1141 A

Adelphi College (Moor, Arthur P.; with memo to Mr. Zulueta)
American Art Research Council (Mrs. Sharkey, Whitney Museum of American Art)
American Association of Museums (minutes and cash statement from 2-5-43 meeting; Coleman, Laurence V.)
Statement by American Council of Learned Societies on protection of European
Cultural material
American Federation of Arts (Parker, Thomas C.)
American Women's Voluntary Services, Inc. (Gimbel, Alma B.)
Andover museum (Hayes, Bartlett H.; Stillman, Charles; statement of gift plan)
Armitage, Merle
Art Bulletin (Lee, Rensselaer W.)
Art Institute of Chicago (Rich, Daniel Catton)
Art News (Frankfurter, Alfred)
Artists' Gallery (Beer, Federica M.)
Arts Club of Chicago (Eisendrath, William N.)
Aschaffenburg, George (with letter to George Boas)
Associated American Artists (Mandel, Estelle)
Ayer & Son (Sellers, J. Townsend)

1.74; mf 2168:1201 Abbott, John E./Agnes Rindge

This file contains mostly correspondence between AHB, John Abbott, and Agnes Rindge, unless otherwise noted
Memo from Dorothy Miller to AHB

1.74a AHB to Dick Abbott

This folder contains an 8 page handwritten letter from AHB to John Abbott, which has been retyped

1.75; mf 2168:1221 Architecture Department

Mock, Elizabeth
Tredick, Anne
Outline of architectural bulletin
Soby, James Thrall
Danes, Gibson
Becker, John W.
Carson, Alice
List of questions for the Decade Show
Suggested list of members of advisory committee for salon show 3-30-43
Report of conference on 4-4-43
Report of conference on 3-26-43

1.76; mf 2168:1253 Barr, personal/Resignation

Abbott, John
Becker, Marion (Cincinnati Modern Art Society)
Roberts, Isabel S. (Brooklyn Museum)
Norton, W. W.
McMahon, Philip A. (New York University)
Abbott, Jere
Coleman, Laurence Vail (American Association of Museums, Smithsonian)
Roe, James P. (Lotus Club)
Williams, John L. B. (Appleton-Century Company)
Mabon, John Scott (Atlantic Monthly Press)
Clark, Montgomery (Kiskiminetas Springs School)
Whiting, Giles (Girl Scouts)

1.77; mf 2168:1300 Barr, Personal

Jones, J. Morris (The World Book Encyclopedia)
Kahn, Albert E. (New Currents)
Peterson, Isabel F. (United Seamen's Service)
Tilton, Robert (Who's Important in Education)
Ward, R. E. (Executive Office of the President, CIAA)
Green, Charles C. (Advertising Club)
Coudenhove-Kalergi, Richard (Pan-European Conference 2-20-43)
Watson, Archibald R. (County Clerk, Court of General Sessions)
Middleton, John E. (International Workers Order, Inc.)

1.78; mf 2168:1320 Barr, Invitations

National Sculpture Society ("Ecclesiastical Sculpture" 1-26-43)
Lt. and Mrs. Edward A. Norman (5-18-43)
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences ("Twelfth Biennial International Water Color Exhibition" 4-8-43)
Czechoslovak Information Service (5-20-43)
Sachs Galleries (2-8-43)

1.79; mf 2169:4 B

Baltimore Museum (Fox, Douglas C.)
Bayer, Herbert
Baylos, Selma
Bernheimer, Franz K.
Biddle, George (War Department Art Advisory Committee; with letters from Helene S. Biddle and Harper's Magazine; essay by George Biddle)
Bignou Gallery (Keller, Georges F.)
Bill, Max
Black Mountain College (Albers, Josef; with list of artbooks at Black Mtn. Coll.)
Bliss, Mildred
Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Edgell, G. H.; Constable, W. G.)
Botkin (pamphlet on Church of Aphrodite)
Brandt Gallery (Wear, Verna)
British Council (Longden, Alfred A.)
Brooklyn College (Chermayeff, Serge; Baur, John I. H.; Starr, Theodore, D.; Roberts, Isabel S.; Johnson, Una E.; Roberts, Laurance P.; Street, Julian, Treasury Department; invitation to "Art for Bonds" 4-9-43)
Buchholz Gallery (Valentin, Curt)
Buffalo Fine Arts Academy (Elliott, Philip C.; Know, Seymour H.; Ritchie, Andrew)

1.80; mf 2169:41 Pictures from Brazil

There are no documents in this folder

1.81; mf 2169:43 Cuba-Barr Trip

Wheeler, Monroe
Phillips Memorial Gallery (Watkins, C. Law)
Losada, Jorge A.
Galería del Prado (Bermúdez, Cundo; Carreno, Mario)
Smith, Janet
Ulrich, Ione (with list of Cuban names and addresses)
Switzer, Leslie
Chase National Bank
Arroyo de Hernández, Anita
Lacau, Raul Lopez
Carpentier, Alejo
Mena, Maria Luisa Gomez
Peláez del Casal, Amelia
Gattorno, Antonio
Jiminez, Max
Lam, Wifredo
Pedro, Luis Martínez
Wengraf, Fr.
Lozano, Alfredo
Montalvo, René
Museo Nacional (Morey, Antonio Rodriguez)
Ponce de Léon, Fidelio
Portocarrero, René
Corria, C. M. Ramírez
Blanco, T. Ramos
Rodriguez, Mariano
Serra, Daniel
Sicre, José Gómez (with curriculum vitae)
New York University (Graham, P. H.)
d'Harnoncourt, René
Robbins, J. Stanton (CIAA)
Moe, Henry Allen
O'Gorman, Juan

1.82; mf 2169:300 Blue cards-answers

Weston, Edward
Wright, Cedric

1.83; mf 2169:303 C

Canadé, Laura (Weyhe Gallery)
Carnegie Institutue (O'Connor, John)
Carter, Edward (Royal Institute of British Architects)
Carter, Ernestine (American Embassy, London)
Catlin, Tod [Stanton]
Chamberlain, Betty
Cheek, Leslie (War Department; with correspondence to Millard Meiss and Mary Lou Boylston)
Chimera (Newton, David)
Christian Education & Publication (Braun, Theodore C.)
Cincinatti Modern Art Society (Becker, Marion R.)
Fogg Art Museum (Mongan, Agnes)
Cleveland Museum of Art (Munro, Thomas)
Davis, Fitch(?) C. P.
College Art Association (Cook, Walter W. S.; Crosby, Sumner McK.)
Colten Photographs
Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts (Adams, Philip R.)
Committee on Art in American Education and Society (memo from Victor d'Amico; newsletter; and attached letters to Florence L. Goding and Mrs. Rockefeller)
Connecticut College (Logan, Robert Fulton; with list of acquisitions by MoMA in 1941-42)
Cordes, Paul
Crane, Clarkson
Crowninshield, Frank (Condé Nast Publications; with list of American artists)

1.84; mf 2169:402 Department of State Releases

"Chilean Editor Visits United States..." 8-5-43
"Young Ecuadoran Artist Visiting the United States" 4-23-43
address by Charles A. Thomson 3-15-43
"Brazilian Journalist and Author Visiting the United States" 2-2-43
"Appointment of Advisory Committee on Music for 1942-43" 1-16-43
"Appointment of Advisory Committee on Art for 1942-43" 1-16-43

1.85; mf 2169:417 Director's Office-Mr. Barr, Mr. Soby

Most of this file contains correspondence between AHB and Mr. Soby, unless otherwise noted
Memo on therapy 3-18-43
Excerpt from Mr. McAlpin's letter to Mrs. Newhall 3-3-43
Memo from Frances Hawkins to AHB
New York City Inter-Museum Schedule of Exhibits 1943-44
Catlin, Mimi
Letter from Leslie Pearl to Mr. Soby
Letter from Mr. Soby to John Abbott
Notes on the acquisitions committee
Memo from Elodie Courter to AHB
Memo from Alice Carson to Frances Hawkins
Miscellaneous notes

1.86; mf 2169:482 D

Danes, Gibson (University of Texas)
Daniel, Greta (with memo from Frances Hawkins to AHB)
Design Publishing Company (Payant, Felix)
De Young Memorial Museum (Heil, Walter)
d'Harnoncourt, René
Downtown Gallery (Halpert, Edith G.)
Draper, Muriel
Dreyfuss, Henry
Durand-Ruel (Elfer, Herbert H.)
Dyer, Carlos (with recommendation letter to Leslie Cheek)

1.87; mf 2169:521 Education Department

D'Amico, Victor
Notes on Miss Rindge's position and the museum's educational work
Otis, Alice
Committee on Art in American Education and Society newsletter 1-43

1.88; mf 2169:537 Exhibitions: Proposed Exhib.; Schedules and lists

Schedule as of 10-11-43
Minutes of Exhibitions Committee meeting 10-7-43
Memo from Dorothy Miller re: future print exhibition
Memo from Dorothy Miller re: Romantic American Painting exhibition
Warren, Gretchen
Memo from Monroe Wheeler re: shell exhibition
Preliminary outline for "Global War for World Peace" exhibition
Memoranda from Monroe Wheeler re: Exhibitions Committee meeting
Memo from Dorothy Miller re: "American Artists and the War" exhibition
Weekly schedule for January 18-24, 1943

1.89; mf 2169:563 F

Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors, Inc. (Blatas, Arbit)
Ferargil Galleries (Price, Frederic Newlin; Egan, Charles R.)
Ferris, Edythe
Fett, William F.
Memo from Iris Barry re: Film Library
Fogg Art Museum (Heckert, G. T., National Gallery of Art; Sachs, Paul J.; Mongan, Agnes)
Freedom House (Jackson, Katherine)
Freidel, Melvin D.

1.90; mf 2169:612 G

Gesell, Peggy P.
Gold, Alfred
Goldwater, Robert (with cover letter from Leslie Switzer)
Goodwin, Philip (with telegram from Carlos Obregon)
Goodyear, A. Conger
Graham, Margaret Bloy
Grippe, Peter
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (Rebay, Hilla)

1.91; mf 2169:678 H

Hammer, Victor
Harrington, B. (Metal, Martin)
Hartell, John
Hartman, Phylliste
Harvard University Press (Scaife, Roger L.; Malone, Dumas)
Harvard University (Hudnut, Joseph)
Hastings House (Frese, Walter)
Hatfield, Dalzell
Henle, Annemarie
Hess, Thomas
Heythum, Antonin (California Institute of Technology; with newspaper articlel "About Art and Artists" 3-6-43)
Hilaire Hiler (Elements, Grace)
Hispanic Foundation (Wilder, Elizabeth, Library of Congress)
Hofrichter, Ruth (Vassar College)
Grace Horne Galleries Inc. (Brown, Margaret E.)
Huxley, Julian

1.92; mf 2169:723 Industrial Design

Tredick, Anne
Carson, Alice
Outline of future plans for Dept. of Industrial Design, April-May, 1943
Teague, Walter D.

1.93; mf 2169:725 Inter-Office Memos, general

Bateson, Gregory
Film Library
Front Desk
Kracauer, Siegfried
Miller, Margaret
Memo from James Thrall Soby to [George Henry] Warren
Warren, [George Henry]
de Zulueta, Luis
Abbott, John

1.94; mf 2169:768 I

Institute of Modern Art (Metcalf, Thomas N.)
Indians (Mangravite, Peppino; "Threat to New Mexico Pueblos" by Marina Dasburg; newspaper article 3-25-43; statement by John Collier, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior; Baldwin, Joseph Clark, House of Representatives; Biddle, George, War Department; Ickes, Harold B., Secretary of the Interior; René d'Harnoncourt, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Department of the Interior; pamphlet "Renewed Threat to Pueblos"; Honland, Alice G.)
Institute of International Education (Duggan, Stephen)
Iowa State College (Settlis, O.)

1.95; mf 2169:808 J

Jackson, Holbrook (National Trade Press Ltd.)
Jacobi, Rudolf (with letter to Enciso, Jorge)
Johnson, Philip (with memoranda from Dorothy Dudley and Ione Ulrich; letter from Mr. Johnson to John E. Abbott)
Juley, Peter

1.96; mf 2169:849 Kirstein, Lincoln

This file mostly contains correspondence between AHB and Mr. Kirstein, unless otherwise noted
Watson, Jane (Inter-American Monthly)
Morley, Grace L. McCann (San Francisco Museum of Art)
Halty-Dube, Adolfo (invitation to exhibition in 6-43)
Disston, N.
Kirstein, Fidelma
Berenson, Bernhard
Bucher, Jeanne

1943, 1945, 1948
1.97; mf 2169:923 K

This file mostly contains correspondence between AHB and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr
Kaminsky, Dora
Kates, George N.
Kaufmann, Edgar J., Jr.
clipping from New Republic 1-12-43
Calder, Alexander
Kaufmann, Liliane
Kaufmann, Edgar J., Sr.
Kelemen, Pál
Keller, Georges
Kleeman, Henry C.
Knoedler & Co. (Davidson, W. F.; King, Elizabeth)
Henschel, Charles R.
Kocher, A. Lawrence
Kochnitzky, Leon
Kootz [Samuel]

1.98; mf 2169:1063 Latin American Correspondence

Paalen, Wolfgang
Enciso, Jorge
Mena, Maria Luisa Gomez
Lozano, Alfredo
N. W. Ayer and Son, Inc. (Sellers, J. Townsend)
Executive Office of the President, CIAA (Anderson, W. A.; Lyford, Olive M.)
Pettoruti, Emilio
Sauer, Carl (Centro Colombo-Americano)
Catlin, Tod [Stanton]
Boza, Gonzalo
de Zulueta, Luis
Memo to Mr. Berrien of the Rockefeller Foundation re: Latin American Artists File
Abbott, John E.
Translation of 3-17-43 article "Argentine Art in North America" by Rinaldini, Julio
Letter from Erwin Kraus to Lincoln Kirstein
Soldi, Raúl
Villalobos, Julio (with letter to George Nelson, Architectural Forum; and article "Las Grandes Obras Hidráulicas del Tennessee" 11-29-42)
Goodwin, Philip L.
Miller, Dorothy
Portinari, Candido
Wheeler, Monroe
Cornejo, Francisco (El Rancho del Artista)
Basaldúa, Hector

1.99; mf 2169:1152 Latin American Exhibition

Barletta, Leonidas
Forman, Thomas
"Latin American Art in the Museum's Collection" statement
Kirstein, Lincoln
Soby, James Thrall
written statement by AHB
d'Harnoncourt, René
written statement re: Cuba
Abbott, John
Cunningham, John J.
Ulrich, Ione
Wheeler, Monroe

1.100; mf 2169:1186 Library

Most of this file contains correspondence between AHB and Bernard Karpel, unless otherwise noted
Muller, Hannah B.
von Erffa, Helmut

1.101; mf 2169:1214 L

Léger, Fernand (Jervell, B. K.)
Lenscraft studios
Levy, Adele R.
Levy, Julien
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
Library of Congress (Wilder, Elizabeth)
Life (Luce, Henry R.; Bishop, D. W.)
Lincoln, F. S.
Littlefield, Lester
Loeb, Janice (Newcomb, Theodore, Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service)
Loeb, Pierre
Wheeler, Monroe
Loran, Erle
Lord and Taylor (Shaver, Dorothy)
Ludlow, Melda (Caxton Printers, Ltd.)
List of artists
Lebel, R.
University of Louisville (Oppenheimer, J. J.)

1.102; mf 2169:1256 Magazine of Art

Jayne, Horace (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Baur, John I. H. (Brooklyn Museum)
List of articles for October, 1943 issue
Statement of editorial policy
Goodrich, Lloyd (Whitney Museum of American Art)
Van Doren, Harold L.
List of authors and articles 6-23-43
Morse, John D.
Written statement 6-10-43
Lists of article ideas, articles commissioned, and articles on hand
Written statement 4-22-43
Morris, George L. K.
Rivera, Diego
Tannenbaum, Libby
American Federation of Arts news release 10-13-42
Parker, Thomas C.
Myers, George Hewitt
Cambell, Helen H.

1.103; mf 2169:1328; mf 2170:4 M

William Macbeth, Inc. (Lewis, Hazel)
MacIver, Loren
Magriel, Paul (with attached letter of introduction)
Mayer, Hy
McAndrew, John (with telegram from James Thrall Soby)
MacDonnell, Angela
McKim, William G.
McVitty, Albert E.
Metropolitan Museum of Art (Bach, Richard F.; Jayne, Horace H. F.; Taylor, Francis Henry)
University of Michigan (Wethey, Harold E.)
Middle Atlantic States Art Conference 5-29-43 (program and correspondence to W. S. Rusk, Wells College)
Midtown Galleries (Gruskin, A. D.)
Mietschaninoff, M. O.
Moore, Lamont (Leverenz, Joseph, American Red Cross)
Morris, Newbold
Municipal Art Society (Rich, Lorimer; Kootz, Samuel; with attached statement)
Murdock, Eleanor E. (with memo from James T. Soby to AHB; and letter from Alice Carson)
Museums Council of New York City (Roberts, Isabel S.)

1.104; mf 2170:22 N

Lydia Nadejena (Berly, Sadie, A. H. Handley; with attached literature on Reginald and Gladys Laubin and on L. Nadejena)
Netherlands Information Bureau (van Riemsdijk, Rombout)
Newman, Arnold
Newton, David (Chimera)
Nicholson, Ben and Kerris, Chy an
Norlyst Art Gallery (Kaminsky, Dora; E., Lust E.)
University of North Carolina (Adams, Harriet Dyer)

1.105; mf 2170:41 O.W.I. (Office of War Information)

Chamberlain, Betty
Detroit Institute of Arts (Burroughs, Clyde H.)
Williams, Bradford G.
Correspondence between Claude Pepper and Mildred Joyce Williams
6-22-43 telegram from AHB to: Washburn, Gordon, RISD; O'Connor, John, Carnegie Institute; Burroughs, Clyde, Detroit Institute of Arts; Morley, Grace McCann, San Francisco Museum of Art; Williams, Mildred Joyce, Florida Federation of Art)
United States Senate (Mead, James M.)
"Artists' War Work Centralized in OWI" newspaper article [ The New York Times]
Sanderson, George A.

1.106; mf 2170:59 O

Okerbloom, Elizabeth ( Columbus Citizen; with article by E. Okerbloom in Art and Democracy)

1.107; mf 2170:66 Painting and sculpture

This file only contains correspondence between AHB, Dorothy Miller, and Elise Van Hook

1.108; mf 2170:74 Photography Department

Newhall, Beaumont
Newhall, Nancy (with memo to Ione Ulrich)
Soby, James Thrall
memo from Willard D. Morgan to Monroe Wheeler
budget statement for photography department, 1943-44
McAlpin, David
minutes of photography committee meeting 2-11-43

1.109; mf 2170:115 Publications Department/Monroe Wheeler

This file mostly contains correspondence between AHB and Mr. Wheeler, unless otherwise noted
Letter from Mr. Wheeler to John E. Abbott
Memo from H. Ward
Lists of color reproductions
Pernas, Frances
Memoranda from Lincoln Kirstein to AHB and Mr. Wheeler
List of newspapers and publications

1.110; mf 2170:208 P

Paramount Pictures Inc. (Neubauer, Leonard)
Parkinson, Betty
Perry, Ralph Barton (American Defense; with letter from Mimi Catlin to Mr. Perry)
Phillips Academy, Andover (Hayes, Bartlett H.)
Phillips Exeter Academy (Folds, Thomas M.)
Pinacotheca (Fried, Rose)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Jena, Jeanette)
Porter, James A. (Howard University; Burnshaw, Stanley, Dryden Press)
Prestini, James (North Texas State Teachers College)
Princeton University (Rens[selaer W. Lee]; Panofsky, Erwin; Hutzler, George H.; Coolidge, John; Egbert, Donald D.; Morey, C. R.)
Public Library of the District of Columbia (Lewis, Elizabeth Ray)

1.111; mf 2170:263 Q

Quarrie Corporation (Jones, J. Morris; with attached lists of American paintings

1.112; mf 2170:273 R

Rewald, John (Sachs, Paul J., Fogg Art Museum)
Robinson, Edward G.
Richter, Hans
Rochester Memorial Art Gallery (Spencer, Thomas G.)
Rockefeller, Nelson (CIAA)

1.113; mf 2170:292 Registrar

Wheeler, Monroe
Registrar's specifications for borrowing, receiving and returning loans
Loan form
Dudley, Dorothy
Kirstein, Lincoln

1.114; mf 2170:308 Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

This file only contains correspondence between AHB and Mrs. Rockefeller

1.115; mf 2170:314 Secretary: Frances Hawkins

This file mostly contains correspondence between AHB and Miss Hawkins, unless otherwise noted
Miller, Dorothy
Soby, James Thrall
McCallum, Helene

1.116; mf 2170:380 S

Schapiro, Meyer
Schawinsky (Xanti)
Schwartzberg, Miriam B. (New York University)
Seligmann, Kurt (McAndrew, John)
Smith, Polly
Soria, Martin
Springfield Museum of Fine Arts (Robinson, Frederick B.; with memo from S. Newmeyer to AHB)
St. Etienne, Inc. (Kallir, Otto; Donahue, Kenneth)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Kirschten, Ernest)
Stapp, Philip (Greenwich Country Day School)
Stone, Maurice L.
Sweeney, James Johnson (with letter from Robinson, Pauline H., North Carolina State Teachers College)
Stokowski, Leopold
Schaeffer, Johannes

1.117; mf 2170:415 T

Tate Gallery (Rothenstein, John)
Taubes, Frederick
therapy (Von Simson, Otto Georg)
Toledo Museum of Art (Brokaw, Chloe; Godwin, Blake-More; Gosline, William A.; with itinerary for 3-25-42
Town and Country(Bull, Harry)

1.118; mf 2170:437 U-V

United Seamen's Service, Inc. (Peterson, Isabel F.)
Dudensing, Valentine
Vassar College (McCracken, Henry Noble)
von Ripper

1.119; mf 2170:444 W

Willard Gallery (Marian)
Marshall, J. M.
War Relocation Board (Seeler, Katherine; Marks, Edward B.)
Warburg, Edward M. M.
Watkins, Franklin (Crowell, Lucius A.)
Webster, Edwin S.
Weyhe, E.
Whitney, John Hay
Wildenstein Galleries (van Riemsdijk, Rombout, Netherlands Information Bureau; Wildenstein, Felix; with letter from James T. Soby to Stephen C. Clark; Slotemaker de Bruine, N. A. C.
Williams, Mary F. (Mount Holyoke College)
Wolcott, John G.

1.120; mf 2170:475 X, Y, Z

Yale University (Kibel, Henry)
Yeon, John (with letter from Edward W. Leahey, War Department; and letter to Homer Saint Gaudens and Leslie Cheek)

1.121; mf 2170:484 Barr-Memoranda

Van Hook, Elise
Dows, Olin
Newmeyer, Sarah
de Zulueta, Luis
Wheeler, Monroe
Minutes of executive committee meeting 11-23-43
Courter, Elodie
Abbott, John
Soby, James T.

1.122; mf 2170:503 Barr-General Correspondence, A-D

Newpaper article "Modern Art Defended"
Photos of artworks from Stanton Loomis Catlin, American Association of Museums (Coleman, Laurence Vail; with list of council members)
American Contemporary Art (Steingart, Charles J.)
Architectural Press Ltd. (Pevsner, N[icholas]
Bliss, Mildred (with copy of letter from Mr. Soby to Mrs. Bliss)
British Council (Longden, Alfred A.; Watson, Barbara; with article "Reflections on the Past" by Alfred J. Munnings and list of art centers receiving Studio publication; and letter to Mr. Carter)
Czechoslovak Information Service (Papanek, Jan)
Brooklyn College (Chermayeff, Serge)
Browning, Leonore (Stein, Gertrude, Vocational Service Agency)
University of California, Berkeley (Durham, W. H.)
Carrington, Leonora
Carson, Alice Hiscock
Catlin, Stanton
"1st Meeting with Kandinsky"
"2nd Meeting with Kandinsky"
Clark, Stephen C.
Clark, Ella May
Cooper, Douglas
Cornell University (Hartell, John A.; with memo from Dorothy Miller to AHB)
Dee, Harry P.
Denver Art Museum (Knowles, Thomas B.)
Detroit Institute of the Fine Arts (Valentiner, W. R.)
Dows, Olin

1.123; mf 2170:596 Barr-General Correspondence, E-K

Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors, Inc. (Caparn, Rhys; with article "Art" by Clement Greenberg)
Feininger, Lyonel
Fogg Art Museum (Sachs, Paul J.; Mongan, Agnes; Rosenberg, Jakob)
French Delegation (Focillon, Henri and Marguerite H.)
Gamboa, Fernando
Giedion, Siegfried
Galería del Prado (Mena, Maria Luisa Gomez)
Herald-Tribune (Parsons, Geoffrey)
Hubner, Alma
Jazz Record
Indiana University (Hope, Henry R.)
Kaufmann, Edgar J. (Clinton, Ethel)
Goodwin, Philip L.
Kirstein, Lincoln (with draft of American Battle Painting and letter to John Walker III, National Gallery; and proposal for the museum at West Point 3-44)
Knickerbocker Weekly (Bradley, Jay)
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo (with purpose statement by Arts Council of Japanese Americans for Democracy)

1.124; mf 2170:697 Barr-General Correspondence, L-Q

Lewisohn, Samuel
Little, Brown & Company (Everitt, C. Raymond)
Loran, Erle (University of California, Berkeley)
McAndrew, John (with letter to René d'Harnoncourt)
MacKinnon, Kaye (with letter from Vaillant, George)
Miró, Joan
Montenegro, R.
Moore, Marianne
Mondrian (Holtzman, Harry)
Mumford, Lewis
Netherlands Information Bureau (Simons, G. J. M.)
Nicolas, Joep
Northwestern University (Hibbard, Addison)
Noyes, Eliot F.
O'Gorman, Juan
Porter, Lucy
Memo from H. Ward to AHB re: poster designers
Puma, Fernando

1.125; mf 2170:748 Barr-General Correspondence, R-Z

Raphael, Max
RISD (Washburn, Gordon)
Rothenstein, William
Rusk, George Y. (with questionnaire and conference agenda of The Society for Religious Culture)
Sachs, Meta P.
San Francisco Museum of Art (Morley, Grace L. McCann)
Sarah Lawrence (Fowler, Burton P.; Ayerigg, Catherine)
Scheyer, Galka E.
School of Design in Chicago (Moholy-Nagy, L.)
Schwartzberg, Miriam B. (with memo from AHB to Mr. Karpel)
Gomez-Sicre, Jose (with excerpts from The San Francisco Chronicle and memo from Miss Hawkins to AHB)
Siqueiros, David A.
Finlay de Moret, Margarita
Smith, Carleton Sprague (National City Bank of New York)
Sociedad de Arte Moderno (Enciso, Jorge; Cambos, Susana)
Speiser, Maurice J.
Steinitz, Kate
Swarthmore College (von Erffa, Helmut)
Sweeney, James Johnson
Tannenbaum, Libby
University of Chicago Press (Scoon, John)
Vassar College (Barber, Leila Cook)
Wright, Frank Lloyd (Manson, Grant C.)

1.126; mf 2170:865 Barr - Personal, A - Z

Abbott, John E.
American Art Portfolio
Barr, Margaret Scolari
Bragazzi, Olive
Braden, Thomas
Buffalo, The University of (Abbott, Charles D.)
Butler, Lawrence K.
Cable, Susan
Campbell, Jennie M.
Farrand, Jean (Mrs. David O.)
Ferroni, Brimo
Fogg Museum of Art, Harvard University (Mongan, Agnes)
Fulbright Application (Moody, George T.)
Germany (Klett, Oberbuergermeister)
Greene, Balcomb
Hobby Show (Blumenthal, Lucy (Mrs. Sidney)
Jacob, M/M Victor
King, Edward S.
Kornblith, Mrs. Howard G. (Babette)
Lewisohn, Mrs. Samuel A. (Margaret)
Life (Ballou, M.B.)
Liturgical Arts Society, Inc.
Maupin, Rev. Merle
Morey, Charles Rufus
Patterson, Robert P.
Penn, Irving (The Condé Nast Publications Inc.)
Pollino, Pietro
Ritchie, M/M Andrew
Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich
Royal Society (Luckhurst, K.W.)
Toklas, Alice B.
Walker, Hudson (American Fund for Israel Institutions)
Weitzner, Julius H.
Wiesenthal, Alfred
Winterbotham, Joseph

1.127; mf 2170:1019 A-Miscellaneous

Abell, Walter (Michigan State College)
Acevedo, Eduardo de Adams, Miss Harriet D. (Junior Art Gallery)
Akron Art Institute (Culler, George D. and Clear, Charles Val)
Alabama, State of (Owen, Marie B.)
Alexan, Friedrich George (The Tribune International Book & Art Center)
Alfiery, Laura
Allston, Washington (Fawcett, Eugenia)
Allwood, Martin S.
Alves, Maria Pinto
American Committee on United Europe (Braden, Thomas W.)
Ames, Winslow (Springfield Art Museum)
Antrobus, Mr. (Yale University Art Gallery)
Argan, G.C.
Armitage, Merle
Arms, John Taylor
Arnason, Harvard H.
Art Digest (Boswell, Payton, Jr.)
Art Directors Club (Burden, William A. M.)
Artists Equity Association

1.128; mf 2170:1153 AFA - Annual Meeting - Chicago

Adams, Philip R. (Cincinnati Art Museum)
Finkelstein, Louis (The Jewish Theological Seminary of America)
Lipchitz, Jacques
Navas, Elizabeth S.
Parker, Thomas C.
Religious Art in the Modern World
Rich, Daniel Catton
Spaeth, Eloise
Smith, Lawrence M. C.

1.129; mf 2170:1217 American Arts Research Council

Irvine, Rosalind
Force, Juliana
Goodrich, Lloyd
File includes checklists, Council description and minutes

1.130; mf 2170:4 American Council of Learned Societies

Alford, John
Barry, Iris
Daugherty, D.H.
Frankenstein, Alfred V.
Karpel, Bernard
Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr.
Keech, Frances
Munro, Thomas (The Cleveland Museum of Art)
Odegaard, Charles E.
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Schmeckebier, Laurence (The Cleveland School of Art)
Sessions, Barbara (Rhode Island School of Design)
Stechow, Wolfgang (Oberlin College)
(File includes agenda of 1949 January 15 meeting)

1.131; mf 2170:20 Boston/Life Three Museums Statement

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Braden, Thomas W.
Burden, William A. M.
Cable, Susan
Chamberlain, Betty
Guggenheim, Simon
d'Harnoncourt, René
Luce, Henry R.
More, Hermon (Whitney Museum of American Art)
Plaut, James S. (Institute of Contemporary Art)
Resor, Ann
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Ozenfant, Amédée
Wight, Frederick S.
Whitney, John Hay

1.132; mf 2171:235 Press reaction to Boston statement

Incl. clippings from:
American Artist
Art Digest
Atlantic, The
Guardian Weekly, The
Mattimo dell'Italia Centrale, Florence
Modern Artists Group of Boston (Coburn, Ralph)
Magazine of Art
New York Herald Tribune
New York Times, The
New York World-Telegram
San Francisco Chronicle

ca. 1948
1.133; mf 2171:295 Christmas Cards

1938, 1945, 1946, 1948, 1951
Austin, A. Everett ["Chick"], Jr.
Baer, Martin and Janina
Balla, Giacomo
Bourgeois, Louise and Robert
Breuer, Lajlio and Connie
Cain, Jo, Matene and Michael
Castillo, Raul Uribe
Clauss, Alfred
Davis, Jim
Ernst, Jimmy
Goeritz, Mathias
Goetz, Richard
Grippe, Peter
Gross, Chaim
Heythum, Antonin and Charlotta
Hutchinses, Maude Phelps
Huxley, Julian S.
Ibert, Jacques and Rosette
Jacobson, Charles R.
Kahles, Jessie Phelps
Kauffer, E. McKnight
Kokoschka, Oskar
Lehman, "Irv." G.
Loran, Erle
Mariano, Libby
McKim, Charlotte and Bill
Morado, Jose and Olga Chavel
Morales, [Sequeira]
Noguchi, Isamu
Porter, David
Puma [? Fernando Puma; Puma Gallery]
Reeves, Ruth
Reutsch, Dr/M Samuel Burton
Rivera, Diego
Ronnabeck, Arnold
Rothstein, Irma
Schawinsky, Xanti
Sugimoto, M/M Henry
Szecsi, Ladislas
Taylor, Prentiss
Wittenborn, George and Henry Schultz

1.134; mf 2171:352 B

Balla exhibition
Baltimore Museum of Art, The
Baylinson, Mrs. A.S.
Battke, Herrn Heinz
Beer, F.F.
Berdeau, LeRay
Berenson, Bernard
Bernard, Michel-Ange
Bieber, Konrad
Bier, Justus (University of Louisville)
Bing-Bodmer, Henri (Galerie Bing)
Bliss, Howard
Blow, Richard
Boncompagni, Laetitia Princess
Bourdrez, Mrs. Joseph
Bourdrer, J.P.
Bourgeois, Louise
Brooks, James (Peridot Gallery)

1.135; mf 2171:414 American Federation of Arts

Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr.
Goodwin, Philip L.
Neuberger, Roy R.
Rockefeller, John D., 3rd
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Whitney, John Hay
File includes clippings

1.136; mf 2171:432 Barr-Refusals

American Society of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, The (Munro, Thomas) Architectual League of New York, The (Grossi, Olindo)
Association of Art Museum Directors (Kimball, Fiske)
Bennington College (Burkhardt, Frederick)
Brown University (Downing, George E.)
California School of Fine Arts (MacAgy, Douglas)
Canada - The Art Gallery of Toronto (Baldwin, Martin)
Chicago, The Art Institute of (Eisendrath, William)
Collier Encyclopedia (Lindabury, Richard V.)
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, The (Burdell, Edwin S.)
Delaware, University of (Bailey, Harriet)
Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors Inc., The (Constant, George)
'48 Magazine of the Year (Lauderbach, Richard)
'48 Magazine of the Year (Morse, John)
Greenwich House (Simkhovitch, Mary K.)
Gross, Chaim (Dalton House Inc.)
Harvard University - Fogg Museum of Art (Coolidge, John Phillips)
Hillman Periodicals (Hillman, Alex L.)
International Rescue & Relief Committee (Pincus, Arthur)
Kutcher Civil Rights Committee (Beinin, Irving)
Institute of Contemporary Art (Richman, Robert)
Los Angeles County Museum (Byrnes, James B.; Valentiner, W. R.)
Louisville, University of (Bier, Justus)
Michigan, University of (Wells, Bennett I.)
Momentum (Golub, Leon
New York Graphic Society (Daskalos, Ann)
New York Graphic Society (Cooley, Earl)
North Carolina, University of (Ivy, Gregory D.)
Northwestern University (Folds, Thomas M.)
Ohio State University, The (Seiberling, Frank, Jr.)
Oklahoma A. & M. College (Moore, Malcolm, Jr.)
Societa Dante Alighieri (Giannini, H.)
Tietze, Hans (Barnard College)
Vassar College (Mann, Constance)
Village Art Center (Elser, Maximilian, Jr.)
Washington (Institute of Contemporary Art)
Woodstock Art Conference (Laufman, Sidney)
Woodstock Art Conference (Walker, Hudson D.)
Yale University (Crosby, Summer "McK.")
File includes data on 1949 California Centennial Exhibition of Art

ca. 1948-1950
1.137; mf 2171:556 Barr-Refusals

Brown University (Downing, George E.)
Louisville, University of (Bier, Justus)
Michigan, University of (Wethey, Harold E.)
Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute (Travato, Joseph)
New York University (Chambers, Bernice)
Rand School of Social Science (Schapiro, Theodore)
Rhode Island School of Design (Washburn, Gordon B.)
Smith College Museum of Art, The (Schenck, Edgar C.)
State Teachers College (Saunders, Alus Ward)
Toronto, The Art Gallery of (Baldwin, Martin)
Virginia, Commonwealth of (Jenkins, Marianna)
Wellesley College (Heyl, Bernard C.)
Western Arts Association (Mysch, Lucia A.)
Wisconsin, The University of (Foote, Anne T.)
Yale University (Hamilton, George Heard)

1.138; mf 2171:606 Books for Europe

Austria (Benesch, Otto)
British Museum Library (Johnstone-Wilson, A. F.)
Germany (Kestiner-Gesellschaft
Dreier, Ketherine
Grohmann, Will
Haftmann, Werner
Heise, Carl G.
Hilderbrandt, Hans
Hochschule Der Bildenden Kunste
Lovegrove, William A.
Ralfs, Herrn Otto (Galerie Otto Ralfs)
Roh, Franz (Munich, University of)
Sankt annen Museum
Holland (Campendonk, Heinrich)
Hungary (Bod, Laszalo)
Italy (Archvio Storico d'Arte Contemporanea)
Indonesia (Hopman, J.)
Mexico (Albers, Josef)
Switzerland (Tschumi, Otto)

1.139; mf 2171:797 European exhibition requests

Cassou, Jean (Musée National d'Art Moderne)

Ritchie, Andrew Carnduff
Rouault Exhibition in Tokyo (McCray, Porter A.)
Schiess, W. I.
Speyer, Darthea (Office of the Cultural Attaché)
Stoll, R. Th.

Rousseau, Theodore
Soby, James Thrall
Tyler, William R

Ekstrom, Parmenia Migel
Soby, James Thrall
Speyer, Darthea

Compton, Danforth
Voice of America

France (Presence Africaine, Bilodeau, M.)
Italy (Masciotta, Michelangelo; Barbaroux, Vittorio E.; Toninelli, Romeo)
Belgium (The American Belgian Association, Kuyck, Wolfers)
File includes memo AHB-RDH, 1950 Dec. 1, notes re: American Festival in Paris

1.140; mf 2171:907 B-Miscellaneous

Baccelli, Mario
Bach, Richard F.
Baer, Vico
Baker, Walter G.
Baldwin, Martin (The Art Gallery of Toronto)
Balla, Giacomo
Baltimore (Constable & Alexander)
Baltimore Museum of Art, The (Breeskin, Adelyn D.)
Barcelona (Daualset)
Barlach, Ernst
Barzun, Jacques (Columbia University)
Batsell, Walter Russell
Baumeister, [Willi]
Bazin, Germain
Beck, Herrn Enrique
Becker, Mrs. John W.
Behrens, H. H.
Berard, Maurice (Dana, Harry)
Bergen, Emiel
Bernheimer, Richard (Bryn Mawr College)
Best, Peggy Worthington
Biddle, George
Bing, Henri (Galerie Bing)
Binyon, Helen
Bjerke-Petersen, Vilhelm
Blake, Peter (Architectural Forum incl. draft ms.)
"Bleeding" (Frances Hawkins, Town & Country)
Bliss, Robert Woods
Blume, Peter
Bouché, Louis
Bove, Else
Bowie, Theodore (Hamilton College)
Braconier, M/M Frédéric F.
Braden, Thomas (Dartmouth College)
Brown, Milton
Bryan, Julien
Bryn Mawr College (Sloane, Joseph C.)
Buchholz Gallery (Cable, Susan)
Buckley, Charles E. (Fogg Museum of Art)
Buffalo Evening News (Hoffman, Ethal)
Buffalo Fine Arts Academy (Ritchie, Andrew C.)
Bullrich, M/M Enrique

1.141; mf 2171:1206; mf 2172:4 Cm-Cz

Colding, Steen
Coleman, Laurence Vail (Smithsonian Institution)
Color-Music (Joseph Zepel)
Colt, Thomas C. (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Consagra, Pietro
Cook, Walter W. S. (New York University)
Coolidge, John (Fogg Museum of Art)
Cooper, Douglas
Corcoran Gallery of Art, The (Williams, Hermann Warner)
Cornith, Thomas (Cornith Company, The)
Cousins, Norman (Saturday Review of Literature)
Cowles, Gardner (Cowles Magazines, Inc.)
Cox, Jan
Craig, Martin
Cramer, Gerald
Crowinshield, Frank (The Condé Nast Publications, Inc.) Cuba (Morey, Antonio Rodriquez, Jimenez-Rojo, Jorge)
Cunningham, Charles C. (Wadsworth Atheneum)
Curtiss, Henry
Cutting, C. Suydam (Asia Institute, The)

1.142; mf 2172:23 Ca-Cm

Cable, Susan
Cagli, Corrado
Cahill, Holger C. (incl. notes re: Across the Wide Missouri by George Catlin)
Calas, Nicholas
Calder, Alexander
California State Fair (Green, E. P.)
Canaday, John (Virginia, University of)
Caparn TK
Carré, Louis
Carreno, Mario
Carter, John
Catlin, Mimi
Cavallo, Adolph S.
Cernansky, V.
Cézanne, Paul (West End Art Gallery, Millman, R.)
Chagall, Marc (City Museum & Art Gallery, Hess, Hans)
Chamberlain, Betty
Charvet, Marie Luiza
Chatfield, Jennifer
Cheek, Leslie (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, The)
Cherry Lane Theatre (Campbell, Ian)
Chicago, The Art Institute of (Daniel Catton Rich typescript of speech)
Chicago, University of (Biesel, Frances Strain)
Church, Robert M.
Cincinnati Modern Art Society (Dwight, Edward H.)
Claflin, Agnes
Clark, L. M. (Kiskiminetas Spring School)
Clark, Howard
Clauss, Alfred
Clements, Grace
Cleveland, Museum of Art (Milliken, William M.)
Clippings (French service)
Cloud, Jess H.

ca. 1944-1950
1.143; mf 2172:247 Chicago (Jury)

Bush, M/M William H.
Pollack, Peter
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Sweet, Frederick A.
Watson, Dudley Crafts
File includes AHB interview by Peter Pollack final typescript and draft, list of prizes, press releases

1.144; mf 2172:284 Circulating Exhibitions

List to be compiled by indexer

1.145; mf 2172:373 Clark

Cézanne, Paul (Frick Gallery)
College Art Journal
d'Harnoncourt, René
Italian Exhibitions (Futurists)
Museum Collection (incl. TL AHB-Clark 1947 September 25 re: agenda for Meeting of the Committee on the Museum Collections; corresp. re: de Chirico, Giacometti, van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Acquisitions Committee; TL AHB-JTS 1951 January 17, TL (draft) AHB-Clark, and TL (copy) Clark-NAR 1951 January 12 re: Clark resignation from the Committee on the Museum Collections)
Rewald, John
San Francisco Chronicle (Dr. Frankenstein)

1943, 1947-1949
1.146; mf 2172:405 College Art Association/Committee on American Art History

Avery, Myrtilla
Baldwin, Martin
Bowers, David ( The Princeton Conference in American Civilization)
Crosby, Summer "McK."
Drake, Thomas E. (Haverford College Library)
Egbert, Donald Drew (Princeton University)
Goodwin, Philip ("The American Art Research Council and the Arts" from College Art Journal)
Hope, Henry R. (Indiana University)
Huntley, Haydn (Chicago, The University of)
Koyl, George Simpson (Pennslyvania, University of)
Kubler, George A. (Yale University)
Lee, Rensselaer W.
Magill, Peter
McClelland, Amy Woller
Mumford, Lewis
Schmeckebier, Laurence (Minnesota, University of)
Tselos, Dimitris (Bryn Mawr College)
Panofsky, Irwin File incl. informal agenda for meeting of February 16, 1945

1.147; mf 2172:500 College Art Association/Microfilm slide se

Robb, David (Pennsylvania, University of)
Sunderland, Elizabeth R. (Michigan, University of)
File incl. illustration checklist for catalogue re: American 19th and 20th c. painting by Robert Goldwater

1.148; mf 2172:524 College Art Association/Minutes and Correspondence

Art Bulletin, The (Kuhn, Charles L.,
Smith, Datus C.)
Cook, Walter W. S.
Deknatel, Frederick B.
Hope, Henry R. ( College Art Journal)
King, G. S. (Walters Art Gallery, The)
Lemann, Bernard
McClelland, Amy Woller (Report to Board of Directors)
Neuberger, Roy R. (TL AHB-Magill re: Neuberger collection)
Panofsky, Erwin
File incl. tentative program from 35th-38th Annual Meetings 1947-1950
Minutes for Executive Committee Meetings 1948 December 3 and 1947 March 14
Agenda for Board of Directors Meetings 1947 May 17 and 1944 January 29
Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings 1945 February 17, 1944 September 8, 1944 May 26

1.149; mf 2172:644 Conference on Science, Philosophy, & Religion

Bryson, Lyman
Finkelstein, Louis
Friend, Alfred M.
Kubler, George (Yale University, incl. list of suggestions for Art Seminar, summaries of seminars)
Lieberman, William S.
Lipchitz, Jacques
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Schultz, Frances
Sweeney, James Johnson
File incl. information, tentative programs, invitations, and suggested questions for 7th-10th Conferences

1.150; mf 2172:791 D- Miscellaneous

Davidson, Jo (Independent Citizens' Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, Inc., Bill for the Establishment of National Cultural Program)
Davidson, LeRoy
Davies, Arthur B. (International House)
Davis, James E.
Davis, Stuart
Deknatel, Frederick B. (Fogg Museum of Art)
Delmas, Jean
Del Valle, Oscar C.
De Voto, Bernard (re: Herald-Tribune 1949 January 22 letter)
Denvir, Bernard
Devigne, Marguerite
Devree, Howard ( The New York Times)
Doesburg, Petro Van
Domela, Cesar
Donahue, Kenneth
Dooley, William Germain (Museum of Fine Arts)
Dorner, Alexander
Douglas, Frederic C. (Denver Art Museum, The)
Dows, Olin
Drake, Erik
Drake, Thomas E. (Hartford College Library)
Draper, Paul
Dudensing, Valentine
Duthuit, [Georges]

ca. 1944-1950
1.151; mf 2172:912 Domus

Guarnati-Lapauze, Daria
Ponti, Giovanni
Rockefeller, Nelson
Toninelli, Romeo
File incl. clippings from Domus, list of Italian artists and works acquired for Twentieth-Century Italian Art [1949 Sept. 9], list of Italian paintings, sculptures, drawings in MoMA collection, and press releases

1.152; mf 2172:968 Dreier and Société Anonyme

Buck, Richard D. (incl. TL Buck-Dudley re: Braque collage)
Chamberlain, Betty (incl. memo re: Dreier's portrait of Marcel Duchamp)
Clark, Stephen
Daugherty, James
Goodwin, Philip
Goodyear, Conger
Hamilton, George Heard (Yale University Art Gallery)
Horwitz, M. H. (Cleveland show - Braque collage)
Landgren, Marchal E. (incl. TL Landgren-AHB re: protests of Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism exhibition entries)
Lieberman, William S.
Lozinski, Bohdan (incl. TL Dreier-Lozinski re: Société Anonyme catalogue)
Lozowick, Louis
MacDonald, Ranald H., Jr.
Phillips, John Marshall
Porter, Allen (incl. 2 memos re: Dreier's portrait of Marcel Duchamp)
Roché, Henri Pierre
Sawyer, Charles H. (Yale University
Wheeler, Monroe
Whitney, John Hay
File incl. clippings, summary of 1920 exhibition commemorating Société Anonyme 30th Anniversary, transcript of Dreier's lecture to Yale University Art Gallery 1948 March 5, list of missing photographic record cards of 1941, AHB writings on Boccioni, Gauguin, Malevich

1940s, 1950-1951
1.153; mf 2172:1243 E

Ede, H. S.
Educational (2 memos AHB-D'Amico re: Mervin Jules' book How to Draw and Paint)
Egbert, Donald (Princeton University)
Eisenstein, Sergei M (Seton, Marie, An American Tragedy)
Eichmann, Ingeborg
Emmet Supermarkets (re: "Self-Service Art", Zitter, Samuel)
Encyclopedia Britannica (re: Paul Bruno, Fraser Bruno, and James Earl entries)
England (Tucker, Betty)
Epstein, Dinah
Erffa, Helmut von (Rutgers University)
Ernst, Max
Erskine, Peggy A. (incl. TL Erskine-AHB re: Herbert Read's article in Horizon)
Estonian artists (Estonian Academic Club in America, Jaakson, E.)

1.154; mf 2173:4 Film Library

Barry, Iris
Bliss, Mrs. Robert Woods (incl. TL Braden-Bliss re: picket by Local 306, AFL)
Emmer, Luciano
Frothingham, Grace
Magazine of Art (Flint Institute of Arts Edition)
Morey, C. R. (Cultural Attaché)

1.155; mf 2173:20 Fund Raising

Catt, Warren (incl. TL Milward-Catt re: Public Relations activities of the Museum 1947, August 23)
Clark, Stephen C.
Burden, William A. M. (Department of Commerce)
Dudley, Dorothy (incl. memo re: Museum collection)
MacDonald, Ranald H.
MacKin, M/M William Lee
Modern Art 5,000 Years Ago (brochure)
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (incl. TL Rockefeller-AHB re: Museum structure and budget)
Rosenheimer, (memo re: Film Library statistics)
"There's Also a Here and Now" (solicitation letter)
Whelpley, Medley G. B.
Wittler, Lelia (M. Knoedler & Company, Ind.)
Woodruff, Emily C.
File incl.: form letter AHB-Burden, Clark, Guggenheim, Lewisohn, Soby, Warren, Jr. re: Museum Collection
Draft Fund-Raising Report AHB 1946 December 3, Organization Plan for the Building and Program Fund of MoMA 1947 July 1-December 31, publicity schedules, memo re: " Three proposed Rules for the Conduct of Future Meetings in the Museum's Drive for a Building Fund"

1.156; mf 2173:127 F-Miscellaneous

Ferargil Galleries (Price, Frederic Newlin)
Ferber, Herbert
Ferren, John
Ferris, Gwyn
Ficke, Arthur Davison Ficke Foundation (Ficke, Gladys B., incl. 1950 June 22 minutes, notes re: Conference on the Scientific Investigation of the Creative Program, transcript of panel discussion Kubie/Ficke)
Film Symposium ("Does the Public Get What it Wants?")
Fisher, Kurt A.
Fisher, Margaret
Fitchburg Art Center (A. J. Parker)
Fitzsimmons, James
Flair (Dystel, Oscar)
Fleischmann, Else
Flexner, Abraham
Fogg Museum of Art (Coolidge, John)
Force, Juliana (obituary)
Ford Motor Company (Lougee, Arthur T.)
Ford-Times (Lugee, Arthur)
Fox, Douglas Claughton
Franc, Helen ( Magazine of Art, incl. notes on Arcimboldi Landscape-Head)
Frankenstein, Alfred V. (San Francisco Chronicle)
Freedman, Leo
Frick Collection, The
Frobenius copies
Frua De Angeli, Carlo

1.157; mf 2173:314 Genauer article and correspondence

Camp, Mrs. Walter, Jr.
Rich, Daniel Catton (Art Institute of Chicago, The)
Simonson, Lee
File incl. AHB notes re: Genauer intvw., notes re: article by JTS, Agnes Mongan review

1.158; mf 2173:391 German Pictures

Clapp, Frederick Mortimer (Resolution Committee)
Force, Juliana (incl. TL Force-AHB re: resolution, copy of resolution and list of signers
Immler, Gisela
Kuhn, Charles (Germanic Museum)
MacLeish, Archibald
McCann, Morley Grace L.
M K R's Art Outlook
Riddleberger, James W.
File incl. clippings from: The New York Times, The Washington Post, press releases re: Statement by the American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas and Resolution, CBS television report "Should we exhibit the German Paintings Now in our Prospective Custody"

1.159; mf 2173:448 Genauer


ca. 1947, 1953
1.160; mf 2173:453 Germany - General requests for materials, information, photos, etc

Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation Inc. (Elkinton, Howard)
Free German League of Culture in Great Britain (Graetz, Rene Ch.)
Heidenreich, Werner
Hengstenberg, Rudolf
Lettkamp, Hans
Neumeyer, Alfred (Mills College)
Ostroumow, W.
Prahl, Ernst
Rohland, Werner, 1949-1951, The Goetz Painting (van Gogh)

1946, 1948
1.161; mf 2173:491 Goodwin [Philip L.]

Friedrich, E. (incl. corresp. re: Braque still life)

1.162; mf 2173:514 G-Miscellaneous

Gabo, Naum
Galerie Neuf
Ganseman, Jean-Paul
Garrison, Eve
Garthe, Otto
Gasch, Sebastian (Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr.)
Gassman, H. E.
Gaugler, Mr.
Geiger, Benno (incl. TL AHB-Geiger re: painting Landscape-Head by Arcimboldi)
Gerhardi, Walter
Gershoy, Eugenie
Giacometti, Alberto
Giedion, Siegfried (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Gilbert, Creighton ( Perspective)
Gilchrist, Agnes ( Art Nouveau Architecture in New York)
Gimbel Brothers
Girard, André
Glasco, Joseph
Glinsky, Vincent
Goodwin, Blake-More (Toledo Museum of Art)
Goetz, Oswald (Art Institute of Chicago, The)
Gold, Alfred
Goldwater, Robert
Gomez-Sicre, José
Gonzales, Carmelo
Gonzales, Xavier
Goodrich, Lloyd (Whitney Museum of American Art)
Good Housekeeping (Powers, Marcella)
Gordon, Kathleen
Gordine, Dora
Gorky, Arshile
Gottlieb, Adolph
Graham, Richard M.
Grain, Mark
Grand Central Art Galleries (Barrie, Erwin, S.)
Graves, Morris (Willard Gallery)
Green, Edwin (Lawrie and Green)
Greene, Gertrude
Gregory, M/M Paul
Gropius, Walter (Architects Collaborative, The)
Gross, Chaim
Guard, Alec
Grosz, George
Guards for sculpture gardens
Grenoble (Andry-Farcy)
Guarnati, Daria
de Guerriff, Lydia A.
Guggenheim, Peggy
Guimard, Adeline (incl. AHB notes to Guimard)
Gullón, Ricardo

1.162a; mf 2173:713 Alfred Frankenstein - Harnett 1946-1955
1.163; mf 2173:833 Herald Tribune critic

Cahill, Holger C.
Coolidge, John
Parsons, Geoffrey (incl. TL AHB-Parsons re: Cahill as critic)
Soby, James Thrall

1.164; mf 2173:852 H

van der Haagen, J. K.
Haas, Walter A.
Haiti (Museé du Peuple)
Hale, Hella
Halman, James H.
Halpert, Edith Gregor (Downtown Gallery, The, incl. TL AHB-Halpert re: circulating exhibitions, draft of plan for founding of organization)
Hamilton, George
Hammacher, A. M. W. J.
Hanover Gallery (Brausen, Erica)
Hare, M/M David
Harrison, W.
Hatch, J. D.
de Hauke, Cesar
Haupt, Theodore G.
Havlicek, Josef
Hausmann, Raoul (Johnson, Philip Gropius, Walter)
Havana (Pedro, Gertrude Martinez Patronato Pro-Museo Nacional, Morey, Antonio Rodriguez)
Hayes, Bartlett H. (Addison Gallery of American Art)
Hayter, William
Hékimi, Marthe
Heitz, Karl
Herald Tribune (Doran, Irita Van)
Herling, Luise
Herron Art Institute, The (Peat, Wilbur D.)
Hess, Nas (City of New York Art Gallery)
Heya, Zoltan
Heyl, Bernard C.
Hilderbrandt, Hans (incl. TL AHB-Hilderbrandt re: monograph on Oscar
Hiler, Hilaire
Hillman, Alexander L. (Hillman Periodicals, Inc.)
Hirsch, Stefan (Bard College)
Hirschmann, Ira A.
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell, Jr. (Smith College Museum of Art, The)
Hitler's dishes, sale of (Sticht, H. S.; incl. ALS)
Hofer, Philip
Hoffman, Edith ( Burlington Magazine)
Hoffman, Else
Hofmann, Hans
Hokinson, Helen E.
Holland (Hos, H. A. J., Ruksbureau Voor Kunsthorische Documentatie,
Netherlands Institute for Art History)
Holzinger, Ernst (Institute for Advanced Study)
van Hoorn
Hope, Henry R. (College Art Association of America, University of Indiana)
Hoppin, M/M Frederick S.
Horizon (Soby, James Thrall Watson, Peter)
Hotimsky, Suzanne
Houghton Mifflin Company (Green, Natalie incl. TL and 2 memos re: First Flowers of Our Wilderness by Thomas Flexner
Howard, Rossiter
Hungerland, Helmut
Huntley, G. Haydn
Husted, James W.
Huxley, Julian

1.165; mf 2173:1052 Industrial Design

Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr. (incl. House Beautiful article re: "Useful Objects" exh., draft: "What is Modern Design?", article re: Lamb Wedge-Lock Handle, memo re: No-Sag Spring Company, drafts re: Advertising Exhibition and Fabric Fair projects for American Fabrics, summary of Planned Furniture: Project for National Competition)
Ulrich, Ione
File incl. press releases: "World Wide Interest Shown in International Furniture
Competition", "Museum of Modern Art Opens 1947 Useful Objects Exhibition"; "Quantacolor" article from Interiors

1.166; mf 2173:1151 Jewish Museum

Elkan, Benno
Finkelstein, Louis (Jewish Theological Seminary of America)
Kayser, Stephen S.
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
Meyer Leo ("Jewish Art Under Islam")
Volavková, Hana (Zidovské Museum)
Warburg, Feliz M.
File incl. seating arrangment for dinner in honor of the Jewish Museum, 1947 May 20

1.167; mf 2173:1185 I-J Miscellaneous

Image (Goldwater, Robert)
India (Indian Institute of Art in Industry, Lord Reay Maharashtra Industrial Museum)
International Committee for Assistance to Professionals, Artists and Scholars (Berhang, Sylvia)
International Rescue and Relief Committee
Institute of Contemporary Art, The (Wight, Frederick S.)
Institute of Modern Art, The (Wight, Frederick S.)
Izquierso, Maria
James, Philip (Arts Council of Great Britain, The)
Janin, Louise
Jaffé, Alice
Jansen William (incl. copy of The Case of Mr. Louis Jaffé: From Appeal to Inquisition)
Japan (Kuhn, Earl K., Jr. TL AHB-Kuhn re: Matsuoka vase Priest, Alan Seito, M.)
Jefferson, Carlos
Jesi, Emilio
Jewell, Edward Alden
Jimeno, Manuel Moreno
Johnson, Bonnie E. (Berlin Military Post)
Johnson, Philip (Spaeth, Otto)
Johnson, Raymond
Jones, T. Catesby
Jordan, T. D.
Jospé, Roger
Junyer, M/M Joan
Juviler, A. A.

1.168; mf 2173:1272; mf 2174:5 Library Books for Europe

Cassou, Jean (Musée d'Art Moderne)
Daniel, Greta
Delmas, Jean
Despiau drawing
Fischer-Wieruszowsky, Mr.
da Fonsêca, A. Sodoma
Gazette des Beaux-Arts
Karpel, Bernard
Keller and Cie.
Kjersmeier, Carl
Langui, Mr.
Lytle, Dorothy
Magyar Muvészet
Muller, Hannah
Nicholson and Nash (E. C. Gregory, Percy Lund Humphries & Co. Ltd.)
Sweeney, James Johnson
Toninelli, Romeo
Valentin, Curt (Buchholz Gallery)

1.169; mf 2174:89 K- Miscellaneous

Kahnweiler, Daniel-Henry (Galerie Louise Leiris)
Kandinsky, M/M Wassily
Kaufmann, M/M Edgar, Jr.
Kaufmann, Fritz
Keller, Georges (Bignou Gallery)
Kent, Mrs. Atwater, Jr.
Kesper, Edmund
Keynes, Mr.
Kiar, Aliu D.
Kiesler, Mrs., Frederick C.
Kiesler, Frederick J.
Kinsey, Alfred C. (Indiana University)
King, Alice Gore
Kjersmeier, Carl
Klee, Paul (Albers, Josef)
Masey, Jack, Architectural Forum, The
Mills, G. A., International Digest
Prytek, Hilde, Nierendorf Gallery
Klein, Abraham
Klein, Robert L.
Knopf, Alfred A.
Kochnitzky, Leon
Koehler, Mr.
Kokoschka, Oskar (Berkshire Museum)
de Kooning, Willem
Kootz, Samuel M.
Kornblith, Howard G.
Kraushaar, Antoinette (Krausher Galleries)
Kubie, Lawrence S.
Kugelman, Margot (Principia College)
Kuhlman, Barbara Louise
Kuhn, Charles L.
Kuntz, Charles P.
Kup, Karl
Kuppferman, Lawrence

1.170; mf 2174:239 Look - 1948 poll

Devree, Charlotte
Douglas, Jane
Goodwin, Philip L.
Goodyear, A. Conger
d'Harnoncourt, René
Hope, Henry R.
Jager, Felix
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
Soby, James Thrall
Whitney, John Hay
File incl. memorandum on Poll re: American artists, 1948 Jan. 28, and poll: "Are These Men the Best Painters of Today?"

1.171; mf 2174:275 Louchheim

File incl. The New York Times clippings and Peter Blake corresp.

1.172; mf 2174:317 L-Miscellaneous

Lachenal, Francois
LaFarge, John ( America)
Lane, Allen
Laporte, Paul M. (Olivet College)
La Tousca Art Competition (Carreno, Mario; Freeman, Wilma; Gonzalez, Carmelo; Heller, E. S; Lehman, Irving G.; Nathanson, Win; Porter, Allen; Ulreich, Buk; ballot for award jury)
Lane, Clayton
Laufman, Sidney (Moses, Robert)
Lee, Rensselaer W.
Lehman-Haupt, Hellmut
Leonhard, Mr.
Lenning, Henry F.
Leurquin, Robert
Levy-Koppold, Genia
Levy, David M.
Lewin, Albert
Lewis, Thomas P.
Lieberman, William S.
Liebman, Charles J.
Life (Alves, Mary Mabry, Thomas Dabney Wilson, Jane incl. memo re: photographs of new acquisitions)
Life Symposium on Modern Art (Luce, Henry)
Lindsay, Kenneth C.
Lindgren, Nils
Lipchitz, Jacques
Lipton, Seymour
Liturgical Arts Society, Inc. (Lavanoux, Maurice)
Loeb, Pierre
Loewenson, Albert E., Jr.
Lombardo, Josef Vincent
London Gallery Ltd., The (Mesens, E. L. T.)
López-Morillas, Juan
López-Rey, José
Los Angeles County Museum (Byrnes, James B.)
Lozowick, Louis
Lowenthal, Milton
Lozano, Alfredo
Lukens, Victor Herbert (Walter Aer Gallery, Lambert, Frank)
Lutyens, M/M Robert
Luyber, Joseph
Lye, Len
Lytle, Dorothy

1.173; mf 2173:520 Magazine of Art

Cogniat, Raymond
Deknatel, Frederick B.
Delmas, Gladys K.
Duncan, Phillips (incl. TL re: Thwaites article)
Franc, Helen
Goldwater, Robert
Goodrich, Lloyd
Gray, Cleve
Guédenet, Pierre
Hope, Henry R.
Huyghe, René
Jayne, Horace H. F.
Johnson, Philip C.
Kirstein, Lincoln E.
Laporte, Paul M.
Latham, H. S.
Lee, Rensselaer W.
Mayor, A. Hyatt
Mongan, Agnes
Morse, John D. (incl. TL AHB-Morse re: Creighton Gilbert article, TL AHB-Morse re: Rosenberg article on German Expressionist Printmakers, transcript of CBS broadcast "In My Opinion", 1947 June 16)
Northrop, F. S. C.
Pach, Walter
Pinthus, Kurt
Rosenberg, Jakob
Seyrig, Henri
Thwaites, John A.
Walker, Hudson

Agendae for Editorial Board Meeting:
1947 December 4
1947 June 3
1947 May 1
1947 April 3

Minutes for Editorial Board Meetings:
1946 December 5 Editor's Annual Reports:

1.174; mf 2174:687 Magazine of Art

Artus, Leon Anthony (incl. copy of Railway Art Exhibition Project)
Bennett, Alice K.
Berkowitz, Sidney
Cahill, Holger
Eichmann, Ingeborg
Franc, Helen (incl. TL AHB-Franc re: Myers' article on Kirchner)
Goldwater, Robert (incl TL AHB-Goldwater re: note on Guernica by Mimi Levitt and copy of Levitt's note)
Goodrich, Lloyd
Howard, Richard F.
Jessup, Philip C.
Morse, John D.
Parker, Thomas L.
Rothschild, Nanette F.
Soby, James Thrall
Walker, Hudson

Minutes of Editorial Board Meetings:
1951 December 6
1951 November 1
1951 October 4
1951 September 6

Agendae for Editorial Board Meetings:
1952 January 3
1951 December 6
1951 September 6
1951 March 1
1951 February 1
1950 December 7
1950 October 5
1950 June 6
1950 January 5
1949 November 3
1949 January 6
1948 December 2
1948 October 7
1948 March 3
1948 January 15

Minutes of the Executive Committee, 1948 September 17
Editor's annual reports:
1949-50 Report from the co-chairman of the Committee, 1951 April 26

Report of the chairman of the Editorial Board, 1950 May 15
Article, 1951 May
Statement by the Editorial Board to the AFA Trustees, 1951 April 5
Report to the Trustees of the AFA 1950, November 1
Notes re: Art Periodicals for War-Devasted Areas Program, October 1948

1.175; mf 2174:883 Membeship

Cable, Susan (incl. memo re: dual membership)
Chillman, James
Golding, Marie B.
Hertz, John D.
James, Oliver B.
MacDonald, Ranald H.
Strobridge, Marcia
Weeks, Gilbert
Woodruff, Emily C.
Wheeler, Monroe (incl. memo re: membership privileges)
Woods, Willlis D.
File incl. proposed membership schedule for fourth fiscal quarter, membership outline for fiscal year 1950-51, membership descriptions

1.176; mf 2174:956 Miscellaneous Memos

Abbott, John E. (re: garden party)
Braden, Thomas W. (re: Christmas & New Year, salary increases, Saturday office hours, 4th floor projection room)
Bragazzi, Olive (re: Gray Audograph, Barr private telephone wire, postage stamps, envelopes)
Cable, Susan (re: 3 Way Statement)
Catlin (re: bookcase, painting of Barr office, Barr room at 21 West 53)
Coordination committee (re: Saturday office hours)
Dudley, Dorothy (re: International Activities Department)
d'Harnoncourt, René (re: Union Nationale des Intellectuels)
Hoyt, Natalie (re: overtime for carpenters)
Johnson, Philip C. (re: space)
Kauffman, H. H. (re: 1948] holiday schedule)
Miller, Dorothy (re: vacation schedule, working hours, Henry Moore exhib.)
Morton, T. W. (re: mail service, telephone service)
Porter, Allen (re: members' calendar of events, membership privileges, admission rates, museum guests, "Beauty and the Beast", cocktail parties)
St. Patrick's Day (Allen, Monawee
Bacon, Alice Lytle, D. Miller, Margaret)
Ulrich, Ione (re: Economy measures, gallery talks schedule and fees, darkroom, working hours, group insurance, supplies and equipment)
Wallace, Ruth (re: Holiday Schedule - 1949 & 1950, House in the Museum Garden, Good Friday)
Wheeler, Monroe (re: Keynes article)

1.177; mf 2174:1061 Latin American Conference

d'Harnoncourt, René (incl. agenda, report and resolutions & recommendations for the Conference on Studies in Latin-American Art 1945 May 28-31)
File incl. list of publications and research work on studies on Latin American Art

1.178; mf 2174:1135 Miller and Company

Goodwin, Philip A.
Harrison, H. L.
Henschel, Charles R. (re: Miller Collection)
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell (incl. TL re: article "Painting Toward Architecture")
Sawyer, Charles H.
Soby, James Thrall
Spiralating Heat Wave, A (brochure)
Think (incl. copy of "Painting Toward Architecture")
Tremaine, Burton G. (incl. preface and TL re: "Painting Toward Architecture")
Tremaine, Emily Hall

1.179; mf 2174:1196 Miracle [Rosselini film]

Barnum, Thomas J.
Burstyn, Joseph
Chamberlain, Betty
Commonwealth (Fremantle, Anne, incl. AHB-Fremantle re: Spaeth editorial
"Fogged Screen"
Crowther, Bosley ( New York Times, The)
Cutting, Charles Suydam
Gerould, Christopher
Kiesler, Frederic
Levy, Herbert Monte
Malin, Patrick Murphy (telegram re: revoking film license)
Matthews, Thomas S. ( Time)
Oaks, John
Parsons, Geoffrey ( New York Herald Tribune)
Rodgers, William
Rossellini, Roberto (TL to Archbishop of New York)
Selmsen, R.
Smith, Lawrence M. C. (American Federation of Arts)
Soby, James Thrall (notes re: Miracle)
Spaeth, Otto (incl. copy and TL AHB-Spaeth re: Spaeth editorial)
Steichen, Edward
Watson, John V.
Welsh, Mary Elizabeth

Clippings from:
Catholic Messenger
Harper's Magazine (typescript)
L'Osservatore Romano
Nation, The
New York Times, The(incl TL AHB-editor re: film review for L'Osservatore Romano)
New York Herald Tribune
New York Post
Il Popolo(typescript)

Civil Liberties Committee brief
Press Releases

1.180; mf 2175:138 Motherwell Symposium

Goodnough, Robert
File incl. AHB handwritten notes

1.181; mf 2175:153 M

MacAgy, Douglas (California School of Fine Arts)
MacAgy, Jermayne (California Palace of the Legion of Honor, The)
MacArthur ( Liberal Party newsletter)
MacDonald, Ranald H.
MacLeish, Archibald
Macy's (Weil, Richard, Jr.)
Mademoiselle (Carson, Lee; Hillyer, Elinor; Frintz, Jo; incl. an interview with AHB)
Maddox, Jane
Madrid (Seral y Casas, T.)
Maillol, Aristide
Mallo, Maruja
Mansfield, Howard
Marin, John
Marini, Marino
Marshall, Virginia
Martenet, Blankfard J.
Martin, Alastair
Martini, Arturo
Martins, M/M Carlos
Marx, M/M Samuel A.
Masciotta, Michelangelo
Mather, Frank Jewett
Matisse, Alexina
Matisse, Henri
Matisse, Jacqueline
Matisse, Paul
Maupin, Merle
May, Saidie A.
Magó (Pathé, Arthur)
McCausland, Elizabeth McBride, Henry (incl. Art Students League News)
McCullough, Alan
McDowell, Tremaine (incl. TL re: American Literature Group)
McEachern, Neil (incl. TL AHB-McEachern re: collection of Australian pictures)
McIlhenny, Henry, P
McKim, William
McKnight, Maxwell S.
McLanthan, Richard B. K. (Museum of Fine Arts)
McLoughlin, James (Meyercord Decalcomania Co.)
McMahon, Philip (New York University)
Measure (Simson, Otto G. von, incl. preliminary statement)
Medallic Art Company (Trees, Clyde C.)
Melford, Maurice A. (Sculpture-in-Replica)
Melville, Robert (Hanover Gallery Ltd.)
Merchandise Mart of Chicago (incl. program draft)
Metcalf, Thomas N.
Metropolitan Museum of Art (incl. notes re: PASITMOMA chronicle)
Mettler, Barbara
Mewhenner, Pat
Mexican Art
Michigan State College Press
Middeldorf, Ulrich
Miller, Daniel T.
Miller, Macculloch
Miller, Dorothy
Miller, Margaret
Miller Co.
Miller, Mrs. Ralph (re: Ma Jolie by Picasso)
Millman, Mrs.
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The (Davis, Richard S.)
Minty, John
Miravittles, Juame
Mock, Elizabeth
Modern Art Annual (Cherniavsky, Sally, incl. list of acquisitions from 1949 Sept. 1 to 1950 April 1)
Modigliani portrait
Moe, Henry Allen (John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation)
Moggian, Aldo
Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo
Mondrian collector
Mongan, Agnes (Fogg Museum of Art)
Moore, Henry
Moorthamers, J.
More, James H.
Moreno, Rafaelo
Morey, C. R. (Cultural Attaché)
Morris, George L. K.
Morsch, Francis
Morse, John (Art Students League of New York, The)
Mosse, Eric P.
Motherwell, Robert (2 ALS)
Muller, Hannah
Mumford, Lewis
Museum Bulletin (Porter, Allen)
Museum of Health (Childs, Richard S.)

1.182; mf 2175:562 Nadejena [Lydia]

Hartog, Marianne
Kazanief, Vassily
Kirstein, Lincoln
O'Hara, John
Robinson, Geroid T.
File incl. form letters AHB
Grabar, Igor E.
Gromyko, Andrei
Kimenov, V. I.

1945-1947, 1952
1.183; mf 2175:633 N

Newhall, Beaumont
Neuberger, Roy R.
Neumann, J. B.
New Britain Institute (Low, Sanford)
Newburger, Hanna L.
Newmeyer, Sarah
New York Post (Wechsler, James A.)
The New York Times
New York University (Cook, Walter W. S. Leeb, Martha (incl. questions re: Modern Art symposium) Park, Joseph H.)
Nitsche, Eric (incl. press release)
Norman, [Dorothy]
Noguchi (memo re: gift of Bust of Lillian Gish, by Noguchi, to Museum)
Norton, Noël (British Embassy)

1.184; mf 2175:702 OWI [Office of War Information]

Count d'Arschot (Séminaire des Arts)
Clark, Stephen C.
Dresser, Louisa (Worcester Art Museum)
Lawrence, Marion (College Art Association of America)
Lieberman, William Slattery (incl. resume re: American Realists and Magic Realists
Lowndes, Marion
Mathias, Marjorie D.
Townshend, Elizabeth Morison File incl. "Three Centuries of Painting in the United States" by AHB

1.185; mf 2175:756 Dr. Odegaard: Federal Relief Administration

Cahill, Holger
Incl 2 TL re: American Council of Learned Societies manuscript
Marshall, John
Montgomery, Anita

1.186; mf 2175:824 O - Miscellaneous

Obelesco Gallery of Art
Oberholzer, Mr.
O'Brady, Gerttrude (incl. 2 ALS)
O'Gorman, Juan M/M (incl. 2 ALS)
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Olitsky, Ruth (incl. 2 ALS)
Olson, Ruth
One World (Mackenzie-Grieve, Averil)
Orlando, Felipe (incl. 3 ALS)
Orleans, Ilo (Falk & Orleans, incl. copy of The Calendar; incl. 3 TLS)
Orloff, Nicholas (incl. ALS)
Orozco, José Clemente
Oud, J. J. P.
Ozenfant, Amédée (incl. article "Toward a Modern Aesthetic")

1.187; mf 2175:887 Pepsi-Cola - Paintings of the Year

McKinney, Roland
File incl. clippings, photograph of meeting of the Committee of Admission, information on artists whose work will be presented to the Committee of Admission

1.188; mf 2175:952 Photography

Knapp, Dee
Most, Elizabeth

File incl. press releases re:
Edward Steichen appointment as Director of Photography Dept.
Three Young Photographers [MoMA Exh. #359, 1947, C/E 1948]
MoMA exhibition of photographs

1.189; mf 2175:964 Publications

Barr re: Museum Collection credit lines , re: Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism
(3rd ed., 1947)
Bergen, Emiel
Brooks, Charles M., Jr. (Lawrence College)
Burden, William A. M.
Ford, Eleanor Clay
Giedion, Siegfried
Goodyear, A. Conger
Harrison, Wallace K.
Keech, Frances
Kokoschka catalogue (New York: Chanticleer Press, 1949) [MoMA Exh. #415]
Raymond, Bernard
Richardson, Carolyn (Simon & Schuster, Inc.)
Ritchie, Andrew Carnduff (Albright Art Gallery)
Rouault, Isabelle (2 TL MW-Rouault, telegram Rouault-MW)
Sachs, Paul J.
Schapiro, Meyer (ALS, 1945 July 15)
Theobald, Paul (Paul Theobald and Co.)
Wheeler, Monroe (incl. memo re: proposed Gropius publication, corresp. re: Teaching Portfolio, publication schedule for 1948-49)
Washburn, Gordon
Wight, Frederick S. (Institute of Contemporary Art)

1.190; mf 2175:1047 P - Q

Paepcke, Walter (MacDonald, Ranald H.)
Page, Homer
Palestra (Hendriks, B.)
Palm Beach (McKim, William L., Society of the Four Arts)
Panofsky, Erwin
Parpagnoli, Godo F. P. (Universidad Superior de Artes)
Park, Edwin Avery (incl. bibliography)
Parke-Bernet Galleries
Parker, Paul (Des Moines Art Center)
Parkinson, Bettty (incl. TL AHB- Parkinson re: approval of works by Committee on Museum Collections)
Parsons School of Design
Pasco, Cecil
Passedoit, Georgette
Pearson, Ralph M.
Perls, Frank (Frank Perls Gallery)
Perper, Mark T.
Perspectives Gallery (Karoly, F.)
Pettoruti, Emilio
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Kimball, Fiske)
Platschek, Hans (incl. AHB TL re: art under Third Reich)
Pollock, Thomas Clark (New York University)
Ponce de León, Fidelio (Boza, José Ramón)
Ponti, Giovanni
Porter, A.
Price, Frederic Newlin
Princeton (Bailey, Herbert S.; Cutter, Margot (Brown, Milton); Egbert, Donald; Lee, Rensselaer W.; Smith, Datus C., Jr.; de Wald, Ernest T.)
Pritchard, J. C.
Proust, M[arcel]
Puerto Rico (Homar, Lorenzo)
Pulitzer, Joseph, Jr.
Puma, Fernando
Putnam, Wallace B.
Pyramid Association
Queen Mary

1.191; mf 2175:1168 Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr

Barr, Alfred H., Jr. (TL-AAR, 1948 January 24)
Bragazzi, Olive
Burton, Margaret E. (incl. TL Burton-AHB, ALS Burton-AHB)
Chase, Mary Ellen (incl. 2 TL AHB-Chase, notes re: ch. 7 of biography, 4 ALS Chase-AHB)
Hartog, Marianne
File incl. The New York Times clippings, list of gifts, AAR TLS

1.192; mf 2175:1262; mf 2176:4 Nelson Rockefeller

AHB-NAR re: opening of the AAR Print Room; Rivera works for AAR collection for the Museum and "silver box"; exhibition of AAR collection; Mona Lisa's Mustache; Gomez Sicre; Guggeheim Purchase Fund; directorship of Museum Collections and responsibilities; TL NAR-AHB re: Life symposium, ALS NAR-AHB and autograph draft AHB-NAR re: death of AAR; telegram NAR-AHB from Sào Paulo)
Boyer, Louise
Dreier, Katherine S. (Société Anonyme)
Husted, James W. (Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts)
Penrose, Ronald A.
Read, Herbert
Soby, James Thrall (2 TL re: trip to Italy)
Visson, Vladamir (Wildenstein & Co.)
File incl. clippings, John Hay Whitney/NAR TL-trustees re: budget

1.193; mf 2176:62 R

Radway, E. L.
Rand, Nettie (incl ALS AHB-Rand)
Rathbone, Perry
Raymond & Raymond
Rebay, Hilla (Museum of Non-Objective Painting)
Remond, Roland L.
Reed, Joseph Verner
Reeves, Ruth
Refregier, Anton (TL Refregier-DCM re: murals at Café Society)
Regnault, P. A.
Reninger, Charles H.
Reis, Bernard J.
Rentsch, Samuel Burton
reproductions (Picasso, "The Three Musicians" "Green Still Life"
Gentle, Esther)
Rewald, John (ALS AHB-Rewald)
Reynal, Jeanne
Reynolds, Quentin
Rio de Janeiro (Leao, Josias)
Ritchie, Andrew (Albright Art Gallery, incl. TL Wheeler-Ritchie re: trip to Europe)
Rivera, Diego (Harris, Bertha B., Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin)
Robb, David M. (Pennsylvannia, University of)
Robbins, Cleta Olmstead (Rochester, The University of)
Roberts, Philip M.
Robertson, Persis (Edmundson Art Foundation, Inc. re: new art museum in Des Moines)
Robinson, Edward G.
Robinson, Gladys Lloyd
Roché, Pierre (incl. TL NAR-AHB re: Braque Still Life on Table, 5 ALS AHB-Roché, 3 ALS Sweeney-Roché)
Rockefeller Foundation
Rodman, Selden
Root, Grace
Rodney, Nanette B.
Roller, Marilyn
Rönnebeck, Arnold H. (incl. ALS AHB-AHR)
Rosengart, Gallerie
Rosenberg, James N.
Ross, Kenneth (Modern Institute of Art, The)
Ross, Martin (A. J. Company)
Rothenstein, J. K. M.
Rousseau (Neumann, J. B.)
Royaumont, International Cultural Center (Gouin, Henri)
Ruml, Beardsley
Rumsey, Mary
File incl. clippings

1.194; mf 2176:245 S

Sachs, Paul J. (Harvard University)
Saint Gaudens, Homer (Carnegie Institute)
Salemme, Attilio (incl ALS Salemme-AHB)
Salko, S.
Sandberg, W. J. H. B. (Stedelijk Museum)
Sào Paulo, Brazil (Museu de Arte)
Sarvig, Ole
Saturday Review of Literature, The (TL AHB- Saturday Review re: JTS criticism of D. F. Schneider and Lionel Goitein, AHB draft letter)
Sawyer, Charles H. (Worcester Art Museum)
Schaefer, Herwin (Davis, Herbert, Smith College; Gilbert, Katherine, Duke University; Keith, W. P., Akron Art Institute; Krautheimer, Richard, Vassar College; Sepeshy, Zoltan, Cranbrook Academy of Art)
Scheiwiller, Giovanni
Schiele [Egon], Klimt [Gustav] (corresp. re.)
Schiff, Arthur F.
Schiller, Albert
Schlemmer, Oskar (Xanti Schawinsky corresp. re.)
Schmidt, A. W.
Schneider, Daniel
Schniewind, Carl O. (Art Institute of Chicago)
Schwabacher, Mrs. Wolfgang S.
Schwarz, Heinrich
Schwitters, Kurt (memos re.)
Scoon, Robert (Princeton University)
"Scottie" (Georgette Passedoit)
Sculptors Guild (Weschler, Anita)
Season, Rose
Segall, Lasar
Segy, Ladislas (Segy Gallery)
Seligman, Germain (Jacques Seligman and Co.)
Selz, Peter H.
Senior, John L., Jr. (re: Gris / Kahnweiler, Daniel-Henry, Galerie Louise Léiris)
Severini, Gino (ALS, 3 sheets)
Seurat show (Goodyear, Conger)
Seyrig, Henri (Institut Français d'Archéologie de Beyrouth)
Shahn, Ben (ALS Shahn-AHB)
Shane, George
Shattuck, Roger
Sheldon, Irene B. (Mrs. Edwin R. Sheldon
Shulton factory mural (Bouche, Louis; Clark, Stephen C; Guston, Philip ALS; MacIver, Loren; McKim, William L.; Schultz, William L.; Wyeth, M. S. )
Signac, Paul (Burden, William A. M; Corcoran, Gerald ;Spivack, S. S., J. H. Whitney Company)
Simon, Sidney (corresp. re.)
Siqueiros, David Alfaro
Sizer, Theodore (Yale University)
Skira, Albert
Sloane, Joseph C.
Smiley, Tomás
Smith, Baldwin (Princeton University)
Smith, George E. K.
Smith, Milt A.
Smyth, Craig H.
Smyth, Frances
Sober, Marion Burr
Society of New York Dress Designs (Daniels, Judy)
Society for Religious Culture
Soleri, Paolo (corresp. re.)
Solomon, Arthur K.
Solomon, Mitzi
Soriano, Juan
Southern Vermont Art Center (Allcott, Robert)
Spaeth, M/M Otto (incl. letters of introduction)
Spazio (Canevari, Angelo)
Speiser, Maurice J.
Sperry, Esther
Spingold, Nate B. (Columbia Pictures Corp.)
Spivack, S. S. (Interior Design and Decoration)
Stack, Philip
Stamper, Maybelle (memos re.)
Stancioff, Marion Mitchell
Stechow, Wolfgang (Oberlin College)
Stella, Joseph (memo re.)
Stendahl, Alfred Earl
Stephan, Ruth ( The Tiger's Eye)
Stern, Arthur
Stevens, Elizabeth (University of Michigan)
Stewart, Robert
Stichman, Herman T.
Stieglitz, Alfred (corresp. re.)
Storrs, John H.
Stout, George L. (Worcester Art Museum)
Stratton, Frances Jane
Stroock, Alan M. (Stroock & Stroock & Lavan)
Sturbridge Village (Wells, Ruth Dyer)
Sullivan, Michael
Sulzberger, Arthur Hays
Swarzenski, George
Sweden (Wirulf, Berthold)
Sweeney, James Johnson (8 ALS)
Switzer, Leslie
Symposium on Modern Art at the Women's Club in Winter Park
Szechenyi, Ferdinand

1938, 1944-1952
1.195; mf 2176:625 Barr

Incl. corresp. AHB-Olive Bragazzi, JTS, Monroe Wheeler, Jean Stapleton from Greensboro

1.196; mf 2176:708 Barr

Incl. corresp. AHB-Olive Bragazzi, JTS, Monroe Wheeler, Jean Stapleton from Greensboro

1.197; mf 2176:826 Saint Anthony Competition/Jury Loew - Lewin

Clark, Stephan C.
Janis, Harriet
Lewin, Albert (incl. TL AHB-Lewin re: motion picture of Bel Ami by Maupassant)
Meiss, Millard
Mongan, Agnes (incl. TL AHB-Mongan re: article)
Morse, John D.
Parker, Thomas C.
File incl. "The Temptation of Saint Anthony" by JTS, AHB draft ballots

1.198; mf 2176:882 James Thrall Soby

File contains AHB-JTS corresp., clippings from The Saturday Review
Bonner, Paul Hyde
Pallucchini, Rodolfo
James Thrall Soby
Pevsner, Nikolaus (The Pelican History of Art)
Ragghianti, Carlo L. (TL Ragghianti-JTS re: trip to Florence and Domus)
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Nelson A. (2 TL re: trip to Italy)
Wheeler, Monroe (3 TL Wheeler-JTS re: de Chirico book by JTS)
File incl. "Modern Religious Art" by JTS

1.199; mf 2176:1043 Stein - Toklas correspondence

AHB (incl. TL NAR-AHB TL Toklas-AHB re: objections for transfer of Gertrude Stein portrait by Picasso from Metropolitan Museum of Art to MoMA)
Redmond, Roland L.
Taylor, Francis Henry
Wilder, Thorton
File incl. AHB press release and label re: "Portrait of Gertrude Stein"

1.200; mf 2176:1087 T

Talbot, Sheila
Tannenbaum, Herbert
Tate Gallery (Butcher, Betty)
Taylor, Davidson (incl TL AHB-Taylor re: Lippold's object)
Taylor, Harold (Sarah Lawrence College)
Taylor, Paul
Taylor, Prentiss
television (oil paintings and water colors used)
Terry, Emilio (memo re:)
Thacher, John (Harvard University)
Thieme-Becker Lexicon
Thompson, Lynne (Rowantrees Pavilion)
Tietze, Hans (corresp. re:)
Time (corresp. re: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon)
"Tiger's Eye"
Todd, Ruthvan
Tomorrow (Angoff, Allan)
Tracy, Lois Bartlett
Traverso, Leone
Truex, Van Day (Parsons School of Design)
Tübinger Museum
Turle, Penelope
Twentieth Anniversary (of museum founding)

1.201; mf 2176:1200 Theatre Arts

File incl. George Amberg memoranda, corresp. re: gifts to Department, JTS memo re: name of Dance and Theatre Design Department

1.202; mf 2176:1247 Miss [Ione] Ulrich

File incl. monthly comparison report, 1951 November; The Museum News, 1950 September 15; memoranda re: Seven Arts Book Society, fees for lending works from the collection; preliminary income report; "Procedures For Effecting Sales and Purchases of Works or Art for Trustees and Friends of the MoMA"

1.203; mf 2177:6 U, V, W

Umlauf, Charles (corresp. re:)
United Nations Poster Contest (Jean Benoit-Levy)
Usellini (Schwiller re: Usellini)
Valdés, Enrique
Valentin, Curt (Buchholz Gallery, 2 autograph postcards)
Valentine, Ross ( Richmond Times-Dispatch)
vandalism (memo listing vandalized paintings and way vandalized)
Van de Velde, Henri
Vassar College (De Camp, Carol, agenda for The National Inter-Collegiate Arts Conference 1948 February 27-29)
Viani, Alberto
Villegas, Jose Andres
Vitale, Salvatore
Vitali, Laberto
Vogue (Talmey, Allene; Francis, Elizabeth)
Vonderthann, Johann
Vose, Robert C. (Vose Galleries)
Walker, Dryden
Walker, Hudson
Walkowitz, Abraham
Wallace, Frank K.
War Department (incl. outline of Proposed Establishment of Art Unit)
Warburg, Edward M. M.
Warburg, Mrs. Felix M.
Ward M/M
Warren, Katherine (incl. ALS)
Washburn, Gordon (Rhode Island School of Design, incl. ALS)
Washington (Institute of Contemporary Arts, Robert Richman, incl. ALS)
Weil, Andre (Matignon Art Galleries)
Weitzner, Margery
Wellesley College (McAfee, Mildred)
Werkman, Mr.
Werner, Nat (ALS)
Werner, M/M Theodor
Wertheim, Maurice
Weschzr, G.
Westheim, Paul
The Wheaton News (re: Wheaton College Competition [MoMA Exh. #77, C/E 1939-41]
Goodwin, Philip; Meneely, A. Howard; Myers, Howard; Seaver, Esther, incl. ALS Soliday, Joseph H.)
Whipple, Caroline
Whistler, James McNeill (corresp. re.)
Whitney, John Hay Foundation (Weaver, Robert C.)
Whitney Museum of American Art (Husted James W., Rockefeller, Nelson A.: TL AHB-NAR re: Whitney Museum move to 53rd Street)
Whyte, Lancelot
Weidler, Charlotte (Carnegie Institute)
Wiebenson, Georgiana
Wildenstein, Felix (Wilderstein & Co.)
Willard, Marian (Willard Gallery)
Williams, Stanley T. (Yale University)
Wilmot, John
Wilson, Stanley (incl. 4 ALS)
Winterbotham, Joseph
With, Karl ( New York Herald Tribune re.)
Wolpe, Hilda Morley (Mrs. Stefan)
Woodruff, Emily C.
Worcester Art Museum (Stout, George L.)
Wright, Charles Clifford (YADDO)
Wright, Frank Lloyd (2 autograph cards)

1.204; mf 2177:244 Worcester - proposed lecture series

Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Sawyer, Charles H.
Whitney, John Hay
File incl. AHB notes re: 5 lectures

1.205; mf 2177:27 X, Y, Z

Yale (Babb, James T.
Meeks, Everett V.
Sawyer, Charles H. re. Sociètè Anonyme catalogue)
Young Artists Guild (Polsky, Nathan)
Zack, Jan (corresp. re.)
Zackary, Caroline Institute of Human Development (Frank, Lawrence K.)
Zadkine, Ossip (Speiser, A. Raymond)
Zendel, Gabriel Zervos, Christian (Cahiers d'Art incl. 4 ALS Calas, Nicholas; Sweeney, James Johnson re: Bucher, Jeanne) Zorach, William
Zumsteg, Gustav

1941, 1945, 1947-1950, 1952
1.206; mf 2178:4 A

Abbot, Agnes A. (Wellesley College)
Abell, Walter (Michigan State College
Franc, Helen M., Magazine of Art)
Alford, Roberta M. (Rhode Island School of Design)
Amberg, George (Stolper, T. American Committee for Emigrè Scholars, Writers and Artists Inc.)
American Academy of Arts and Science (Jones, Howard Mumford re: The Artist in American Society conference)
American Broadcasting Company (Kintner, Robert E.)
Ameringen, Lily van ( Harper's Bazaar)
Aquilera, Mrs. Charles
Architectural League of New York (Olindo, Grossi)
Architectural Record (Whitbeck, Jeanne)
Arensberg, Walter C.
Argan, Giulio Carlo
Artists Equity Ball (Cecil, James M., Cecil & Presbrey Inc.)
Astor, Michael (Rothenstein, John, The Tate Gallery)
Australia (Casey, R. G.; Lindsay, Daryl)
Austrian, Ray (Ray Austrian & Associates Inc.)
Art d'Aujourd'hui (Bloc, André)
Art Bulletin (Webster, J. Carson, Northwestern University)
Art Digest, The (Boswell, Peyton, Jr.)
Art News (Frankfurter, Alfred M.)
Hess, Thomas B.
Seckler, Dorothy)
Art News and Review (Denvir, Bernard)
Art Quarterly, The Grigaut, Paul L.; Richardson, E. P.
Incl. discussion at the meeting of the Consultative Committee of The Art Quarterly, 1953 October 30
File incl: clippings from The New York Times Book Review, 1953 December 20

1946, 1952-1955
1.207; mf 2178: [126] American Federation of the Arts

Cumming, Burton
Longwell, Daniel
Navas, Elizabeth (incl. ALS)
[Neuberger], Roy (Neuberger & Berman)
Powers, Wynn
Spaeth, Eloise

1.208; mf 2178:146 American Committee for Cultural Freedom

Knox, Gordon
Kristol, Irving
Stein, Sol (incl. broadcast of "Art in the Total State", 1952 December 11)
Trilling, Diana
File incl. press releases, 1951 March Bulletin, speeches by Ramaswami Aiyer, Max Eastman, Lewis Galantiere, Franco Lombardi, Mary McCarthy, F. S. C. Northrop Harry, N. Rosenfield, Richard H. Rovere, Bertram D. Wolfe, Conway Zirkle, open letter to Picasso and Leger

1952, 1954-1956
1.209; mf 2178:340 B

Baer, Vico
Baldwin, Martin (The Art Gallery of Toronto)
Baltimore Sun (Trombley, William)
Bardi, P. M.
Barnes, George (The British Broadcasting Corp.)
Barzum, Henri
Bayley, John Barrington
Becker, Marion R. (Cincinnati Modern Art Society)
Bédard, Pierre (Parsons School of Design, incl. ALS)
Berenson, Bernard (incl. 2TL)
Benson, Gertrude (incl. ALS)
Bernstein, Sidney (The Granada Theatres Limited & Transatlantic Pictures Corporation Limited)
Block, Mrs. Leigh B. (Mary)
Blomquist, Allen Palmer
Blumberg, Benjamin
Blumberg, Fannie B. (incl. 4 ALS)
Bolt, Richard A.
Bucarelli, Palma (Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna)
Bullard, Mrs. Tower
Burke, Caroline (National Broadcasting Company)

1.210; mf 2178:456 Barr - Trip to Europe

File incl. clippings, AHB handwritten notes, Report on trip to Europe at Trustees Meeting 1952 October 9

1.211; mf 2178:476 Barr - Sicily

File incl. clippings, AHB corresp. with Betsy Jones, Marie Alexander, Dorothy Miller, Nathan M. Pusey; Harvard University

1.212; mf 2178:502 Barr - Greensboro [Vt]

File incl. clippings, AHB corresp. with Betsy Jones, Dorothy Miller, Marie Alexander

1.213; mf 2178:556 Barr - Europe TKRR

File incl. AHB handwritten notes, corresp. with:
Dorothy Miller
Marie Alexander
Burden, William (2 ALS)
Brody, Robert (ALS)
Martini, Alberto (TLS)
Roché, H. P. (ALS)
Wickman, E. K. (TLS)

1.214; mf 2178:603 Barr - Birds, [Central Park] Ramble

Baker, John H. (National Audubon Society)
Gulick, Luther
Harrison, Richard Edes (incl. press release)
Lasker, Loula
Markell, Lester ( The New York Times Magazine)
Merz, Charles ( The New York Times)
Moore, Mrs. Paul
Morrison, Kenneth D. (National Audubon Society)
Moses, Robert (Department of Parks, incl. TL AHB-Moses re: other location than Ramble for recreation center)
Oaks, John B. ( The New York Times)
Reid, Ogden R. ( The New York Herald Tribune)
Riesenfeld, Victor S.
Skelton, Kathleen Green
Sulzberger, Mrs. Arthur Hays
File incl. clippings, 2 maps, press release, letters to The New York Times editor, blueprint of recreation center

1.215; mf 2178:737 Barr-Invitations

Arnaud, Leopold (Columbia University)
Falkenburg, Jinx / McCrary, Tex (National Broadcasting Company, Inc.)
Gimbel, Bernard F.
Hartwig, Mrs. Arthur R.
Sachs, Paul J. (Harvard University)
Soby, James Thrall
Visson, Vladimir (Wildenstein & Co.)

1.216; mf 2178:761 Barr-Petitions

Americans for Intellectual Freedom
Blake, Peter
Brooks, Van Wyck ( Committee of One Thousand, "Statement on the Thomas Committee Investigation of Alleged Espionage Activities")
Carlson, A. J.
Hook, Sidney
Kirchwey, Freda
Melman, Seymour (incl. letter to editors re: Fascist party headed by Menachem Begin) Pitzele, Bruice
Spaeth, Otto Lucien (incl. "Statement on McCarthyism")
Ziporkis, Paul
File incl. clippings, "Joint Statement on The Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace", 1949 March 25-27, "Statement on the Fighting Group Against Inhumanity"

1.217; mf 2178:796 Burden [William A. M.]

Keck, Sheldon
Pedersen, William F. (incl. blueprints of Burden house)
Penrose, Roland A.
Rich, Daniel Catton (The Art Institute of Chicago)
File incl. clippings, TL AHB-Burden re: English collection

1.218; mf 2189:889 C

Cahill, Holger
Carter, John
Casey, R. G. (incl. ALS)
Catlin, Stanton L. (Tod)
Chaloner, Katherine
Chanin, Abraham
Chaplin, Charles (corresp. re.)
Chapman, Gilbert W.
Chase, Marion Monks (incl. ALS)
Chicago Art Institute (Carl O. Schniewind)
Christensen, Sigurd
Church, Robert M. (Philbrook Art Center)
Citroen, Paul (Senior, John L., Jr.)
Clark, L. M. (The Kiskiminetas Spring School, incl. corresp. re: Kiski dormitory)
Clifford, Henry (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Clough, Rose Trillo
College Art Association of America (Case, James H., Jr., Bard College
Danes, Gibson, Ohio State University
Faison, Lane S., Jr. incl. The Chicago Review art column by Faison, 1954 November 20
Hope, Henry R.
Roob, David M., University of Pennslyvannia
Schmeckebier, Laurence
Stechow, Wolfgang)
Colonial Airlines, Inc. (Cloverdale, Miles,; Dykes, Branch T.)
Columbia Broadcasting System (Stanton, Frank, incl. "Facts About Blacklist)
Columbia University Press (Jones, David Howell incl. TL Jones-AHB re: manuscript of Myers: The Expressionist Generation)
Contini-Bonacossi, Alessandro
Cooke, Hereward Lester, Jr.
Coolidge, John (Fogg Museum of Art)
Cooper, William S.
Coward, Thomas R. (Coward-McCann, Inc.)
Cutting, Mrs. Charles Suydam
Cuttoli, Marie

1.219; mf 2178:1003 Catlin [Stanton L.]

Brandt, Joseph (American Institute of Graphic Arts)
Blumenthal, Joseph (incl. ALS)
Braun book
Davis, Richard S. (The Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
Harmon, H. G. (Drake University)
Herrmann, Erich S.
Inverarity, Robert Bruce (International Museum of Folk Art)
Klopfer, Donald S.
Munn, Russell R. (Akron Art Institute)
Munro, Dana G. (Princeton University)
Wilson, Thomas J.
Woods, Willis F. (Norton Gallery and School of Art)
File incl. 8 ALS Catlin, "Modern Mexican Art" by Catlin, American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1950 January 4, revised draft introduction to book, curriculum vitae, introductory remarks by Catlin re: "Design" lecture

1.220; mf 2178:1155 CBS & NBC programs 25th Anniversary Year

File incl. "Dimension" CBS transcript, 1954 October 16, memoranda

1.221; mf 2178:1185 NBC Televison

Linkroum, Richard L.
Parkhurst, Eleanor
Shaw, Elizabeth
Ruthman, Robert B.
File incl. television script re: What is Modern Painting? by AHB

1.222; mf 2178:1219 Ceremonies: 25th Anniversary Year

McCray, Porter
Sachs, Paul J. (incl. ALS)
Wilder, Thornton (corresp. re.)
Porter, Allen (incl. 2 memo re: Bulletin)
File incl. meeting digest 1954 September 20, list of plans for opening, memo re: Gazette des Beaux Arts special issue on 25th anniversary, press releases, 2 photographs, copy of 1954 MoMA Bulletin

1.223; mf 2178:1291 Circulating Exhibitions

Barrie, Erwin S. (Grand Central Art Galleries)
McCray, Porter
Sabersky, Jane (incl. 2 memos re: 1954-55 and 1955-56 program of the
circulating exhibitions)
Speyer, Darthea
Tannenbaum, Libby

1950, 1953-1955
1.224 mf 2178:1316 D

Dalrymple, Martha (corresp. re.)
D'Amico, Victor
Daniel, Greta
Davidson, Lucia (The City Center of Music and Drama, Inc.)
Davis, Curtis Carroll
Deknatel, Frederick B. (Harvard University)
Delius, F.
Dellheim, Peter (Radio Corporation of America)
Detroit Institute of Arts, The (Richardson, E. P.)
Devree, Howard ( The New York Times)
DeWald, Ernest (Princeton University)
d'Harnoncourt, René
Dieshl, Gaston (corresp. re.)
van Doesburg, Peter
Dorasio, Piero (incl. list of requests for illustrations)
Dorfles, Angelo
Dorner, M/M Alexander
Dove, Arthur (corresp. re.)
Dover Publications, Inc. (Cirker, Hayward)
Downing, Georges E. (Brown University)
Downtown Gallery, The (Halpert, Edith Gregor)
Dreier, Katherine S. (corresp. re.)
Drexler, Arthur
Duthuit, Georges
Duthuit-Matisse, Marguerite
Dyason, Minna

1.225; mf 2178:1400 Dartmouth

Ames, Adelbert, Jr.
Goodwin, Philip L.
Hungerland, Helmut (The American Society for Aesthetics)
Moholy-Nagy, L. (Institute of Design)
Packard, Artemas
Pearson, John
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Taylor, Crombie (Institute of Design)
File incl. Report to the Exhibitions Committee re: possible exhibition of laboratory demonstrations

1946, 1951
1.226; mf 2178:1449; mf 2179:4 E

East European fund (Walton, Ann)
Eaton, Marjory (corresp. re.)
Elliot, James H.
von Erffa, Helmut (Rutgers University)
Erskine, Peggy
Ertel, Herrn K. F.

1.227; mf 2178:28 MoMA Exhibitions (Master List)

Fauve Exhibition (Rewald, John; Wheeler, Monroe )
Modigliani Exhibition (Davis, Bernard, National Philatelic Museum)
Picasso Exhibition (Rich, Andrew Catton, The Art Institute of Chicago)
Rouault Exhibition (Boumis, Evangelo Brown, May de Hauke, C. M. Soby, James Thrall)

1.228; mf 2178:49 F

Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors Inc.
Ferrari, Oreste
Ficke, Gladys B. (Arthur Davison Ficke Foundation)
Freeman, Richard B. (University of Alabama)
Fund for Intellectual Freedom (Neibuhr, Reinhold)

1.229; mf 2178:73 F

Fasanelli, James A.
Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors (Weston, Harold incl; proposal for Selective Patronage by Foundations and Public-Spirited Individuals)
Feldsted, Carol J. (Colorado College)
Feroldi, Pietro
Ferguson, Marjorie F.
Fifth Avenue Coach Company (incl TL AHB-McCarthy re: lawsuit
Fine Arts Associates (Gerson, Otto M.)
Fischer, Charles
Fowler, Harold (5 ALS)
Fox, Milton S. (Harry N. Abrams Inc.)
Franc, Helen M.
Freccia, M/M Vieri
Frohman, A.S. File incl. clippings

1.230; mf 2178:138 Finkelstein: Conference on science, philosophy & religion - Jewish Theological Seminary

Cohen, Gerson D.
Elisofon, Eliot ("The Ethics and Morals of Creative Expression")
Gardiner, Harold C. ( "Morals in Creative Expression")
Goodman, Percival ("Creative Expression: The Social Art")
Feingold, Jessica (The Insitute for Religous and Social Studies)
Kirstein, Lincoln ("Moral Problems in the Preforming Arts")
File incl. Conference on Mortal Standings summary statement

1.231; mf 2178:228 G

Gaffé, René (incl. 3 ALS, TLS)
Gabo, Naum
Gallagher, Edward J., Jr. (incl. ALS)
Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna (Bucarelli, Palma)
Gallup, Donald
Gastine, George
Gebhard-Gourgaud Foundation (Sincerbeaux)
Georges, Alexander (corresp. re.)
Giedion, Siegfried
Gilbert, Creighton (University of Louisville)
Gilkey, Gordon W. (Oregon State College)
Gimbel, Bernard F.
Girard, An[dré] (2 ALS)
Godshaw, Walter F. (incl. ALS Godshaw-AHB re:"Der Sturm")
Gold, Alfred
Goldwyn, Samuel M. (memo re: portrait commission)
Goodman, Percival
Goodnough, Robert (inc. curriculum vitae)
Goodwin, Philip L.
Goodyear, A. Conger
Gore, Leroy ( The Sauk City Star, incl. clippings)
Gourgaud, Baronne Napoléon
Grand Union Hotel (Shields, Lansing P.)
Griffin, William V.
Grohmann, William
Gropius, Walter
Grossblatt, David
Guggenheim Museum (Sweeney, James Johnson; Zigrosser, Carl; incl. Guggenheim questionnaire with answers)
Guillemin, Bernard

1.232; mf 2178:402 H

Haag, Hedwig
Haas, W.
Hahn, Stethan (The Chase National Bank)
Hamilton, George Heard (Yale University
Hanna, L.C., Jr.
Harpers & Brother s (Bessie, Simon Michael)
Hartford (Cunningham, C. C., Wadsworth Atheneum)
Hartung, Hans
Hathaway, C.
Heise, Carl Georg
Helsing, David
Herald Tribune (Heckscher, August)
Hillman, Alex L. (Hillman Periodicals)
Hildt, Mrs. Thomas
Hirshhorn, Joseph H.
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell (Smith College Museum of Art)
Hochschild, [Mrs. Walter] (corresp. re.)
Hodin, Joseph Paul (Institute of Contemporary Arts; incl. curriculum vitae)
Holaas, Odd (incl. Tentative Plan for the Establishment of a Scandinavian Art Center in New York City to provide facilities for the exhibition of Applied Arts and Fine Arts)
Hook, Sidney (New York University; incl. "Unpragmatic Liberalism" by Hook)
Holtzman, Harry ( Transformation)
Hull, Dorothy K.
Haskell, Jean
Hess, Thomas B. ( Art News, corresp. re: Abstract Painting)
Hugnet, Georges (incl. ALS)
Hugo, Ian (corresp. re.)
Humbler, Robert See (corresp. re.)
Hunt, Richard (National Committee for a Free Europe, Inc.)
Hunter, Sam (Art Digest, TL Hunter-AHB re: recent attacks on modern art)

1.233; mf 2179:551 Lecture Invitations (Refusals)

Addison Gallery of American Art (Hayes, Bartlett H., Jr.)
Allied Arts Association (Owen, Jane Blaffer)
Art et Industrie (George, Waldemar)
Art Institute of Chicago (Rich Daniel Catton)
Baltimore Museum of Art (Breeskin, Adelyn D.)
Barnard College (McIntosh, Rustin; Rauch, Basil)
Brooklyn Museum (Wijsenbeek, Louis J. F.)
Gemeente, Museum (Wijsenbeek, Louis J. F.)
J. B. Speed Art Museum (Harris, Paul S.)
John Hay Whitney & Co. (Park, Samuel C., Jr.)
Los Angeles County Museum (Ross, Marvin C.)
Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute (Leeper, Palmer John)
Michigan State College (Church, Howard)
Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Davis, Richard S.)
North Carolina State Art Gallery (Crisp, Lucy Cherry)
Northwestern University (Condit W.)
Oberlin College (Stechow, Wolfgang)
Princeton University (Kennedy, D. R.)
San Francisco Museum of Art (McCann Morley, Grace L.)
School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Smith, Russell T.)
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (Hartmann, William E.)
Smith College Club of New York (Andrade, Eduardo)
University of London (Henderson, James)
University of Tennessee (Ewing, Kermit C.)
Washington University (Hartt, Frederick)
Wells College (Rusk, W. S.)
Wheaton College (Bush, Lucile E.)
Woodrow Wilson Foundation( d'Estournelles, Julie)
Yale University Art Gallery (Chase, A. Elizabeth)
File incl. clippings

1.234; mf 2179:661 International Sculpture Competition [MoMA Exh. #529]

Butler, Reg (incl. 18 b/w photographs)
Grohmann, William
Johnson, Theo (Musical America)
Kloman, M/M Anthony J. T.
Newton, Eric
Penrose, Roland
Profous, Jaroslav (Federation Internationale Libre des Deportes et Internes de la Resistance)
File incl. clippings, press release, Anmerkungen sur Zeit treatise, excerpt from Board of Trustees meeting minutes

1.235; mf 2179:814 International Sculpture Competition [MoMA Exh. #529]

Dudley, Dorothy H.
McCray, Porter A.
Wróblewski, M. ("Arts and Political Prisoners" essay)
File incl.: 3 b/w photographs, clippings, statements, press releases, 1952 October 31 report, excerpt from Henry McBride for Art News, Tate Gallery Essay

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meetings:
1953 April 9
1953 March 12

Biographical notes on artists represented in exhibitions circulated in foreign countries:
Albert, Calvin
Caparn, Rhys
Calder, Alexander
Esherick, Wharton Harris
Ferber, Herbert
Gabo, Naum
Kelly, Wallace J.
Kohn, Gabriel
Lippold, Richard
Monroe, Keith
Roszak, Theodore

1.236; mf 2179:984 International Sculpture Competition (Unknown Political Prisoner) [MoMA Exh. #529]

Artists Equity Assiciation (Newman, Elias; TL Newman-AHB re: method of administering and judging the "Unknown Political Prisoner International Scupture Competition")
Butler, Reg
Clark, Kenneth
Edwards, Joan
Freshwater, R. M. (Peter Lubbock Travel Ltd.)
Gans, B.
d'Harnoncourt, René
Hendy, Philip (National Gallery of Art)
Horgan, Josephine
Jebb, Cynthia
Kloman, A. J. T. (incl. notes and draft re:)
Lawson, Julie
Nicholson, Ben
Penrose, Roland (TLS Lee Miller)
Read, Herbert
Rothenstein, John (The Tate Gallery)
Webb, John
File incl. clippings, list of contestants in American section of competition, Penwith Society Broadsheet, Summer 1953, transcript of radio transmission 1953 June 24

1.236a International Sculpture Competition

File was not microfilmed

ca. 1953-1958
1.236b International Sculpture Competition Clippings

File was not microfilmed

1.236c International Sculpture Competition Photo Album of Prize Winners

File was not microfilmed

1.237; mf 2179:1187 London Trip ICA

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
Newton, H. H. (ALS)
File incl. open letter to Picasso and Leger

1.238; mf 2179:1193 I

Institute of International Education, Inc. (Holland, Kenneth)
Institute for Religious and Social Studies (Bryson, Lyman; incl. program for 1952-1953 Symbolism Seminar)
International Graphic Arts Society (Gusten, Theodore J. H.)
International Institute for the Conservation of Museum Objects (Pease, Murray; incl. handbook and regulations concerning membership)
International Rescue Committee (Cherne, Leo Keppel, Charles T.)
Isaacs, Walter F. (University of Washington)
Israel (Bartow-Gutmann, Miriam 12 ALS
Crowl, Peggy M.; The American Federation of Arts)

1.239; mf 2179:1260 title

Kantor, Morris
Karpel, Bernard (TLS re: bibliography on modern art)
Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr.
Kayser, Stephen S. (The Jewish Museum)
Keck, Sheldon
Kende, Herbert A.
Kent, Rockwell (Gellert, Hugo)
Keppel, Charles T.
Kiesler, Frederick J.
Kirstein, Lincoln
Kopman, Benjamin (incl. ALS)
Kornblith, Howard G.
Klyne, Maurice
Knopf, Mrs. Alfred A.
Kootz, Samuel M. (Samuel M. Kootz Gallery)
Krasne, Belle
Kuhn, Charles L. (Harvard University)
File incl. clippings

1.240; mf 2179:1329 L

Labouisse, M/M Henry
Lachenal, François (Editions des Trois Collines)
Lam, Wifredo (incl. TLS)
Lasker, Mrs. Albert D.
Lawrence, Jacob (incl. TLS)
van Lennep, Eric N.
Levitt, Mimi (incl. ALS)
Lewin, M/M Albert
Lewis, Monty (Coronado School of Fine Arts)
Lewyt, Alex M.
Lieberman, William S.
Life (Thompson, Edward K.
Varga, Margrit)
Loeb, Julien
Lopez-Rey, Jose (New York University)
Louchheim, Aline B. ( The New York Times)
Luce, Henry R. (memo re.)
Ludgin, Earle
Lynes, Russell (memo re.)

1.241; mf 2179:1387 Lewisohn [Samuel A.]

Kootz, Samuel M.
File incl. clippings

1944; 1948-1950; 1953
1.242; mf 2179:1414; mf 2180:4 M

MacAgy, Douglas
Macmillan Company (Scott, Cecil)
Maitland-Magill, Robert
ManRay, M.
Marin, John C., Jr.
Marini, Marino
Maselli, Titina (incl. 2 ALS)
Matalon, Stella
Matta (Jouffroy, Alain)
Serpan, I. )
Matter, Herbert
Maull, Baldwin
McCausland, Elizabeth
McKelvey, Ralph H. (Florida Artist Group, Inc.)
McKim, William L.
Meiss, Millard
Mellon Institute of Industrial Research (Feller, Robert L.)
Mellquist, Jerome
de Menil, John (Contemporary Arts Association of Houston, Inc.)
Metropolitan Museum of Art (memo re: Slides library, photo and educational services)
Miami, University of (McNab, Allan)
Middleton, Michael ( The Spectator)
Milan (Moneta, Nicola)
Milwaukee jury (Marquette University mural competition:
Herman, David A.
Rich, Daniel Catton
Zadok, Charles)
Miller Company (Tremaine, B. G., Jr.)
Miller, Dorothy C.(incl. 5 ALS)
Miller, Mitchell H. (incl. ALS)
Minguzzi, Luciano
Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Davis, Ricard S.)
Mitchell, Don L.
Mittleman, Mrs. George
Mocsanyi, Paul
Modigliani (Lejard, A., Les éditions du Chene)
Moe, Henry Allen (John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation)
Momentum (Ginzel, Ellen Lanyon
Nielsen, Claire L.
Waddell, John Henry, incl. ALS
Windle, Mary K.)
Der Monat (Lasky, Melvin J.)
Mongan, Agnes (The Fogg Art Museum)
Moore, Mrs. Paul (incl. United Press Red Letter, 1954 November 5-6)
Mosse, Eric P.
Mudd, Henry T.
Myers, Bernard
Myers, John (Tibor de Nagy Gallery; incl. 7 ALS)

1.243; mf 2180: [180] Magazine of Art

Franc, Helen M.
Goldwater, Robert
Phillips, Duncan (The Phillips Gallery)
Rudd, Thomas Brown (Munson-Williams-Proctor Institiute)
Sachs, Paul J.
Soby, James Thrall
Somerville, Mrs. L.
File incl. notes on proposed Magazine of Art budget 1952

1.244; mf 2180:200 N

Nadelman, Elie
Naess and Murphy (Landefeld, Carl)
Napoli, Giuseppe (Galleria Pierino)
National Counsil of the Arts, Science and Professions Inc. (Fairchild, Henry Pratt)
National Gallery of Art (Stites, Raymond S.)
Newberry, John S., Jr. (Detroit Institute of Arts)
New Century Cyclopedia of Names (Barnhart, Clarence L. )
New Republic
The New York Times, The
Norton, Mrs., Ralph H. (Greek Earthquake Appeal)
Norton Gallery and School
File incl. 1 b/w photograph, William Baziotes ALS

1.245; mf 2180:444 National Council of the Churches of Christ - General correspondence

Adams, Philip R. (The Cincinnati Art Museum)
Barnes, Roswell P.
Dorner, Alexander (Bennington College)
Flemming, Arthur S.
Halverson, Marvin (incl. proposed agenda for 1954 November 16 meeting)
Luce, Henry R.
Parkhurst, Charles P. (Oberlin College)
Seaver, Esther I. (The Dayton Art Institute)
File incl.

Minutes of the Division of Christian Life and Work
1953 January 27
1952 December 8-9 with appendices
1952 December 1

1.246a National Council: related articles, examples TKRR

Dinkler, Erica and Erich (Christianity and Art: A Restaurant of Principles)
Lane, Bent (Simpson College)
Parrish, Ruth K.
File incl. printed matter, clippings, 2 b/w photographs

1.247; mf 2180:521 Jury: National Gallery of Canada

(AHB, John Beard, Eero Saarinen jurors)
Arthur, Eric (University of Toronto)
Bland, John (McGill University)
Cram, H. R.
Fell, Charles P.
Ingram, Eleanor (University of Toronto)
Kitchen, J. M.
McCurry, H. O.
Murry, J. A. (University of Toronto)
Saarinen, Eero
File incl. competition brochure

1.248; mf 2180:678 New Yorker Profile (Mr. D. MacDonald)

File incl. draft typescript of AHB profile with AHB annotations, answers to questionnaire

1.249; mf 2180:837 O

Oehley, Leonie (incl. ALS)
Orlando, M/M Felipe
Orleans, Ilo (Flak & Orleans)
Orozco, José Clemente (memo re: Zapatistas by Orozco)
Osborn, Robert
Otto, Celia
Outerbridge, Paul
Owen, Kenneth D. M/M
Ozenfant, Amedée (corresp. re.)

1.250; mf 2180:864 Orangerie [exhibition]

Burden, William A. M.
d'Harnoncourt, René
de Mazia, Violette (The Barnes Foundation)
McCray, Porter A. (incl. memo McCray-d'Harnoncourt re: special international xhibitions)
Soby, James Thrall
Speyer, Darthea
Taylor, Francis Henry (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Wight, Frederick S. (University of California)
File incl. agenda of 1954 December 10 meeting of selection committee

1.251; mf 2180:963 P

Paley, William S. (CBS)
Palm Beach (Dorra, Henry; The Society of the Four Arts
Norton, R. H.; Norton Gallery and School of Arts)
Palme, Carl
Palme, Lennart
Panofsky, Erwin (The Institute for Advanced Study; incl. ALS)
Panoras, E. (memo re.)
Paris (Sterling, Charles; Musée du Louvre)
Parkhurst, Charles P. (Oberlin College)
Peiner, W. (corresp. re.)
Penrose, Roland A. (incl. ALS)
Pereira, Irene Rice
Perlman, Henry
Perls, Frank (incl. 2 ALS)
Peterson, Sidney (incl memo Peterson-AHB re: UPA - Dufy or Chagall animated film)
Phelps, Daphne
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Clifford, Henry)
Piccini, Giovanni
Picht-Hemken, R.
Picken, George
Pierce, Esther G. (The National Council)
Piper, R. F. (Syracuse University)
Pocket Books (Alexander, Herbert M.
Joy, E. R.
Van Doren, Irene; New York Herald Tribune,(incl. AHB draft review of The Pocket Book of Great Drawings by Paul J. Sachs)
Polish People's Republic Embassy (Gronostaj, Czeslaw)
Poland, Embassy of
Pope, Jane
Pope, John A. (Freer Gallery of Art)
Pope, Willard
Post, Jesse Wells
Princeton Alumni Weekly (Stewart, Ernest T., Jr.)
Princeton University (Jones, DeWitt C., Jr., Princeton Alumni Film Project; Riley, Maude Kemper, The Princeton Film Center; Smith, Baldwin, incl. graduate school alumni letter from Department of Art and Archaeology)
Prins, Eli
Pulitzer, Joseph, Jr. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
publicity (Belmont, Alon)
File incl. Vogue 1953 July, clippings

1.252; mf 2180:1166 R

Read, Helen Appleton (Portraits, Inc.)
Read, Herbert
Réalités (Gilou, A.)
Reiss, Wallace
Resor, Ann C.
Resor, Stanley
Rewald, Estelle (incl. 3 ALS)
Rewald, John (incl. 3 ALS)
Reynal, Jeanne
Richardson, E. P. (The Detroit Institute of Arts)
Ritzmann, R. W.
Roberts, Lynette (incl, ALS, c.v.)
Roberts, M/M Laurence P. (American Academy in Rome)
Robie house (Rich, Daniel Catton; The Art Institute of Chicago
Shaw, Alfred; Shaw Metz & Dolio)
Robinson, Ione
Roché, Pierre (memo re.)
Rodman, Seldon
Roh, Franz
Rom, Per
Rosenberg, James N.
Rosenthal, Gertrude (The Baltimore Museum of Art)
Rothko, Mark (corresp. re.)
Rothenstein, John
Rowley, George (Princeton University)
Rubin, Eugene
Rukeyser, Muriel
Rusk, William Sener (Wells College)
Rutgers University (memo re: new library)

1.253; mf 2180:1258 S

Salmony, Alfred (Institute of Fine Arts)
Sandberg, W. J. H. B. (Stedelijk Museum)
Schmalhorst, Joanna (New York University)
Seitz, William C. (Princeton University)
Parkhurst, Charles P.; Oberlin College
Smith, Baldwin; Princeton University
incl. TL Seitz-committee members re: thesis subject)
Seton, Marie
Speyer, Darthea (Cultural Attaché)
State Department (Hirsch, Sol S.
Miller, Charles P.)
Steichen, Edward
Stenhouse, John W. (Faulkner, Kingsbury & Stenhouse)
Stern, Charles
Strand, Paul

1.254; mf 2180:1333; mf 2181:4 title

San Francisco Museum of Art (McCann Morley, Grace L., incl. Annette
Rosenshine notes on miniature sculpture, comments on UNESCO's museum program and 1951 program, report on 1952 program proposals)
Saarinen, M/M Eero (Louchheim, Aline B.; The New York Times)
Saarikivi, Sakari (memo re:)
Sachs, Ernest
Sack, F. F. (CBS)
Sarnoff, David (NBC)
Schaefer, Herwin
von Schnitzler, Lily
Seaver, Esther (Dayton Art Institute)
Seuphor, Michel
Senior, John L., Jr.
Seyrig, Henri (Institut Français d'Archéologie)
Slattery, Bertha M.
Smith College (Johnson, Philip C.)
Society of Washington Artists (Natter, Hazel Van)
Solinger, David S. (Solinger & Gordon)
Somerville, Lilian (The British Counsel)
Sonnenberg, Benjamin
Spaeth, M/M Otto L. (incl. ALS)
Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc. (Macdonald, Nancy, incl. proposals for a committee to aid Spanish Republican Refugees in France)
Stanton, Frank (CBS)
Staples, Ronald (Staples Press, Inc.)
Stillman, George S.
Strand, Paul (incl. ALS)
Streep, Jon (memo re:)
Sweeney, James Johnson (The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)
File incl. clippings

1.255; mf 2181:59 Schmidt [George]

Burden, William A. M.
Guggenheim, Simo
File incl. clippings, Homage to The Museum of Modern Art in New York in German with English translation, English translation of The Totality of Contemporary Art by Albert Schulze Vellinghausen

1.256; mf 2181:79 Soby [James Thrall]

Berger, René
Garst ( The New York Times)
Callisen, Sterling A. (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Costar, Henry
Heyligers, J. C. (The Boymans Museum)
Kramer, Hilton (TL re: Balthus exhibition)
McCray, Porter A.
Ranieri di Sobello, Uguccione (Cultural Attaché of the Italian Embassy)
Ritchie, Andrew C.
Roberts, Laurence P. (American Academy in Rome)
Rouault, Georges (memos re.)
Senior, Susan (TL re: Milan showing of Twentieth Century Italian from American Collections)
Shaw, Elizabeth (TL re: La Chambre by Balthus)
Soby, Mrs. Howland
File incl. clippings, A. Everett Austin and Modern Art by JTS, Modern American Painting and Paris for Cahiers d'Art by JTS, article re: Curt Valentin by JTS, press releases, Balthus essay

1.257; mf 2181:271 Studio Article (by James Thrall Soby) [The Studio Limited]

Whittet, G. S.
File incl. draft

1.258; mf 2181:299 Tate Gallery [London]

McCray, Porter A.
Reid, Norman

1.259; mf 2181:323 T

Tanager Gallery (Huzelet, Sally)
Tanguy, M/M Yves (incl. 3 ALS)
Taylor, Harold (Sarah Lawrence College)
Thannhauser, Justin K.
Thorton, Leonard F., Jr. (The Church of Ascension)
Thorson, Kay
Time (Hoover, Larry; memo re: story on The Sculpture of the 20th Century)
Toninelli, Romeo (incl. ALS)
Tremaine, M/M Burton G. (The Miller Company; Scully, Vincent J., Jr., incl. ALS AHB-Scully re: two works by Picasso acquired by the Miller Company)

1947, 1951-1954
1.260; mf 2181:420 U-V

United States Lines (Mathieu, Georges A.)
Vail, Sindbad (Points)
Vanderbilt, Paul (Graphic History Society of America)
Verhulst, Carolus (Albright Art Gallery Book of the Month Club; The Cleveland Art Museum, William M. Miliken Rosenberg, Paul, Thannhauser, J. K.)
Villon, Jacques (corresp. re.)
Vuillard, Edouard (corresp. re.)

1.261; mf 2181:461 UNESCO

Bellow, Peter (incl. TL Bellow-AHB re: International Art Magazine)
Bodet, James Torres (speech for 1952 January 26 meeting of the United States National Commission)
Edmunds, Mrs. Howard
Eisenhower, Milton S.
Giedion, Siegfried (Congrés Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne)
Lieberman, William S.
Morley, Grace L. McCann
Probert, Madeline
Royal, Mary Ann
Stechow, Wolfgang (Oberlin College)
Thompson, Charles A. (Department of State)
File incl. 1950 August 22-24 report of Editorial Board Working Party, copy of telegram for attention of Preparatory Commission of UNESCO in London

1.262; mf 2181:535 W

Waters, Mackenzie (Canadian National Exhibition)
Waldorn, Arthur (The City College)
Walker, John (National Gallery of Art)
Wallace, Frank K.
Warshaw, Howard (Frank Perls Gallery)
Washburn, Gordon B. (Carnegie Institute)
Webb & Knapp, Inc. (Bell, John Price)
Webster, J. Carson (Northwestern University)
Wescott, Roger (incl. ALS and c.v.)
Wheeler, Monroe (memos re: Skira postcards, pirated Modigliani color reproduction)
Wight, Frederick S. (The Institute of Contemporary Art)
Wittgens, Fernanda
Wolf, Emile
Worboys, Walter (corresp. re.)
Wroblewski, M. (incl. 3 ALS)
Wyeth, Andrew (incl. ALS)

1.263; mf 2181:605 X, Y, Z

Yale Literary Magazine (Blyer, William S. incl. 5 TL re: AHB article on Matisse)
Zadok, M/M Charles (Gimbel Brothers)
Zeckendorf, William
Zervos, Christian (incl. 2 ALS, 5 TLS)

1.264; mf 2181:656 A

Abbot, Agnes (Wellsley College)
Adler, Julius Ochs (Parsons School of Design)
Aldrich, Nelson W. (The Institute of Contemporary Art)
Allemand, Maurice (Musée d'Art & Industrie)
Alport, Eric (corresp. re.)
American Institute of Architects (Hutchins, Robert S.)
Ames, Adelbert, Jr.
D'Amico, Victor
Anfosso, Robert Joseph
Anderson, Wayne V.
Annot [Mme]
Ansaldi, Giulio (Biblioteca d'Arte Beato Angelico)
Argan, Giulio Carlo (Universitá di Palermo)
Armato, Grayce (incl. ALS)
Armitage, Merle Arnold, Russell W. (Atlantic Christian College)
Art (Denvir, Bernard)
Artists Technical Research Institute (Hoffman, Seth M/M; Mayer, Ralph)
Arts (Marshall, Jonathan; Shaw, Elizabeth)
Askew, R. Kirk, Jr.
Astrup, Nils
Atkin, William W. ( Architectural and Art Books)
Aujourd'hui (Bloc, André)
Austin, A. Everett (corresp. re.)
Authors Guild (Stout, Rex)
File incl. Libri in Dono alla nostra Università for Sicilia del Popolo 1957 June 11

1.265; mf 2181:740 Barcelona Trip

Cirici-Pellicer, Alexandre
Junyer, Joan
Prats, Joan
Ribera, Antoni
Tarradells, D. M.
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph, draft note AHB-Picasso

1.266; mf 2181:786 Barr - Lecture Invitations

Albright Art Gallery (Schenck, Edgar C.)
Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni (D'Arms, Edward F. )
Art Center for Kalamazoo (Hodgman, Albert)
Brandeis University (Sachar, A. L.)
Carnegie Institute (Arkus, Leon Anthony)
Church of the Ascension (Wadams, Elizabeth)
Contemporary Arts Center (Schoener, Allon T.)
Cooper Union Alumni Association
Detroit Institute of Arts (Ferry, W. Hawkins)
Drew University (Hopper, Stanley R.)
Florida Gulf Coast Art Center (Young, Dallas W.)
Institute of Contemporary Art (Alloway, Lawrence)
National Gallery of Art (Evans, Grose)
Newark Museum (Cocklin, Franklin, Jr.)
Portland Art Museum (Newton, Francis J.)
Princeton University (Bates, Blanchard W.;DeWald, Ernest T.)
Providence Art Club (Goff, Carleton)
Salsburg Seminar in American Studies (Perkins, Dexter)
Sculptors Guild (Nevelson, Louise)
University of Chicago (Zabel, Morton D.)
University of Houston (Daniels, Balfour)
University of Oregon (Robinson, Horace W.)
Yale University (Dirks, J. Edwards; Schweikher, Paul)
Yale University Divinity School (Crownfield, David R.)

1.267; mf 2181:873 Barr - Greensboro [N.C.]

Gregory, Eric C. (Percy Lund Humphries & Co., Ltd.)
Keppel, Charles T.
Lieberman, William S.
McCray, Porter A.
Soby, James Thrall
Wheeler, Monroe
File incl. clippings, 2 b/w photographs, corresp. with Marie Alexander, Betsy Jones and Dorothy C. Miller

1.267a Letters to Barr - Greensboro

Corresp. with Marie Alexander, Betsy Jones

1.268; mf 2181:994 Barr - Letters from Europe

Incl. material not microfilmed
Corresp. with Marie Alexander, Betsy Jones and Dorothy C. Miller

1.269; mf 2181:1124 B

Bailey, Martha
Bakwin, Ruth M.
Barghoorn, Frederick C. (Yale University)
Baron, P. B.
Barcelona (memo re: Ruiz Giménez speech at Bienal)
Barr, Andrew
Barry, Iris
Barzin, Jacques (Columbia University)
Bartos, Armand P.
Batigne, René M/M
Bauer, John L. J
Beiers, George (incl. 2 ALS)
Bemelmans, Ludwig (memo re:)
Berdeau, LeRay W.
Berdecio, Roberto
Berenson, Bernard
Bergengren, Göran
Berger, Markel
Berger, Samuel A.
Berggruen, Heinz
Bernheim-Jeune & Cie. (Dauberville, Jean and Henri)
Bernoudy, William
Bertasso, G. (La Bussola)
Beskow, Bo
Beyeler, Ernst
Biddle, George
Biehl, Margaret (The Museum of Fine Arts)
Bill, Max
Bishop, L. K. (The National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc.)
Blesh, Rudi (corresp. re.)
Block, R. N.
Blumberg, Marcia
Boger, C. F.
Bolt, Richard A. (University of California)
Boncompagni-Ludovisi, Laetitia
Botkin, Gleb (The Church of Aphrodite)
Bowman, Locke E., Jr. (The Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A.)
Boymans Museum
Boyce, J. C.
Brandeis University (Poses, Jack I. Steinberg, Milton)
Breeskin, Adelyn D. (The Baltimore Museum of Art)
Brennan, Francis ( Time)
Brenson, Theodore (Douglas College)
Brewster, Yolanda Vaucher
Brill, K. Rose Owen (The New York Psychoanalytic Institute)
Britannica (Yust, Walter)
Brunk, Orion J. ( Highway Patrolman)
Bruno, Phillip (Relais Bisson)
Bucher, Francois (Yale University)
Burke, Caroline (NBC)
Burliuk, David
Burtin, Basil
File incl. clippings

1.270; mf 2181:1316 Brussels: Charleroi - Art & Labor

Incl. notes re: Art and Labor exhibition
2 b/w photograph

1.271; mf 2181:1354 C

Calder, Alexander "Sandy" ( ALS)
Callahan, Kenneth
Callery, Mary
Calpestri, I., Jr. (incl. ALS)
Canaday, John (Philadelphia Museun of Art)
Carlebach, Julius (Carebach Gallery)
Carreño, Mario (Palacio de Bellas Artes)
Carter, John (Sotheby & Company)
Casey, R. G.
Cash, Robert A.
Castelfranco, Giorgio
Castelli, Leo (incl. ALS)
Catlin, Stanton L. (The Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
Centennial Review of Arts & Science (Michigan State University, Branford P. Millar)
Chagall, Marc (TLS, ALS)
Chapman, Albert K.
Cheek, Leslie, Jr. (press release)
Cherington, T. M. ( Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph)
Chrysler, Walter P., Jr.
Cifarelli, Antonio Pippo
Cinema 16, Inc. (Vogel, Amos)
Citizens Committee for Children of New York City, Inc. (Johnson, Kenneth D.)
Civiltá delle Macchine (Sinisgalli, Leonardo)
Clark, Kenneth (incl. TLS)
Clark, Patrick H., Jr.
Cleveland Museum of Art (Francis, Henry S.)
Clifford (Skidmore College)
Cohen, George
Colin, Pamela
Colin, Ralph F. (Rosenman, Goldmark, Colin & Kaye)
Colliers Magazine Competition
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
Columbia University (Benison, Saul Campbell, Oscar James)
Commercial State Bank and Trust Company of New York (Ruhnke, Charles A.)
Cone, John H. (High Fidelity House)
Cogdon, William (corresp. re.)
Constable, W. G. (corresp. re.)
Constantine, Mildred
Cook, Mildred E.
Corinth, Thomas
Casmos, George
Cowles, Fleur
Cox, Janet (corresp. re.)
Craft Horizons (Slivka, Rose)
Crusellas, Ramon F.
Cunliffe, Marcus
Cunningham, Charlie C. (Wadsworth Athenaeum)
Curie, Bettie (Board of Christian Education)
Curteil, Bill
File incl. 2 b/w photographs
Outline for project for a Paris gallery

1.272; mf 2182 D

Dali, Salvador
Dallas Museum for Contemporary Arts (O'Boyle, John W. )
Daniel, Greta
Davidson, Robert E.
Davis, Richard S. (Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
Delbanco, G.
Deriaz, Jeanne (corresp. re.)
Derrickson, Howard ( St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Donahue, Kenneth (The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art)
Donzelot, Pierre (Ambassade de France)
Dowling, Robert W. (City Investing Company)

1.273; mf 2182:116 Duchamp, [Marcel]

Martins, Carlos
Ritchie, Andrew C. (memo re: Duchamp show)
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Sweeney, James Johnson
United States Department of Justice (Kent, A.B., corresp re: Duchamp citizenship)
Wheeler, Monroe (memo re: Duchamp reproduction)
White, John D. (Fulbright, Crooker, Freeman & White)
File incl. 8 ALS by Marcel Duchamp

1947-1952; 1955
1.274; mf 2182:195 St. Anthony Competition [Duchamp]

File incl. clippings, 18 b/w photographs

1.275; mf 2182:251 E

Ekstrom, Mrs. Arne
Elkhart (Fill, Barbara; Roosevelt School)
Elliot, Mr.
Emil, Allan D.
Encyclopedia Americana (Smith, J. J.)
Encyclopedia Britannica (Yust, Walter)
Ennis, Jean (Random House Inc.)
Epstein, Jason (Doubleday & Company, Inc.)
von Erffa, Helmut (Rutgers University)
Erpf, Armand G.
Eshenfelder, Alma (Mystic Seaport Association)
Exhibition of United States Contemporary painting for Japan (Imai, Ayako)

1.276; mf 2182:292 F

Fair, Mattie M.
Farnsworth, Madeline
Feininger, Julia
Feininger, Lyonel (incl. AHB eulogy)
Fellman, Edward Z.
Ferrari, Oreste (Soprintendenza alle Gallerie)
Field, Joseph H. (Field Enterprises, Inc.)
Ficke, Mrs. Arthur Davison (incl. ALS)
Flanner, Janet
Folger, Phoebe ( Art Digest, Hilton Kramer)
Ford, George B.
Fortune ( Time, Brennan, Francis
Hodgins, Eric)
Fraenkel, Ernest
l'Atelier Franco-American (Wilson, E. Adams)
Frankenstein, Alfred ( The San Francisco Chronicle)
Freedberg, Sydney J. (Fogg Art Museum)
Freeman, Richard B. (The Hartford Art School, c.v.)
Frei, Ernest J.
Frei, Elizabeth J. (Maryville College)
Friendly, H.C., Jr. (ALS)
Frost, Stuart H. (Pennsylvania State University)
Furlong, Mrs. Thomas

1.277; mf 2182:382 Eugéne Gerlötei

Frankfurter, Alfred M. ( Art News Magazine)
Marshall, John P. (The Rockefeller Foundation)
File incl. summary of the Gerlotei correspondance
10 TLS with handwrtten notes
Curriculum vitae
41 b/w photographs
Color photograph
"La Collection du Baron Hatvany" draft by Gerlötei
"Peinture et Dessin Français au Musée de Budapest" lecture transcript

1.278; mf 2182:552 G

Gaffé, René (ALS)
Garston, Mrs. Gerald D.
Gary, Dorothy H.
Gary, Theodore S.
Geier, Paul (corresp. re.)
Genauer, Emily ( New York Herald Tribune)
Gerstenberg collection (Hawes, Alexander B.)
Gimpel, Kay
Girl Scouts of the United States of America (Simpson, Marshall)
Golden, Rhonda
Golding, H. S.
Gombrich, E. H. ( The Courtauld)
Gomis, Joaquín
Goodman, Marilyn (University of Connecticut)
Goodwin, Philip L.
Gourgaud, Eva
Gregory, E. C. (Percy Lund, Humphries & Co., Ltd.)
Gris, Josette (incl. ALS)
Gropius, Walter (incl. 3 TLS)
Gross, Bernard B.
Grote, Ludwig (Germanisches National Museum)
Groves, Walter A. (Centre College of Kentucky)
Guenther, Merrill
File incl. clippings

1.279; mf 2182:620 I

Institute for Religious and Social Studies (Feingold, Jessica)
Israel (Lehman, Herbert H., American Committee for Israel's Tenth Anniversary Collection

1.280; mf 2182:635 J

Jacob, Annemarie (incl. ALS)
Jacobsen, Mrs. Eric (incl. ALS)
Jaffe, William B. (incl. 2 ALS)
James, Macgill (National Gallery of Art)
Jamieson, Stewart (Australian Embassy)
Jamison, C. Bland
Janson, H. W. (New York University)
Japan (Yagi, Masao)
Japan Society, Inc. (Overton, Douglas W.)
Jardot, Maurice
Jareckie, Stephen B.
Jaretzki, Alfred, Jr.
Jarvis, Alan (The National Gallery of Canada)
Jiménez Cossío, Manuel (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization)
Johnson, M/M Homer H.
Johnson, Philip C.
Johnston, Paul
Jones, Betsy (memo re.)
Jucker, Giacomo
Junyer, Joan (incl 3 ALS)

1.281; mf 2182:728 K

Karl, Barry D. (University of Chicago Press)
Karpel, Bernard
Kaufmann, Edgar
Kauntz, R. L.
Kennedy, Mrs., Ruth W. (Smith College)
Kessler, Charles S.
Ketterer, Roman Norbert
Khan, Aly
Kiesler, Frederick J.
Kleinhans, Richard E.
de Kooning, Elaine (incl. ALS, "Subject: What, How and Who?" typescript, Art News 1955 April
Kramarsky, Mrs. Siegfried
Kupka, Eugene (corresp. re.)
File incl. clippings

1.282; mf 2182:795 M

Maeght, A.
MacDuffie, Marshall
Magnelli, Alberto (TLS)
Manca, Gina
Mangravite, Peppino (Columbia University)
Marcus, Stanley (Neiman-Marcus)
Maremont, Mrs., Arnold H.
MARG (Anand, Mulk Raj; Cahill, Holger)
Marks, Larry B.
Martin, Alastair B.
Martin, Marianne W.
Martins, Carlos
Marusso, Fred
Masson, André (incl. ALS)
Matta (3 ALS)
Maull, Baldwin M/M
Mayer, John J.
McAndrew, [John]
McBride, Henry (incl. ALS)
McEwen, Frank (The Rhodes National Gallery, The British Council)
McGavic, Eleanor
McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. (Crandall, Robert W.)
McKim, Willliam L.
McKnight, Maxwell S. (Standard-Vacuum Oil Company)
McLaughlin, Robert W. (Princeton University)
Meier, Norman C. (State University of Iowa)
Melquist, Jerome
Metropolitan Educational Television Association (memo re.)
Meyer, Frank S.
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig
Millares, Manolo
Miller, Edgar
Missingham, Hal
Moholy-Nagy, Mrs. Sybil (incl. TLS)
Moïse, Howard
Mongan, Agnes (Fogg Art Museum)
Moore, Henry (incl. TLS)
Moore, Marianne
Morey, Mrs. Rufus
Morot-Sir, Edouard (Ambassade de France)
Morrison, Barb
Morse, John D. (Kent School)
Moses, Robert (incl. typscript of 1957 October 24 interview)
Munsing, Stefan P.
Munson, Laren (The Little Gallery)
Munsterberg, Hugo
Museum ("Notes on Museum Architecture" by Hans Curjel, Werk, 1955 September)
Musgrove, Hubert C.
Myers, Bernard S.
Myers, John (Tibor De Nagy Gallery)
Myers, Mary Fern

1.283; mf 2182:1014 N

Nagel, Charles, Jr. (The City Art Museum)
Nejárd, M. D. (ALS)
Neumann, Morton G. (The New Art Circle)
Neumeyer, Alfred (Mills College)
Newhall, Beaumont (George Eastman House Perkins, Dexter; Salzburg Seminar in American Studies)
Newman, Robert J.
New Republic (Getlein, Frank)
New York Herald Tribune
New York Times, The (Peck, Seymour)
Neybour, H. K.
Nolan, Sidney (Hammond, Lansing V.; The Commonwealth Fund)
Nouveau Femina (Rosier, Michéle)
File incl. b/w photograph, color photograph, clippings

1.284; mf 2182:1055 O

Offin, Charles Z. ( Picture on Exhibit)
Oglesby, James William (University of Oklahoma)
old friends (memo re: friends of the museum)
Osborn, Robert (incl. 2 ALS)
Osterlof, Jan (memo re.)
O'Tolle, Ross (memo re.)
Oud, J. J. P. (incl. TLS)

1.285; mf 2182:1085 P

Pallucchini, Rodolfo
Palmer, J. Wood
Parkhurst, Charles (The Dudley Peter Allen Memorial Art Museum)
Parkinson, E. Bliss (incl. TLS)
Parks, Robert O. (Smith College Museum of Art)
Peabody, Stephen
Pearlman, Henry
Pease, David G.
Penguin Books Ltd. (Frost, Eunice)
Pevsner, Nikolaus ( The Pelican History of Art; incl. 3 TLS)
People to People (incl. summary of 1957 February 18 meeting)
Perry, Faith Adams
Peters, Dewitt (La Centre d'Art)
Petersen, Joyce Miller (Harvard Divinity School)
Phelps, Daphne
Picasso, Pablo
Platschek, Hans
Polish (Gronostaj, Czeslaw)
Pollock, Jackson (re: proposed memorial service)
Portmann, P. (Conzett & Huber)
Portner, Mrs. Leslie Judd ( The Washington Post and Times Herald, incl. excerpts from The Arts Digest article by Hilton Kramer)
Price, M/M Frederic Newlin
Priest (Maynard, Orville)
Princeton (Department of Art and Archeology; Friend, A. M., Jr.; Lee, Rensselaer W.; Rowley, George; Seitz, William C.; Smith, E. Baldwin
incl. minutes of 1956 November 23 and 1956 April meetings, program for 1956 November 23-24 meeting)
Princeton University Press (Bailey, Herbert S., Jr.)
publicity (Shaw, Elizabeth)
Pulitzer, Joseph, Jr. ( St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
File incl. clippings, 2 b/w photographs

1.286; mf 2182:1308 Q

Quarterlies, Inc. (Niebuhr, Reinhold; Union Theological Seminary
Shields, John I.)

1.287; mf 2183:1332 R

Raywood, Thomas H.
Read, Herbert (Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd.; incl TL AHB-Read re: AHB criticisms for Compasso d'Oro publication)
Rechter, Jacob
Reiss, John J.
Repplier, T. S. (The Advertising Council, Inc.)
Resor, Mrs. Stanley R.
Revold, Reidar
Ribera, Antoni (incl. 2 TLS)
Richman, Robert (Institute of Contemporary Arts)
Riesenfeld, Victor S.
Ripley, S. Dillon (Alpertin, Irwin M.; The Linnaean Society of New York)
Ripperger, Helmut (M. Knoedler & Co., Inc.)
Ritchie, Andrew C.
Roberts, Laurance (The American Academy)
Robins, Seymour (incl. stats)
Robinson, Edward G. (memo re.)
Rockland State Hospital (Stanley, Alfred M.)
Rockwell, J. F., Jr. (Rockwell Manufacturing Company)
Roland, Henry M.
Rom, Per (incl. TLS; Phillips, Duncan; The Phillips Gallery; Valentiner, W. R.; The North Carolina State Art Society)
Romnaes, Ellen Marie
Romero Brest, Jorge (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes)
Roos, Mrs. Allan
Roper, Mrs. Robert Venable
Ros, Jerry (Press and Cultural Attaché)
Rose, Herman (The A. C. A . Gallery)
Rosen, Saul (incl. TLS)
Rosenberg, Alexandre
Rosenberg, M/M Paul (Walters, Florence; Paul Rosenberg & Co.)
Rosenthal, Gertrude (The Baltimore Museum of Art)
Rosenwald, Robert
Ross, Marvin C.
Roszak, Theodore
Rothenstein, John
Rothschild, M/M Herbert M.
Roudebush, Peter
Runquist, Jan
Russell, Gordon (incl. 3 TLS; The Council of Industrial Design)
File incl. clippings

1.288; mf 2183:99 São Paulo Bienal

Belchior, Murillo Bastos (Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos)
McCray, Porter A.
O'Hara, Frank ("São Paulo introduction" draft)
Profili, Arturo (Museu de Arte Moderna)
Salazar, Casa
File incl. clippings

1.289; mf 2183:133 São Paulo, Sept.

corresp. re: IV Bienal de São Paulo

1.290; mf 2183:209 Paul J. Sachs 1955
1.291; mf 2183:220 S

Sabersky, Jane (Vassar College; McCray, Porter A.; Thompson, G. David)
Sacher, M/M Paul
Safer, Carol (corresp. re.)
Salas, Xavier de
Salemme (memo re.)
Sals, Sam
Samuel, Howard
Sandberg, W. (Stedelijk Museum)
Satow, Y. Ernest
Schapiro, Meyer
Scarf, T.
Schardt, Alois W.
Schauensee, Maxine de (Bryn Mawr College; incl. ALS)
Schmidt, Anita
Schmidt, George (memo re.)
Schneider, Robert E. (Galleria d'Arte Schneider)
Senior, Susan Cable
Seyrig, Henri (Institut Francais d'Archéologie; incl. ALS)
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Charles G.
Shlaes, Barre
Shoenberg, M. Sydney
Simonson, Lee
von Simson, Otto G. (The University of Chicago)
Shugg, Roger W. (The University of Chicago Press)
Slick, M/M M. B.
Skelton, Kathleen
Sloane, Joseph (Bryn Mawr College)
Smith, Blanche A. (Horace Mann School)
Smith College (Kennedy, Ruth W.)
Smith College Museum of Art (Parks, Robert O.)
Smith, G. E. Kidder
Société des Amis du Musée National d'Art Moderne (Berard, Maurice)
Sommerville, Lilian (The British Council)
de la Souchère
Soviet editors (memo re: editors visiting MoMA)
Soyer, Raphael (incl. ALS)
Spingold, Nate B.
Stapp, Philip
Stechow, Mrs. Wolfgang
Stein, Leonard S. (The University of Chicago)
Stendahl, Earl
Still, Clyfford
Strand, Paul (incl. ALS)
Strong, Alice
Sunami, Soichi
Swarzanski, Hanns (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Sweeney, James Johnson
Sylvester, David

1.292; mf 2183:367 T

Talmay, Allene
Tanger Gallery (Cajori, Charles)
Tannenbaum, Libby
Tanguy, Mrs. Yves (incl. ALS)
Taylor, Francis Henry
Thomas, Byron (Edwin Hewitt Gallery; incl. ALS)
Thompson, Frank, Jr. (Congress of the United States)
Thompson, Gordon (Yale University Art Gallery)
Thompson, Randall (Harvard University)
Time (Barry, Veronica; Linen, James A.; Welch, Patty)
Toledo Museum of Art (Goodwin, Blake-More)
Toninelli, Romeo
Tourneau Watches
Trombley, William H.
Truman, Harry S. (memo re.)
File incl. clippings

1.293; mf 2183:444 U-V

Union Theological Seminary (Bachman, John W.; Kennedy, Edwin O.)
United States Information Agency (Holland, Claire; Streibert, Theodore C.)
Upsala University (Holmbeck, Ake; Bartos, Armand; Cordes, Bartos & Mihnos; incl. ALS, TLS; Burden, William A. M. )
Valentin, Curt (Colin, Ralph F., incl. TL Colin-AHB re: Valentin estate; Karpel, Bernard; TL Karpel-Colin re: books selected from Valentin library; Lieberman, William S.; Schniewind, Carl O.; The Art Institute of Chicago, TL AHB-Schniewind re: Valentin estate; Willard, Marian)
Valentiner, W. R. (North Carolina State Museum of Art)
Vancouver City Museum and Art Gallery (Davidson, Robert E.)
van Straaten, J. (memo re.)
Vantongerloo, H.
Vechten, Carl Van
Vedova, Emilio (von Klemperer, Lily; Institute of International Education)
Venice ("ML")
Vitali, Lamberto
Vogel, Raphael
Vogel, Edwin C.
Vossnaok, N. (Museum Boymans)
Vroom, N. R. A. (Rijkaskademie van Beeldende Kunsten)
File incl. clippings

1.294; mf 2183:518 Wildenstein: Knoedler

Birns, Harold
Burden, William A. M.
Dana, Richard H.
Hess, Mrs. Thomas B.
Levy, M/M David M. (Citizens' Committee for Children of New York City Inc.)
Meyer, André (Lazard Fréres & Cie.)
Richenthal, Arthur
Rockefeller, David
Visson, Vladimir (Wildenstein Gallery)
File incl. clippings

1.295; mf 2183:557 W

Waintrob, Sidney J. (Budd Studio)
Walker, Hugh
Wallace, Frank
Walton, Isaac (Bliss, Mrs., Robert Woods; Heacox, Cecil E.; State of New York Conservation Department; Kerslake, J. F.; National Portrait Gallery; Oliver, Peter; Stevens, Donald; form letter AHB- The Saturday Review of Literature, The New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, Antiques Magazine, Art in America)
Warner, Keith
Washburn, Gordon Bailey (Carnegie Institute; incl. James McNeill Whistler and Vincent Van Gogh manuscripts for proposed project)
Watson, Peter (obituary)
Weber, Max (incl. ALS)
Weiss, Walter A. (Institute for Psychotherapy)
Wehrli, R. (The Kunsthaus)
Weinstock, Evelyn
Wennberg, Bo (Moderna Museet)
Werner, Alfred
Werttheim, Mrs. Maurice
White, Gabriel (Arts Council of Great Britain)
Whitney, John Hay
Wick, Peter A. (The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Wickamn, E. K.
Wijenbeek, L. J. F. (Gemeentemuseum)
Wiesenberg (Hague Museum)
Wiggin, Richard O. (State Board of Education)
Willard Gallery (Willard, Marian)
Wilson, Douglas S. ( Babson's Canadian Reports)
Winston, Harry Lewis (incl. 4 ALS)
Winter, Gretal
Wittgens, Fernanda
Wittkower, Rudolf (Columbia University)
Wittlin, Tadeusz A.
Wolff, Kurt (Pantheon Books, Inc.)

1.296; mf 2183:709 X, Y, Z

YADDO (Moselsio, Simon)
Zacks, S. J. (Baldwin, Martin; The Art Gallery of Toronto)
Zadok, Charles (incl. 4 TLS; O'Donnell, E. J., Marquette University; Schenck, Edgar C.; Albright Art Gallery)
Zerbe, Karl (incl. ALS)
Zerbe, Marian
Zervos, Christian ( Cahiers d'Art; incl. ALS, TLS)
Zorach, William (memo re.)
File incl. clippings

1.297; mf 2183:844 A

Abbott, Jere
Abrams, Harry (Fox, Milton S.; Harry H. Abrams inc.)
Acheron, Helen
Ackerman, James S. ( The Art Bulletin, University of California)
Art in America (Bower, Anthony; Lipman, Jean)
Art Quarterly, The (Grigaut, Paul L.; The Detroit Institute of Arts; Owen, Marion B.; Richardson, E. P.)
Artists Equity Fund, Inc. (Newman, Elias)

1.298; mf 2183:844 B

Babin, M/M Victor (memo re.)
Baldwin, Martin (The Art Gallery of Toronto)
Barclay, John, Jr.
Baron, Herman (The A. C. A. Gallery)
Bauer, John (Los Angeles Community Concert Association)
Benson, E. M. (Philidelphia Museum School of Art)
Bertoia, Mrs. Harry
Beskow, Bo
Bird, Mrs. C. S.
Blake, Peter ( House and Home Magazine)
Blinn, Benn
Blutman, Harry Austin
Bolt, Richard (memo re:)
Booth, Winkie (E. P. Richardson; Detroit Institute of Arts)
Borssol, Henry (corresp. re.)
Bossom, Alfred
Boston (press release from the Insitute of Contemporary Art; Embree, Marjorie; Museum of Fine Arts; Rathbone, Perry T.; Museum of Fine Arts)
Breton, André
Breunig, LeRoy C. (Barnard College)
British Broadcasting Company (Cohn, Leonie)
Brodsky, Stanley (University of Delaware)
Brooklyn Museum (Schenck, Edgar C.; incl. agenda for 1958 Exploratory Conference on Conservation)
Brown, John E. (The John Herron Art Institute)
Brooks, Mr.
Bugnard, M/M L.
Bultman, Fritz (memo re.)
Bruce, John
Brussels World's Fair (Baird, Thomas P.; National Gallery of Art; Margoulies, Berta; Osselaere, J. Palais International des Beaux-Arts; Walker, John; National Gallery of Art)
Busiel, Syma (memo re.)
File incl. clippings, TLS Betsy Jones-AHB, b/w photograph

1.299; mf 2183:988 C

Calvert, D. E. (Martin, Calvert, Bates & Sheppard)
Carnegie Institute
Carré, Louis
Catlin, Stanton L. (Kruidenier, David, Jr.; Des Moines Art Center, incl. c.v.)
checklist (memo re: free distribution of Museum catalogue)
Churchill, Winston (telegram re:)
Clark, Stephen C. (incl. draft of plan for educational training)
Clough, Rose Trillo (memo re.)
Coates, Robert M. (The New Yorker Magazine, incl. TL Coates-AHB re: "International Collage")
Cohen, George M.
Cohen, Wilfred (memos re.)
Colin, Ralph F. (Rosenman Goldmark Colin & Kaye)
Cook, Mildred
del Corso, Gaspero (Obelisco Gallery, incl. ALS)
Cournos, John (incl 3 ALS, Chase, Ethel
Chase, Harold
Shapley, John; The Catholic University of America)
Courtesy Pass (Crosthwaite, P. M.; Krautheimer, R.; Norton, Clifford; Orwell, Mrs.George)
Cragg, V. R.
Cunningham, C. C. (Wadsworth Atheneum)

1.300; mf 2183:1086 D

Daedalus (Holton, Gerald)
Dangers, Robert
Daniel, Mrs. Mell
Delaney, Edmund T. (Palmer, Serles, Delaney, Shae & Pomercy)
Des Moines Art Center (Kruidenier, David, Jr.)
Detroit (Dierking, Wilbur F.; The Union Church of Rio de Janerio)
Dobai, J. (Coffin, David; Art Bulletin)
Donahue, Kenneth (The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art)
Donson, Jerome Allan
Dorner, Lydia (Bennington College)
Doyle, Arthur Conan
Drexler, Arthur
Drey, Elizabeth M. (Paul Drey Gallery)
Dudensing, Valentine
File incl. clippings

1.301; mf 2183:1147 E

Ede, H. S. (incl. 2 ALS)
Egbert, Donald Drew (Princeton University)
Ekstrom, Parmenia (ALS)
Emil, Allan
von Erffa, Helmut (Rutgers University)
Ernö, Bànk (incl. ALS)
Erpf, Armand G.
Espie, Ellen C.
Eulenberg, Till R.
exhibitions (1959-1960)

1.302; mf 2183:1227 F

Field Enterprises Educational Corporation (Ludgin, Donald H.)
Fierens, Paul (Janson, Claire; Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique)
Fini, Luigi (incl. TLS)
Fiorini, Samuel J. (University of South Carolina)
Fisher, Frances H.
Foundation, Wake-Brook
Franc, Helen ("In Defense of Pigeons" typescript)
Freeman, Jean
Freeman, Leslie S.
Futter, M/M Matthew H.
File incl. clippings

1.303; mf 2183:1292; mf 2184:4 Fire Letters

Balla, Luce
Barclay, W.
Bernier, Mrs., Rosamond
Blonder, Charles
Buck, Emay
Calder, Alexander (ALS)
Callery, Mrs. Meric
Chagall, Marc (TLS)
Churchill, George
Coleman, Laurence Vail (The Smithsonian Institution)
Edrich, George
Emergency Committee (Burden, William A. M.)
von Erffa, Helmut (Rutgers University)
Finkelstein, Louis (The Jewish Theological Seminary of America)
Flavin, Daniel H.
Formé-Bècherat, J. L. (Ambassade de France en Belgique)
Friedman, Giselle (Paul Rosenberg & Co.)
Ganz, M/M Victor W.
Gerson, Otto M. (Fine Arts Associates)
Gluck, Nathan
Greywacz, Kathryn B. (State Museum)
Gruskin, A. D. (Midtown Galleries)
d'Harnoncourt, René (acknowledgement letters)
Harris, Paul (The J. B. Speed Art Museum)
de Hauke, César
Hendy, Philip (The National Gallery)
Heydenryk, Henry
Hope, Henry (The University of Indiana)
Hughes, Toni
Ingram Merrill Foundation
James, Charles (The Charles James Foundation)
Johnson, Edward C., Jr, (University of Virginia)
Josten, Werner
Kahnweiler, Daniel-Henry (Galerie Louise Leiris)
Kassler, Elizabeth B.
Kelder, Toon
Kennedy, Ruth (Smith College)
Ketterer, Roman Norbert (Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett)
King, Marian
Kota Savorgnan, Eleanor W.
Leed, Mary
Lowenthal, Milton
MacDuffie, Marshall
Macy, Edward W.
Marshall, Jonathan (Arts)
Mayer, Paul
McAgy, Jermaine (Contemporary Arts Museum)
McCann Morley, Grace (San Francisco Museum of Art)
McCray, Porter
de Menil, M/M John
Meyer, Frank Hildbridge
Midlo, M/M Charles
Morgan, Barbara
Norman, Dorothy
Penwell, Mrs. Bruce V.
Perls, Klaus G. (Perls Gallery)
Rachleff, Owen (The Artists Gallery)
Rathbone, Perry (The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Rogers, William C. (The University of Minnesota)
Roszak, Theodore
Rothschild, Mrs. Herbert M.
Ryan, Frank M.
Sampson, Paula D.
Sasanoff, Rose and Michael
Saylor, Oliver
Steegmuller, Francis
Sweeney, James Johnson
Thannhauser, M/M Justin K.
Time (Welch, Patty)
Vance, David
Weng, Siegfried R. (Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences)
Wight, Frederick S. (University of California)
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph, list of paintings lost and damaged by the fire

1.304; mf 2184:71 G

Ganz, Katie
Garthe, Margarethe
Gary, Dorothy H.
Gerlóczy, G.
Gillman, Arthur E.
Gimbel, Mrs. Bernard F. (Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
Glazier, Elizabeth Ann (Mount Holyoke College)
Golden Laurel Awards Presentation (memo re.)
Gomis, Joaquín
Goodwin, M/M James L.
Goodwin, Philip L.
Grace Line
Granoff, Katia (Golden Griffith Book Store)
Granville, Pierre
Griffith, Richard
da Guillo, Antonio S. (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings

1.305; mf 2184:141 H

Habasque, Guy (incl. 3 ALS)
Hadassah (Kramarsky, Mrs. Siegfried)
Haftmann, Werner ((incl. 2 ALS)
Hahnloser, Hans
Halvorson, W.
Hamilton, George Heard (Yale University)
Harper & Brothers (Bessie, Simon Michael)
Harris, Paul (The J. P. Speed Art Museum)
Harrison, Wallace K.
Harte, Eugene E.
Hartford (Cunningham, Charles C.; Wadsworth Atheneum, re: van Gogh)
Hartman, Mr.
Hartog, Marianne (Columbia University)
Harvard Crimson, The (Watson, George H.)
Hassell, Charles, Jr.
Haupt, Mrs. Ira (Seventeen)
Haven, Richard B.
Haven, Kathleen
Hawes, Alexander B. (Fowler, Leva, Hawes & Symington)
Hazard, M/M Leland
Hazen, Joseph H.
Heckscher, August ( New York Herald Tribune)
Hedley, Mr.
Hief, Michele
Heinz, Mrs. Henry John
Hellman, Nelson A. (corresp. re.)
Henry Street Settlement (Lazarus, Jay Kay)
Henschel, Charles R. (clipping re.)
Hess, Hans (City of New York Art Gallery)
Heydenryk, Henry
Hillman, Alex L. (Hillman Periodicals Inc.)
Hirschild, F. H.
Hitchcock, Geoffrey (corresp. re.)
Hofer, Philip (Harvard University)
Hogarth, William D. ( The Athlone Press; University of London)
Hølaas, Odd (Norwegian Embassy)
Hollenstine, Bernard M.
Homer, Willima T. (Princeton University)
Hope, Henry (Indiana University)
Hubbard, R. H. (The National Gallery of Canada)
Huggler, John
Hugnet, Georges
Hulbeck, Charles R.
Hunter, Sam (The Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
Huntley, Joseph D. (The Broadway Congregational Church)
File incl. clippings

1.306; mf 2184:344 I

Ide, Mrs. John (memo re.)
International Journal of Religious Education (Williams, Lillian)
Isham, Heyward
Isaacson, Robert

1.307; mf 2184:356 J

Jacobus, John M., Jr. (Princeton University)
Jaffé, H. L. C. (Stedelijk Museum)
James, Charles
James, Edward
Janson, H. W. (Washington Square College; New York University)
Jaquillard, Pierre
Johnson, Priscilla
Jones, Mrs. T. Catesby
Juin, Hubert
File incl. clippings, Key Monuments of the History of Art

1.308; mf 2184:424 K

Karlin, M/M John E. (Drew University)
King, Eduard
King, Marian
Kirstein, Lincoln
Knopf, Albert A., Inc. (Weinstock, Herbert)
Kochnitzy, Leon (memo re.)
Korner, Eva
Kramer, Hilton (corresp. re.)
Kunstadler, Sigmund (The Formfit Company)
Kusmierski, Thad. E.

1.309; mf 2184:517 L

Labatut, Jean (Princeton University)
Ladies Home Journal (Gould, Bruce; incl. draft of article)
LaFarge, Sheila (memo re.)
Langui, Em.
Lasker, Albert D.
Laughlin, Henry A.
Leavenworth, Coman
Levitt, Mortimer
Leyburn, James G. (Shenandoah)
List, Albert A. (The Albert A. List Foundation, Inc.)
Loeb, Albert
Loewy, Raymond (copy of Jukebox on Wheels article)
Lombardi, Luigi
Luce, Mrs. Henry R.
Lye, Len

1.310; mf 2184:577 Lecture Invitations

Central Presbyterian Church (Adams, Arthur M.)
Gordon, Dane R.
Cleveland College (Luton, Michael C.)
Cleveland Museum of Art (Francis, Henry S.; Johnson, James R.)
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (Fairchild, Johnson E.)
Council of the National Committee on Art Education (Cook, Charles)
Florida (Zerbe, Karl)
Florida State University (McDonough, James)
John Herron Art Institute (Brown, John E.)
New York State Art Teachers Association (Frankston, Leon)
Oberlin, Charles (Parkhurst, Charles)
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Weidner, Rosewell)
San Francisco Art Association (Woods, Gurdon)
University of California (Wight, Frederick S.)
University of Georgia (Dodd, Lamar)
University of Notre Dame (Stritch, Thomas)
United States Information Agency (Nichols, Walter)
Vanderbilt University (Fields, Emett B.)
Walker Art Gallery (Scrutton, Hugh)
Yale University (Kubler, George) File incl. clippings

1.311; mf 2184:635 L

Labatut, Jean (Princeton University)
Lam, Wifredo
Langui, Em.
Lasker, Albert D.
Lawrence, Marion (Barnard College)
Lee, Ken
Lehman, Herbert H.
Lietz, E.
Le Roux, Smith
Levitt, William
Levy, David M.
Levy, Janice
Lewis, R. E.
Lewyt, Alex M.
Lieberman, Alexander ( Vogue)
Lindsay, Kenneth (Harpur College)
Lipman, Jean ( Art in America)
Lockheed Aircraft (Chapellet, Cyril)
Loeb, Albert
Lohsen, Carrie E.
Look (Hurlburt, Allen F.)
Loseff, Robert
Louisiana State University (Middleton, Troy H.)
Luce, M/M Henry (corresp. re.)
Ludgin, Earle
Lye, Len
Lynes, Russell ( Harper's Magazine)
File incl. clipping, press release

1.312 mf 2184:737 McManus Project

1959: Creedon, Alex W.; Ludorf, Henry F.
1957: Cunningham, Charles C. (Wadsworth Atheneum); Ludorf, Henry F.; Tunnard, Christopher (Yale University)
1956: Creedon, Alex W.; Cunningham, Charles C. (Wadsworth Atheneum); Gallivan, Thomas F., Jr.; Ludoef, Henry P.
1955: Creedon, Alex W.; Cunningham, Charles C.; de la Faille, J. B.; van Gogh, V. W.; Ludorf, Henry F.; Tunnard, Christopher

1955-1957, 1959
1.313; mf 2184:815 Masters [of Modern Art] Revised

File incl. AHB handwritten notes, memos, short history of the Film Department, possible changes for print captions, revisions in print statistics, draft of minutes

1.314; mf 2184:844 M. I. T. Conference

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Millikan, Max F.)
File incl. Elting Morison "The Course of Discussion" draft"

1.315; mf 2184:930 M

Mabry, Thomas B.
McCormick, Leander J.
McCurdy, Charles (incl. proposal for "A Chronology of Modern Art)
McEwen, Frank (The Rhodes National Gallery; incl. 2 ALS)
McKenna, M/M Rollie (ALS)
Malraux, André (memo re.)
Manzoní, Piero (incl. 2 TLS)
van der Marck, Jan H. M.
Marlborough (Lloyd, F. K.)
Martin, Marianne (Bryn Mawr College)
Martins, Mrs. Carlos (incl. ALS)
Massine, Léonide (incl. 3 ALS)
May, M/M Wilbur
Marx, M/M Samuel A. (incl. ALS)
Mellon, Matthew T.
Mellquist, Jerome
de Menil, Mrs. John (incl. ALS)
Mesens, Edouard L. T.
Mills, Paul (Oakland Municipal Art Museum)
Moe, Henry Allen
Monet, Claude (Baxandall, David; The National Gallery of Scotland; incl. corresp. re: Monet loan from National Gallery of Scotland)
Morley, Grace L. McCann (San Francisco Museum of Art)
Mould, Mrs. Herbert (memo re.)
Morozova, Maria (Dartmouth College)
Morris, Mrs. Herbert (memo re.)
Moses, Robert
Moss, John (incl. ALS, c.v.)
Muritoglu, Zuntu
Myers, John Bernard (Tibor De Nagy Gallery)

1.316; mf 2184:1059 N

New American Painting (Heckscher, August; The Twentieth Century Fund, Inc.; Kabak, Robert; Peters, Donald H.; Senior, Mrs. Cable; incl. draft of Barr introduction)
Newhall, Beaumont
The New York Times
New York University (Conant, Howard)
Nila, Lauri (incl. painting)
Norton, Mrs. Ralph H. (Norton School of Art)
Noyes, Eliot (corresp. re.)
File incl. clippings

1.317; mf 2184:1112 National Council - correspondence

Baugher, Norman J.
Chater, E. Walter
Karlin, Mrs. John
Kinter, Mrs. Robert
Kriete, Lillian
Halverson, Marvin P.
Horton, Mrs. Douglas
Miller, J. Irwin
Miller, J. Quinter
Oxnam, G. Bromley
Rettew, Chester E.
Ritenour, S. T.
Rockefeller, Mrs. John D.
Ross, Roy G.
Stechow, Wolfgang (Oberlin College)
Tillich, Paul
Warner, Florence H. (Young Women's Christian Association)
File incl. clippings, AHB handwritten speech notes, copy of Religious Buildings 1955 December, 1957 October speech exerpts with annotations, proposed agenda for: 1954] November 16 Commission on Art; 1954 May 4 Executive Committee

1.319; mf 2184:1337 P

Palm Beach Art League (Woods, Willis F.)
Panofsky, Erwin C. (Princeton University)
Paris, Shirley
Parks, Robert O. (Smith College Museum of Art)
Passedoit, Georgette
Pavia, P. G.
Pearlman, Henry
Phipps, Mrs. Ogden (memo re.)
Picasso (corresp. re.)
Pickwick Offset Service Inc. (Wasserman, Jac)
Pinart, Robert (incl. TLS)
Pittaluga, G. ( Editoriale d'Arte)
Poland (incl. memo re., Szancerowa, G.)
Por_bski, Mieczs_aw
Prats, Joan
Preuves (Bondy, François)
print room

1.320; mf 2184:1388; mf 2185:4 R

Rather, Jane Corraine
Recklinghausen (Verlag Aurel Bongers)
Reeve, James K. (University of Notre Dame)
Reis, Bernard
Rewald, John M/M
Ricart, Humberto Soto
Robinson, Mrs., William, C., Jr. (Carnegie Institute)
Roché, Henri Pierre (memo re.)
Rodman, Seldman
Rome-New York Foundation (memo re.)
Rosenberg, Alexandre (Paul Rosenberg and Co.; Cotton, Douglas, Barton-Cotton, Inc.)
Rosenberg, James N. (memo re.)
Ross, Marvin
Rouault, Georges (corresp. re.)
Roux, Lignot (incl. c.v.)
Rubin, Harold (memo re.)
Rüdlinger, Arnold (foward to Basel Catalogue for The New American Painting)
Runnquist, Jan
Rusk, Howard A. (The American-Korean Foundation)
Rusk, William S. (Wells College)
Russell, Alfred
Russell, John ( The Sunday Times)
Russian (3 memos re: graphic artists)
File incl. clippings

1955; 1958-1959
1.321; mf 2184:63 S

Saarinen, Aline B.
Sabartés, Jaime
St. Louis University (fact sheet re: Vatican Film Project)
Salzburg Seminar in American Studies (Muhlauser, Frederick P.)
Sanderson, Ivan (memo re.)
The Saturday Review (Cousins, Norman)
San Francisco Museum of Art (Morley, Grace L. McCann)
Santamura, Antonio W.
Sargent, Martin
Sater, Katherine
Sawyer, Kenneth B.
Schack, William
Schenck, Edgar, C. (The Brooklyn Museum)
Schimmel, Norbert
Schelmmer, Mrs., Oskar
Schwarz, Arthur
Scotford, John R., Jr. (Dartmouth College)
Seitz, William C. (Princeton University)
Selz, Peter (Pomona College; incl. German Expressionist Painting table of contents)
Seventeen (Haupt, Enid A.)
Shokokusha Publishing Co. (Shimode, Genshichi)
Slatkin, Charles E.
Slifka, Joseph (corresp. re.)
Sluys, Félix
Smith College Museum of Art (Parks, Robert O.)
Smith, Carlton (memo re.)
Solomon, A. K.
Sotheby & Co. (Rickett, John)
Spaeth, Mrs., Otto L.
Speyer, Darthea (Embassy of the United States, France)
Spingold, Frances M/M
State, Department of (Belt, Grace)
Staempfli, George W. (Staempfli Gallery Inc.)
Stanton, Frank (CBS)
Steichen, Edward (memo re.)
Stein, Harve (Rhode Island School of Design)
Stenersen, Johan H.
Stern, Louis E.
Stewart, Jack (memo re.)
Stone, Jeffrey
Storbeck, Mary E.
Storme, Malcolm L. (incl. ALS, 2 TLS)
de Sujo, Clara Diament (corresp. re.; Barrios, Armando; Sociedad Amigos del Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas)
Sundheim, Harry G., Jr.
Sutton, Denys M/M
File incl. clippings

1.321a Stern, Edgar B., Family Fund

File was not microfilmed

1.322; mf 2185:250 T

Tagliacozzo, Giorgio
Tapié, Michel (memo re.)
Ternbach, Joseph
Theatre Arts Inc. (Machiz, Herbert)
Tillich, Paul (Harvard Divinity School)
Tomeš, Jan
Toninelli, Romeo (Sweeney, James Johnson; The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; incl. ALS, 4 TLS not microfilmed)
Torczyner, Harry
Townsend, W. Cameron
Turner, W. Homer (United States Steel Foundation, Inc.)

1.323; mf 2185:282 U, V, W

Ullman, Pierre (The Institute for Advanced Study)
USIA (corresp. re.)
Urban, Mrs., Albert
Valentiner Memorial Exhibition (Byrnes, James B.; The North Carolina Museum of Art)
Vassar College
Venton, Mrs., Frederick
Villalobos, Julio
Vilato, Zavior M/M
Village Voice
visitors (Hentzen, A.)
Vogue (memo re.)
Vollmer, A.
Walker Art Gallery (Scrutton, Hugh)
Warburg, Edward M.
Warner, Keith
Washburn, Gordon B. (Carnegie Institute)
Washington, The Institute of Contemporary Arts (Richman, Robert)
Weidler, Charlotte
Weinstein, Max
Weintraub, William H.
Wellesley College (Clapp, Margaret
Taylor, Margaret N.)
Weng, Siegfried R. (Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences)
Werner, Bruno E. (The German Embassy)
White, Gabriel ( The Arts Council of Great Britain)
Whitney Museum (Arts Digest 1954 November 15 article re.)
Wide Wide World (Jones, Eugene S.)
Wildenstein, Georges (Gazette des Beaux Arts)
Windfohr, Anne Burnett
Winston, John (Peridot Gallery)
Winston, Harry Lewis M/M
Wolf, Emile E.
Woodruff, Harry A. (corresp. re.)
Worcester Art Museum (Rich, Daniel C.)
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wright, G. E.
File incl. clippings

1.324; mf 2185:400 X, Y, Z

Yardney, Michel N.
York (City of York Art Gallery)
Zadok, Charles (incl. TLS)
Zalstem-Zalessky, Mrs., Alexis
Zerbe, Karl
Zervos, Christian
Zverev (Pohyola-Stamoglov, D.)
Zwirner, Rudolf ( Documenta)

1.325; mf 2185:435 Barr - Iceland

Alcopley, L.
Bjarnadóttir, Mrs., Bjarnveig (Asgrimur Jónsson Gallery)
Copley, Nina Tryggvadottir
Johannesson, Porkell (The University of Iceland)
Jonsdsttir, Selma (The National Gallery of Art in Iceland)
Jónsson, Ragnar ("Kynning" Society)
Penfield, James K. (American Embassy)
Pétursson, Valtýr
Snaevarr, Armann (The University of Iceland)
Thorgrimsson, Gestur
Warfield, Benjamin B. (American Embassy)
File incl. clippings, translation of Reykjavik Daily "Morgunbladid" article 1961 July 25

1.326; mf 2185:588 Barr - Summer 1962

Berker, Kikret
Fletcher, John R. H. (W. E. Burnet & Co.)
Schoneman, Ruth E. (The Art Institute of Chicago)
Shaw, Elizabeth
Soby, James Thrall
File incl. clippings, AHB handwritten notes corresp. with Olive Bragazzi, Betsy Jones, Rona Kaplan, Dorothy Miller, Sarah Rubenstein, MSB

1.327; mf 2185:690 Barr - Summer 1963

Comité International d'Histoire de L'Art (membership list)
Eddy, Paul Dawson (Adelphi College)
Green, Andrew Wilson
Sharp, Robert
Shaw, Elizabeth
Thaw, Eugene V.
File incl. AHB handwriten notes, corresp. with William Burden, Rona Roob, Betsy Jones, MSB, outline

1.328; mf 2185:736 Barr - Summer 1964

Pozzati, Concetto
Rewald, John
File incl. AHB handwritten notes, corresp. with Rona Roob, Betsy Jones

1.329; mf 2185:783 Barr: Summer 1965/ Florida December 1965

File incl. correspondance with Amry Fera

1.330; mf 2185:1054 A

Aaron, May Todd
Abbott, Jere
Abrams, Harry N., Inc. (Fox, Milton S.)
abominable snowman (clippings re.)
Acheson, Irina (Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts)
Acoustiguide Associates (Burton, Val; Franc, Helen; Heil, Walter; M. H. de Young Memorial Museum)
Ade, P. A. (Ausstellungsleitung München E. V. Haus der Kunst)
Adler Conkright, Rachel (Hirschl & Adler Galleries, Inc.)
Africa (South African National Gallery; incl. Copy of Africa 1961 address at The Columbia Associates; memo re: Finke interview, press release)
American Institute of Architects
Allan Gallery, The (Allan, Charles)
Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Smith, Gordon M.) Aluminum Company of America (Hall, Arthur P.; "Alcoa Industrial Designer Award")
Alexander, Marie
Allen, Edna (incl. corresp. re: Braque)
Allen, George
Allers, Harry W.
Alley, Ronald E. (corresp. re., c.v.)
American Academy of Achievement (Peskin, Hy)
American Academy in Rome (Kimball, Richard A.)
American Arbitration Association (memo re.)
American Association of Museums (Cummings, Clifton R.)
American Committee on Italian Migration (del Drago, Anne-Marie)
American Council of Learned Societies (Burkhardt, Frederick; incl. press release)
American Physicians Art Association (invitation)
Anders, Lilli (memos re.)
Andrews, Wayne (Charles Scribner's Sons)
Antonova, Irina
Antwerp (Goris, Jan-Albert)
Appelman, Morris (Bach, Otto Karl; The Denver Art Museum)
Arb, Renée
Artamonov, M.
Architectural League of New York
Argentine Consolate General (Morinigo, Marcos A.)
Armstrong, Mrs., Hamilton Fish (incl. ALS)
Arroyo, Anita
Art Friend Association (Segui, Shinichi)
Art International (Fitzsimmons, James)
Artist-Craftsmen of New York, Inc. (Glover, R. Leigh)
Arts Council of Great Britain (White, Gabriel)
Arts (Brush, Joan)
Art News (Hess, Thomas B.)
Art Voices (Mellon, Charles H., III; Pease, Roland F., Jr.)
Arthur, Paul (Canadian Art)
Ascarelli, Gianni
Ascoli, Mrs., Max
Association for the Mentally Ill Children in Manhattan, Inc.
Atlantic Monthly, The (Weeks, Edward)
Australian Embassy
auto safety (clippings)
Azimut Gallery
File incl. clippings

1.331; mf 2185:838 B

Ballard (clipping)
Barland, Hèlené
Barnard College (Friedlander, Mrs., Jerome M., Jr.)
Baltimore Museum of Art (Parkhurst, Charles; Rosenthal, Gertrude)
Bardin, Ruth Jonas (incl. 2 b/w photographs of Jeanette Roman, Carmelite nun)
Bareiss, Walter
Baron, Ella (American Contemporary Art Gallery)
Barr, Margaret Scolari
Barry, Iris
Bartos, Mrs., Armand (corresp. re.)
Battcock, Gregory (E. P. Dutton & Co.)
Bauhaus (corresp. re.)
Beall, Lester
Beavers, Robert B. A. (Deerfield Academy)
Bedrossian, Nuvart (Wallkill Central School)
Beer, F. F.
Beiers, George
Berenson, Ruth
Bentivoglio, Mirella
Berggruen, Heinz (Berggruen & Cie)
Bergman, Charlotte (memo re.)
Berlind, Mrs., Sam (Westchester County Olympic Committee)
Bernheimer, Gladys L.
Bernier, Rosamond ( L'Oeil)
Beyeler, E. (Galerie Beyeler)
Biondi, Laurie
Bibliography of the Museum Collections (1959 November 15)
Blake, Peter (The Architectural Forum)
Bolker, Joseph R., M/M (Bright-Bilt Homes)
Booth, Winifred
Bonney, Thérèse (incl. copy of speech by Jean Auburttin)
Bonnheim, Byron A. (Edward H. Weiss and Company)
Bouchard, Thomas
Bourgeois, Louise (memo re. "Sleeping Figure")
Boys' Latin School Development Fund (Holloyday, Guy T. O.;Williams, Jack H.)
Bradley, Harry Lynde
Braddy, Julia
Bragazzi, Olive (memo re.)
Brandeis University (Gilbert, Creighton)
Brandenburg, Arthur (Duke University)
Bress, Mrs., Hyman
Brock (memo re.)
British Council, The
Brody, Sidney
Brooklyn College (Eisenstadt, A. S. )
Brown, J. Carter (National Gallery of Art)
Bucarelli, Palma (incl. copy of "Contemporary Italian Lecture")
Buchholz, Erich (TLS, TL not microfilmed)
Bundy Art Gallery (Carpenter, Harlow; inc. list of paintings and sculpture)
Burck, Jacob ( Chicago Sun Times; ALS)
Burke, Mrs., Frances
Burlington Magazine (Nicolson, Benedict)
Butler, Reg (memo re.)
Busch-Reisinger Museum of German Culture (Coolidge, John; Janson, Horst W.; Harvard University; Kennedy, Sargent; Kuhn, Charles L. )
Thompson, Colin (National Gallery of Scotland)
File incl. clippings

1.332; mf 2185:1242; mf 2186:5 C

Cahill, E. Holger (corresp. re.; incl. Grace Hartigan ALS)
Calder, Alexander (ALS)
Caldwell, William V. (incl. introduction to the manuscript "Visual Sequence Art")
Carlisle, Olga (2 ALS)
Carnegie Institute (von Groschwitz, Gustave)
Carnegie International (Washburn, Gordon)
Carp, Betty
Carré, Louis (directions to the Carré house)
Carter, Mrs., John
Casy, Marie (incl. 2. ALS)
Castelli Gallery (incl. TL Dowling-AHB re: complaint against Castelli)
Catlin, Stanton L. (Yale University Art Gallery)
Catlin, Tod (ALS)
Chablé, M. (TLS)
Chagall, Marc (4 memos re: Chagall Windows)
Chanin, Abe (corresp. re.)
Charles, Barbara
Cheek, Leslie., Jr. (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
Churches of Christ, The National Council of the (Ritenour, S. T.; incl. a Proposal for a Center for Interfaith Research on Religious Architecture)
Christian Action (Collins, L. John; incl. corresp. re: the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art)
Christie's (memo re: catalogue)
Church, Henry (list of works lent to MoMA by Church)
Claflin, Agnes (corresp. re.)
Clarke, Allan Hugh
Clark, Kenneth (incl. copy of "Art and Society")
Clert, Iris (Iris Clert Galerie; inlc. 2 ALS)
Cleveland Center for the Arts (Fitzpatrick, G. W.)
Cohan, Zara
Cohen, Arthur A. (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.)
Cohen, Helen (incl. 2 ALS)
Colby College (Carpenter, James M.)
Columbia Broadcasting Systems (incl. wall label text; Kuney, Jack; Penrose, Roland; Picasso, Pablo)
Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts (Cole, Frances M.)
Cone sisters (Beresford, Patricia; The Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc.)
Connaissance des Arts (Spar, M. Francis)
Conant, Howard (New York University)
Cook, Mildred (incl. 2 ALS)
Cooper Union Museum (du Pont, H. F.; Smith, Henry; incl. corresp. re: committee to save the Cooper Union Museum)
Constable, W. G.
CORE (Farmer, James)
Coster, Charles Henry
Crosby, John ( The New York Herald Tribune)
Cuba (press release)
Cumming, Burton (New York Graphic Society)
Cunningham, C. C. (Wadsworth Atheneum)
File incl. clippings

1.333; mf 2186:126 Colin, Ralph F.

File contains AHB-Colin correspondence
Hope, Henry R. (Indiana University)
Musicians Emergency Fund, inc. (Bates, Eve; Jaffe, Mrs., William B.)
Peat, Wilbur D. (Art Association of Indianapolis)
Rosenberg, Alexandre
File incl., clippings, AHB handwritten notes

1.334; mf 2186:172 Congress for Cultural Freedom: Berlin

Aron, Raymond ("Situation of Democracy" paper 1960 June 16-22)
Bieber, Marion
Deutsches Reisebüro
Dubois, Gisèle
Haffner, Sebastian (interview)
Jaffe, Irving
Lasky, Melvin J. (interview with Willy Brandt)
Nabokov, Nicolas
Wacker, Jeanne
Wulf, Joseph
File incl. clippings, pamphlet from seminar on "Tradition and Modernity" 1960 June, press releases, press excerpts, petition, copy of Congress for Cultural Freedom News 1961 June-July, social program 1960 June 16-22

1.335; mf 2186:258 Constatini, Egidio (Glass Sculpture)

Guggenheim, Peggy (incl. TLS)
Hodsoll, Gloria
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Selz, Peter
Weintraub, Jacob D. (The J & B Weintraub Gallery)
File incl. clippings, Sculpture in Vetro, IX Internazionale del Vetro d'Arte 1964
June-July, 17 b/w photographs; 7 with negatives

1.336; mf 2186:356 Cards: Christmas and New Years

Alsdorfs, James W. M/M
Ankrum Gallery
Beall, Lester M/M
Dahl, Einar
Damiano, Charles M/M
Doane, Mary Goodfellow
Domjan, Joseph
Dubourg, Jacques
Durand-Matthiesen, Jean-Pierre
Ebert, Robert H. M/M (Harvard Medical School)
Fuller, Richard and Betti
Gerardia, Helen
Gerlach, Kathryn and Gerhard
Girard, An[dré] (original print)
Harper, Bill, Louise and Paul
Hartung, Hans
Heller, Dorothy
Heydenryk, Henry
Javits, Jack M/M
Karoff, Simone & Findlay, Wally
Ketterer, Roman Norbert
Klee, Paul
Kotshík, Michael
Kuvshinoff, Bertha and Nicholai
MacKendrick, Lilian
Morgan, Willard M/M
Morot-Sir, Edouard
O'Connor, Francis
Perls Galleries
Peter Marks Gallery
Putman, Wallace
Roszak, Florance
Sievan, Maurice
Sihare, L. P.
Sörenson, Christian M/M
Spark, Victor D. M/M
University of Texas
Vereisky, Orest
Walker, Hugh and Shirley
Wall, Edward
Wilder, Amos
Wilson, Jane
Ziegler, Renée and Maurice

1.337; mf 2186:462 D

Damiano, Charles (incl. 2 TLS)
Dana, Richard H.
Danes, Gibson A. (Yale University School of Art and Architecture)
Davis, David (Foundation for Youth & Student Affairs; incl. ALS)
Davis, James E. (corresp. re: Davis films bequest to MoMA; incl. 3 ALS)
Delany, Edmund T. (Palmer, Serles, Delaney, Shaw & Pomeroy)
De Long, Frances (incl. TLS)
De Menil, Mrs., John
Derain, André (incl. AHB introduction to exhibition, wall label text)
Derbecq, Germaine (Galeria Lirolay)
Derenberg, Walter J. (New York University School of Law)
Dintenfass, Terry (Terry Dintenfass, Inc.)
Dobell, Mrs., Peter (memo re.)
Documenta and films (Nowotny, Karl-Heinz; Zwirner, Rudolf)
Donson, Jerome A. (Office of Cultural Affairs)
Dorcéley, Roland (corresp. re.)
Doren, Mark van (TLS)
Dorazio, Piero (incl. Giuliana Romai ALS re: Balla)
Douglas Gibbons - Holiday & Ives, Inc. (McCullough, Mrs., Frank)
Dowling, Mrs., Walter (American Embassy, Germany)
Downing, George E. (Brown University)
Drew-Bear, Lotte (International Gallery, Inc.)
Drexler, Arthur
Dubinsky, Linda
Duncan, David (corresp. re: Picasso's Picassos)
Dunn International Exhibition (incl. list of paintings; Beaverbrook, M.; Richardson, John; Wardell, Michael)
File incl. press releases, clippings

1.338; mf 2186:462 E

East Side Gallery (Freeman, Mark)
Eisenberg, Mrs., S.
Eisendrath, Craig (corresp. re.)
Eisenhart, Mrs., Luther P.
Ekstrom, Parminia (ALS)
Elkon, Robert (Robert Elkon Galery)
Elmendorf, John van G. (press release; recommendations and evaluations)
Emil, Allan (memo re.)
English-Speaking Union
Epstein, Mrs., Henry
Erffa, Helmut von (Rutgers University)
Erhard, Mr.
Erpf (2 memos re.)
Esman, Aaron H.
Esquire (Hayes, Harold)
Estorick, Eric
European reaction to American art (Shaw, Elizabeth)
American art in Europe (McCray, Porter)
Executive Committee (agenda for 1961 September 22 meeting)

1.339; mf 2186:683 F

Family of Man (Fiorillo, J.; The Protestant Council of the City of New York; Mayer, Grace; incl. 10 pg. description of Society of Family of Man; incl. corresp. re. exhibition)
Farleigh-Dickinson University
Farrell, Patric
Faulkner, William (clipping re: Nobel Prize Award speech)
Federal Advisory Council (copy of Smith, H. Alexander speech 1957 March 25)
Feigen, Richard L. (Richard Feigen Gallery)
Feininger, Mrs., Lyonel
Ferber, Cornelia
Fernández, Justino (Universidad Nacional de Mexico)
Field, Mrs., Henry
Finkelstein, Louis (The Jewish Theological Seminary of America)
Finsthwait, Mrs., Robert A. (incl. 3 ALS)
Fischbach, Mrs., H.
Fletcher, E. H. (Price Waterhouse Peat & Co.)
Flinker, Karl (Galerie Karl Flinker; ALS)
Ford Foundation, The (Koch, Sigmund; Johnson, Ruth Carter; Lowry, W. McNeil; incl. corresp. re. 1965 Museum Curatorial Training; program; press release)
Fort Worth (Amon C. Carter Foundation)
Foster, Jeanne R.
Fox, Milton S. (Harry N. Abrams, Inc.)
Fox, Samuel V.
Franc, Helen (memo re: future assignments of editorial consultant to the director)
Frank, Myrtil M/M
Frankfurter, Alfred ( Art News)
Franzen, Ulrich (Ulrich Franzen & Associates; Architects)
Freed, Marcia (Dover Publications, Inc.)
Freedberg, Sydney (Fogg Art Museum)
Freedom of the Arts (McCray, Porter; incl. draft of bill, report, joint resolutions)
Freeman, Richard B. (University of Kentucky)
Friedman, B. H. (corresp. re.)
Freindel, Bonnie (Skidmore College)
Fry, Annette (New York Democratic State Committee)
Fry, Edward F. (incl. ALS)
Fry, Varion (International Rescue Committee)
Fulbright program (Dept. of State press release)
Funt, David
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph

1.340; mf 2186:875 G

Gabo, N. (TLS)
Gage, Camilla (corresp. re.)
Galler, Donald
Ganz, Victor W. M/M
Garber, David M.
Garber, John M.
Gardner, John H., Jr. (First Presbyterian Church)
Garrick Theatre
Gary, Dorothy Hales
Geldzahler, Henry (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Genauer, Emily ( The New York Herald Tribune)
Germany (Schaefer, H.)
Gilbert, C. (Brandeis University)
Gilcrease Institute (Forrest, James T.)
Ginkel, H. P. Daniel van (Canadian World Exhibition Corporation)
Giron, Robert (Palais des Beaux-Arts)
Gnudi, Cesare (Twentieth Anniversary of the Resistance, Committee for the Celebration)
Golding, John
Goldfinger (memo re.)
Gombrich, Ernest (The Warburg Institute)
Gomis, Joaquin (incl. ALS)
Goodell, Robert C. (The Foreign Service of the United States)
Goodrich, Lloyd (incl. copy of Goodrich- Arts editor letter re: open letter to the President 1965 October 2)
Goodwin, Philip L. (corresp. re.)
Gordon, Irene (incl. c.v.)
Gordon, Mrs., Milton A. (Citizens' Committee for Children of New York, Inc.)
Gottlieb, Adolph (incl. ALS)
Graf, Otto (University of Vienna)
Grant, Michael (The Queen's University)
Gray, Cleve
Gres, Tana de Gámez (TLS)
Gribaudo, Ezio ( Edizioni d'Arte Fratelli Pozzo)
Griffith, Richard (incl. Lincoln Kirstein corresp. re: proposed Eisenstein exhibition; 4 pg. Kirstein poem re: Eisenstein)
Grigaut, Paul L. (Detroit Institute of Arts)
Grohmann, Will
Grolier Society, Inc. (Ferber, Stanley)
Guggenheim Museum (Selz, Peter; incl. clippings, press releases)
File incl. clippings

1956; 1960-1965
1.341; mf 2186:1051 H

Haas, Mrs., Walter
Haftmann, Werner
Hall, Donald
Halpern, Nathan L.
Halpert, Edith (The Downtown Gallerty)
Hamilton, George Heard (Yale University)
Hammacher, Abram (Rijksmuseum; incl. 2 ALS)
Hammarskjöld competition (Nordenfalk, Carl; Nationalmuseum, Sweden)
Harmon Foundation (Brown, Evelyn S.)
d'Harnoncourt, René
Harrison, Ellen (ALS)
Hartley (corresp. re.)
Hartmann, Kurt
Hartmann, Fritz, Jr.
Hartshorne, Charles (Emory University)
Hartt, Frederick (Washington University)
de Hauke, César M.
Haupt, Ira M/M
Havemeyer (memo re.)
Haven, Kathleen
Hawes, Marion E. (American Library Association)
Hazard, Leland (Plate Glass Company)
Hazen, Joseph H.
Hentzen, Alfred
Herald Tribune; Book Review (Doren, Irita Van; Rosenbaum, Belle)
Hess, Hans (The City of York Art Gallery)
Hess, Thomas B. ( Art News)
Highet, Gilbert
Hillman, Alex L.
Hirshhorn, Joseph H.
Hirschland, F. H.
Hitchcock, H. R.
Hochberg, Milton
Hochschild, Mrs., Harold (incl. 5 ALS)
Hodes, Scott (Arvey, Hodes & Mantyband)
Hodin, J. P.
Hofer, Philip (Harvard University)
Hoffman, Arnold (Mesabi Iron Company)
Honikman, A. H.
Hotaling, N. L.
Houmère, Mrs., Walter
Huston, John
File incl. clippings

1.342; mf 2186:1203 I

ICOM (Pirlot, M. C.; incl. minutes of 1965 September 22-24 committee meeting; list of participants)
Interchurch Center (Harmon, Francis S.)
International Association of Plastic Arts, Inc.
International Design Conference in Aspen (Gurlburt, Allen F.; Look; incl. program schedule)
International Institute of Arts and Letters (memo re.)
Institute of International Education (Holland, Kenneth incl. preliminary agenda and agenda for Seminar on Arts in the Soviet Union Meeting 1960 October 3-4; preliminary list and list of participants)
Institute of Modern Art (incl. press releases)
Isham, Mrs., Heyward
Israel (Kollek, Theodore; The Israel Museum)

1.343; mf 2186:1310 J

Jacobus, John M., Jr. (Princeton University)
Jackson, Martha (Martha Jackson Gallery; ALS)
Jaffe, William (Bentley, Warner, Haskins, John Wolford, Hicks, Orton H., Lathrop, Churchill P., Scotforf, John R., Jr.
Incl. corresp. re: Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College; copy of Secondary School Letter 1962 May; minutes of the First Meeting of the Hopkins Center Art Advisory Group 1960 October 21)
Jaffin, George M.
James, Astrid
James, Philip (2 ALS)
James, Charles (3 ALS)
Janis, Sidney (Sidney Janis Gallery)
Jardot, M. (ALS)
Javits, Jacob K. (incl. 2 TLS)
Jelliffe, Mrs., Smith Ely
Jette, Ellerton M/M
Jewish Museum Symposium (Solomon, Alan R.; incl. agenda for Advisory Council 1964 December 2)
Johansen, John MacL.
Johnson, Philip (Philip Johnson Associates; incl. 2 ALS; 2 TLS)
Johnston, Robert W.
Jones, Judith Bailey (Alfred A. Knopf Incorporated)
Jonsson, Ragner
Josephson, Matthew
Josten, Mrs., Werner E.
del Junco, Emilio (Trabia - Morris Gallery)
File incl. clippings; press releases

1.344; mf 2187:109 K

Kahnweiler, D. H. (corresp. re.)
Kaplan, Mrs., Jacob M. (Henry Street Settlement)
Karpel, Bernard (incl. proposal re: Donation of library research materials to foreign countries)
Katz, Bertram (2 memos re.)
Kaiser (The Jewish Museum; memo re.)
Kennedy, Ruth (Smith College)
Kennedy, Jacqueline (corresp. re: the John F. Kennedy Library)
Kerr, Coe
Ketterer, Roman Norbert (Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett)
Kiesler, Frederick (corresp re: Kiesler's Endless House)
Kimball, Richard A. (The American Academy in Rome)
Kislova, Lidiya D. (corresp. re.)
Knopf, Alfred A., Inc. (Gervasi, Eugene; Jones, Judith B.)
Koch, Richard H. (incl. 3 b/w photographs)
Koenigs, Wilhelm Otto M/M (corresp. re.)
Kollmar, Richard
Kootz, Samuel M. (Kootz Gallery)
Kornfeld (memo re.)
Kosice, G.
Kracauer, Siegfried
Kramarsky, Mrs., Siegfried
Kripke, Homer
Kröller-Müller Museum (Joosten, E.)
Kuebler, Paul C.
Kuh, Katherine
Kultermann, Udo (incl. TLS)
File incl. clippings

1.345; mf 2187:188 L

Lachman, Charles
Lacks, S. J.
Lambie, John
Lamplighter, George (The Equitable Life Insurance Society)
Langton, Basil
Larsson, Ellery
Lasker, Mrs., Albert D.
Leavitt, Thomas W. (The Pasadena Art Museum)
Leisure, Hoyt B. (Los Angeles County Museum)
Leval, Mrs., Fernand
Levine, Joseph E. (Embassy Pictures Corporation)
Levitt, Mrs., Mortimer
Levy, Julien
Levy Park Committee (Ascoli, Mrs., Max; Deutsch, Richard; Levy, Adele R.; Venuta, Benay; incl. minutes from 1964 November 24 Executive Committee Meeting; agenda for 1963 October 31 meeting; fact sheet; Parks, Plans, People - A Prologue: A summary of the Community Planning, Participation and Thinking)
Lewen, Si (corresp. re: George Grosz; incl. AHB annotated notes)
Lewin, A.
Liberman, Alexander
Life Magazine
Lilienthal, David E. (Development and Resources Corporation)
Lindley, Mrs., Denver
Lindon, Jacques (incl. TLS)
Lipchitz, Jacques (corresp. re: dinner in honor of Lipchitz)
list (clipping)
Lock, Charles K. (Look Galleries)
Loeb, John (corresp. re.)
Lofting, Cintra W. (incl. c.v.)
Look (Cowles, Cowles; Hurlburt, Allen F.; Willard, Charlotte)
Lowe, Mrs., Maxine
File incl. clippings

1.346; mf 2187:336 M

MacAgy, Douglas (Dallas Museum for Contemporary Arts)
MacDonald, John (memo re.)
MacAndrew, John (incl. review list)
McBride, Henry (corresp. re.)
McCloy, John J. (Milbank, Tweed, Hope & Hadley)
McCollester, Mrs., Roger (ALS)
McCormick Quarterly (Davis, Paul E.)
McKean, Q. A. Shaw (memo re.)
McLane, James L. (incl. 2 ALS)
McMullen, Mrs., Malcolm (incl. TLS)
Maeght (2 memos re.)
Malraux, André (clipping)
Marcus, Stanley
Maremont, Arnold H. (incl. TLS)
Marini, Mrs. Harry (Marini, Inc.)
Marlborough Galleria d'Arte (Chiodo, Vianello; Panicali, Carla)
Marshack, Alexander
Martins, María (incl. 4 ALS)
Marxhausen, Reinhold (California Concordia College)
Maslon, Samuel H. (Maslon, Kaplan, Edelman, Joseph & Borman)
Matta (memo re.)
Matarazzo Sobrinho, Francisco (Biennial of the São Paulo Foundation)
May, Morton D. (The May Department Stores Company; incl. press release)
Mayer, Grace M.
Menegakis, Manolis (corresp. re.)
Menegaki, Froso
Mendoza (memo re.)
de Menil, John
Association for Mentally Ill Children in Manhattan (Bakwin, Ruth)
Mexican Pavilion - New York's World Fair (Gamboa, Fernando)
Meyer, Franz
Middelheim (Baudouin, F.)
Millstein, Gil ( The New York Times; incl. AHB text for chapter in New York: The North)
Minnesota, University of (Nunn, William L.)
Mnuchin, Leon A. (Mnuchin & Smith)
Mobile Art Gallery (Burrows, Donald A.; incl. November Bulletin 1965)
Mocsanyi, Paul (The New School)
Modigliani, (memo re.)
Mongan, Agnes (Fogg Art Museum)
Moore, Henry (corresp. re.)
Morgan, Edouard (Ambassade de France)
Morris, George L. K.
Morrison, Mrs., Edward A.
Moskin, Ruth (incl. c.v.)
Moss, John (incl. Proposed Expedition Through Africa - 1960)
Motherwell, Robert
Motive Magazine (Rigg, Margaret; incl. "The Challenge of Culture to Christian Faith" schedule)
Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute (McLanathan, Richard; 2 telegrams)
Mukerji, S. (Consulate General of India)
music (incl. Copy of "A New Music Program for The Museum of Modern Art")
Myers, Bernard S. (McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.)
Myers, John (Tibor de Nagy Gallery)
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph, Beaumont Newhall TLS

1.347; mf 2187:603 N

Nabokov, Nicolas (Comité des Arts du Congrès Pour la Liberté de la Culture)
National Arts Council (Javits, Jacob J.)
National Broadcasting Company, Inc. (Barron, Arthur
Jones, Eugene S.; incl. list of questions for AHB)
National Council for United States Art (Redmond, Roland L.)
National Gallery of Scotland (Thompson, Colin)
New School for Social Research (Mocsanyi, Paul)
New York University (Conant, Howard)
Newberry, John S. (corresp. re.)
Newcomb, Stanley U.
Newhall, Beaumont
New Zealand (Auckland City Art Gallery)
Noble, Jane (memo re.)

1.348; mf 2187:661 O

O'Connell, Thomas A. (memo re.)
O'Doherty, Brian
Oppenheimer, Robert (copy of American Council of Learned Societies Newsletter 1959 October)
Orion Press (Matthiessen, Joan)
Orlandini, Marise Volpi
Osborn, Robert (incl. 5 ALS)
Osborn, William M/M

1.349; mf 2187:715 P

Picasso, Pablo (memo re.)
Paine, Stephen D.
Paley, William S. (Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.)
Pan Visual (Lees, W. John)
Pankow, Cynthia W. (Memorial Art Center)
Panofsky, Erwin (clipping re.)
Paris, Shirley
Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc. (Hyam, Leslie A.)
Parkinson, Elizabeth (incl. ALS)
Patai, Irene (incl. ALS)
Payson, Charles S.
Pellicer, Cirici
Peridot Gallery (Pollack, Louis)
Perls, Frank (Perls Frank Gallery)
Perls, Hugo
Perls, Klaus (Perls Gallery)
personnel (3 memos re.)
Peterson, (incl. outline of career)
Peto (loan receipt for paintings)
Petty cash
Phillips, Marjorie (The Phillips Collection; Amor, Ines; Galería de Arte Mexicano
Califano, Edward C.; Galerie Internationale)
Phillips, Anne Ashley
Phoenix Art Museum (incl. Schedule for the Dedication Ceremonies for the New Wing; Hammond, Linda; Snell, Frank)
photography (Steiner, Ralph; incl. Introduction for a new center for creative photography in New York City)
Piscator, Mrs., Erwin
Pittman, Hobson
Poland (memo re: Books for Poland)
Pollack, Mrs., Merrill
Prendergast, Eugenie (incl. 3 ALS)
Prévot, Myriam
Pronko, N. H. (Israel Institute of Technology; University of Wichita)
Purrmann, Hans (corresp. re.)
Putman, Helen B.
File incl. Minutes of the Staff Program Committee Meeting 1960 September 21, agenda for Staff Committee Meeting 1960 August 22

1.350; mf 2187:850 Q

Quijada, M. J. Montes de Oca
Quinn, John (clipping re.)
Countess Quintanella
File incl. clippings

1.351; mf 2187:860 R

Raffel, Gertrude Stein (memo re.)
Raffel, Burton (The Foundation Library Center)
Ragghianti, Carlo L. (Instituto di Storia dell'Arte dell'Unversitá)
Random House, Inc (Epstein, Jason)
Rathbone, Perry T. (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Read, Herbert
The Reader's Digest (Wallace, De Witt)
registrar (memo re: registrar's release, pass and receipt form)
Reichhold, Henry
Reid, Norman (The Tate Gallery)
Reid, A. J. McNeill
Reis, Bernard
Rewald, John (memo re.)
Reyn, Alfred (incl. TLS)
Riabov, George (memo re.)
Ribera, Antoni
Rimington, D. A.
Rivière, Georges Henri (The International Council of Museums)
Robakowski, Yosef
Robbins, Daniel (The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; incl. ALS)
Robinson, Bryan (The Whitechapel Art Gallery; ALS)
Robinson, Rochelle Ann
Roditi, Harold
Rodman, Seldon (incl. corresp. re: Rodman book The Insiders; 9 TLS)
Rondale House (Hawkins, Mrs., Noel D.)
Roos, Allan M/M (incl. ALS)
Rosenberg, Alex (memo re.)
Rosenthal, Seymour (ALS)
Ross, Cary
Ross, Ann (Ann Ross Gallery)
Rothschild, Herbert M.
Rothstein, John (The Tate Gallery)
Rubin, Mrs., Jerome S.
Rubinstein, Mala
Rusk, William Sener
Russell, Gordon (corresp. re.)
Russell, Haidi (German Consulate General; Cultural Attaché)
Russell, John
Russell, Véra (ALS)
File incl. clippings

1.352; mf 2187:1040 Soby [James Thrall]

File incl. AHB-JTS correspondence
Barry, Iris
Breton, André
Gnudi, Cesare
Janis, Sidney
Karpel, Bernard
McCray, Porter A.
Mongan, John S.
Rockefeller, David
Rockfeller, John D.
Sachs, Paul J.
Schmidt, Gordon (The Bruce Museum)
Soby, Douglas Cooper
Wheeler, Monroe
File incl. clippings, press releases, c.v., JTS article "Walker Evans; A Personal Tribute", piece about Yves and Kay Tanguy

1.353; mf 2187:1180; mf 2188:5 S

Saarinen, Eero (Saarinen and Associates)
Sachs, Elizabeth
Sachs, Paul J. (corresp re.)
Salisbury, Harrison E. ( The New York Times)
Salles, Georges
Samuels, Spencer A.
Sandberg, W. J. H. B. (Stedelijk Museum; incl. 2 ALS; van Gogh, V. W.; TLS; Lastaster, G.)
San Diego, The Fine Arts Gallery of (Beach, Warren)
Sargent, John T. (Doubleday and Company; incl. TLS)
Sargent, Mrs., Martin V. B. (The American Church in Paris)
Schames, Samson (Duthuit, Margerite G.)
Schmidt-Kohl, Georg
Schreib, Werner
Schuyler, James
Scott, Zachary
Scrutton, Hugh (Walker Art Gallery)
Scull, Robert C. M/M
Segal, Hyman R. (corresp. re. Nolde's Christ Among the Children and Schmidt-Rottluff's Pharisees)
Segall, Lasar (greeting card)
Seitz, William (incl. speech "The Role of Avant-Garde" from Brandeis Symposium: Modern Art and Mass Culture 1962 June 3)
Selz, Peter (corresp. re.)
Seyrig, Henri (Musée de France; incl. ALS)
Shaw, George Hamilton
Shelton, H. W. (incl. ALS)
Shorewood Publishing Co., Inc. (Moskowitz, Ira)
Sicre, José Gomez (Pan American Union)
Silberman, Abris (E. and A. Silberman Galleries, Inc.)
Simon, John
Sixteen Americans (Weill, Guy A.)
Skira, Albert
Slatkin, Charles E.
Smith, Bernard
Smith, Lawrence M. C. (incl. Terms of Reference for Paper on Freedom of Expression in Arts)
Smith, Sam
Sobrinho, Francisco Matarazzo (Museu de Arte Moderna: São Paulo)
Solomon, Alan R.
Spaeth, Mrs., Otto (Archives of American Art, New York University Medical Center; incl. TL AHB-Spaeth re: Russian trips)
Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc. (Macdonald, Nancy; corresp. re. organized art show for refugees; incl. list of contributing artists)
Spector, Mrs., Norman
Sports Illustrated (invitation)
Sprague, Arthur R.
Stadelmayer, Peter M/M
Staempfli, George W. (Staempfli Gallery; incl. ALS)
Steichen, Edward (incl. TL Steichen-Dmitri re: "Photography of Fine Arts" project)
Steinberg, Harris B.
Steinberg, Leo (incl. ALS, Steinberg article "Contemporary Art and the Plight of its Public" )
Stenersen, Johan H.
Stevens, Edmund W.
Stevenson, Adlai E.
Stieglitz, Alfred (incl. corresp. with Peter Bunnell; Yale University Library re: Stieglitz letters)
de Stijl (memo re: revised edition)
Stopler, Murray
Strasfogel, Ignace
Straus, Mrs., Donald E. (Planned Parenthood - World Population)
Strelsin, Alfred M/M (telegram)
Striker, Cecil (corresp. re.)
Strong, Mrs., L. Corrin (incl. ALS)
Sturtevant II, Mrs., Ira F.
Stykolt, Hilary (2 ALS)
Sunami, Soichi (incl. greeting card)
Sutton, Denys
Swartz, Mrs., Harry M.
Sweeney, James Johnson (The Museum of Fine Arts)
Swets & Zeitlinger
Swing, Mrs., Gram B.
Szarkowski, John File incl. clippings

1.353a; mf 2188:173 Toronto

Canadian Art (Arthur, Paul; Jarvis, Alan)
Duncan, Douglas (Picture Loan Society)
Isaacs, A. (The Isaacs Gallery; corresp. re. Coughtry exhibition)
del Junco, Emilio (incl. corresp. re. Coughtry)
Meltzer, Mrs., David
Moës, Dorothy C. (Here & Now Gallery Limited; corresp. re. shippment of Comtois' "Reve des Isles" #5)
Nakamura, Kazuo
Newman, Barnett
Parkin, Mrs., John C. (Women's Committee of the Art Gallery of Toronto)
Town, E.
Town, Harold
Withrow, William J. (The Art Gallery of Toronto)
Young, A.
File incl. clippings, catalogue and price list of 15th Annual Exhibition and Sale of Contemporary Canadian Painting, Sculpture and Graphics, press release

1.353b Barr trip to Toronto

File not microfilmed

1.354; mf 2188:341 T

Tacha, Athena C. (Fondation du Brésil)
Tanguy, Kay
Tee-Van John (corresp. re.)
Theobald, Mrs., Paul
Thompson, Francis (corresp. re.)
Think (memo re.)
Time Magazine
Tirelli, Giovanni
Toninelli, Romeo
Torczyner, Harry
Trinity College (Holland, Albert E.; corresp. re. Austin Art Center; Jacobs, Albert C.)
Trygvado Air (Copley, Mrs., A. L.)
Tucker, Albert (The Museum of Modern Art of Australia)
Turkish Consulate General (Berker, Fikret)
Twentieth Century Fund (Heckscher, August)
Twyman, John V.

1.355; mf 2188:391 U - V

UNESCO (Haase, Lois)
Valentin, Curt (AHB-Fischer corresp. re. exhibition honoring the memory of Valentin)
Valentiner, William R. (corresp. re.)
van den Heuvel, Mrs., William J.
Vassar College Centennial Loan Exhibition (Bancroft, Harding)
Viale, Vittorio (corresp. re.)
visit (memo re: visit of Contemporary Arts Society of the Tate Gallery)
Vitali, Lomberto (incl. 2 ALS)
Vogue (Talmey, Allene)
Volavka, Vojtech

1.356; mf 2188:439 W

Wagner College (Mass, Willard)
Walker, John (National Gallery of Art, Washington)
Wallace, DeWitt (The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.)
Wallis, Mieczyslaw (incl. c.v.)
Walters, Florence
Walton, William (clipping)
Warburg, Edward M.M.
Warner, Keith
Watchclock Stations (memo re.)
Watson, Elizabeth E. (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company)
Weintraub, William H.
Weiss, Ruth
Wellesley College (Streeter, Mrs., Frank S.; corresp. re: formation of "Friends of Art")
Wellesley College Art Loan Exhibition (Bober, Phyllis Pray; New York University; incl. list of definite loans)
Wengrow, Jack
Wesinger, Arthur S. (Wesleyan University)
Whitney Museum (memo re: Museum Trustees)
Whyte, Lancelot (Wesleyan University)
von Wiegand, Charmion
Wildenstein, Georges ( Gazette des Beaux-Arts)
Wilbur, Florence (incl. 7 ALS)
Williams, Hobart Lyle (incl. c.v.)
Wilson, Walter
Wilson, William (Los Angeles Times)
Wingler, Hans Maria (memo re.)
Wittkower, Milton J. (Columbia University)
WNTA-TV (Heffner, Richard D.; Educational Television for the Metropolitan Area, Inc.)
Wolf, Howard A.
World's Fair (George, Philip; Rothwaell, George J.; Zinsser, William K.)
Wright, Frank Lloyd (corresp. re.)
Wurster, Catherine B. (tributes for Wurster)
File incl. clippings, press release

1.357; mf 2188:617 X, Y, Z

Yale University School of Art and Architecture (Danes, Gibson A.)
Yedovina, Marya Feodorovna (Hermitage Museum)
Young, Elizabeth
Yugoslavian Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (memo re. Celebonovic, Aleska)
Yuellig, Donald P.
Zalstem-Zalessky, Evangeline
de Zayas, Marius (corresp. re.)
Zborowski, Michael
Zeisler, Richard S.
Zerbe, Karl (The Florida State University)
Zerbe, Mrs., Karl (incl. ALS)
Zervos, Christian (Cahiers d'Art, incl. TLS)
Zinkine, John A.

1.358; mf 2189:5 A

Abbott, Jere
Abrams, Harry N. (Glassner, Nancy; Harry N. Abrams, Inc.)
Ackerman, James (Harvard University)
Adams, Harriet Dyer (ALS)
Advocates for the Arts (Hightower, John B.)
Ahlanser, Judd (Department of State; Florida)
Akston, Joseph J. M/M
Alcopley, L. (incl. 2 ALS, TLS)
Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art (Abelson, Richard H.; Wein, Lane & Malkin; Aldrich, Larry; Crystal, Richard; Wein, Lane & Malkin; Dyer, Ruth; incl. corresp. re: expansion of Aldrich Museum in New York City, annual report to the Board of Trustees 1970)
Allemandi, Umberto (Bolaffi Arte)
Allen, Mrs., Charles E.
Amadon, Dean (American Museum of Natural History)
Amberg, George (New York University)
American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Weisskopf, Victor F.)
American Association of Museums (Beck, John A.)
American Academy in Rome (Boland, Emily Schumacher)
American Chess Foundation (Wallace, Sidney)
Anad, Mulk Raj (MARG; Chand, Suruchi)
Anderson, Lawrence B. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Anderson, Concetta
Anderson, Martha
Archipenko, Alexander (corresp. re.)
d'Archot, Ruby (International Survey on the Promotion of the Arts)
Arnason, H. Harvard
Art Bulletin (Gilbert, Creighton; Queens College)
Art Quarterly (Hood, Graham; Woods, Willis F.)
Artes Visuales (Stellweg, Carla)
Artists Technical Research Institute (McLean, Sally; Mayer, Ralph)
Arts Councils of America (Farrell, Joseph)
Ashton, Dore (The Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture; incl. 2 ALS)
Attalai, Gabor
File incl. press release

ca. 1966-1967
1.359; mf 2189:165 American Academy Arts/Sciences

Brewer, George F.
Brooks, Harvey
Burchard, John E.
Land, Edwin H.
Parsons, Talcott
File incl. proposed reclassification of Fellows, Fellows Emeriti and Foreign Members, list of fellows for election to membership 1952 May 14, AHB letter of recommendation re: JTS and Beaumont Newhall

1952; ca. 1966
1.360; mf 2189: [229] American Federation of Arts

Ludgin, Earle
Messer, Thomas M.
Naves, Elizabeth S.
Newberger, Roy. R.
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Schramm, James S.
Value, Renée
File incl. citation read at 50th anniversary meeting 1959 April 24, minutes of the Executive Committee meeting 1956 August 14, questionaire: "The Increasing Administrative Costs of Intra-Museum Loans"

1956, 1958-1959
1.361; mf 2189: [260] Art in America Magazine

Ault, Lee A.
Colin, Ralph F. (Roseman, Colin, Kaye, Petschek & Freund)
Koff, Mildred
Lipman, Jean
Morot-Sir, Edouard (Ambassade de France; incl.TLS)
O'Doherty, Brian; Soby, James Thrall
File incl. AHB handwritten notes, preliminary list for 100 selected examples of American painting and sculpture for the World's Fair show, open letter to Robert Moses, minutes of the Editorial Board Meeting 1959 November 17, handwritten draft and typed draft of AHB letter to editor 1963 October

1960-1963; 1971
1.362; mf 2189: [293] Art News Magazine

Hess, Thomas B.
Frankfurter, Alfred
Rich, Daniel Catton (The Art Institute of Chicago)
Shaw, Elizabeth
Thompson, G. David
File incl. clippings, 2 TL AHB-editor including drafts

1954, 1957, 1961
1.363; mf 2189: [387] Artists Club

1955, 1958-59, 1961, 1965
Campbell, Kenneth
Littleflield, William H. (incl. poem "Murder on Tenth Street" by Littlefield)
File incl. copy of panel discussions: 1961] October 27 "The Guggenheim Image"; 1959 April 10 "What is the New Academy"; 1959 March 13 "What is the New Academy?1955 February 11

1.364; mf 2189: [430] Association of Art Museum Directors

1946, 1948-1949, 1951, 1960-1961, 1963, 1966-1967
Cairns, Huntington (National Gallery of Art)
Coleman, Laurence Vail
Cunningham, Charles C. (Wadsworth Atheneum)
MacLan, J. Arthur (The Toledo Museum of Art)
Milliken, Wiliiam M. (Cleveland Museum of Art)
Newton, Francis J. (The Portland Art Associaton)
Rich, Daniel Catton (The Art Institute of Chicago)
Richardson, E. P. (The Detroit Institute of Arts)
Rueppel, Merrill C. (Dallas Museum of Fine Arts)
Whittmann, Otto (The Toledo Museum of Art)
File incl. Points to be raised in the paper that Paul Sachs is presenting in the form of seven concrete questions for panel discussion

1.365; mf 2189: [481] B

1963, 1965-1969, 1970, 1972-1973, 1976-1977
Bakwin, Harry M.M/M (incl. ALS)
Baltimore (The Maryland Institute, College of Art; Leake, Eugene W.)
Baltimore Museum of Art, The (Cone, Jane Harrison; incl. list of works given to MoMA by Saidie A. May; Freudenheim, Tom L.)
Bank Street College of Education (Field, Mrs., William H.; Niemeyer, John G.; Strong, L. Corrin; incl. statement by Peppino Mangravite)
Barnet, Peter (incl. ALS)
Barr, Jerry (incl. TLS)
Barry, Iris (corresp. re.; incl. Barry ALS)
Batty, Peter (TV Network Limited)
Batigne, René M/M (incl. excerpt from The Picasso of War and Peace, 3 TLS)
Bauer, John (The University of Santa Clara)
Bentley, Walter (Dartmouth College; corresp. re.)
Bermúdez, Cundo
Beyeler, Ernst (Galerie Beyeler)
Berry, Dwight
Blakemore, Carolyn
Bouché, Denise
Bohan, Ruth L. (National Collection of Fine Arts)
Boulton, Alfredo (incl. ALS)
Boulton, Rudyerd (The Atlantic Ecological Research Station)
Bowlt, John E. (University of Texas; incl. Modern Russian Masters list of contents)
Bowne, James D. (incl. corresp. re: German Art Exhibition at the the Detroit Institute of Arts, 1920's)
Brest, Jorge Romero (Galería Promenade)
Brooks, Peter (Harvard Art Review; incl. spring issue 1966
Brown, Robert W.
Brucker, Daniel T.
Burlington Magazine Publications Ltd. (Sunderland, John; corresp. re: Nicolson, L.)
File incl. b/w photgraph

1.366; mf 2189: [607] Baer, Vico

File incl. AHB-Baer correspondence
Baer, Mrs., Vico (incl. 4 ALS)
Lambi, Mrs., John
Selz, Peter
Wittgens, Fernanda (incl. 3 TLS)
File incl. clippings, Vico Baer ALS

1960, 1963-1965
1.367; mf 2189: [651] Balla [Giacomo]

1953-1965, 1958-1959, 1972
Alstyne, Grace Taylor Van (incl. 3 ALS)
Balla, Luce (incl. card, drawing, ALS, TLS
Kent, Frank S.
File incl. Giacomo Balla TLS

1.368; mf 2190:6 Barnes Foundation

1932, 1947, 1950-1953 1955-1956, 1960-1961, 1963
Barnes, Albert C.Berridge, Ruth
Hammer, Jack D.
Haupt, Ira
Hess, Tom ( Art News)
Kohn, Harold E. (Dilworth, Paxson, Kalish & Green)
Lawrence, Marion (Barnard College)
MacDonald, Dwight ( The New Yorker)
Matisse, Pierre
Morley, Grace L. McCann (incl. ALS)
Sant, Esther H. Van
Schack, William
File incl. clippings, Henri Matisse ALS, excerpts and report from Barnes speech at the Philadelphia Museum of Art 1948 April 7, excerpts from Fiske Kimball's Lecture on Matisse 1948 April 30, open letter to Philadelphia Museum of Art

1.369; mf 2190:225 Barr - Miscellaneous

1972-1973, 1975, 1977
File incl. AHB-Monawee A. Richards, MSB, Rona Roob correspondence
File incl. clippings, MSB ALS

1.369a; mf 2190:288 Barr - Notes

File incl. sheet of AHB handwritten notes

1.370; mf 2190:291 Barr Biographical material (& Misc.)

1941-1944, 1946, 1954
American Council of Learned Societies
Carmichael, Leonard (National Resources Planning board)
Cattell, Jaques (Biographical Directory of American Scholars)
Dickson, John (National Cyclopedia of American Biography)
Rocker, R. (Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere)
Russel, John R. (incl. TLS)
Trelease, Karin E. (Harvard University)
File incl. material not microfilmed, clippings, AHB c.v., AHB handwritten notes, list of AHB publications and MoMA catalogues

1.371; mf 2190:384 Biographical releases

Coleman, Butler (Archives of American Art)
Blakemore, Carolyn (J. B. Lippincott Company)
Kay, Ernest (Dictionary of International Biographers)
Le Noan-Vizioz, M. (Librairie Larousse)
Redding, William J. (The Frontier Press Co.)
The Blue Book
The International Who's Who
Who's Who in America 37th Edition (proof of biography)
File incl. AHB c.v.1963, 1972, 1975, AHB biographical notes 1969 May, press releases, clippings

1.372; mf 2190:450 Articles, etc. concerning A. H. B., Jr.

Who's Who in American Art
File incl. AHB answers to Katherine Kuh's questions for article in the Saturday Review and draft with AHB handwritten notes, copy of Katherine Kuh article in the Saturday Review 1967 September 30, AHB biographical notes 1969 May

1.373; mf 2190: [516] Who's Who

Current Biography (Moritz, Charles)
Directory of American Scholars (Cattell, Jacques)
Hartle, Patricia
The International Who's Who
The National Cyclopedia of American Biography (Asche, Eliene; Goodman, L. A.)
Who's Who in America (Sammons, Wheeler, Jr.)
Who's Who in American Art (Gilbert, Dorothy B.)

1.374; mf 2190:576 A. H. B. Biography for Public Information (revised 10/10/79) 10/10/1979
1.375; mf 2190:608 Barr - Birds

African Hunting Safaris
Amadon, Dean (The American Museum of Natural History)
Audubon Society, The (Baker, John H.; incl. TLS)
Carleton, Geoffrey
Everett, R. A. (The Cloister)
Greenway, James C., Jr. (incl. ALS)
Linnean Society (Alperin, Irwin A.; incl. newsletter)
Skelton, Kathleen Green
Straus, Mrs., Donald B.
The World Telegram and Sun
File incl. clippings Park Association of NYC newsletter, Studies of the Timber Wolf in Isle Royale National Park by David Mech 1961 May 1, The Beaver of Isle Royale National Park by Philip C. Shelton

1.376; mf 2190:695 Barr - Christmas/New Years

Benno, Benjamin G.
Generali_, Josip
Jaffin, Janey and George

1.377; mf 2190:706 Barr - Family

Barr, Andrew (incl. TLS with handwritten notes)
Barr, F. R.
Barr, James (Princeton Theological Seminary)
Barr, Marga
Barr, Victoria (Barr, Andrew
Catlin, Stanton L.; Yale University Art Gallery
Goodrich, Lloyd; Whitney Museum
Smith, James Hopkins, Jr.)
Barr-Baharav, M.
Bell, Raymond M. (Washington and Jefferson College)
Colbaugh, Elizabeth Linn (Wellesley College)
Moran, Owen I. (Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church)
Sheffield, Anne (Planned Parenthood - World Population)
Stewart, George R. (University of California)
Wilson, Andrew W. (University of Arizona)
Wilson, Jane (Christmas card)
Wilson, Robert (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings

ca. 1960s
1.378; mf 2190:773 Barr - Financial

Barr, Andrew
Brown, Richard (TL Brown-AHB incl. The Association of Art Museum Directors tentative agenda for 1963 May 24-26 meeting)
Bunshaft, Gordon
Canfield, Cass (Harper & Row Publishers)
Carré, Louis
Chávez, Agustin Velázquez
Clark, Kenneth
Colin, Ralph F. (Rosenman, Colin, Kaye, Patchek and Freund; incl. corresp. re: Thompson bequest)
Coolidge, John (Fogg Art Museum)
Cowles, Gardner (Look Magazine)
Dix, William S. (Princeton University Library)
Douglass, Truman B. (Foundation for the Arts, Religion and Culture)
Dows, Olin
Dreyfuss, Henry (incl. TLS)
Duschnes, Philip C.
Duncan, David Douglas
Engel, Leonard O. (Provident Savings Bank)
Epstein, Mrs., Henry
Fishko, Bella (Forum Gallery)
Gaffé, René
Ginsberg, Mrs., William R. (Artists for SEDF)
van Gogh, V. W.
Green, Rosalie B. (Index of Christian Art)
Gregory, Elinor (Wadsworth Atheneum)
Hampton, Verne C. II (Dickenson, Wright, McKean & Cudlip)
Javits, Benjamin (TL re: Jack Javits)
Javits, Jacob K.
Joosten, E. (The Kröller-Müller Museum)
Karpel, Bernard (incl. memo re: Wescott letter from Kirchner 1936)
Kessler, Mrs., (New York University)
Lee, Rensselaer (Princeton University; incl. ALS, TLS)
van Lerberghe, J.
MacDonald, Mrs., Dwight (Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc.)
Maloney, John G. (Melon National Bank and Trust Company)
Mayer, Grace M. (TLS)
Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl
Morot-Sir, Edouard (Ambassade de France)
Neill, John E. (W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.)
Pyne, Nancy J. (Thomas Y. Crowell Company)
Rich, Marvin (CORE)
Sachs, Paul J. (corresp. re: Sachs galleries)
Saltonstall, John L., Jr. (National Committee of Arts, Letters and Sciences for John F. Kennedy for President)
Sauvage, Tristan (Galleria Schwartz)
Strand, Paul
Szarkowski, John
Ueda, Rsunetaka (The Mainichi Newspapers)
Wallis, Robert
Witterborn, George (Witterborn & Co.)
Zwemmer, Anton
File incl. clippings, TLS New York University Medical Center special events committee-AHB, list of books given by AHB to library 1963 July 2, list of books delivered to the library 1970 February 12

1.379; mf 2190:952 Barr - Grand Jury

Burden, William A. M. (incl. 3 TLS)
Capozzoli, Louis J. (Supreme Court of the State of New York)
Davidson, Irwin D. (Criminal Court Building)
Dickens, Thomas (Supreme Court of the State of New York)
d'Harnoncourt, René (incl. 3 TLS)
Kane, Thomas F.
McGurrin, James
Moore, Thomas J.
Patek, Arthur J.
Rockefeller, Mrs., John D. (incl. 5 TLS)
Watson, Archibald R.

1.380; mf 2190:1015 Barr - Medical

Davis, Adele
Evers, Ray (incl. TLS re: Chelaton Therapy)
Fried, Rose (Rose Fried Gallery)
Gordon, Jack (Whitney Museum of American Art)
Roberts, Thomas
Spingold, Frances (incl. 2 ALS)
File incl. AHB handwritten notes

1.381; mf 2190:1039 Barr - Personal, General

Anker, Ruth Hutton (corresp. re. portrait study; incl. ALS)
apartment (Byrne, William; Hart, Richard B.)
Moskowitz, Henry
Boys Latin School (Filbert, Edwin B.; incl. ALS; Tatum, Chauncey R.)
Bunting, Mary I. (TL AHB-Bunting re: Anne Boldt)
Bushnell Binoculars (Camera, Peerless)
Century Club
Chamberlain, Betty (Betty Chamberlain Associates)
Harris, Roger
King, Edward S. (Walters Art Gallery)
McCurdy, Charles R. (incl. ALS)
Osborn, Robert (2 ALS)
Macdonald, Mrs., Dwight (Spanish Refugee Aid)
New York Herald Tribune (Reid, Whitelaw; incl. AHB letter to the editor)
Phelps, Daphne (incl. ALS)
Power, James M.
Rauh, Morton (Educational Testing Service)
Vietnam (statement on U. S. policy by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society)
Winter, Marianne
File incl. clippings, introduction and guide to examples of domestic architecture in Paris built in the post-war international functional style

1.382; mf 2190:1118 Barr Retirement: Kind Word

Bourgeois Louise (ALS)
Chermayeff, Serge (ALS)
Coolidge, John (Fogg Art Museum; TLS)
Ede, Jim
Ferber, Albert (ALS)
Fishko, Mrs., Bella (Forum Gallery)
Frankenstein, Alfred V.
Gimpel Fils, Ltd.)
[Hartell] , John (ALS)
Jaffe, William B. (TLS)
Junco, Emil Del
Karpel, Bernard
McEwen, Frank (The Rhodes National Gallery)
McLeavey, Peter (incl. TLS)
Malbin, Lydia Winston
de Menil, John (TLS)
Sloane, Joseph C. (TLS)
Taylor, Davidson (Columbia University; TLS)
Taylor, Harold
File incl. AHB handwritten notes, guestlist for 1967 June 27 AHB party

1.383; mf 2190:1164 Barr Retirement: 27 Building Study

Flink, Thomas C.
Incl. suggested layout, third floor plan

1.383a Barr Dedication

File not microfilmed

1.384; mf 2190:1172 Travel (#1)

Easton Academy (Garey, L. Elbert; Lederer, Kurt; Sharp, II, Robert; Tidewater Realty Company)
Katz, Karl
Koch, Edward
File incl. AHB itinerary for 1961 February 2-11 trip to West Indies [Antigua and Dominica], annotated list of Norwegian addresses

1.385; mf 2190:1198 Travel (#2) London (Matisse)

The Arts Council of Great Britain (Glazebrook, Mark; White, Gabriel)
File incl. clippings, agenda for July 1968 for the Inaugural Matisse Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery

1.386; mf 2190:1226 Travel (#3) Australia

Casey, Maie (draft, AHB handwritten notes; ALS)
Westbrook, Eric (National Gallery of Victoria)

1.387; mf 2190:1238 Travel (#4) Portugal 1968
1.388; mf 2190:1241 Travel (#5) Spain

Bratton, Jean (ALS)
Spayer, Darthea (ALS)
Welles, Jane (incl. ALS, TLS, ALS AHB-Welles)
Wheeler, Monroe (ALS)

1.389; mf 2190:1262 Travel (#6) Montreal Trip - International Council

Basualdo, Rodolfo (Vacation Land Service, Inc.)
Smith, Bertram (TL re: International Council)
Zacks, S. J.
File incl. invitation of 1967 May 12-16 International Council of MoMA

1.390; mf 2190:1277 Travel (#7) Summer


1.391; mf 2190:1279 Travel (#8) Greensboro, Stockbridge

AHB corresp. with Betsy Jones and MF

1.392; mf 2190:1316; mf 2190:6 Spring Meeting - International Council San Francisco

Brody, Frances
Ludington, Wright
Perls, Frank (Frank Perls Gallery)
Rasmussen, Waldo
Rowan, Carolyn
Walker, Mrs., Brooks
File incl. price list of The New Japanese Painting and Sculpture [ICE-D-13-64], Agenda of 1965 April 29 Spring Meeting, press release

1.393; mf 2191:34 Travel (#9) Key West

File incl. memos and notes

1.394; mf 2191:54 Travel - Salisbury

Baulton, Rudyard (The Atlantica Ecological Research Station)
Chapin, James P. (The American Museum of Natural History)
Esicritt, Helen (ALS)
Foster, George
Goldwater, Robert (Museum of Primitive Art)
Harmon Foundation, Inc. (Brown, Evelyn S.; incl. corresp. re. African art)
Hayman, P. T.
Hochschild, Walter
Holas, B.
Jackson, R. V.
Kofi, Vincent Akwete (Winneba Training College)
Kurtz, Seymour J.
McNulty, Theodore P. (Newsweek Magazine)
Mvusi, Selby (Kwane Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; incl. ALS, The Social Significance of the Arts in Africa Today by Mvusi 1961 October 23)
Niesewand, P. J. (The Evening Standard)
Ostrander, F. Taylor (American Metal Climax, Inc.)
Papenfus, T. N. (incl. ALS)
Penrose, Roland A.
The Rhodes National Gallery (McEwen, Frank; Reed, Mrs., E.)
Rockefeller, John D.
Russell, John (ALS)
Simmons, Carmel (American Society of African Culture)
Smithers, Ready, H. N. (National Museums of Southern Rhodesia)
Soby, James Thrall
Sullivan, A. (William Collins Sons & Co., Ltd.; incl. corresp. re. Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa)
Walter, Kay (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings, 3 negatives, AHB handwritten draft of Thompson letter 1962 July 23, AHB handwritten notes, 1962 August 1-11 program of events, Notes on Hunting and Game Photography in Tanganyila Territory, corresp. with Rona Roob, AHB article A Remarkable City is this Salisbury 1962 August 8, 22 b/w photographs of Thomas Maybank art, printed matter, 17 b/w photographs re: Salisbury transparencies, material not microfilmed

1.395; mf 2191:439 Barr Fete

Buck, Emay (incl. ALS)
Ede, Jim (incl. ALS)
Gimbel, Mrs., Bernard
d'Harnoncourt, René M/M (incl. ALS)
Hazan, Joseph (incl. TLS)
Justema, William (incl. ALS)
McDonald, Ranald H. (incl. ALS on back of clipping)
McKenna, Rosalie Thorne (incl. ALS)
MacIver, Lloyd M/M (ALS)
Moore, Henry
Paley, William
Rockefeller, Blanchette
Rothschild, Herbert M. M/M (incl. ALS)
Stella, Frank
Zeisler, Richard S.
File incl. dinner guest list and addresses

1.396 mf 2191:495 Barr: Honors / Awards Miscellaneous

1960, 1964, 1966-68, 1970, 1972-74
Archipenko, Alexander
Cummings, Williard W.
Lee, Helen Joy (incl. ALS)
Mayer, Grace M.
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Eastman, Jr., John; incl. Program and Thomas Hess citation re: AHB for 1974 April 30 Annual Awards Dinner)
Wingler, Maria File incl. clippings, Time Magazine 1964 November 7 Ivy League Game of the Week; Famous Alumni speech

1.397; mf 2191:545 1980 CAA Award

Barr, Margaret Scolari (TLS)
Walsh, John, Jr. (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
File incl. draft of John Walsh CAA Newsletter: CAA Establishes Barr Award for Museum Scholarship

1.398; mf 2191:551 European Art Dealers Association

Richards, Mrs., Monawee A.
Europaische Kunsthandler Vereinigung (Zwirmer, Rudolph; Ihsen, Brigitte)
File incl. clippings

1.399; mf 2191:561 Barr: Columbia University: Doctor of Humane Letters (Lt.D)

Cordier, Andrew W. (incl. 2 TLS)
Desch, Carl W. (Alumni Federation of Columbia University)
Torbert, W. M.
File incl., press release copy of Columbia Commencement Exercises 1969 June 2-3

1.400; mf 2191: [585] New York State Award: Barr

Hightower, John B. (New York State Council of the Arts)
Moe, Henry Allen
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (incl. TLS)
Swan, Simone
File incl. press release, New York State Award 1968

1.401; mf 2191:619 Barr: National Institute of Arts and Letters Award

Akston, James
Gropper, William (ALS)
Horwitt, Nathan George
Lathrop, Churchill P. (Dartmouth College)
Lippold, Richard (incl. ALS)
McDonald, Ranald H.
Norman, Dorothy
Rabb, Irving W.
Tate, Allen (The National Institute of Arts and Letters)
File incl. clippings, AHB handwritten notes, presentation speech by G. W.

1.402; mf 2191:650 Barr: Yale University: Doctor of Fine Arts

Angell, James R.
Day, Pomeroy
Holden, Reuben A. (Yale University)
Mayer, Grace (ALS)

1.403; mf 2191:662 Barr: Distinguished New York Medal

Turkel, Stanley (The City Club of New York)

1.404; mf 2191:665 Barr: Brandeis University: Creative Arts Award

Poses, Jack I. M/M
Sachar, A. L.
Spingold, Frances M/M
Steinberg, Mrs., Milton
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph

1.405; mf 2191:687 Barr: American Institutes of Architects Award of Merit (Honorary Association 1955)

Goldstone, Harmon H.
Lawford, Geoffry N. (TLS)

1.406; mf 2191:690 Barr: Adelphi College - Doctorate of Fine Arts

Eddy, Paul Dawson (Adelphi College)

1.407; mf 2191:696 Barr: Star of Italian Solidarity

Farace, Ruggero
Ruggiero, Ramiro (The Italian Consulate)

1.408; mf 2191:704 Barr: Art in America Annual Award

Lipman, Jean ( Art in America)
File incl. clippings, press release

1.409; mf 2191:713 Barr: University of Buffalo: Doctorate of Fine Arts; Buffalo Fine Arts Academy: Honorable Member

Furnas, C. C. (incl. 4 TLS)
Hartford, Dale W.
Knox, Seymour H. (Albright Art Gallery; incl. 6 TLS)
Silverman, Oscar A.
Smith, Gordon M. (Albright Art Gallery; incl. 2 TLS)
File incl. clippings, honorary degree citation

1.410; mf 2191:774 Barr: University of Bonn Honorable Degree

Einem, Von
Dowling, Alice (The American Embassy; incl. 2 ALS)
Herter, Hans (Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität)
Hicks, Orton H.
Goodell, Robert C. (The Foreign Service; incl. 2 TLS, TLS with handwritten notes)
Morris, Paul K. (The Foreign Service; incl. TLS)
Schmidt-Görg, J. (Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität)
Straub, J. (Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität)
Tselis, Dimitri
Werner, Bruno E. (Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
File incl. clippings, guest list for 1960 June 14 dinner

1.411; mf 2191:842 Barr: Philadelphia Museum College of Art

File incl. E. M. Benson correpondence

1.412; mf 2191:853 Barr: Royal Society of Arts of England

File incl. 1TL David Sarnoff-AHB

1.412.a; mf 2191: [861] Barr: Germany: Commander's Cross

Russell, [Haide] (ALS)
Werner, Bruno E.
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph

1.413; mf 2191:868 Barr: American Federation of Arts

Fiftieth Anniversary Award
Prior, Harris K.
File incl. AHB Fiftieth Anniversary Award citation with draft

1.414; mf 2191:877 Barr: Legion of Honor

Alphand Hervé (The French Embassy; incl. TLS)
Laporte, Raymond (Consul General of France; incl. TLS)
Morot-SIr, Edouard (The French Embassy; incl 3 TLS)
Rançou, Stephanie (ALS)
File incl. clippings, Loren MacIver and Lloyd Fraukenberg ALS not microfimed, guest list, 5 b/w photograph

1.415; mf 2191:909 Barr: Princeton University - Doc. of Letters

Barr, Mrs. Alfred H., Jr.
Davis, James E. (incl. ALS)
Dodds, Harold D. (incl. 2 TLS)
Durrie, John M.
Godolphin, Mrs. Francois R. (incl. 2 ALS)
Rowley, George
Sachs, Paul J.
File incl. excerpts form 1949 June 15 New York TImes

1.416; mf 2191:942 Barr: Lord and Taylor Award

Adams, Harriet Dyer (Museum of Cranbrook Academy of Art)
Baron, Herman
Lieberman, William S.
Lubar, Rea
Pereira, Irene Rice
Pevsner, Nikolaus
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Rothstein, Irma (ALS)
Shaver, Dorothy
Washburn, Gordon
File incl. clippings, presentation speech by Dorothy Shaver, presentation speech of award given to AHB, press release

1.417; mf 2191:992 Photographs of A. H. B., Jr.

Goodyear, George F.
Kingsley, Robert E.
Madden, Kathy (Vogue)
McKenna, Rollie
May, Morton D.
Peters, Mrs., Donald H. (ALS)
Shapiro, Meyer (incl. ALS and AHB drawing)
File incl. clippings 10 b/w photographs

1.417a Barr: Biographical material; clippings, articles

File not microfilmed
Freeman, Phyllis (Harry N. Abrams, Inc.; incl. 7 b/w Tony Vaccaro photographs of AHB, DCM and Museum Collection Committee)
File incl. clippings, program fort the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture 28th Anniversary Awards Dinner, contact sheet

1932, 1961, 1964, 1967
1.418; mf 2191:1033 Request to Quote

Alexander, Michael (Wm. Collins Sons & Co., Ltd.)
Arnold, Russell W. (Atlantic Christian College)
Baer, Jean (Seventeen)
Baur, John I. H. (The Brooklyn Museum)
Baker, William E. (Reed College)
Bernays, Edward L.
Bethers, Ray (ALS)
Beyeler, E. (Galerie Beyeler)
Breckenridge, James D. (The Baltimore Museum of Art)
Brooks, Harry W. (Plasti-Line, Inc.)
Burkhardt, Frederick (Bennington College)
Canady, John (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Chatham, Charles (The Fogg Art Museum)
Clark, George A. (Lafayette College)
Cohen, Kim N. (George Braziller, Inc.)
Colin, Ralph (Rosenman Goldmark Colin & Kaye)
Coolidge, John (Fogg Museum of Art)
Dodge, John V. ( Encyclopedia Britannica)
Dutton, Norbert (Society of Industrial Artists)
Earnest, Adele (Stony Point Folk Art Gallery)
Eisenstadt, Evelyn (Department of State)
Finkelstein, Sidney W.
Folds, Thomas M. (Northwestern University)
Frankfurter, Alfred. M.
Gallup, Donald (Yale Universitry Library)
Gowens, Alan W. (Rutgers University)
Hallergarten, W. F.
Harper and Brothers (Bessie, Simon Michael; Kahn, Joan; Thomas, Evan)
Hodin, J.P.
Hope, Constance (America-Israel Cultural Foundation)
Hutton, Leonard (Leonard Hutton Galleries)
Kantor, Paul (Paul Kantor Gallery)
Kidney, Walter C. (The Press of Case Western Reserve University)
Kohler, Charlotte (The Virginia Quarterly Review)
Kleemann, Henry (Kleemann Galleries
Leepa, Allen (Michigan State College)
The Nation (Bernstein, Victor; Solow, Martin; incl. proofs on pending article by Matthew Josephson)
Norman, Dorothy
Okerbloom, Elizabeth (The Columbus Citizen)
Parkhurst, Charles (The Baltimore Museum of Art)
Perls, Frank (Frank Perls Gallery)
Portnoy, Julius (Brooklyn College)
Rewald, John (incl. exerpt from the Twins Edition pamphlet in the Seurat catalogue)
Rosenthal, Gertrude (The Baltimore Museum of Art)
Snyder, Robert
Staempfli, George W.
Stein, Sol (American Committee for Cultural Freedom, Inc.)
Vandegrift, Mary (Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.)
Washburn, Gordon B. (Carnegie Institute)
Wells, Helen (Bobbs Merrill Company, Inc.)
Whitford, William G. (The University of Chicago)
Whittet, G. S. (The Studio)
Wolff, Kurt (Pantheon Books, Inc.)
File incl. clippings, press release, "Statement by Picasso: 1935]" and "1923"

1.419; mf 2191:1276 Brandeis Overseers

Sachar, A.L.
File incl. AHB handwritten notes, program for Creative Arts Award 1957-1966

1.420; mf 2191:1295; mf 2192:6 W. A. M. Burden

File mostly incl. AHB-Burden, Burden-AHB corresp.
Bragazzi, Olive
Chappellet, Cyrill (Lockheed Aircraft Corporation)
Fischer, H. R.
Gauthier, Hugo (Embassy of Brazil)
Hahnloser, Hans R. (incl. 2 TLS)
Hazan, Fernand
Lerberghe, J. van
Sharp, Helen (Contemporary Arts Museum, Texas)
Shaw, Elizabeth
Thannhauser, J. K. (corresp. re. Picasso painting "2 Acrobats with a Dog")
Wehrli, R. (The Kunsthaus, Zurich)
Younger, Edward (University of Virginia)
File incl. draft of form letter, comments from AHB re. Burden letter, copy of Burden-Berle telephone conversation 1958 January 13

1.420a; mf 2192:116 C

Cafritz, Mr. (corresp. re.)
Cameron, Eric (University of Guelph, Canada)
Cannon, Peter
Carlisle, John C.
Carreno, Mario
Cartier, J. S. (TLS)
Galerie Jacques Casanova
Casey, Maie (incl. 3 ALS, remarks made on the opening of "Two Decades of American Painting" in the National Gallery of Victoria, TL Blanchette Rockefeller-AHB)
Cassidy, Victor M. (incl. 2 TLS)
Catlin, Stanton
Catusco, Louis (incl. ALS, corresp. re. Cassandra Foundation)
Center for Inter-American Relations, inc. (Bronheim, David)
Chanin, Mrs. Abraham (incl. Chanin biography from Encyclopedia of Biography)
Chase, William J. (Saint James Church)
Citizens' Committee for Children (Field, Mrs., Marshall)
Child Welfare League of America (Levy, Gustave)
Civis, E.
Clark, Leigh
Coe, Ralph T.
Cole, Nancy
College Art Association of America (Elsen, Albert)
Committee to Commemorate the Six Million Jewish Martyrs (Goodman, Jerry; Kreeger, David L.; Warburg, Edward)
Comte, Mia le (incl. ALS)
Conant, Howard (New York University)
"Cone Collection" (from the Baltimore Museum of Art)
Connaissance des Arts (Spar, Francis)
Contemporary Authors (Kinsman, Clare D.; Tennenhouse, Mary Ann)
Cook, Mildred E.
Cooper Union Museum (Dupont, Henry F.; corresp. re. committee to save the museum)
Copley, Bill (The Letter Edged in Black Press)
Cranbrook Academy of Art (Kiendl, Arthur H.)
Crawford, Ralston (incl. ALS)
Crespo de la Serna, Jorge J. (TLS)
CRIA (Goodwill, Eugene W.; Lowry, Bates)
Crosby, Caresse (incl. TLS.)
Cyprus (President Makarios statement) File incl. clippings, press release, Carnegie Quarterly 1975 Fall, progress report on World Man Center

1.421; mf 2192:312 Canaday, [John]

Colin, Ralph F. (Rosenman Colin Kaye Petschek & Freund)
Conant, Howard (New York University)
Dryfoos, Orvil E. ( The New York Times)
Ferren, John (incl. TL Ferren- The New York Times re: discontent with Canaday's columns on contemporary art)
Grippi, Joseph
Hellman, Geoffrey T. ( The New Yorker)
Mayers, John (ALS)
Meiss, Millard (Institute for Advanced Study)
Parkinson, E. Bliss
Seitz, William C.
Shaw, Elizabeth
Zogbaum, Elizabeth Ross (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings, quoted phrases from Canaday's reviews of The Art of Assemblage in The New York Times, drafts of 2 AHB letters to Canaday, selection from recent press clippings on the Art of Assemblage, 7 page memo re: Luncheon with management and editorial board of The New York Times

1.422; mf 2192:478 Canaday, [John]

Crampton, R. (ALS)
Erpf, Armand G.
Kootz, Samuel M. (Samuel M. Kootz Gallery Inc.)
Lye, Len (ALS)
Markel, Lester ( The New York Times)
Parsons, Betty (Betty Parsons Gallery)
Seiberling, Dorothy (Life)
Seitz, William C.
Shapiro, Meyer (postcard)
File incl. clippings, draft of 3 AHB letters to Canaday with handwritten notes

1.423; mf 2192:551 Canaday - Clippings

File incl. The New York Times clippings

1.424; mf 2192:605 Calder, [Alexander]

Hill, Carol (Pantheon Books)
Lipman, Jean
File incl. AHB handwritten notes

1966, 1974
1.425; mf 2192:615 Committee for the Development of Art in Negro Colleges

Elsen, Albert
File incl. CDANC report on projects, report on the meeting of CDANC on Friday and Saturday 1964 November 6-7 at Indiana University, list of CDANC members

1.426; mf 2192:630 Censorship - General

Basley, May A.
Ginzburg, Ralph ( Fact, incl. brief of Amici Curiae in support of the petition for writ of certioari [Ralph Ginzburg v. United States])
Josephson, Matthew (incl. TLS)
Perls, Frank (Frank Perls Gallery)
Rockefeller, Abby A. (TLS)
Schmidt, Judith (Grove Press, Inc.)
Sherwood, Richard E. (O'Melveny & Myers)
Staempfli, George W. (Staempfli Gallery)
Yankowitz, Susan ( Fact)
File incl. clippings, press release, 2 b/w photograph, memo of decision and exhibits of The People of the State of California v. Connor Everts, minutes of the ACLU censorship committee meeting 1961 March 7, AHB c.v.

1.427; mf 2192:749 Chagall Notes

File incl. memo re: Chagall notes: Visit 1958 March 18 with AHB, 6 color photographs, 2 b/w photographs

1.428; mf 2192:758 Chase Manhattan Bank

Bunshaft, Gordon (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill; incl. TLS)
Dubuffet, Jean (TLS with handwritten notes)
Duffy, Vincent
Fernandez, Agustin
Fisher, Clare (incl. 9 TLS)
Fox, James F. (incl. 6 TLS)
Gerould, Christopher (incl. 6 TLS, list of Chase Manhattan Bank's art collection)
Hadzi, Dimitri (incl. TLS)
Miller, Dorothy C.
Moore, Henry (incl. ALS)
Rockefeller, David (9 TLS)
Scully, John J. (incl. 4 TLS)
Smith, G. E. Kidder
File incl. minutes of the Chase Manhattan Bank meetings:
1970 May 25
1967 November 6
1967 April 21
1965 March 26
Clippings, 7 b/w photographs, floor and plaza level plan of Chase Manhattan Bank

1.429; mf 2192: [893] Chicago Art Institute

Kuh, Katherine (TLS)
Rich, Daniel Catton (incl. TLS)
Schniewind, Carl O. (incl. TLS)
Speyer, Jimmy

1954-1955, 1963
1.430; mf 2192:904 College Art Association & Art Journal

Brown, Richard F.
Coffin, David R. (The Art Bulletin, Princeton University; incl. 4 TLS)
Costable, W. G. (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Deknatel, Frederick B. (Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University)
Dodd, Lamar
Elsen, Albert
Faison, S. Lane, Jr. (University of Georgia)
Goodrich, Lloyd (Whitney Museum of American Art; letter to the editor)
Hayes, Bartlett H.
Hope, Henry (Indiana University; incl. 4 ALS, 4 TLS, AHB TLS)
Meiss, Millard (The Institute for Advanced Study; incl. TLS)
Messer, Thomas M. (The American Federation of Arts)
Parkhurst, Charles (incl. TLS)
Robb, David M. (University of Pennsylvania)
Schmeckebier, Laurence (Cleveland Institute of Art; incl. 2 TLS)
Wellemeyer, J. F. (American Council of Learned Societies)
File incl. preliminary program of 1957 January 24-27 annual meeting and 1966 January 27-29 anuual meeting of CAA, checklist of foreign paperback, AHB handwritten notes, minutes of 1958 January 30 meeting of the Art Bulletin, AHB letter to the editor, 1956 Spring and 1955 Fall issue of College Art Journal

1.431; mf 2192:2193 Columbia University

Barzun, Jacques (incl. article Centering the Arts, 3 TLS)
Cordier, Andrew W.
Collins, George R. (incl. corresp. re. Modern Architecture Symposium 1964)
Davis, Howard McP.
Erpf, Armand G.
Faunce, Sarah (incl. memo re: expansion of the photograph collection)
Frese, Walter (Hastings House, Publishers, Inc.)
Grimm, Peter
Hastings, John
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell (statement The Decade 1929-1939)
Kirk, Grayson (incl. progress report on Oil Sketch Exhibition, report on the Exhibition Committee for the Cézanne Watercolor Show, report of the Committee on Exhibitions and Public Relations)
McGill, William J.
Nelson, Clifford C.
Placzek, Adolf K. (incl. proceedings in the Modern Architecture Symposium)
Remond, Roland
Sevcenko, Mrs., Ihor
Taylor, Davisdon
Vogel, Edwin C. (incl. report of the Advisory Council chairman to the Columbia University President 1967 October)
Walsh, Mrs., Lawrence E.
Whiteside, W. J.
Wittkower, Rudolf
File incl.:

Agenda for Advisory Council Meetings:
1972 November 16
1971 October
1970 December 9
1970 April 28
1969 April 9

Minutes of Advisory Council Meetings
1972 May 12
1971 October 21
1969 December 4
1969 April 9
1968 April 3
1967 October 24
1966 December 1
1966 May 4
1965 November 16
1965 April 28
1964 April 21
1963 May 13
1963 January 22
1962 November 7
1962 April 9
1962 January 17

Annual Report of the Department of Art History and Archeology:
1962 July
1961 June
1960 June

Press release
Proposed amendments to by-laws of Advisory Council to Department of Art History and Archeology
List of standing committees and current projects
Membership list of the Advisory Council and Executive Committee, Bi-Annual report 1965-1966
Resumés of Faculty Talks
Report of the Committee of Development
By-laws of the Advisory Council
1969 April 9 ad hoc committee report
Minutes of the Executive Committee for Cézanne exhibition 1963 January 22
Annual report of the Advisory Council of the Department of Art and Archeology 1961-1962

1.432; mf 2193:52 Copley Foundation

Augustinci, R. A. (Galerie Rive Gauche)
Cohen, George (incl. ALS)
Copley, William N. M/M (incl. ALS)
Day, Lucien (Green Mountain Gallery; incl. TLS)
DeMott, Helen (incl. 3 ALS)
Duchamp, Marcel (incl. 2 ALS)
Echaurren, Matta (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings, press releases, 5 slides

1954-1961, 1970-1972
1.433; mf 2193:150 Cooper [Douglas] / Penguin

Cogswell, Margaret (The American Federation of Arts)
Frost, Eunice (Penquin Books, Ltd.)
Karpel, Bernard
Ludington, Wright (The Santa Barbara Museum)
Nicolson, Nigel (George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd.)
Orwell, Sonia (George Weidenfeld & Nicolson ltd.)
Thompson, G. David
File incl. clippings, ALS AHB-Cooper, 15 ALS Cooper, 11 TLS Cooper, AHB drafts of letter to the editor

1952-1963, 1971
1.434; mf 2193:308 Cordoba Show - Correspondence (general)

Bulgheroni, Raul R.
Burdman, Eleonora
Crowder, Orville
Gunther, John
Kalenberg, Angel (Instituto General Electric)
McCloud, J. F.
Masjuan, Francisco (TLS)
Martin, Edwin M.
Soby, James Thrall
Sörenson, Christian (Bienal Americana de Arte)
Parkinson, Bliss E.
Weintraub, William M.
File incl. draft of AHB letter to McCloud

1.435; mf 2193:383

Ordónez, Mrs., Manuel
Sörenson, Christian
File incl. annotated list of participants in Bienal Americana de Arte

1.436; mf 2193:398 Cordoba: South American Artists

File incl. List of Argentines Painters, list of Latin American works acquired since 1963

1.437; mf 2193:409

Becker, John
File incl. 19 slides

1.438; mf 2193:420 Cordoba: Miscellaneous

Kert, Lewis (Department of State; ALS)
McCloud, James F.
Portinno, Carmen Velasco (Council on Leaders and Specialists; c.v.)
Sörenson, Christian (TLS)
Straus, Mrs., Donald B.
Whitelow, Guillermo (Galeria Bonino; ALS)
File incl. press release

1.440; mf 2193:515 Cordoba: Press

File incl. clippings

1.441; mf 2193: [599] Critics

File incl. A Critic on the Side of History: Notes on Clement Greenberg by Hilton Kramer from 1962 October Arts Magazine

1.442; mf 2193:605 D

Day, Lucien (incl. 2 ALS)
DeMott, Helen
Dillenger, Mrs., John
Delaunay, Sonia (incl. TLS)
Delson, Theodore U.
Devi, Mrs., P. Sarojini ( Rachana)
Dillon, Ripley (Smithsonian Institution)
Doesburg, Mrs., Theo van
Dorner, Lydia (incl. TLS)
Drew, Jane B.
Driscoll, Margaret Weyerhaeuser
Duchamp, Marcel (corresp. re.)
Duncan, Davis Douglas
Duster, Troy (University of California)

1.443; mf 2193:648 Dada/Surrealism . . . (Rubin) [Bill]

Rubin, William S.
File incl. draft of Dada, Surrealism and Their Heritage by William Rubin 1966 July

1.444; mf 2193:661 Marcel Duchamp

Gray, Cleve (incl. TLS)
Limpert, Jr., John (list of Museum "winter weekend" activities)
File incl. clippings, list of lectures during Marcel Duchamp exhibition

1968, 1973-1974
1.445; mf 2193:687 E

Eagle, Joanne Shaw
Ede, H. S. (University of Cambridge, England)
Egbert, Donald Drew (Princeton University)
Eisler, Colin
Encyclopedia Britannica (Cohn, Leslie)
Evans, Walker (incl. ALS)
Ervin, Albert
File incl. clippings

1.446; mf 2193:707 E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology., Inc.)

Berkenmeier, Barbara
Dorner, Lydia
Hightower, John B.
Klüver, J. Wilhelm
Langsam, Edwin S. (American Telephone and Telegraph Company)
Powers, John
File incl. clippings, report on E. A. T. By W. Howard Adams, E. A. T. News 1968 March 18, 1967 June 1

1.447; mf 2193:804 Esso Jury

Clay, Vera
Easther Stuttman Gallery
Kingsley, Robert E. (International Petroleum Company; incl. 2 TLS)
Morgan, Paul (Standard Oil Company)
Watson, Ray
File incl. press releases

1.448; mf 2193:830 Exhibition Proposals

Arnason, Harvey H. (The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)
Cantor, Joseph
Cassou, Jean
Elsen, Albert (Indiana University; incl. TL Elsen-President Johnson re: proposal on Fine Arts)
Finn, David (Ruder & Finn Inc., TLS)
Fischer, H. R. (Marlborough Fine Art Ltd., TLS)
Hamilton, George Heard (Yale University)
Schöffer, Nicholas
Selz, Peter
File incl. 1962 October-1963 November Exhibition schedule, minutes of program committee September 13

1.449; mf 2193:869 Expo: 1967] Montreal

Besner, J. J. (The Art Gallery)
Dupuey, Pierre (The Universal and International Exhibition of 1967, TLS)
Lamothe, H.
Lytle, Dorothy, L. (The Museum of Primitive Art)
Marsden, Jeanne (The Art Gallery)
Stern, Max (Dominion Gallery, TLS)
Vance, David (ALS)

1.450; mf 2193:903 F

Feigen, Richard (Richard Feigen Gallery)
Ferber, Cornelia V. H. (Vassar College)
Fera, Mary (corresp. re.)
Finkler, Mrs., Joseph
Finsthwait, Mrs., Robert A. (ALS)
Fleming, Francesca
Fort Worth Gardens (Johnson III, Mrs., Lee)
Franklin, Danny (ALS)
Fourcade, Xavier (M. Knoedler & Co., Inc.)
Frazen, M/M
Freed, Mrs., Frank
Freedberg, Mrs., Sydney J.
Frosso Ephtimisde Menegakis (MSB)
Fry, Mrs., Varian
File incl. clippings

1.451; mf 2193:942 Fakes/Fraud

1956-59, 1961, 1965-1966
Class, Peter (corresp. re: fake Henri Matisse)
Easby, Jr., Dudley T.
Emil, Allan D.
Estorick, Eric
Feigel, Marie-Suzanne (corresp. re: fake Modigliani)
Koch, Richard A. (memo re: Discussion on the French Law of Art 1966 February 25)
Lefkowitz, Louis J.
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph

1.452; mf 2193:974 Fantastic Art/Dada

1949, 1954-1956, 1964, 1971
G. & C. Merriam Company (Gladstone, M. J.; corresp. re: Surrealism)
Hulbeck, Charles R.
Orengo, Charles (Librairie Plon)
Pasto, Tarmo A. (Sacramento State College)
psychopathic patients
Rudenstine, Angelica
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph

1.453; mf 2193:1009 Family of Man, Society

Ball, George W. (corresp. re: (Family of Man Awards Dinner 1967)
Barr, Jr., Alfred Hamilton (TLS; incl. Notes on the candidacy of Edward Steichen for the Family of Man Award in the Arts)
Bingham, Wheelock H.
Fiorillo, Joaquin
Gallagher, Buell G. (The City College, New York)
Haider, Michael (progress report on Family of Man Awards Dinner 1966)
Mayer, Grace (incl. ALS)
Meyer, Mrs., Eugene
Schoenbrun, David (Columbia University)
Steichen, Edward
File incl. supplementary list of candidates: science, world peace, communications, arts, education, human relations

1.454; mf 2193:1169 Franc, Helen

File incl. 2 memos Franc-AHB, TL Franc-AHB

1.455; mf 2193:1174 G

Gabetti, Gianluigi M/M (Olivetti Corporation of America; incl. ALS)
Gee, Helen
Geary, Mary de Forest
Geldzahler, Henry (MMA)
Gerlöti, E. (incl. 2 ALS)
Glatman, David (corresp. re.)
Gimbel, Mrs., Bernard F.
Glimcher, Arnold (memo re.)
Gordon, Donald (Dickenson College)
Graham, F. Lanier (The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco)
Gregg, Lois H. (State University of New York at Albany)
Gris, Romera
Grohmann, Mrs., William
Gropius, Walter
Graubard, Stephen R. (Harvard University; Daedalus)
Gunther, John
Gustin, Philip (corresp. re.)
Guzdek, Jerry (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings

1.456; mf 2193:1237 Gerstenzang, Ziuta [Mrs. Leo]

Akston, Joseph J.
Burroughs, Josanne
Larkin, Nina
Nivel, Edith (Gallery 63)
Primoff, Morris W. (Primoff & Primoff)
Primoff, Robert L.
Soby, James Thrall (incl. 2 TLS)
Vass, Joan
File incl. clippings, Gerstenzang ALS

1.457; mf 2193: [1303] Van Gogh

Cummings, Burton (New York Graphic Society)
Franco, Johan (incl. ALS)
Harmacher, A. M. M. J. (Rijksmuseum)
Lasker, Albert D.
Leggett, John (Houghton Mifflin Company)
Mettschen, Mr.
Rich, Daniel Catton (Art Institute of Chicago)
Rockefeller, Mrs., Laurance S.
Van Gogh, V. W. (incl. 3 TLS, 2 ALS)
File incl. press release

1.458; mf 2193:1365; mf 2194:6 Gómez - Sicre [José]

File mostly incl. AHB-Gómez and Gómez-AHB correspondence
Barry, Veronica ( Time)
Gold, Berta ( Time)
Guenther, Peter W. (University of Houston)
Peters, De Witt (Le Centre d'Art)
Richards, Monawee A.
File incl. clippings

1.459; mf 2194:50 Goodyear [A. Conger]

Smith, Gordon M. (Albright-Knox Gallery; incl. corresp. re: The Buffalo Fine Art Academy Goodyear fund)
Soby, James Thrall
File incl. clippings, press release, AHB handwritten draft of Goodyear letter

1.460; mf 2194:104 Camilla Gray

Attis, Ben (Moderage Custom Darkrooms, Inc.)
[Frampton], Kenneth (ALS)
Gray, Basil (incl. ALS, TLS)
Hess, Thomas B.
Leverhulme Research Awards
Lowman, Patricia
Lowry, Bates
Moeller, Pearl L.
Spencer, Herbert ( Typographica)
File incl. clippings, 13 Gray ALS

1.461; mf 2194:226 Peggy Guggenheim

Barozzi, Paolo (incl. TLS)
Charter, Margarette
Colin, Ralph F. (2 TLS)
Falkenstein, Claire
Licht, Frederick (The Florida State University Study Center in Florence; TLS)
O' Connor, Francis (incl. 2 ALS, TLS)
Reis, Bernard J. (incl. TLS)
File incl. clippings, Peggy Guggenheim 5 ALS, 7 TLS, 6 TLS with handwritten notes, 5 b/w photograph, AHB handwritten draft letter, AHB preface to Una Collezionista Ricorda by Peggy Guggenhiem, AHB notes to La Collezione Guggenheim

1.462; mf 2194:402 Mrs. Simon Guggenheim

1938, 1944, 1948-1949, 1950-1952, 1954-1959, 1961-1967, 1970
picture book: 1959]
Bach, Otto Karl (The Denver Art Museum)
Burden, William A. M.
Case, White (White & Case; incl. TL Case-MoMA re: Guggenheim will)
Lundell, Jr., Ernest M. (John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; incl. TL; Richard H. Koch-Lundell re: memorial)
Meiss, Millard (Institute for Advanced Studies)
Miller, Dorothy
Moe, Henry Allen (John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; TLS)
Pittman, Hobson
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Russell, Haide (Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany)
Soby, James Thrall (incl. TLS with handwritten notes)
File incl. clippings, press releases, AHB handwritten notes, AHB TLS, 14 Guggenheim ALS, 2 b/w photographs, notes on Mrs. Guggenheim read by AHB at 1970 March 12 meeting of the Board of Trustees,

1.463; mf 2194:648 Guggenheim monographs

Lieberman, Willam S.
Seitz, William (Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University)
Soby, James Thrall (5 TLS, Edward Hopper article with AHB corrections)
Williams, Jr., Gray (incl. TLS)
File incl. prints by Edward Hopper in the collection of MoMA, list of Mrs. Simon Guggenheim fund purchases

1.464; mf 2194:688 H

Haacke, Hans
Haag, Susanne (incl. 2 TLS)
Haas, David Mathew (TLS)
Haftmann, Werner (Staatlliche Museen, Berlin, incl. ALS)
Haletsky, John T. (Sterling and Francine Clark Institute; incl. TLS)
Halford, Lucy (Tandy Halford & Mills Limited)
Harris, Jessica (incl. ALS)
Harris, Stephen L. (Champlain College)
Hartmann, William E.
Hazen, Joseph H.
Heckscher, August
Hendricks, Gordon (incl. 2 ALS)
Herbert, Robert L. (Yale University)
Herzongenrath, Wulf
Hess, Thomas B. ( Art News)
Hillman, Alex M/M (incl. ALS)
Hirshhorn, Joseph H. M/M
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Garson, Inez; ALS; Lerner, Abram; TLS)
Hiss, Philip (corresp. re.)
Hitchcock, Henry-Russell
Hichman, Elaine
Hofmann, Werner
Hole Fine Arts Foundation
Holland, Kenneth (Institute for International Education)
Holtman, Alice
Honeyman, T. J. (University of Glasgow)
Horwitt, Nathan George
Houston (Adler, Sebastian; Contemporary Arts Museum)
Howe, Letitia (corresp. re.)
Hunt, Richard B. (Burns & Hunt)
Huyghe, René (National Gallery of Art; incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings, b/w photograph

1961, 1967-1973
1.465; mf 2194:807 René d'Harnoncourt

Briggs, Mrs., William Harlowe (ALS)
Graff, Mrs., Robert Daniel (incl. ALS)
Lowry, Bates
Mahlow, Dietrich (Stadt Nurnberg)
Parkinson, Elizabeth B.
Rockefeller, David
File incl. clippings, copy of d'Hoodles, MoMA Members Newsletter 1968 October, d' Harnoncourt memorial tribute brochure 1968 October 8, New York Times article "René d'Harnoncourt" 1968 August 25 by William S. Lieberman, d'Harnoncourt memo re: Future building program

1961, 1968-1970
1.466; mf 2194:913 Huntington Hartford

Chamberlain, Betty ( Art News; incl. ALS)
Colin, Ralph F. (Roseman Goldmark Colin & Kaye)
Devree, Howard ( The New York Times)
Gaszynski, Michael (Huntington Hartford Foundation; incl. TLS)
Goldstone, Harmon H. (The Municipal Art Society)
Holska, Walter J. (Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam and Roberts)
Husted, James W. (Winthrop, Stimson, Putman and Roberts)
Lindon, Mrs., Jacques
McAndrew, John (Farnsworth Art Museum, Wellesley College)
Mocsanyi, Paul (United Press Associations; incl. TLS, article)
Weinhardt, Jr., Carl J. (Huntington Hartford Gallery of Modern Art)
File incl. clippings, news release summary of The Proposed Huntington Hartford Pavilion at the Southeast Corner of Central Park, summary of press comments - MoMA vs. Hartford as of 1959 February 9, AHB ALS 1956 June 15, remarks of Rep. Frank Thompson, Jr. to the Ballet Theater 1955, December 8

1950, 1952, 1955-1960, 1963-1965
1.467; mf 2195:6 Heller Catalogue

Heller, Ben
Rasmussen, Waldo (TLS)
Seitz, William C. (incl. Draft of Heller article with AHB corrections)
File incl. preface to Ben Heller Collection catalogue

1.468; mf 2195:43 Hirshhorn Museum

File incl. TL MSB-Hirshhorn re: refusal of invitation for dinner for opening of Museum

1.469; mf 2195:46 I

ICOM (work sessions of Modern Art Committee - ICOM conference 1974 April 8-12, list of committee members and invited participants of conference)
Iddings, Curtis
Ingersoll, R. Sturgis (incl TLS)
International Congress of Art Historians (Biebel, Franklin M.; Chastal, André; La Revue de l'Art; Meiss, Millard; Princeton University; incl. background information on the twentieth International Congress of the History of Art 1961 September

1960-1961, 1966, 1968-1969, 1974
1.470; mf 2195:85 A. I. C. A. [International Association of Art Critics]

Hamilton, George Heard (Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute)
Lassaigne, Jacques
Sandler, Irving
Spiteris, Tony
File incl. list of members 1965, 1960, program for 20th general assembly of the A. I. C. A. 1968 September 8-15, agenda for the 18th general assembly 1966, September 26-28

1.471; mf 2195:184 I. I. C. A. [International Institute of Contemporary Arts]

Drew, Jane B.
Goeller, Mrs., Vera B.
Hodes, Barnet (Arvey, Hodes and Mantynband)
Lawson, Julie (TLS)
Penrose, Roland (incl. 3 ALS, 2 TLS)

1955-1956, 1958-1959
1.472; mf 2195:218 I. C. A. [Institute of Contemporary Arts]

Alloway, Lawrence
Clark, Stephen, C.
Cooper, Douglas (corresp. re.)
Davies, Thomas (incl. ALS)
Davis, Elmer
Dolan, Patrick (Patrick Dolan and Associates Ltd.; incl. TLS)
Frankfurter, Alfred ( Art News)
Gregory, Eric C. (Perry Lund Humphries & Co. Ltd.; incl. 3 TLS)
Grohmann, Will (TLS)
Hodes, Barnet (incl. TLS)
Kloman, A. J. T.
Lewisohn, Sam A.
Mesens, E. L. T. (The London Gallery, Ltd.)
Penrose, Roland (incl. 3 ALS, 6 TLS)
Read, Herbert (incl. TLS)
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Rockefeller III, Mrs., John D.
Sommerville, Lilian
Spivack, S. S.
Woods, S. John
File incl. press release with AHB notes, copy of Carlton House Terrace Project: A Center for the Arts and Design 1966 January, The Institute of Contemporary Arts' Appeal, American Culture and the I. C. A. record of activities 1950-1956, A statement of the policy and aims of the Institute by the members of the Organizing Committee

1937-1938, 1947-1951, 1953-1957, 1959, 1961, 1966
1.473; mf 2195:364 Invitations - General

Asia Society (Young, Jr., Kenneth T.)
Alumni Federation of Columbia University, Inc. (Walsh, Lawrence E. TL re: Alumni Fall Reunion)
American Association of Museums (Parkhurst, Charles)
American Bank & Trust Company (opening of Bank 14th art exhibit 1971 April 6)
Art Gallery of Toronto (Morrow, Graham; A Tribute to Samuel J. Sachs 1971 May 20)
Art Students League of New York (Everett, Walker G.)
Art Quarterly, The (Gettier, Astrid E.; invitation re: the annual meeting of the consultative committee)
Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Centennial 1970 February 4)
Brooklyn Museum, The (Buechner, Thomas S.)
Brown University (Licht, Fred)
Boys' Latin School Fathers' Club (Regan, Ronald K.)
California at Berkeley, University of (Freudenheim, Tom L.; Heyns, Roger W.)
Carnegie Institute (von Groschwitz, Gustave)
Chicago, The University of (Brauer, Jerald C.)
City Art Museum of Saint Louis (Buckley, Charles E.; invitation re: works of art of the 19th and 20th centuries collected by Louis and Joseph Pulitzer, Jr.)
Cleveland Museum of Art, The
Columbia University (Pagnano, Joseph; Krik, Grayson)
Connecticut, The University of (Babbidge, Homer D., Jr.)
Corcoran Gallery of Art, The (Williams, Jr., Hermann Warner)
Conference on the Status of Soviet Jews (Thomas, Norman; incl. An Appeal of Conscience for the Jews of the Soviet Union)
Cowles Communications Incorporated (Cowles, Gardner)
Cunningham, Charles C. M/M
Currier Gallery of Art, The (Woodbury, Peter)
Des Moines Art Center (Tibbs, Thomas S.)
Detroit Institute of Arts, The (Woods, Willis F.)
Flint Institute of Arts (Hodge, G. Stuart)
Griffin Gallery, The (Hooton, Bruce Dugg)
Grinnell College (Leggett, Glenn)
Grossman, Mrs., Donald (invitation re: The Hebrew Arts School for Music and Dance)
Hellman, Daphne
Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Gorostiza, Celestino)
Inter-American Foundation for the Arts, The (Rubin, Jerome S.)
International Art Exhibition of Japan (Abo, Hisatake; The Mainichi Newspapers)
International Council of Museums Committee for Film and Television (Pirlot, C.)
Javits, Marion (invitation re: preview of an experimental work by Robert Rauschenberg)
Jette, Edith K.
London Grafica Arts Incorporated (Caulkins, Bliss)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (opening of Art and Technology 1971 May 10; Carter, Edward W.; Tuchman, Maurice)
Memorial Art Gallery, The (Prior, Harris K. )
Metropolitan Museum of Art, The
Middlebury College (Armstrong James I.)
Museum of Contemporary Art (van der Marck, Jan)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Rathbone, Perry T.)
Museum of Modern Art (special preview of Archipenko: The Parisian Years exhibition 1970 July 21)
National Gallery of Canada (Boggs, Jean Sutherland)
National Gallery of Victoria (Westbrook, Eric)
National Museums of Canada, The (Ostiguy, J. P. W. TL re: Jacob Jordaens exhibition)
New York Infirmary (Kress, Mrs., Rush H.)
New York University (Arms, Jr., Richard G.)
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Marceau, Henri)
Phoenix Art Museum (Hinkhouse, F. H.)
Poetry Center
Rhode Island School of Design (Irving, Mrs., Washington; Robbins, Daniel)
Robert Lee Blaffer Trust (Owen, Mrs., Kenneth Dale)
Rubén Darío Celebration (Lacayo, Mauricio Pallais; Sanson-Teran, Jose)
Shih, Mrs., Hsio Wen
Terry Dintenfass, Inc.
Tremaine, Mrs., Burton
University Roundtable (Wechter, Vivienne Thaul)
Waddell, Richard
Wright, M/M Paul
Zeisler, Richard S.

1.474; mf 2195:550 Invitations - General

Addison Gallery of American Art (Hayes, Jr., Bartlett H.)
Ambassade de France (Morot-Sir, Edouard)
American Craftsmen's Council (Webb, Vanderbilt)
American Peoples Encyclopedia (Mitchell, John J.)
American Society of the French Legion of Honor, Inc. (Courtney, Philip)
Art Dealers Association of America (Colin, Ralph F.)
Art Dealers Club of New York (Blattner, Robert H.)
Art Friend Association (Jim, Akiro)
Art Institute of Chicago (Rich, Daniel Catton)
Art Quarterly, The (Grigaut, Paul)
Asian Conservation Laboratory, Inc. (Randall, Philip R.)
Bauman, John Sprague, Mrs.
Berkshire Museum (Best, Peggy)
Board of Trustees of the Ringling Museums (Higgins, George F.)
Brandeis University, Rose Art Museum (Hunter, Sam)
Central Synagogue Committee (Ross, Matthew H.; James N. Rosenberg Exhibition)
Citizen's Committee for Children of New York City, Inc. (Ascoli, Mrs., Max; Levy, Mrs., David M.)
Colonial Williamsburg (Rockefeller, Winthrop)
Columbia Associates (Erpf, Armand G.)
Container Corporation of America (Schoenhofen, Leo H.)
Commission on Human Rights (French, Eleanor Clark)
Corcoran Gallery of Art (Williams, Jr., Hermann W.)
"De Lapelaar" (Mellquist, Jérôme)
Detroit Institute of Arts (Page, Franklin)
Eugene Gilbert and Co. (Gilbert, Eugene)
Edizioni d'Arte Moderna (Sissa, V.)
Federation des Alliances Francaises aux Etats-Unis (Mitchell, Sidney A.; incl. re: show of modern French painters 1963)
Finch, College
Ford Motor Company (Sattler, John E.)
France-United States Friendship Committee of The National Assembly of France (Spanel, A. N.)
Frick Collection, The
Haus der Kunst (Hartmann, Adolf)
Hazan, Joseph H.
Henry Street Settlement (Hall, Helen)
Institute for British-American, The (Beresford, John)
Isaac Delgado Museum of Art (Thurman, Sue M.)
Junior League of Mount Kisco (Low, Frank H.)
Jewish Museum, The (Kanof, Abram)
Knoedler & Co. (Kerr, Coe)
Kunstverein (Platte, Hans)
League for Emotionally Disturbed Children (Noerdlinger, Mrs., Victor)
Los Angeles County Museum of Fine Arts (Elliot, James)
Macdowell Colony, The (Copland, Aaron; Kendall, George M.)
McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. (Levinthral, Sonia)
Macmillan Company (Deadrick, Lee Anna)
Manhattan School of Music (Brownlee, John)
Maremont, Arnold M/M
Metropolitan Museum of Art (Condit, Louise)
Midtown Galleries (Gruskin, Alan D.)
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Maxwell, Mrs., Stirling; Murphy, Mrs., Sean)
Mostra Mercato Nazionale d'Arte Contemporanea (Torricelli, Raffaello)
Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (Berger, René)
National Arts Club (Earle, William H.)
National Ballet Guild (Church, John G.)
National Committee on Art Education (d'Amico, Victor)
New School for Social Research (David, Henry)
New York State Council on the Arts (Knox, Seymour H.)
New York University (Walton, Guy)
New York University, School of Law (Oberst, Paul)
Palmer, Serles, Delaney, Shaw & Pomeroy (Delaney, Edmond)
Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.
Princeton University (Kelleher, Patrick J.)
Rhode Island Arts Festival (Krueger, Donald W.)
Robie House Committee (Bach, Ira J.)
Rosenberg, James N.
Rothschild, Alphonse de
Seattle Art Museum (Fuller, Richard E.)
Third Order Regular of St. Francis (Boccilly, John)
Time (Auer, Bernhard M.)
Toledo Museum of Art (Wittmann, Otto; The Association of Art Museum Directors)
Università di Pavia (Cardi, M. C.)
Wadsworth Atheneum
Worcester Art Museum (Rich, Daniel Catton)
Wright-Kaufmann House
Yale University Art Gallery (Ritchie, Andrew C.)
File incl. press release

1.475; mf 2195:820 Invitations - Lecture

American Association of University Women's Forum (Bryant, Margaret M.)
Arts Council (Wolgin, Mrs., William; incl. proposed program 1961)
Baltimore Museum of Art (Freudenheim, Tom L.; Latham, John; Rosenthal, Gertrud)
Barr, G. T. and Replogle, R. V.
Belgian Government Information Center (Goris, Jan A.)
Boys' Latin School (Davis, Curtis Carroll)
Brooklyn Museum, The (Buechner, Thomas S.)
Brown University (Jordy, William H.)
California at Berkeley, University of (Young, Phillis B.)
California at Irving, University of
Coe College (Kocher, Robert; Ringland, Jeanette)
Columbia University (Wittkower, Rudolf)
Columbia University, Russian Institute (Roberts, Henry L.)
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (Bywaters, Jerry; McDermott, Mrs., Eugene)
Detroit Institute of Arts, The (Richardson, Edgar P.)
Dickinson College (Varadi, Jeffrey)
First Presbyterian Church (Dudley III, Guilford)
Fordam University (Wechter, Vivian; University Round Table)
Grand Rapids Art Gallery (Tinkin, Sally G.)
Gross Point War Memorial Association (Lake, John W.)
Harvard University, Fogg Art Museum (Shestack, Alan)
Hitchcock Church, Scarsdale, N. Y. (Rigg, Jerry)
Institute for Religious and Social Studies (Feingold, Jessica)
International House (Taylor, Richard P.)
Iowa, The University of (Kitzman, John)
Kalamazoo College (Harris, Harold J.)
Kent State Univesity (Modugno, Toni)
Les Lettres Françaises (Boudaille, Georges)
Long Island Art Teachers Association (Lefkow, John)
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, The (Turner, Evan H.)
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (van der Marck, Jan)
New York University [La Maison Française] (Brooks, Richard A.)
New York University (Sara Henry; Student Club Program of the Institute of Fine Arts)
North American Scupture (Craeybeckx, L.; 6th Biennial of contemporary sculpture in Middelheim Park)
Northwestern University (Breckenridge, James D. Fox, Joanne and Wild, Payton S.; "Commitment in an Age of Society" symposium 1962 February)
Oberlin College (Miller, Pete)
Occidental College (Coons, Arthur G.)
Ohio State University, The (Ludden, Franklin)
Pennslyvania, Unviersity of (Anderson, William S.)
Perkins School of Theology (Ortmayer, Roger)
Philadelphia Art Alliance (Merrick, James Kirk)
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Graham, Frank P.)
Pratt Institute (Noble, Ransom E.)
Princeton University (Rosenhaupt, Hans; Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation)
Radcliffe College (Gilbert, Mrs., Carl J.; Roberts, Marcia E.)
Rice University (Franklin, J. L.)
Salzburg Seminar in American Studies (Adams, Arthur S.)
Skidmore College (Dawson, Janet; Wilson, Val. H.)
Slade Professorship of Fine Arts (Ashley, Eric; University of Cambridge; Smith, J. S. Boys; University of Cambridge)
Temple University (Spengler, lenore J.; The Center City Christian Council)
University Center in Virginia (Fitzroy, Herbert W. K.)
University of Alabama (Sands, C. Dallas)
University of Colorado (Little, J. R.; Megrew, Alden F.)
University of Kansas (Tefft, Elden C.)
University of New Hampshire (Fasanelli, James A.)
University of Rhode Island (Cain, Jo)
Vancouver Art Gallery (Shadbolt, Mrs., J. L.)
Walker Art Center (Friedman, Martin L.; Swanson, Dean)
William Rockhill Nelson Art Gallery; Atkins Museum of Fine Arts (Coe, Ralph T.)
Yale Russian Club (Garvin, Alexander)
Yale University (Brewer, Jr., Charles H.; Tworkov, Jack)

1.476; mf 2195:1024 Invitations - to write

American Scholar, The (Haydn, Hiram)
Baltimore Museum of Art, The (Rosenthal, Gertrude)
Commissio Homenatge a Joan Prats (Borras, Lluisa)
Compton Yearbook, The (Dragisic, Patricia)
Daedalus (Graubard, Stephen R.)
Dial Press, The (Hutter, Donald)
Dictionary of the History of Ideas (Wiener, Philip P.)
Encyclopedia Americana, The (Pletcher, Nathan H.)
Encyclopedia Britannica, The (Preece, Warren E.)
Fleming, John
Jack Misrachi Gallery, The (Heller, Ernest S.)
Lalit Kala Akademi (Appasamy, Jaya)
Modern Age (Davidson, Eugene; Institut für Zeitgeschichte)
New Catholic Encyclopedia, The (McClancy, Jr., George M.)
Orozco, Clemente (incl. TLS)
Paul Elek Productions Ltd. (Elek, Paul; incl. 2 TLS)
Pelican History of Art, The (Pevsner, Nikolaus)
Phaidon Press Ltd. (Roberts, Keith)
Philadelphia Museum of Art (McNulty, Kneeland)
Presbyterian Life (Seth, Mary)
Tufts University (Hunter, Howard E.; incl. ALS)
University of Chicago, The (Rewald, John)
Waddell Gallery, The (Waddell, Richard H.)
Washington and Jefferson College (Kagle, Jr., Joseph L.)

1.477; mf 2195:1124 Invitations - to Jury

Bienal Heroanericana de Pintura Coltejer (E., Alvaro Perez)
Brooks Memorial Art Gallery (McKnight, Robert J.)
Columbian salon (Rasmussen, Waldo)
Eighth Festival Nacional de Arte (de Borrero, Martha Hoyas)
Second Triennale in India (Anand, Mulk Raj)

1.478; mf 2195:1142 J

Jaffe, Thomas W. (corresp. re: admissions to Harvard)
Jaffe, William B. (incl. TLS)
Jaffin, George M.
James, Charles (incl. TLS)
Janis, Sidney (Sidney Janis Gallery)
Jarboe, Evelyn
Johnson, David Hoyt
Johnson, Philip (incl. TLS)
Josten, Mrs., Werener V.
del Junco, Emilio
File incl. clippings, AHB handwritten draft of memo

1.479; mf 2195:1192 K

Kahn, Albert
Kahnweiler, Daniel Henry
Kauso, N.
Kaplan, Julius (University of California)
Karpel, Bernard (Archives of American Art)
Karshan, Donald (The New York Cultural Center)
Kauffman, Ruth
Kean, Beverly W.
Kawashima, T. (incl. ALS)
Keech, Frances
Kennedy, John F. (corresp. re.)
Kennedy, Jacqueline (TLS)
Kepes, Gyorgy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Kessler, Charles S.
Ketterer, Roman Norbert
Kirstein, Lincoln (incl. TLS)
Klee, Kelix (ALS)
Knoedler & Company, Inc. (Belay, Roland)
Knox, Seymour H. (The Buffalo Fine Arts Gallery)
Kokkinen, Eila
Koch, Robert (Princeton University)
Kokkinen, Aila
Koskas, Georges (incl. 3 ALS)
Kotalik, Jiri (Galerie Nationale de Prague)
Kramarsky, Mrs., Siegfried
Krautheimer, Richard (New York University)
Kravitt, Shirley
Kuvelas, Thomas L. (Sandy the Sandblaster)
Kupka, Franz (corresp. re.)
File release, AHB handwritten notes re: Kennedy

1.480; mf 2195:1290 Kinetic Art

File incl. 1 invitation to the preview showing Kinetics of Light and Sound by Van Saun at The Castellane Gallery

1.481; mf 2195:1292 Latin-American Art

d'Harnoncourt, René
Rockefeller, David
File incl. press release, copy of Brazilian Artists 1966

1966, 1968
1.482; mf 2195:1309 Adele Levy: playground

Ascoli, Mrs., Max
Hess, Mrs. Thomas B.
Lindsay, John V.
Straus, Mrs., Nathan
File incl. clippings, minutes of the Adele R. Levy Park Committee meeting 1966 May 9

1.483; mf 2195:1355; mf 2196:5 William S. Lieberman

Gaffé, René
Mills, John (incl. c.v.)
Newberry, John S.
File incl. clippings, AHB ALS not microfilmed, Lieberman 2 ALS

1959-1961, 1966
1.484; mf 2196:64 Russell Lynes

Rewald, John (incl. TL Rewald-Lynes re: review of Lynes book)
File incl. clippings, Russell ALS

1.485; mf 2196:93 L

Lambert, Phyllis (corresp. re.)
Lassus, Bernard
Leventritt, Mrs., Victor (corresp. re.)
Levin, Michael D. (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Levy, David M.
Lewis, Robert N. (incl. ALS)
Leymarie, Jean
Liberman, Alexander
Licth, Frederick (The Florida State University Study Center in Florence)
Lindley, Frances
List, Mrs., Albert A.
Look Magazine (Hurlbert, Allen)
Loerke, William G. (University of Pittsburgh)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Millard, Charles W.)
Luce, Charles F.
Ludgin, Earle
Lundberg, Cary

1.486; mf 2196:130 Mellon, V. [Gertrud]

Broughton, Philip S.
File incl. clippings, 6 Mellon ALS

1.487; mf 2196:196 Miller, Dorothy C.

Barr, Margaret S. (ALS)
File incl. clippings, press release, c.v.

1.488; mf 2196:209 MoMA: Annual Reports

File incl. minutes of the annual meeting of the corporation 1962 November 8, Annual Reports:

1.489; mf 2196:228 MoMA: Art Workers Coalition

Joyce, Robert
Guerrilla Art Action Group (Hendricks, Jon; incl. a call for the immediate resignation of all the Rockefellers from the Board of Trustees of MoMA
Shapiro, Meyer (Columbia University)
Snyder, Joan
File incl. clippings, press releases, The Demands of the Art Workers Coalition to the Galleries, New York 1969 December 8

1.490; mf 2196:324 MoMA: Black Artists

Elsen, Robert (Stanford University; Committee for the Development of Art in Negro College)
Robbins, Warren M. (Museum of African Art, Center for Cross Cultural Communication; incl. informal report 1964 June 30)
Soby, James Thrall
File incl. clippings, minutes of the Trustee Executive Committee meeting 1970 June 25, excerpts for The Myth of the Negro Past by Meville Herskovits, artists biographies, Counterpoints 23 catalogue

1963-1964, 1970
1.491; mf 2196:375 MoMA: Information Exhibition

Hightower, John B.
Rockefeller, David
File incl. clippings, press release, The MoMA Members Newsletter 1970 November

1.492; mf 2196:399 MoMA: The 1960's: Painting & Sculpture from the Museum Collection

File incl. catalogue and checklist of the [The 1960's: Painting and Sculpture from the Museum Collection]

1.493; mf 2196:423 MoMA: Recent aquisitions: Painting and Sculpture

File incl. press release and checklist of recent aquisitions

1.494; mf 2196:432 MoMA: Film Department

File incl. 1971 January newsletter by Willard Van Dyke

1.495; mf 2196:435 MoMA: General

Elliman, Barbara
Franc, Helen
Lieberman, William S.
Messer, Helaine (corresp. re.)
Oldenburg, Richard E.
Pruter, Jr., Douglas A.
Rubin, William S.
Smith, Mrs., Bertram
File incl. press release

1.496; mf 2196:457 MoMA: John Hightower

Pifer, Alan ( The Jeopardy of Private Institutions)
File incl. clippings, press releases, Hightower statement re: MI-5 zoning amendment proposed for the Soho district 1970 September 23, MoMA members newsletter 1970 November, "New Directions for the Future", "Are Art Galleries Obsolete?", "The Future of Ptolemy's Temple" by John Hightower

1.497; mf 2196:538 MoMA: Barr [unfilmed]

File incl. "New Directions for the Future" by John Hightower, "The Great Cultural Conspiracy" by Alex Gross

1.498; mf 2196:591 MoMA: International Study Center

Larkin, Mrs., Frank Y. (incl. a review of the Museum's educational facilities, programs, their use, and proposals to meet educational possibilities)
File incl. press release, schedule for the dedication of the Lillie P. Bliss International Study Center, a short chronology of MoMA 1929-1968, background material on resources of the Museum Library, Department of Drawings and Prints, Department of Photography, Department of Painting and Sculpture, Department of Film, Department of Architecture and Design, notes on Lillie P. Bliss and Anne Coggin Hanson, flyer and map of the Study Center

1.499; mf 2196:691 MoMA: R. Koch

Loranger, George

1.500; mf 2196:699 MoMA: Library

Hofmann, Werner
Karpel, Bernard (Archives of American Art, incl. memo re: damaged books with attached list)
Lloyd, Mrs., H. Gates and Zeisler, Richard S. (The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art)
Raumschussel, M.
File incl. list of Library acquisitions:
March - April, 1972
November - December, 1971
schedule of exhibitions and events for 1972 March, list of regularly arriving periodicals

1961-1964, 1967, 1969-1973
1.501; mf 2196:71 MoMA: Lowry [Bates]

File mostly incl. Bates-MoMA staff correspondence
File incl. clippings, press releases, notes on 1969 January 9 press release, checklist of Gertrude Stein collection, Lowry ALS

1.501a MoMA: Membership

Burden, William A. M.
Harris, Robert O. M/M
Haupt, Ira M/M
Heller, Ben
Kahn, Kermit
MacDonald, Ranald H.
Myers, Eugene (Air University)
Osterweis, Mrs., Steven
Ruch, Jerome M.
Soby, James Thrall
Simon, Mrs., Leo
Solinger, David M. M/M
Stuart, Jr., D. R. (Bankers Trust Company)
File incl. corresp. re: visits to private collections, membership book schedule 1959-1950, proposals re: membership categories

1.501b 1964 Reopening

Baughman, George F. (New College, Florida)
Bernier, Georges M/M
Burden, William A. M.
Gimbel, Jr., Mrs., Louis S.
Hoffberger, Jerold C.
Hoke II, Robert D.
Hubbard, R. H. (The National Gallery of Canada)
Mocsanyi, Paul (The New School Art Center)
Parkinson, Elizabeth (ALS)
Rewald, John (The University of Chicago)
Solinger, David M. (Solinger & Gordon)
Spate, Virginia
Tillich, Paul J. (incl. ALS, address by Tillich, John Nuveen at the University of Chicago Divinity School)
Truman, Jock (incl. ALS)
Warburg, Edward M. M.
File incl. clippings, press release, 1962 proposed floor plan of MoMA

1.502; mf 2196:830 MoMA: Oldenburg

File incl. press release, telegram and memo re: Oldenburg appointment as director of MoMA

1.503; mf 2196:836 MoMA: Painting & Sculpture

File incl. press release, memo re: exhibition discussion at 1970 January 12 meeting, list of members of the Committees of the Curatorial Council

1.504; mf 2196:848 MoMA: Personnel Manual

File incl. copy of the MoMA Personnel Manual 1970 Septembe

1.505; mf 2196:891 MoMA: Staff

Kokkinen, Eila (incl. ALS)
Milgram, Sylvia (corresp. re.)

1.507; mf 2196:1036 MoMA: Steering Committee - Evaluations Committee

Heese, Charles T.
Paley, William S.
Thayer, Walter N.
Zwick, Walter F. (Cresap, McCormick and Paget)
File incl. press release, minutes of the Evaluations Committee meeting 1970 January 27 minutes of Steering Committee:
1970 April 21
1969 May 23

1.508; mf 2196:1073 MoMA: Tax Bill

Bareiss, Walter (TLS)
Berger, René (Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts)
McGrath, Kyran M. (incl. statement concerning the Tax Reform Act of 1969, 1969 September 17)
Millenson, Roy H. (United States Senate)
Nelson, Gaylord
Paley, William S. (incl. TLS)
Proxmire, William
Rathbone, Petty T. (incl. statement before the Senate Finance Committee Hearing in HR 13270 1969 September 17)
Scott, Fitzhugh
Soby, James Thrall
File incl. clippings, press release, statement on the proposed tax treatment of charitable contributions by artists of their own works, TL to be sent to collectors who have promised to give works of art, summary of problems facing MoMA under the proposed New Tax Bill

1.509; mf 2196:1158 Museums Council of New York City

File incl. membership list 1971 April,
calendar of press and private previews of exhibitions:
May, 1975 - May, 1976
December, 1973 and 1974
November, 1973 - November, 1974

1.510; mf 2196:1179 M

MacIver, Loren and Frankenberg, Lloyd (incl. ALS)
MacAndrew, John (incl. 2 ALS, corresp re: MacAndrew book The Open Air Churches of Sixteenth Century Mexico)
McCullough, Jane Fiske (incl. 2 TLS, ALS corresp. re. Bauhaus)
McEwen, Frank (The Rhodes National Gallery; incl. 4 ALS, itinerary for 1968 New York trip)
Machiz, Herbert (incl. ALS)
Majer, J. (incl. ALS)
Malbin, Mrs., Barnett (incl. 3 ALS)
Mann, David (Bodley Gallery)
Marable, Darwin (Missouri Western College; incl. ALS)
Marlor, Clark S. (Adelphi University)
Martin, Mrs., R. M.
Martins, Maria (incl ALS)
Matter, Mrs., Mercedes (New York Studio School)
Mattisse, Henri (telegram, corresp. re.)
Maurer, Evan M.
May, Rollo (incl. TLS)
Mayer, Grace (ALS)
Mayola, Mater
de Menil, John M/M (Rice University; The Rothko Chapel)
Messens, E. L. T.
Meyer, Irving (incl. TLS)
Michigan Association of Media in Education (Taylor, Donna)
Millard, Charles W. (The Washington Gallery of Modern Art)
Millares, Manolo
Miller, Mitchell M/M
Miyajima, Hisao (incl. 3 TLS)
Mládek, Meda S.
Moe, Henry Allen
Morgan, Barbara (incl. ALS)
Morse, John D. (TLS)
Moynihan, Anne
Moore, John Warner (incl. ALS)
Moore, Marianne
Myers, John Bernard (incl. 3 ALS, Junkdump Fair Survived draft of article)
File incl. AHB TLS, AHB handwritten notes, 1965 Christmas Booklet from the College Art Association of America, agenda for editorial board meeting 1952 February 7

1952, 1962, 1964, 1966-1973, 1975, 1977, 1979
1.511; mf 2197:6 N

Nabb, Norma
Navarro, Raymond
New York State Association of Museums
New York State Council on the Arts (Hightower, John B; open memo)
New York Studio School (Jones, E. Powis; incl. 2 TLS; Matter, Mercedes; incl. ALS)
New York University (Gordon, Joy L.; Gray Art Gallery and Study Center)
Nickel, Karl (John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art)
Nieber, Reinhold
Niles, Henry E. M/M
Norman, Dorothy (TLS Thank You note)
File incl. clippings

1962, 1966-1971, 1973, 1977
1.512; mf 2197:42 New College [Sarasota, Florida]

Arthur, Furman C.
Baughman, George F. (incl. 6 TLS, AHB handwritten notes)
Bonin, Madeline
Borden, Jr., Arthur R. (incl. TLS)
Christ-Janer, Arland F. (incl. TLS)
Dort, Dallas W.
Elmendorf, John (incl. 11 TLS, inaugural program)
Eurich, Nell P. (incl. 3 TLS, report of the educational policy committee of the Board of Trustees of the New College 1965 November 4)
Gekle, William
Gustad, John W. (incl. 5 TLS)
Hilson, Mary
Hiss, Philip H. (12 TLS)
Hodgins, Eleanor
Hollis, Ernest V. (Department of Health, Education and Welfare)
Hotchkiss, Wesley A. (incl. TLS)
Jaecks, Daniel
Krueger, Donald (Rhode Island School of Design; incl. c.v)
Kuch, G. Richard (TLS)
Kuch, Madeline B.
LaMotte, Louis H. (incl. 3 TLS)
Littlestone, S. (Vocational Travel Services, Inc.)
McClain, Ray P.
McKenzie, Patricia (incl. TLS)
Nee, Joseph F.
O'Conner, Basil (The National Foundation [Medical Scientific Research, Professional Education and Medical Care])
Powell, Benton W. (Palmer First National Bank and Trust Co.; incl. TLS)
Pray, Francis C. (Council for Financial Aid to Education, Inc.)
Rockefeller III, John D.
Sharp, Lucinda (incl. TLS)
Skike, Jr., Robert B. Van (incl. 2 TLS)
Stinnett, C. D.
Wilson, Corrine G. (New College Library; incl. 3 TLS)
File incl. clippings, challenge progress report 1968 May 3, The Catalyst 1965 December 3, 1967 February 22, by-laws of New College, AHB statement and provisional list of the conference on educational objectives 1962 April 5-6, outline of proposed program A Working Conference on "Trusteemanship", copy of New College Magazine vol. 4 1972-1973, agenda for board members meeting 1969 June 25

1.513; mf 2197:319 The New Yorker Magazine

File incl. clippings

1.514; mf 2197:344 O

Oelze, Richard (corresp. re.; incl. corresp. re: Expectations)
Oestreich, Mrs., Charles H. (ALS)
Oldenburg, Claes
Oppenheimer, Robert (The Institute for Advanced Study)
Oppler, Ellen C. (Syracuse University)
Orlando, Felipe
Osborn, Robert (incl. ALS)
Ortega, Emmanuel (incl. TLS)
Osher, Mrs., Norman W. (incl. ALS)

1966, 1968-1969, 1971-1974
1.515; mf 2197:379 P

Peraza, Humberto (invitation)
Parkinson, Mrs., Bliss
Peat, Wilbur D. (telegram re.)
Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, Editors and Novelists (Parkinson, Elizabeth; Shaw, Elizabeth)
Pennsylvania State University (Hewes, Timothy)
Pepsico (Kendall, Donald M.; 2 TLS)
Pevsner, Antoine (The Pelican History of Art)
Pevsner, Mrs., Antoine (Associations des Amis d'Antoine Pevsner)
Plass, Margo (incl. 2 ALS)
Porter, Louis H.
Powers, John G. ( Art in America)
Praz, Mario (Universita Degli Studi di Roma)
Prinner, Antoine
Pulitzer, Joseph, Jr.
Putman, Wallace (incl. TLS)

1.516; mf 2197:452 Paley [William S

File incl. material not microfilmed

1.517; mf 2197:493 Penrose [Roland]

Bessie, Simon Michael
Bodley, John
Gergory, E. C. (Perry Lund, Humphries & Co., Ltd.)
Hightower, John B.
Reeves, Joyce (incl. ALS)
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Seitz, William C.
Wheeler, Monroe
File incl. list of works by Joan Miró in the collections of MoMA, Penrose 23 ALS, AHB handwritten draft of TL, draft of AHB preface to Portrait of Picasso, Penrose introduction to Portrait of Picasso

1946, 1956-1958, 1965-1966, 1971
1.518; mf 2197:659 Photography Committee

Burden, Shirley C.
McAlpin, David H.
Norman, Dorothy
Szarkowski, John
File incl. AHB handwritten notes, suggested agenda for joint meeting of Advisory and Collections Committees 1967 November

1964-1966, 1973
1.519; mf 2197:682 Primitive Art Museum

Chapman, Allan D.
File incl. copy of Vladimir Markov Art of the Negroes Title page

1.520; mf 2197:686

Aglin, Paula M.
Bellamy, Richard
Bigger, Michael (incl. ALS, c.v.)
Calder, Alexander (incl. 5 ALS, 2 postcards)
Carver, Eugenie Edmunds Carver (TLS)
Droll, Donald
Farrington, Jr., Jeremiah A.
Gogeen, Robert F.
Henrey, Joseph
Hesse, Eva (c.v.)
Hutchinson, Max (Max Hutchinson Gallery)
Kelleher, Patrick J. (The Art Museum)
Moran, John P.
Nesjar, Carl (incl. 3 ALS, corresp. re. Picasso)
Panicali, Carla (corresp. re.)
Putnam, Peter (Union Theological Seminary)
Shenstone, Allen G. (incl. ALS)
Spector, Naomi (Fischbach Gallery)
Stubbins, Hugh
Tindall, Mrs., G. C.
Umanoff, Jane (Whitney Museum of American Art; corresp. re. Wayne Taylor)
Weber, John W.
Wheeler, John Archibald
Williken, William M. (The Cleveland Museum of Art)
File incl. clippings, press release, slide, 2 color photographs, 7 b/w photographs list of agreements reached at the Putman Advisory Selection Committee 1968 November 15, AHB handwritten notes, AHB ALS to Monawee A. Richards, copy of Princeton Alumni Weekly 1970 January 27, list of proposed sculptors, Agenda for the Putman Committee:
1969 December 3
1969 March 19
1969 February 17

1.521; mf 2197:906 Princeton: Correspondence, general

Coffin, David R.
Farrington, Jr., Jeremiah
Finch, Jeremiah S.
Fong, Wen (Department of Art and Archeology)
Fry, Edward (Department of Art and Archeology)
Goheen, Robert F.
Harbison, Sherrill R.
Kelleher, Patrick J.
Koch, Robert A.
Patterson, Gardner (Committee on the Education of Women at Princeton)
Poe, John P. (ALS)
Rockefeller III, John D. (incl. AHB draft of letter with handwritten notes)
Rusk, William Sener (incl. ALS)
Scarff, James G
Steadman, David
Turner, Richard (Department of Art and Archeology)
Wade, Ira O. (Department of Romance Languages and Literatures)
File incl. clippings, copy of Princeton Alumni Weekly 1952 December 5

1960-1968, 1972
1.522; mf 2197:977

Fong, Wen
Landman, Hedy B.
Taplin, Frank E.
Tindell, Mrs., G. C.
File incl. clippings, list of selection of paintings by AHB 1971 March

1.523; mf 2197:1011 Princeton: Department of Art and Archeology

Backlin-Landman, Hedy
Brown, Jonathon M.
Clark, Stephen C.
Coffin, David R.
Finch, Jeremiah S.
Fong, Wen
Gibbs, Mary Laura (a schematic comparison of three graduate programs)
Gulick, Archibald A.
Imbrie, Andrew C.
Kelleher, Patrick J.
Lee, Rensselaer W.
Lester, Richard A.
Martin, John R.
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Smith, E. Baldwin
Tindell, Mrs., G. C.
File incl. clippings, a plan for the creation of Advisory Councils for the Academic Divisions of Princeton University agenda for the Advisory Councils of the Art Museum and the Department of Art and Archeology meetings:
1968 April 19-20
1966 April 22-23
1947 January 24
Program of the Advisory Councils of the Department of Art and Archeology and of the Art Museum meeting:
1973 May 11-12
1964 November 20-21
1961 November 10-11
1961 March 3-4

1941, 1946-1949, 1959-1971, 1973
1.524; mf 2197:1087 Princeton: Art Museum

Bowen, William G.
Kelleher, Patrick J.
Landman, Hedy B.
Lee, Rensselaer W.
Webb, Vanderbilt (corresp. re.)
File incl. clippings, press release, Newsletter of the Friends of the Art Museum 1970 October, 1970 February 5

1963-1966, 1970-1972
1.524.b Princeton Publications

Incl. material not microfilmed
File incl. copy of Princeton Alumni Weekly:
1973 December 4
1972 May 9
1966 February 15
1952 February 1
University A Princeton Quarterly ( The Testament of Mr. Tompkins by George Gamon, The Putman Sculptures 1971 December 4

1.525; mf 2197:1111 Publications Program

Carter, Robert A.
Keech, Frances
Roskill, Mark W. (Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University; corresp. re: cover reprints of Barr's Picasso and Matisse)
Skira, Albert
Soby, Jamed Thrall (Skira; incl. tentative list of art works for Skira book)
Williams, Jr., Gray
Wheeler, Monroe
File incl. list of future publications 1967 October-December, list of postcard publications, publication book list, summary of meeting on publications 1966 April 20. agenda for meeting on publications 1966 May 11, list of publications on the painting and sculpture collection in progress or proposed 1966 February 7, list of publications proposed for 1968, 1965, list of publications in progress for 1966

1.526; mf 2197:1269 Publications - Acknowledgments

Cerastico Editore
Daix, Pierre
Evans, Walker
Fernandez, Justino
Hartmann, Fritz
Hofmann, Werner (Museum of 20th Century Art)
Kuh, Katherine
McDarrah, Fred W.
Rosenblum, Robert (Penguin Books, Inc.)

1967, 1970-1971
1.527; mf 2197:1283 Publicity

File incl. clippings, MoMA press summary 1960 March 7, 1947 The New Yorker

1.528; mf 2197:1319 R

Radio City Music Hall
Raffel, Mrs., G. R. (incl. ALS)
Randall, Margaret S. (School for International Training)
Randolph, Leona L.
Rathbone, Shirley (Museum of Fine Arts; not microfilmed)
Raymond, Ben
RCA Records (Colacito, Elva M.)
Reber, [G. F.]
Reid, Ben L. (Mount Holyoke College; incl. copy of John Quinn and His Friends)
Renoir, Paul (Ficher Inventaire de L'Oveure de Pierre Auguste Renoir; incl. TLS)
Rewald, Estelle (incl. 3 ALS)
Riabov, George (memo re.)
Rich, Daniel Catton (corresp. re.; Williams, Eddie N., The University of Chicago Alumni Association)
Richards, Jim (incl. ALS)
Rickey, George (incl. TLS, ALS, AHB draft letter to Rickey with handwritten corrections)
Risa, (incl. ALS)
Robinson, D. Duncan (incl. TLS)
Rockefeller, Laurance S.
Romera, Antonio R. (Circulo de Criticos de Arte; incl. TLS)
Roos, Allan (incl. TLS, 2 ALS)
Rosenberg, Harold ( The New Yorker; incl. AHB draft of letter to Rosenberg with handwritten corrections, copy of "The Strange Case of Harold Rosenberg" by Hilton Kramer from The Lugano Review 1965)
Rothschild, Mrs., Herbert (incl. 3 ALS, AHB rough draft of Rochschild letter)
Rotzler, Willy (incl. ALS)
Russell, John (incl. corresp. re: JTS and Balthus, TLS, ALS re: Matisse book)
Russoli, Franco (TLS)
File incl. clippings, Monawee Richards handwritten memo, AHB handwritten notes

1.529; mf 2197:119 Religion and Art

Anderson, Bernhard W. (Drew University; incl. TLS)
Berker, Fikret (Turkish Consulate General; incl. 2 TLS)
Carlin, Mrs.
Catt, John (John Catt Ltd., Church Buildings Today; incl. TLS)
Douglass, Truman B.
Egbert, Mrs., Donald D.
Feingold, Jessica (The Institute for Religious and Social Studies)
Frankel, Charles (Columbia University; incl. text of paper presented at faculty seminar, The Institute for Religious and Social Studies 1961 November 20)
Freund, Louis (Stetson University; incl. TLS)
Glenesk, William Bell (incl. TLS)
Halverson, Marvin P. (Nationa0l Council of the Churches of Christ; incl. TLS, 3 ALS)
Hanson II, Victor H. ( Birmingham News, incl. TLS)
Harmon, Francis S. (The Interchurch Center)
Howard, Richard F. (Birmingham Museum of Art; incl. TLS)
Howell, Joseph A. (United Church of Christ)
Jy, Stephen (incl. TLS)
Karlin, Mrs., John (Drew University; ALS)
Kenofer, Doris D. (TLS)
Leamon, J. Thomas (Westfield Congregational Church)
Massey, Ralph W. (The Presbyterian Church)
Moeller, Pearl L.
O' Sullivan, Brendan P. (Powler, White, Gillian, Humkey & Trenam; incl. 5 TLS)
Ortmayer, Roger (National Council of the Churches of Christ; incl. TLS)
Parker, Everett C. (Office of Communication for the United Church of Christ; incl. TLS)
Ratcliffe, Albert H. (John Monteith Memorial Presbyterian Church; incl. 2 TLS)
Reid., Jr., Roddey (Immanuel Episcopal Church)
Shinn, Roger L. (Union Theological Seminary; incl. TLS)
Stewart, Walter A. (Albert Einstein Medical School; incl. text of paper presented at Faculty Seminar, The Institute for Religion and Social Studies)
Urbahn, Max O. (New York Chapter The American Institute of Architects; incl. TLS)
File incl. clippings, press release, proposal for an ecumenical arts foundation "Mission to the Arts"
Copies of pamphlets: God and Man in Art
Art: An Environment for Faith and New Creation, an exhibition of contemporary religious art
Exhibition proposal Images of Praise: The Christian Exploration
Draft of suggested books of Arts Resource list
List of participants in the Institute for Religious and Social Studies Faculty Seminar "Emerging Concepts: Man and Society" 1961-1962
List of artists and works that will be included in the exhibition Christmas Paintings by the Renaissance Masters

1.530; mf 2197:287 Rockefeller, David

Chrysler, Jr., Walter P.
Mayglothling, William (TLS)
Guggenheim, Peggy (incl. TLS)
File incl. 2 Rockefeller TLS, AHB TLS

1959, 1962, 1967, 1970-1971
1.531; mf 2198:304 Rockefeller, J. D., Jr., etc.

Alan, Charles (The Alan Gallery; incl TLS.)
Goodchild, Donald (The Rockefeller Foundation; incl. TLS)
Grosshennig, Wilhelm
James, Edward T. ( Notable American Women; corresp. re: article on Abby Aldrich Rockefeller)
Marshall, John (The Rockefeller Foundation; incl. 2 TLS)
Panofsky, Erwin (Institute for Advanced Study; incl. ALS)
Rockefeller, Abby (ALS)
Rockefeller, David (incl. TLS)
Rockefeller, Laurance, S. (incl. TLS)
Rockefeller, Mary Clark (corresp. re.)
Rockefeller, Michael (incl. ALS)
Uht, Mrs., Charles
Warfield, Janet M. (incl. TLS)
Wheeler, Monroe
File incl. clippings, press release, lists of Mrs., J. D. Rockefeller Jr. gifts to Museum

1938, 1946-1948, 1951-1965
1.532; mf 2198:383 Rockefeller, J. D. III

File incl. AHB-Rockefeller correspondence; Rockefeller TLS

1.533; mf 2198:392 Sarah Rubenstein

Moe, Henry Allen (incl. ALS)
Rockefeller, David
file incl. Sarah Rubenstein ALS

1.534; mf 2198:402 Rubin, William S.

Colin, Ralph
Crimmins, James (incl. comments by Crimmins upon his retirement as Chairman of the Junior Council)
Eversole, Finley (Foundation for the Arts, Religion and Culture)
Maurer, Evan M.
Soby, James Thrall
File incl. clippings, press releases, Rubin text sent to The New York Times 1972 March 1, notes on Matisse Reading, a reply by Rubin to Denny Crimmins' Newsletter article, Rubin TLS, AHB handwritten notes

1.534a; mf 2198:480 S

Skator, Peter B. (ALS)

1.535; mf 2198:481 S

Sachs, Paul J. (incl. talks by Frank Jewett Mather and Paul J. Sachs at meeting of MoMA 1934 April 19)
Saidenberg, Mrs., Daniel
Salles, Georges
Sandberg, Willem (corresp. re.)
Sardis Expedition (Greenewaly, Jr., Crawford H.; Hanfmann, George M. A.; incl. newsletters from Sardis 1976 August 22, 1976 August 1, 1975 September 5)
Sargent, Barbara (Union Theological Seminary; incl. TLS 2 TLS with handwritten notes)
Schipper, Merle (TLS)
Schmidt, Gordon (The Bruce Museum; incl. TLS)
Schmidt, Warren (Stimart Ltd.)
Schmied, Wieland (TLS)
Schkempp, Theodore
Schöffer, Nicholas
Scull, Mrs., Robert (incl. ALS)
Segui, Antonio
Seitz, William C. (Rose Art Museum)
Selz, Peter (University of California at Berkeley)
Seren, Mrs., A. C. (incl. TLS)
Shapiro, Meyer
Shaw, Sam (incl. TLS re: Elizabeth Shaw)
Siharre, Lanmi P. (Birla Academy of Art and Culture; incl. 5 TLS, 13 ALS, A Twelve Point Program to Promote Art and Museums in India, notes regarding the curriculum and structure of the forthcoming Department of Art History at Delhi University, an outline of the dissertation: "Oriental Influence on the Four Pioneers of Non-Representational Painting: Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee and Kasimir Malevich, during 1909-[mf 1917:
correspndence re: Siharre from
Charles E. Cuningham; University of Washington Press, incl. 2 TLS
Gilpatric, Chadbourne (The Rockefeller Foundation)
Goldwater, Robert; New York University
Ritter, Mary C.; The Bollingen Foundation
Rubin, William S.
Smyth, Craig Hugh; New York University,
Wheeler, Monroe
Zahara, Helen V.; Kern Foundation Programs)
Simon, Leo (obituary)
Skira, Albert
Skowhegan School of Painting (Cummings, Willard; incl. TLS; Eastman. Jr., John; incl. TLS)
Skowhegan Twenty-Sixth Anniversary Dinner (Dillon, Douglas; TLS)
Sloane, Joseph C. (University of North Carolina; incl. MSB ALS)
Smyth, Craig Hugh (New York University)
Sokoloff, Beryl (incl. 2 ALS)
Solinger, David M.
Solomon, Richard H.
Sorenson, M/M Christian
Spaeth, Otto Lucien (obituary)
Stanton, Frank (CBS)
Stern, Joanne (ALS)
Stevens, Mrs., Edmund (incl. TLS, ALS)
Steichen, Edward
Sting, Hellmuth
Spence-Sales, H. (McGill University)
Straus, John W. (incl. 2 TLS)
Stroobant, Yann L. (incl. ALS)
Swan, Simone
Szepczynski, Leszek (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings, press release

1934, 1962-1967
1.536; mf 2198:792 Sarasota [Florida]

Estus, Martha
Freeman, Robert T. (Friends of the Ringling Museum of Art, Inc.; TLS)
Hiss, Philip H. (New College)
[Hiss] , Shirley
Lane, Clayton (list of lectures on the arts and culture of Japan)
Lane, Mrs., Clayton (incl. 2 ALS, TLS)
Lambie, Mrs., John (incl. ALS)
Lindsay, Mrs., David B., Jr. ( Lindsay Newspapers)
Moise, William L. (incl. 2 TLS)
Palmer, Gordon (Friends of the Ringling Museum of Art, Inc.; TLS)
Ringling Museum of Art (newsletter 1963 May 23)
Rubenstein, Sarah
Smith, Theodore
Stevenson, Nancy (TLS)
Sugg W. D. (The Ringling Museum)
Walker, Elizabeth Young (Sarasota Art Association; incl. TLS)
File incl. clippings, 2 b/w photograph

1.536; mf 2198:857 Sao Paolo (sic)

Bucarelli, Palma (Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna)
Humphrey, Jr., E. P. (The International Program)
McCray, Porter A. (The International Program)
Profili, Arturo (Museu de Arte Moderna)
Rasmussen, Waldo
File incl. AHB handwritten notes

1.537; mf 2198:917 Seventeen

Baer, Jean (4 TLS)
Cahalin, Joan (incl. 2 TLS)
Haupt, Mrs., Ira ( Seventeen, incl. 2 TLS)
Lieberman, William S.
Schlanger, Henrietta ( Seventeen; incl. TLS)
File incl. clippings

1.538; mf 2198:948 Soby: Bacon book

Brausen, Erica
Fischer, H. R. (Marlborough Fine Art Ltd. incl. TLS, TL JTS-Fischer with JTS handwritten notes
File incl. TLS

1.539; mf 2198:978 Soby [James Thrall]

Bareiss, Walter
Goodrich, Lloyd
Paley, William S.
Rubin, William S. (TLS)
File incl. clippings, 16 JTS TLS, TLS with JTS handwritten notes, chapter "An Afternoon With Picasso", "Ben Shahn" of JTS unpublished autobiography

1.540; mf 2198:1029 Soby [James Thrall]

Bareiss, Walter
Matisse, Pierre
Mongan, John S. (Congress of the United States; incl. TLS)
Paley, William S.
Toninelli, Romeo (incl. corresp. re: de Chirico catalogue of works 1910-1930)
File incl. clippings, 14 JTS TLS, TLS with JTS handwritten notes, JTS ALS, AHB signed memo with handwritten notes, JTS preface to Romantic Painting in America

1.541; mf 2198:1098 T

Takashina, Shuji (The National Museum of Western Art; Tokyo, Japan; incl. TLS)
Tarantola, Bryon
Tannenbaum, Libby (Queens College; incl. ALS)
Taylor, Mrs., Alfred F. (incl. 2 ALS)
Taylor, Harold (incl. ALS)
Texas (Johnson, Mrs., J. Lee; Amon Carter Museum of Western Art)
Galerie M. E. Thelen (Jollenbeck)
Thomas, Byron (incl. ALS)
Thomas, Rosemary (poem titled "Dylan Thomas": 1914-1953)
Thompson, Mrs., A. R.
Thompson, G. David
Tillich, Paul M/M (incl. Jane B. Owen ALS)
Tishman, Paul
Toklas, Alice B.
Tompkins, Calvin ( The New Yorker, incl. TLS)
Toronto, The Art Gallery of (Postletwaite, Diana)
Trier, Hann (incl. ALS)
Tuckman, Maurice (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Tulchin, Lillie
Tyndall, Ian
File incl. slide of portrait of A. Hyatt Mayor by Glenda G. Youritzin and related correspondence

1947, 1966-1969, 1972-1976
1.542; mf 2198:1182 Thefts

File incl. "High-Priced Art: It's a Steal" article by Meryle Secrest

1.543; mf 2198:1190 U

UNEDI (Vitale, Aurizio; incl. 2 TLS)
University of California at Los Angeles Art Galleries (Wight, Frederick S.; TLS)

1.544; mf 2198:1209 V

Van Dusen, Henry Pitney (Union Theological Seminary; incl. TLS)
Von Erfa, Helmut (incl. ALS)
Vastrick, Waldy
Verzyl, Kenneth H, (Village of Asharoken, Inc.)
Viani, Alberto (Galleria Lorenzelli)

1969-1970, 1973, 1976
1.545; mf 2198:1220 Vance, D.[avid]

File incl. draft memo

1.546; mf 2198:1229 Venice Biennale

Apollonio, Umbro (Archivo Storico d'Arte Contemporanea; incl. 6 TLS)
Brin, Irene
Davis, Audrey Y.
Frankfurter, Alfred ( The Art News)
Gnan, Antonio (Archivo Storico d'Arte Contemporanea)
Hess, Tom
de Kooning, William
Lieberman, William (ALS)
Luce, Clare Boothe (The American Embassy)
McCray, Porter
Neumann, J. B. (New Art Circle)
Pallucchini, Rodolfo (incl. TLS)
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Shahn, Ben (TLS)
Zordi, Elio (incl. TLS)
File incl. clippings, press releases, AHB memo with handwritten notes, list of prizes awarded, AHB drafts of article: The United States at the Venice Biennale, 1954, AHB draft of Gorky, de Kooning, Pollack

1948-1954, 1959, 1962
1.547; mf 2198:1376; mf 2199:6 W

Walker, Mrs., Kenneth J. (incl. corresp. re: Esther Everett Lape)
Warburg, Edward M. M.
Warner, R. Miles
Ward, Ede M.
Ward, Stark Cameron (corresp. re.)
Waring, Brooke (incl. ALS)
Washburn, Gordon B. (The Asia Society; incl. ALS)
Washington National Gallery of Art (Warwick, Katherine)
Watson, Dudley Crafts (incl. ALS; outline for catalogue "Music for the Eye")
Wehrlin, Francois
Welles, Jane
Werner, Jacob (incl. TLS)
Westerdahl, Eduardo (incl. TLS)
Whitecomb, Dorothy (incl. 3 ALS)
Wight, Frederick S. (UCLA Art Galleries)
Wildenstein, Daniel
Wilke, Ulfert (University of Iowa Museum of Art; incl. ALS)
Wittkower, Rudolph (incl. TLS)
Wright, Brooks (incl. TLS)
Wyeth, John (incl. ALS)
File incl. clippings

1.548; mf 2198:77 Washington [D.C.]

Art Institute of Chicago (TLS)
Dungan, Ralph A.
Kennedy, John F. (incl. TLS)
Kennedy, Mrs.John F.
Markel, Lester ( The New York Times; incl. d'Harnoncourt letter to the editor commenting on Russell Lynes's article "The Case Against Government Aid to the Arts"
Murrow, Edward R. (United States Information Agency)
Parkinson, Bliss (The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art)
Speyer, Darthea (United States Information Service, Centre Culturel Americain)
File incl. list of members of the City Art Commission, clippings, proposed bills: H.R. 10122, H.R. 9906, H.R. 10494

1.549; mf 2198:161 Washington D.C. II

Carlebach, Julius (United World Arts Foundation; incl. TLS)
Flemming, Arthur S. (Department of Health, Education and Welfare)
Munson, Henry Lee (G. A. Brakeley & Co., Inc.)
National Cultural Center (incl. press release re: Center including statements by Arthur S. Flemming and Edward Durell Stone, program reports part 1 and 3 "America's Cultural Needs" - Interview Excerpts 1960 October)
File incl. b/w photograph

1.550; mf 2198:203 White House Art

Bowles, Chester E. (incl. "The Place of Modern Art in the World Today")
Goldberg, Arthur J. (United States Department of Labor)
Halle, Kay
National Cultural Center (incl. program report part 2 "What Goes into" the center by Carleton Sprague Smith)
Rusk, Dean (incl. TLS)
Saltonstall, John L., Jr. (National Committee of Arts, Letters nd Sciences; incl. outline of a federal program in the arts 1960 October 11, 2 TLS)
Truman, Harry
File incl. clippings and press release, proposed bill S. 1250, copy of Oculus
1961 January

1947, 1960-1961
1.551; mf 2198:283 White House Festival

Akermark, Margareta
Calder, Alexander (excerpt of letter 1965 June 14)
Diamonstein, Barbaralee D.
Goldman, Eric F.
Miller, Dorothy
Walker, John (National Gallery of Art)
File incl. clippings, press release, program for The White House Festival of the Arts 1965 June 14

1.552; mf 2198:367 X, Y, Z

Youritzin, Glenda (incl. 2 TLS, slide of portrait of S. Lane Faison Jr.)
de Zayas, M. (incl. TL to AHB from de Zayas "When, How and Why Modern Art Came to New York")
Zeisler, Richard S. (ALS)
Zerbe, Karl (incl. ALS)
Zobel, Fernando (incl TLS, ALS)
File incl. clippings, Mohan Lal Sharma ALS

1.[1]; mf 2199:408 MoMA: Reports and proposed projects

File incl. scenario for proposed exhibition For Us The Living 1940 September 30
Annual Report to the Board of Trustees and Corporation Members 1939 July 1-1939 June 30,
An experimental project in art education undertaken by sixteen secondary schools and MoMA petition to the general board 1938 December 12, Report on The Museum of Modern Art part 2 "The Function of the Museum in General Education" 1939 March

1.[2]; mf 2199:540 MoMA: Departmental Reports

D'Amico, Victor (draft of Educational Report)
Goodwin, Philip (TLS)
National War Poster Competition (Nichols, Hobart; incl. proposed war artists' information bureau)
File incl. Annual Report of the Registrar 1941-1942; List of accessions, acquisitions, loans from Museum Collections, loans to other institutions, circulating exhibitions to MoMA 1941-1942
Dance Archives acquisitions for fiscal year 1941-1942
Director's Report (draft)
Department of Architecture Report 1941 July 1-1942 June 30
Department of Photography Report 1941-1942
Educational Project Report 1941-1942
Film Library Report 1941-1941
Report on Film Library Activities
Publications Annual Report 1941-1942
Report on Collection of Industrial Design Department (as made from catalogue of E. Ferry) 1942 June
Report on the use of artists as war reporters; by Betty Chamberlain
Special loans and exhibitions circulated by the department of Circulating Exhibitions 1941 July 1-1942 June 30

1.[3]; mf 2199:785 AHB Correspondence A-M

American British Art Center (Story, Mrs., Ala)
A. C. A. Gallery (Baron, Herman; incl. ALS, TLS; Egan, Charles)
Balmori, Santos
Berdeau, Le Ray M/M (Society for the Arts; incl. ALS, 5 TLS, corresp. re: Latin-American Exhibition: Princess Gourielli; Lyford, Olive; Coordinator of Inter American Affairs)
Berman, Genia (incl. JTS TLS)
Berman, Sarah
Bing, A. M.
Boston (Museum of Fine Arts; Constable, W. G.; Dwyer, Darthea Field; Edgall, G. H. incl. TLS)
Brenner, Anita (incl. 3 TLS)
Blume, Peter (correp. re.)
Bucher, Mrs., G. C. (incl. ALS)
Buchholz Gallery (Valentin, Curt; incl. TLS)
Calder, Alexander (incl. 3 ALS)
Callery, Meric (incl. 2 ALS)
Canade, Vincent (corresp. re.)
Chadwick, Mrs., E. G.
Cleveland Museum of Art, The (Francis, Henry Styles)
Crowninshield, Frank (incl. 2 ALS)
Davenport, Mrs., Walter
Davis, Bernard (La France Industries; incl. TLS, corresp. re: Tchelitchew's Fallen Clown)
Davis, Stewart (incl. ALS)
Del Prado, Maria Nunez
De Rocco, Jovan (Sweet Briar College; incl. ALS, corresp. re: complaint of Albright painting And God Created Man in His Image)
Delavnay, Robert (ALS)
Devoe, Ralph G.
Dominian Gallery of Fine Art, The (Stern, Max)
Dreier, Katherine (incl. 2 JTS TLS)
Duchamp, Marcel
Durand-Ruel, Inc. (Elfers, Herbert H.)
Duveen Brothers (Lowengard, Armand; incl. TLS)
Egas, Camilo
Fogg Museum of Art; Harvard University (Sachs, Paul J.)
Flato, Hans (incl. TLS)
Graves, H. G. (incl. 2 ALS)
Hamar, Irene
Hare, Meredith
Hewitt, Edwin (TL re: Castellanos's St. John's Day)
High School of Music and Art (Steigman, Benjamin)
Howard, Thomas Fine
Hugo, Ian (incl. TLS, 3 ALS)
Jansen, Roy (incl. 4 TLS)
Koehnline, William
Kootz, Samuel
Katz, Leo
La Quinta Gallery (Haugland Willard)
Lamont, David
Lejeune, H.
Levine, Jack
Lewis, Wyndham
Lewisohn, Samuel A.
Lilienfeld, Karl
McAlpin, David
McKinley, Charles
Martins, Mrs., Carlos (Brazilian Embassy; incl. ALS)
Merrill, Charles E.
Munk, Peter Muller (Carnegie Institute)
Moselio, Simon (Bennington College)
Museum of Modern Art (incl. memos re: de Chirico, Maxim Kopf, Acquisitions Committee, Tamayo, Museum Collection Accessions Book, recent poster acquistions, Andre Racz)
File incl. clippings

1.[4]; mf 2199:1079 AHB Correspondence N-Z

National Gallery of Art (Finley, David E.; Walker, John)
Neumann, J. B. (incl. ALS)
Ochs, E.
Passedoit, Georgette (Passedoit Gallery; incl. TLS)
Pereira, Irene
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Clifford, Henry; incl. 7 TLS, ALS; Kimball, Fiskel; incl. TLS; Marceau, Henri; incl. TLS)
Picasso, Pablo (memo re: Guernica)
Picken, George
Poter, Mrs., Nathan Todd
Porter, Elliot
Poore, Charles M/M
Puma, Fernando (Puma Gallery; incl. 7 TLS)
Quirt, Walter (incl. ALS)
Reder, Bernard (incl. ALS)
Reder, Mrs., Stanley (J. W. Thompson Gallery)
Rhode Island School of Design (Shwartz, Heinrich)
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (incl. TLS)
Rogers, Charles Bolles (incl. TLS)
Rosenberg, Paul
Saber, Clifford
Schiefer, Johannes
Scudder, Mrs., Wallace M. (Artists of Today)
Seligmann, Germain
Siqueriros, David Alfaro
Smith College Museum of Art, The (Abbott, Jere; incl. 3 TLS)
Spitzer, Julius
Strand , Paul
Sweeny, James Johnson
Tamayo, Rufino
Thompson, Dorothy
Toledo Museum of Art, The (Godwin, Blake-More; incl. 10 TLS)
File incl. AHB ALS

1.[5]; mf 2199:1206 MoMA: Exhibitions: Schedules & lists

Wheeler, Monroe

1.[6]; mf 2199:1227 MoMA: Photography Committee

File incl. memo re: McAlpin talks in photographic project, report of the Picture Use Sub-Committee of the Advisory Council 1945 March 12

Minutes of the Advisory Committee on Photography meeting:
1945 January 4
1944 November 30

1.[7]; mf 2199:1249 Policy Committee

Courter, Elodie
Moe, Henry Allen (incl. 2 TLS)
File incl. Report on the Policy Committee on Circulating Exhibitions 1944 July 26, report of the Officer of Assistant Treasurer and Controller, report of the Front Desk, brief definition of the work of the Department of Painting and Sculpture, 1944 June Library Report

1.[8]; mf 2199:1302 MoMA: Life Article

File incl. information requested from Life for museum story (Dorothy Seiberling)
Identification of works in the collection of MoMA show in Life
List of Dorothy Seiberling's questions re: Life Article
Attendance figures 1929-1949


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Series 1b: Barr Biographical: Honors and Awards

Given to MoMA Library for Alfred Barr Archive by Mrs. Alfred Barr July 8 and June 9 1975. See also, folders #396-416 for related correspondence.

Subseries 1b.A. Awards (Plaques and Medals)

Folder Title Date
1b.A.1 Framed Irish proverb/verse

From "Men" of MoMA production staff upon AHB's retirement

1b.A.2 Brandeis University Creative Arts Award

Bronze round plaque in blue leather case

1b.A.3 Art in America Annual Award

Bronze medal

1b.A.4 Merit Award from Philadelphia College of Art 6/1960
1b.A.5 Ordre de Chevalerie, Paris

Medal, white enamel star on green silver-leaf, with red ribbon
Inner disc (blue and gold) marked: Republique Francaise, Honneur et Patrie
Received in green felt jewelry case marked Shreve Crump & Low Co., Boston

1b.A.6 Légion d'Honneur

Tiny medal, looks like a miniature of no. 5 above
Same colors, red ribbon, and wording as on disc above
In small maroon leather box
Received in same green felt jewelry case as above

n.d., 1959
1b.A.7 Italian Medal

Gold star and medallion [red, green, and white ribbon]
Lapel button
In green leather box, with gold seal
Jeweler: Cravanzola, Rome


Subseries 1b.B. Certificates

Folder Title Date
1b.B.1 European Art Dealers' Association

Citation in Gerrrani envelope w. MSB's notes

1b.B.2 Art Dealers Association of America Award for excellence in Art History 4/20/1972
1b.B.3 Columbia University commencement program

At which AHB received Doctor of Human letters degree
See Folio for degree, which is oversized

1b.B.4 Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture: Certificate of Appreciation 2/22/1969
1b.B.5 Award for Distinguished Service to the Arts

Conferred by American Academy of Arts and letters and National Institute of Arts and letters
Incl. award certificate
Glenway Westcott's remarks
AHB's handwritten reply

1b.B.6 Yale University: Doctor of Fine Arts


1b.B.7 New York State Award

Incl. program

1b.B.8 Copy of New College Citation of Esteem

With AHB annotation

1b.B.9 Brandeis University

Certificate accompanying a medal for notable creative achievement

1b.B.10 Photo: Columbia University 1963 degree recipients

AHB's Doctor of Humane letters degree in oversize folio

1b.B.11 University of Buffalo Doctor of Fine Arts 1962
1b.B.12 Italian Solidarity Award

Mrs. Barr refers to this as Italian Cavaliere

1b.B.13 Bonn, Gennan degree "Das grosse Verdierstkreuz"

Grand Order of Merit

1b.B.13a AFA 50th Anniversary Award 4/24/1959
1b.B.14 Princeton: Doctor of Letters

5 items incl. 2 letters
Note from AHB to his mother

1b.B.15 Lord & Taylor annual American Design Award ... for awakening in America an appreciation and recognition of modern art

Folder with 7 items

1b.B.16 Students Army Training Corps of Princeton certificate 12/4/1918
1b.B.17 Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Bible School certificate 6/28/1908

Subseries 1b.C. Oversized Certificates

Folder Title Date
1b.C.1 Columbia University: Doctor of Humane Letters 1969
1b.C.2 Award of Merit from AIA 1964
1b.C.3 Légion d'Honneur, France

With letter from ?

1b.C.4 Princeton: Doctor of Letters 1959
1b.C.5 University of Bonn: Doctor of Philosophy


1b.C.6 American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1962
1b.C.7 Harvard: PhD 1946
1b.C.8 Princeton: B.A. 1922

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Series 1c: Correspondence from Mrs. Stanley B. Resor

Box Title Date
1c.1 Correspondence from Mrs. Stanley B. Resor

165 items, including 4 photographs. Not filmed. 2.5" gray box


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Series 2: Tributes and Condolences 1981, 1983

Barr died August 15, 1981; a memorial ceremony was held at MoMA, October 15, 1981; Tribute brochure was published 1983.

Folder Title Date
2.1.a; mf 3145:4 Tribute Booklet: Comments and corrections ca. 1981-1983
2.1.b Tribute Booklet: Photos used in Tribute booklet ca. 1981-1983
2.1.c Tribute Booklet: Transcripts of ceremony

P. Johnson's copy of his speech

ca. 1981-1983
2.2; mf 3145:152 Obituaries (published) 1981
2.3.a; mf 3145:270 Private (Personal) Condolences: A - L ca. 1981-1983
2.3.b; mf 3145:504 Private Condolences: M - Z ca. 1981-1983

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Series 2a: Tributes 1962, 1972 and undated

Barr's 60th and 70th Birthdays were celebrated in 1962 and 1972; this material has not been microfilmed; Gift of Victoria Barr 1/8/92.

Folder Title Date
2a.1.a Tributes 1962: 60th Birthday, A - M ca. 1962, 1972
2a.1.b Tributes 1962: 60th Birthday, O - Z

List of people sending AHB Birthday Messages
List is not complete

ca. 1962, 1972
2a.2.a Tributes 1972: 70th Birthday, A - L ca. 1962, 1972
2a.2.b Tributes 1972: 70th Birthday, M - Z

List of acceptances to Birthday Party

ca. 1962, 1972
2a.3 Tributes Undated: Birthday Messages ca. 1962, 1972
2a.4 Other ca. 1962, 1972

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Series 3: Abstract Art, Cubism, and Futurism ca. 1910-1973

Four 5" and one 2.5" document boxes of catalogs, clippings, announcements and other material collected by Barr in addition to related Barr correspondence. Each of the following five subseries include folders which in many instances are labeled in Barr's hand (designated below by quotation marks). Original order was maintained whenever feasible.

Subseries A: General Subjects ca. 1930-1973

Folder Title Date
3.A.1; mf 3145:1011 "American - early modern"

7 pages of AHB pencil notes on yellow paper
1 item

3.A.2; mf 3145:1019 Archipenko

ca. 65 items
Correspondence, photographs, printed mattter including announcements
Could be considered sensitive, however, artist's widow wishes all details of his life and career to be made known

3.A.3; mf 3145:1128 "Architecture"

2 items
Printed matter

3.A.4; mf 3145:1143 "Arp"

2 items

3.A.5; mf 3145:1152 "Biomorphic abstractions"

1 item
Printed matter

1946, n.d.
3.A.6; mf 3145:1162 "Cézanne"

4 items
1 photo from Bernheim Jeune

3.A.7; mf 3145:1164 "Delauney"

ca. 37 items

3.A.8; mf 3145:1170 van Doesburg

ca. 34 photos, 12 with Theo van Doesburg's annotations
de Stijl, Jan. 1932
1 postcard
1 letter
incl. 1 Vantangerloo photo

3.A.9.a; mf 3145:1279 "Duchamp"

AHB's penciled notes of his interview with Duchamp 12/21/45
Copy of Yale Bulletin, March '45

3.A.9.b; mf 3145:1291 "Duchamp" Duchamp/Sweeney material

Re: Stettheimer exh.
Duchamp's visa problems
See also 1.273
ca. 36 items

3.A.10; mf 3145:1335 "les Fauves"

1 catalog, Harriman Gallery

3.A.11; mf 3145:1341 "Film"
3.A.12; mf 3145:1346 "Glarner"

4 photos
Gallery announcement

3.A.13; mf 3145:1358-1381; mf 3146:6-31 Hitchcock, Henry Russell


1930, 1935, 1937
3.A.14; mf 3146:32 "Philip Johnson"

2 items

3.A.15; mf 3146:36 "Kandinsky"

6 items
Incl. 1946 note from Mme. Kandinsky
1936 notes from the artist

1936, 1946, 1958
3.A.16; mf 3146:80 "Kupka"

50 items
Incl. notes, color transparencies, b/w photographs
An orig. [?] Kupka pencil sketch, etc.

3.A.17; mf 3146:188 "Lewis, Wynd." [Wyndham]

2 items
1940 'New Republic' articles
See also, 3.B.4

3.A.18; mf 3146:194 "Machinism"

5 items

3.A.19.a; mf 3146:208 Malevich: Correspondence and info

23 items

ca. 1967-1973
3.A.19.b; mf 3146:208 Malevich: Correspondence and info

8 items

ca. 1967-1972
3.A.19.c; mf 3146:208 Malevich: Nadejena Correspondence

55 items

3.A.20; mf 3146:248 "Mathematics"

2 items
1945 exhange between AHB and Blake re: latter's researches into geometry of design

3.A.21; mf 3146:261 "Miró"

2 items
2 n.d. announcements from Pierre Matisse Gallery re: Miró's Farm

3.A.22; mf 3146:266 "Moholy-N." (Moholy-Nagy)

2 items
1939 letter to AHB and AHB's notes from Vision in Motion

3.A.23; mf 3146:272 "Paalen"

7 items
Photographs and 11945 Art of This Century Gallery announcement

3.A.24; mf 3146:291 "Pevsner" [Antoine]

1 item
A brief chronology (1888-1926) of Pevsner perhaps by the artist
Not signed

3.A.25; mf 3146:295 "Primitivism"

5 items
Incl. 2 pgs. of AHB's notes "Attitude towards Primitive Art"

3.A.26; mf 3146:309 "Proto-abstract"

4 items
3 photographs
1 ill.

3.A.27; mf 3146:316 Richter, Hans: Correpsondence

4 items

1943, 1950
3.A.28; mf 3146:322 "Rorschach"

11 items
10 dwgs. and 1 pg. notes
4 basic themes repeated

3.A.29; mf 3146:325 Schmidt-Rottluff

16 items
Incl. 2 1928 letters to AHB at Wellesley

3.A.30; mf 3146:370 "Science and art"

4 items

3.A.31; mf 3146:393 "de Stijl"

5 items
1 memo of 1960
Letter and printed matter
See also, AHB Articles

3.A.32; mf 3146:415 "Synchromism"

1 item
1 pg. of AHB's notes perhaps from Willard Huntington Wright's Modern Painting, its tendency and meaning, NY: John Lane, 1915. per rr

3.A.33; mf 3146:418 "Wright, F.L."

2 items
FLW letter in reply to AHB's which is missing from this folder

Subseries B: Abstract Art ca. 1917-1965

Folder Title Date
3.B.1; mf 3146:431 Printed Matter

27 items
Incl. clippings, gallery announcements, copies of letters and notes

ca. 1949-1965
3.B.2; mf 3146:512 Catalogs

5 items.
NORD-SUO, 15 Mai 1917, with Pierre Reverdy's "Sur le Cubisme" is the early item

ca. 1917-1955
3.B.3; mf 3146:732 "Analogues"

2 items
Incl. MSB's handwritten notes

3.B.4; mf 3146:740 "Theory"

7 items
All printed matter
Incl. 1923 May and 4 articles from 1940 issues of Chapbook New Republic

Subseries C: Cubism and Abstract Art ca. 1933-1940

Folder Title Date
3.C.1; mf 3146:764 Post-Publication Material

15 items
Printed matter
Correspondence incl. letters from Burliuk, Louise Bourgeois
AHB's notes June '58 on origin of term suprematism

ca. 1940
3.C.2.a; mf 3146:813 Barr Notes: 1949 notes

ca. 30 sheets
Typed and handwritten

3.C.2.b; mf 3146:847 Barr Notes: "Notes for Cubism book"

1 item
45+ yellow penciled sheets of AHB's notes
Original order strictly maintained

3.C.3; mf 3146:879 Dummy

1 item
Colophon page reads "Second edition, June 1937" in DCM's handwriting
Typed note affixed to endsheet opposite cover reads " ... this is the dummy for a corrected edition of the book. Only copy! /s/ D. Miller."

3.C.4a; mf 3146:1025 Chart clippings etc.

7 items
Items found in KEY copy of cat.

3.C.5; mf 3146:1043 Clippings

10 items
Re: book and exhibition

3.C.6.a; mf 3146:1073 Publication Details: Catalog Page Proof

2 copies, each 39 pgs.
One annotated

3.C.6.b; mf 3146:1136 Publication Details: Acknowledgments
3.C.6.c.i; mf 3146:1140 Publication Details: Production Information Cuts Available
3.C.6.c.ii; mf 3146:1143 Publication Details: Production Information Book Schedule
3.C.7; mf 3146:1145-1233 Typescript for Book

2 items
129 typed pgs. and carbons

3.C.8; mf 3147:59 Correspondence re: Book

24 items
Incl. letters from Herbin, Kupka, Leyda, Léonce Rosenberg
Diagram from/by Calder of Rietveld chair lent to the exh.

3.C.9; mf 3147:92 Exhibition Details

18 items
Early details and plans
AHB handwritten charts [n.d.] and "isms"
List [1927]
Lists of works of art, collectors
Typed report [n.d.] of Trustee Advisory Comm. referring to an exh. Towards Abstraction

ca. 1933-1936
3.C.[10] Two AHB Marked Copies of Catalog with Inserts

In Box 4
Added 12/4/84

Subseries D: Futurism ca. 1910-1954

Folder Title Date
3.D.1; mf 3147:134 Futurism: General

9 items
Incl. letter, 3/14/49, "AVF" [Alfred V. Frankenstein] to AHB enclosing letter of 1/11/27 from Benedetta Marinetti of Russolo manifesto

ca. 1933-1954
3.D.2; mf 3147:199 "Minor Futurist"

5 items
5 photos: 3 Sironi, 1 Russolo, 1 Rosai

3.D.3; mf 3147:210 Italian show/ Futurist

15 items
Items in this unit refer to Exh. #413, XXth C. Italian Art, for which AHB wrote futurist section of catalog
This unit includes ca. 28+ pgs. AHB's working notes
MoMA Lib. call slips
JTS [?] n.d. handwritten list on Excelsior [Rome] notepaper of Collezione Marinetti with prices

3.D.4; mf 3147:265 "Balla"

16 items
Incl. 1 letter, Balla to AHB, 11/23/48, w. 12 photos annotated on versos
1958 exchange of letters w. Balla's daughter
11 photos, most annotated by MSB

3.D.5.a; mf 3147:315 Boccioni: Translations of 16 Boccioni letters

1910, 1912, 1913, 1915, 1916, n.d.
Most to Vico Baer
Set of these translations available in Library

3.D.5.b; mf 3147:345 Boccioni: 53 photographs

Many dups
1916/17 catalog marked "Benedetta Marinetti"

3.D.6; mf 3147:467 Carra

15 items
Incl. 17 pgs. of AHB's penciled notes
Probably from Carra, La Mia Vita, Rome: Longanesi, 1943
4 pgs. of notes marked "Costantini," probably taken by AHB from Costantini, Vincenzo. Pittura Italiana Contemporanea. Milano: Hoepli, 1932
13 b/w photos

3.D.7; mf 3147:560 Severini

26 items
Incl. 19 pgs. of AHB penciled notes
25 b/w photos
Some dups

Subseries E: Photographs

Folder Title
3.E.1; mf 3147:565 Miscellaneous

ca. 73 b/w photos
Variety of artists and styles
Folder labelled by WSL (?)

3.E.2; mf 3147:693 Burden

8 b/w photos
Some dupes

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Series 3a: Barr/Feininger Material 1927-1944, 1956

One 10x12x2.5" document box. Series contains correspondence and biographical material regarding Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956) and Alfred H. Barr. Also includes 5 items concerning (Theodor) Lux Feininger (1910-19 ). Received from Margaret S. Barr on February 2, 1978.

Subseries A: Lyonel Feininger 1927-1956

Folder Title Date
3a.A.[1] Eulogy at Feininger funeral by Alfred H. Barr, Jr. 1/17/1956
3a.A.[2] Further corresp. from Falls Village

With one letter dated Aug. 29, 1944
With vignette trom Falls Village, black and silver

3a.A.[3] L.F. autobiography

Typewritten by him
Signed and dated in ink
4 pgs., single-spaced

3a.A.[4] L.F., his early yrs. in U.S.

3 typewritten pgs.
Cont. for 2 more pgs. in long-hand
Signed Lyonel Felninger, Falls Village

3a.A.[5] Catalog of L.F. exh.

Buchholz and Willard Galleries, 32 East 57th St.

3a.A.[6] 4 photographs by L.F.

With view of Bauhaus at Dessau and other places in Dessau

Two photographs were transferred to the Department of Photography. They are CEMS numbers SC2007.65 and SC2007.66.

3a.A.[7] 2 sheets of reproductions of L.F.

Charcoal drawings

ca. 1929
3a.A.[8] Corresp. with AHB

All handwritten
9 sheets contain printed vignettes by Feininger

3a.A.[9] Catalog of L.F. exh., Uresden 2/4/1928
3a.A.[10] 2 photographs of sailboats in the Baltic

Source of inspiration for L.F. work

Subseries B: Lux Feininger 1927, 1928, n.d.

Folder Title Date
3a.B.[1] Letter 4/291928
3a.B.[2] Letter

From Dessau

3a.B.[3]* 2 clippings

From Das Illustrierte Blatt
With reproduced photographs by Lux Feininger showing life at the Bauhaus

3a.B.[4] 1 snapshot

By Lux of his father
Signed on back by Lyonel

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Series 4: Foundation for Arts, Religion and Culture (ARC) 1962-1975

These items shed light on Barr's involvement with and lifelong interest in the relationship between religion and art. Barr was President of ARC from its inception, May 10, 1962, through September 14, 1965. He continued to support ARC activities until ca. 1973. The purpose of ARC as defined in its "Certificate of Incorporation" (See 4.A.10) was "to initiate and foster collaboration between religion and the arts in contemporary life ... " in various ways, such as, through publications or providing grants to individuals. ca. 550 items.

Subseries A: Correspondence 1962-1975

Material in this subseries includes correspondence concerning special programs, such as, evening with Robert Motherwell and Friends (see 4.A.6) and William Rubin and Church at Assy lecture (see 4.A.6) ; fundraising material; invitations; minutes (not marked confidential). Items arranged chronologically.

Folder Title Date
4.A.1; mf 3147:713 Correspondence

ca. 25 items

4.A.2; mf 3147:795 Correspondence

ca. 20 items

4.A.3; mf 3147:855 Correspondence

ca. 40 items

4.A.4; mf 3147:931 Correspondence

ca. 70 items

4.A.5; mf 3147:1071 Correspondence

ca. 85 items
with Wm. Rubin
re: reproducing Gottlieb Blast

4.A.6; mf 3147:1248-1340; mf 3148: 4-91 Correspondence

ca. 75 items
Includes correspondence re: possible Rubin lecture at MoMA

4.A.7a; mf 3148:92 Correspondence

ca. 80 items
Includes fundraising lists and letters

4.A.7b; mf 3148:273 Correspondence

Evening at MoMA

4.A.8; mf 3148:368 Correspondence

ca. 35 items

4.A.9; mf 3148:470 Correspondence

ca. 25 items

4.A.10; mf 3148:537 Correspondence

ca. 20 items
ARC defined - Incorporation statement, etc.


Subseries B: Miscellaneous Printed Matter

Folder Title
4.B.1 Miscellaneous Printed Matter

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Series 5: Lectures, Speeches/Talks and Eulogies 1927-1969

See mf 3148:595-734. Original order maintained within folders; quotation marks refer to titles and/or annotations in AHB's hand; see Series 1: Personal Correspondence for reference to additional lectures/talks.

Subseries A: General Slide Information: Picasso

Folder Title Date
5.A.1 General Slide Information: Picasso

See mf 3149:15. Lists included; AHB annotated


Subseries B: Lectures 1927-1969

Folder Title Date
5.B.1.a; mf 3149:52 Princeton/Trask lecture/"Picasso: Pillar of Tradition"

Notes by AHB & MSB
Typed lecture (21 sheets)
2 incl. typed drafts & ca. 18 other items

5.B.1.b; mf 3149:124 Princeton/Trask lecture/"Picasso: Pillar of Tradition"

Slide info catalog
0.75" packet of 5x8" cards, lists

5.B.2.a; mf 3149:158 1962 July Reykjavik, Iceland "MoMA Reykjavik 7 July 1961 University of Iceland"

50 sheets of notes, quotes, etc

5.B.2.b; mf 3149:210 1962 July Reykjavik, Iceland "American Painting Reykjavik 6 July 1961"

Incl. 38 sheets: 17 sheets of lecture - notes, slide lists, quotes
14 sheets of similar lecture without diff. annotations
4 sheets Jackson Pollock info

5.B.3.a; mf 3149:254 Sarasota Symposium "Picasso: Pillar of Tradition"

82 typed, annotated sheets & written sheets

Revised from: 1957 November 27: Chicago: "Picasso: the last twenty years" below.

5.B.4; mf 3149:408 Sarasota: USSR Lecture: "Art in the USSR"

Revised from: 1960 May 6: MoMA/1Sth Annual Convention of Natl. Comm. on Art Educationl "Art in the USSR, now and 30 years ago - a traveler's tales"
1959 Internatl. Council version of AHB's visit to USSR
Incl. some Camilla Gray corresp.

5.B.5.a; mf 3149:582 USSR: "American Painting" (17th c. lecture to Robert Indiana)

"Copy of USSR lecture 1959 with additional notes 1961" (in Barr's hand)
25 sheets & 14 sheets of dups.

5.B.5.b; mf 3149:615 USSR: "American Painting" (17th c. lecture to Robert Indiana)

Slide/logistical details: 1959, 1958

1958, 1959
5.B.6; mf 3149:744 Sarasota Eighth Annual Art Symposium: Ringling Museum of Art

2 lectures delivered
"Painting and Politics I & II"
Rough typescript and notes incl. discussion of Congressman Busbey, Zorach/Baur/John Reed incident/rejection of Abstract Amerc. art by State Dept. in 1946/etc..."I suppose this talk might have been subtitled 'Patterns of Philistine Power.:" (AHB)

5.B.7; mf 3149:882 MoMA 13th Annual Conf. & Comm. on Art Educ.

"Art under Soviet and Nazi Dictatorships"
Incl. slide list & printed announcement
5 sheets
See also, file folder B.4

5.B.8; mf 3149:895 Washington, D.C.: Corcoran Gallery

"Modern Art - and Political Oppression"
Incl. typed notes, slide list, clippings, corresp.

5.B.9; mf 3149:961 Sarah Lawrence/Intercollegiate Student Conference: Art under the Dictatorships

Incl. Oct. 1952 Art under the Dictatorships brief summary February 1953, "outline of talk given by AHB, Jr. at Intercollegiate Conference, Sarah Lawrence, Feb. 20, 1953"
ea. 2 typed sheets

5.B.10; mf 3149:999 MoMA: Art under Nazi and Soviet Dictatorships.

"lecture London 1953" (2 sheets) on this subject, slide lists, "brief summaries"

5.B.11.a; mf 3149:1040 Brown Univ., Chicago, Palm Beach lectures

Slide lists, notes
Basic theme, tyranny: incl.
1951 Dec. 10: Palm Beach/Norton Gall. of Art: "Art under the Dictatorships"
1946 Nov. 6: Brown Univ.: "The Modern Scene" (re: freedom of the artist in rel. to mod. world & mod. state
1946 Apr. 17: Chicago/The Renaissance Society "Art in our World"

1946, 1951
5.B.11.b; mf 3149:1189 Brown Univ., Chicago, Palm Beach lectures

AHB Palm Beach trips: personal dets.
1951 Dec. 10 - to lecture
1950 Dec. - to jury Palm Beach Society of the Arts 13th Ann. Exh. of Ptg. & Sc.

1946, 1951
5.B.12; mf 3149:1287 Columbia Univ./Grad. Fine Arts Club/Contemporary Art Criticism

5 items

5.B.13; mf 3149:1294 NY/AFA. Annual Convention "Art Under Totalitarian Govts."

1 item

5.B.14; mf 3149:1297-1353; mf 3150:16-27 Washington, D.C./Nat'l. Gall.: MoMA

Incl. 41 sheets of notes
13 other items (letter from JTS w. 10-pg. enclosure)
"notes taken by AHB June '61" - 4 sheets
1944 Report on MoMA removed 6/61 for Iceland lecture
See B.2.2

5.B.15.a; mf 3150:28 Bryn Mawr Flexner lectures "Dogma and Practice in Modern Art"

6 lectures
Alumnae Bulletin & corresp.
No lecture notes
No slide lists
Photos and illustrations used for slides
ca. 41 items

1942, 1946
5.B.15.b; mf 3150:110 Bryn Mawr Flexner lectures "Dogma and Practice in Modern Art"

Corresp. 1942, 1941
11 pg. bibliog. undetermined if compiled by AHB

1942, 1946
5.B.16; mf 3150:164 Wellesley College/Farnsworth Museum "A Course of Five Lectures on Modern Art"

Incl. announcement w. descriptions of lectures
7 issues of Wellesley College News mentioning lecture
Annotated by AHB

5.B.17; mf 3150:181 Harvard Univ./Fogg "French Ptg. of the Twentieth Century"

1 item
Incl. "Calendar" Harvard University Gazette. 22(17) 1927 Jan. 15


Subseries C: Talks and Speeches 1930-1968

Folder Title Date
5.C.1; mf 3150:183 Committee on the Fine Arts

ea. 9 typed sheets
Harvard Overseers' Visiting

3/10/1969, 1/13/1968
5.C.2; mf 3150:202 NY/MoMA at opening of P.J. Sachs Galleries

AHB speech 2 typed sheets
Incl. others' remarks
8 items

5.C.3; mf 3150:224 NY/MoMA at "Contributing (?) Members' opening of '100 drawings' show and re-opening of Drive"

12 typed sheets
Also, 4 other items

5.C.4; mf 3150:249 NY/Jewish Museum Dedication of Elbert Weinberg's Procession

12 items incl. 3 versions, 2 drafts, 1 final, each 5 sheets

5.C.5; mf 3150:282 Bklyn. Mus. Seminar "The Museum and the Private Collector"

11 items
1 sheet of notes (typed)

5.C.6; mf 3150:296 Voice of America interview

2 items

5.C.7; mf 3150:209 WEVD radio program "The World in Books"

6 items incl. 4 sheets of notes
AHB on his Matisse book

5.C.8; mf 3150:309 NY/MoMA speech at opening of Matisse Exh. (#492)

ca. "A Matisse Mystery Solved", slide lecture given to board, 11/11/1951

5.C.9; mf 3150:315 Chicago "Research and Publication in Art Museums"

11 typed sheets
Annotated typed draft
/s/ speech read at Chicago April 1944

5.C.10; mf 3150:347 Detroit/Assoc. of Mus. Dirs.

Incl. many 1940, 1939, items rel. to AAM
No notes re: AHB talk on installation of Ital. Masters exh.

5.C.11; mf 3150:377 Luncheon given by AA; on MoMA

Incl. 7 typed sheets with AHB's corrections

5.C.12; mf 3150:386 NBC

3-minute talk re: awarding Carnegie Institute prizes
4 items incl. 2-sheet typescript

5.C.12a MoMA: lecture

By AHB and Walt Kuhn

5.C.13; mf 3150:392 Broadcast speech at opening of MoMA building at 53rd Street

6 typed sheets

5.C.14; mf 3150:396 NY/Public High School #59 "The Museum of Modern Art and the High Schools"

3 items incl. 2 sheets typed text

ca. 1931
5.C.15; mf 3150:403 Slide list for Thanksgiving evening talk

1 sheet
Note from MSB 6/1984
Delvered at Sam Lewisohn's

11/12/1930 or 1931
5.C.16.a; mf 3150:406 [early?] Notes

3 sheets, pencil, copy book paper

5.C.16.b; mf 3150:410 [early?] Notes

5 sheets, incl. quotes, poem (?) on Durer's Melancholia

5.C.16.c; mf 3150:421 [early?] Notes

50 sheets, talk given at request of P.J. Sachs

Subseries D: Eulogies 1944, 1956, 1964

Folder Title Date
5.D.1; mf 3150:474 Victor Riesenfeld Memorial

4 sheets

5.D.2; mf 3150:480 Lyonel Feininger Eulogy

Written/read by AHB at funeral services
6 sheets

5.D.3; mf 3150:488 Piet Mondrian

Excerpts published in "Memorial Service" Knickerbocker Weekly. 3(51):23
1944 February
This unit also incl. corresp. from 1969, '68, '67 (8 items)


Subseries E: Renderings

Folder Title Date
5.E.3 Renderings

Includes Margaret Charlton rendering of AHB reading his poem "Kiesler's Gorky".


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Series 6: Exhibitions/Publications ca. 1934-1984

Note: In 1941, Exhibitions/Publications was a single MoMA department under Monroe Wheeler. Therefore, records created during that era remain grouped together.

Subseries A: Non-Museum 1945-1955

Folder Title Date
6.A.1; mf 3150:515 Pelican History of Art proposed ca. 1946-1955
6.A.2.a; mf 3150:573 Penguin Modern Painters Series (AHB editor): General Policy - Miscellaneous ca. 1945-1952
6.A.2.b.i; mf 3150:694 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Shahn, Ben

Photographs and Plates

ca. 1946-1947
6.A.2.b.ii; mf 3150:748 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Shahn, Ben

Correspondence: AHB

ca. 1946-1947
6.A.2.b.iii; mf 3150:861 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Shahn, Ben

Correspondence: JT Soby

ca. 1946-1947
6.A.2.b.iv; mf 3150:874 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Shahn, Ben

Captions, forms, lists

ca. 1946-1947
6.A.2.b.v; mf 3150:907 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Shahn, Ben


ca. 1946-1947; mf 3150:936 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Shahn, Ben


ca. 1946-1947
6.A.2.c.i; mf 3150:958 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Hopper, Edward

Captions, Forms, Lists

ca. 1947-1950
6.A.2.c.ii; mf 3150:1006 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Hopper, Edward

Correspondence: AHB/Lloyd Goodrich, etc.

ca. 1947-1950
6.A.2.c.iii; mf 3150:1141 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Hopper, Edward

Photographs, Plates

ca. 1947-1950
6.A.2.d; mf 3150:1193 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Davis, Stuart

ca. 10 items

6.A.2.e; mf 3150:1213 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Latin America

ca. 10 items

6.A.2.f.i; mf 3150:1228 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Blume, Peter

Correspondence: JTS, Blume, AHB, etc.
Captions, Forms, Lists

6.A.2.f.ii; mf 3150:1294-1307; mf 3151:16-196 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Blume, Peter


6.A.2.f.iii; mf 3151:32 Penguin Modern Painters Series: Blume, Peter



Subseries B: Museum Related ca. 1934-1984

Folder Title Date
6.B.1; mf 3151:97 Publications: General ca. 1949-1965
6.B.2.a.i; mf 3151:312 What Is Modern Painting? (WIMP): Update 1984
6.B.2.a.ii; mf 3151:355 WIMP: 10th edition

1963 revisions
Proposed pocket edition
Suggestions for future

ca. 1963-1972
6.B.2.b; mf 3151:436 WIMP: Rev. ed. and foreign eds. 1952
6.B.2.b.i WIMP: Re: Japanese eds. and translations

Not filmed
Added November 1984

6.B.2.c; mf 3151:603 WIMP: Correspondence 1940s, 1950s
6.B.2.d; mf 3151:758 WIMP: 1943 edition

Incl. letter from JTS

6.B.2.e WIMP: Original transcript

Added later

6.B.3.a; mf 3151:865 Masters Of Modern Art: Foreign editions 1955, 1956, 1961
6.B.3.b; mf 3151:904 Masters Of Modern Art: Distribution lists
6.B.3.c; mf 3151:970 Masters Of Modern Art: Acknowledgements 1954-1955
6.B.3.d; mf 3151:1108 Masters Of Modern Art: Reviews/clippings

Newsprint (very fragile)

6.B.3.e; mf 3151:1105-1305; mf 3152:15-108 Masters Of Modern Art: Donor list; back matter 1954
6.B.3.f; mf 3152:109 Masters Of Modern Art: General correspondence 1952-1953
6.B.3.g; mf 3152:181 Masters Of Modern Art: Manuscript: painting section text
6.B.3.h; mf 3152:368 Masters Of Modern Art: Departmental prefaces

RDH and AHB prefaces
Little Dummy
JTS letter to AHB with suggestions

6.B.3.i; mf 3152:617 Masters Of Modern Art: Final Drafts

Yellowed and fragile

6.B.3.j; mf 3152:1073-1222; mf 3153:14-30 Masters Of Modern Art: First drafts, painting section
6.B.3.k; mf 3153:31 Masters Of Modern Art: Correpsondence

Re: other departments (film, architect./design, etc.)

6.B.4.a; mf 3153:193 Publication Proposals: MoMA Booklet 1959
6.B.4.b; mf 3153:213 Publication Proposals: MoMA Journal 1959
6.B.4.c; mf 3153:218 Publication Proposals: Collections 1959
6.B.5; mf 3153:235 Paintings from The Museum of Modern Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art Art Miniatures Series
Intro by AHB

6.B.6; mf 3153:254 M. Seuphor's Mondrian 1952
6.B.7; mf 3153:316 Braun & Cie. 1950 MoMA Guide Book

With AHB preface

6.B.7a; mf 3153:401 Exhibitions/Publications: General 1946-1950
6.B.8.a; mf 3153:828 20th Century Italian Art

[MoMA exh. #413]
Labels, press releases, lists

ca. 1949
6.B.8.b; mf 3153:964 20th Century Italian Art

Exhibition correspondence A-Q
Barr corresp.
JTS letters
Under "catalog"

ca. 1949
6.B.8.c; mf 3153:1275-1334; mf 3154:14-263 20th Century Italian Art

Exhibition correspondence R-Z
Incl. 34 items from JTS

ca. 1949
6.B.8.d; mf 3154:264 20th Century Italian Art

Miscellaneous, incl. AHB's drafts for p.r. and labels
31 installation photos
Clippings and press releases

ca. 1949
6.B.8.e; mf 3154:422 20th Century Italian Art

Miscellaneous (cont'd) "Extra carbon copies"

ca. 1949
6.B.8.f; mf 3154:633 20th Century Italian Art

Catalog galleys

ca. 1949
6.B.8.g; mf 3154:680 20th Century Italian Art


6.B.9; mf 3154:730 Print exhibition/MoMA Bulletin 16(4)

Opening of AAR print room
All labels
Bulletin copy

6.B.10.a; mf 3154:817 PASITMOMA II: Post-publication

Incl. letters from institutions, artists, reviews

6.B.10.b; mf 3154:1087 PASITMOMA II: Pre-publication

Incl. typescript and details

6.B.11; mf 3154:1258 MoMA exh. #290

ca. 30 items
First general exhibition of ptg. and sc.
Many letters from Trustees and Museum friends

6.B.12; mf 3154:1293-1358 Religious Art exhibiton proposed

ca. 30 items

6.B.13.a; mf 3155:15 Exhibition "X" ("For Us the Living")

Proposed but never held
"Scenario...6th revision - 9/30/40"

6.B.13.b; mf 3155:67 Exhibition "X"

Misc. corresp. and memos
Incl. ALS
Mumford memo
Goodyear letter

6.B.13.c; mf 3155:111 Exhibition "X"

Scenarios and preliminary outlines, etc.

6.B.13.d Exhibition "X"

Not filmed
"Duplicate file"
Copies of Scenarios

6.B.13.e; mf 3155:293 Exhibition "X"


6.B.13.f Exhibition "X"

Original drawings done by Leslie Cheek, Jr. for the Exhibition
Given to Archives on 8/20/1992

These drawings were transferred to the Leslie Cheek, Jr. Papers, folder 1.

6.B.14; mf 3155:561 MoMA exh. #106 Mexican Art

Installation plan
ca. 97 items

6.B.15; mf 3155:713 MoMA exh. #98 Italian Masters

Telegrams re: installation
Notes on shipment
Lists of photos
ca. 90 items

6.B.16; mf 3155:833 MoMA exh. #76 Masters of Popular Painting: Modern Primatives of Europe and America

Corresp. re: Comite d'Honneur

6.B.17; mf 3155:876-882 Luis Quintanilla etching exh. (proposed)

Ernest Hemingway to AHB
2 sheets


Subseries C: Addendum 1936

Folder Title Date
6.C.1 The International Surrealists Exhibition

London; New Burlington Galleries, (1936)


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Series 7: Political Controversy ca. 1947-1968

This is a collection of documents, letters, and printed matter (much of it newsprint) which criticizes the Museum, attacks modern art, and reflects the political attitude prevalent in this country in the 1950s. In a memo of 1955 to Bernard Karpel, then Museum Librarian (see folder 7.6.a), Barr wrote that he "would not be willing to turn these files over to the Library because they could be too easily rifled by members of the staff ... and members of the public..." Barr patiently and steadfastly defended modern artists and their work against those who accused them of being communists or communist inspired.

Folder Title Date
7.1; mf 3155:895 Amateur Art/Painting Competitions

ca. 3 items

ca. 1953
7.2; mf 3155:968 American Artists Congress 1940, 1943
7.3; mf 3155:972 American Civil Liberties Union

2 letters
Rest printed matter including certain minutes of ACLU selected by AHB

ca. 1957-1960
7.4; mf 3155:1075 American Federation of Arts: Artistic Freedom

Minutes which need not be microfilmed and are so marked

ca. 1952-1956
7.5.a; mf 3155:1167 American Legion: Corresp. and Selected print matter 1955-1956
7.5.b; mf 3155:1261 American Legion: Clippings 1955-1956
7.6.a; mf 3155:1284-1375; mf 3156:11-42 Anti-modern: A - E

Incl. attack on modern art and the Museum
Mostly printed matter
See memo Karpel to AHB, in F1
ca. 63 items

ca. 1949-1963
7.6.b; mf 3156:43 Anti-modern: Chimpanze

ca. 11 items

ca. 1949-1963
7.6.c; mf 3156:67 Anti-modern: F - P

ca. 11 items

ca. 1949-1963
7.6.d; mf 3156:218 Anti-modern: R - Z

ca. 11 items

ca. 1949-1963
7.6.e; mf 3156:372 Anti-modern: "NUTS" ca. 1949-1963
7.7.a; mf 3156:434 Censorship: Books: professional documents

Printed matter

ca. 1955-1960
7.7.b; mf 3156:557 Censorship: Books

Mostly clippings
All selected and/or collected by AHB

ca. 1951-1960
7.7.c; mf 3156:617 Censorship: Films: Incl. The Miracle

See also AHB Papers #179

ca. 1951-1957
7.8.a; mf 3156:698 Dallas: Correspondence 1955, 1956
7.8.b; mf 3156:819 Dallas: Clippings 1955, 1956
7.9.a; mf 3156:887 Dondero: Correspondence, etc.

ca. 1968 obit.
1957, 1 item
1956, ca. 15 items
1953, ca. 7 items
1950, ca. 1 item
1949, 35 items

ca. 1949-1968
7.9.b; mf 3156:1008 Dondero: Speeches, clippings

1949, 1952, 1956, 1957

7.10; mf 3156:1071 Margaret Crisson French

Re: American Artist article

1955, 1956
7.11; mf 3156:1102 House Beautiful and Retailing Daily

Incl. letter to the editor and statement by AHB

7.12.a; mf 3156:1120 Houston: Correspondence 1958-1959
7.12.b; mf 3156:1129 Houston: Documents

Relevant to University of St. Thomas, Houston case
1.5" loose-leaf notebook
7 items

7.13; mf 3156:1131-1318; mf 3157:11-18 "Humanism"

Printed matter

7.14; mf 3157:19 Eleanor Jewett

Re: Chicago Tribune and supposed Stalin statement on modern (contemporary)art

1953, 1955, 1956
7.15; mf 3157:95 Katonah incident

Re: Gropper controversy

1955, 1956
7.16; mf 3157:185 Los Angeles

Re: controversy over Bernard Rosenthal sculpture

7.17.a; mf 3157:294 MoMA: Criticism of exhibitions and policies

1 item
ca. 1942

ca. 1970
7.17.b; mf 3157:356 MoMA: Pickets/Anti-abstract art

Letters and printed matter

7.18; mf 3157:446 National Sculpture Society

ca. 35 items

7.19; mf 3157:521 "NY Civil Liberties Union: Security"

ca. 35 items
Printed matter

7.20; mf 3157:604 Pasternak

ca. 20 items
Printed matter

7.21.a; mf 3157:643 "Pro-Modern": General

Mostly clippings and printed matter

ca. 1947-1960
7.21.b; mf 3157:706 "Pro-Modern": "Ammunition" ca. 1947-1960
7.21.c "Pro-Modern": "Humor on Modern Art

Not filmed

ca. 1947-1960
7.22; mf 3157:736 Reality

Corresp. and printed matter

1953, 1955
7.23; mf 3157:777 Refregler: San Francisco mural

Printed matter

7.24; mf 3157:871 Robsjohn-Gibbings

Corresp. and printed matter
Re: anti-modern book, Mona Lisa's Mustache

7.25; mf 3157:924 September Morn and Churchill

All printed matter except for a never-sent letter to the ed. of Art News

7.26; mf 3157:976 Shahn

Incl. 1 original sketch with the inscription: "Alfred, never take my cynicism seriously. Ben."

7.27.a; mf 3157:1014 State Department: Policy and Censorship

Printed matter
ca. 85 items

7.27.b; mf 3157:1234 State Department: Busbey

ca. 10 items
Incl. entire Congressional Record for May 13, 1947
122 acidic pages
29 page Appendix

1947, 1951, 1953
7.28; mf 3157:1341-1373; mf 3158:11-50 US Exhibition Moscow

ca. 20 items
Mostly clippings
See also AHB Soviet Matters, Series 8

7.29.a; mf 3158:51 William Zorach: General

13 items

ca. 1953-1956
7.29.b; mf 3158:77-123 William Zorach: Fountain-Bath, ME.

15 items

1960, 1962

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Series 8: Soviet Matters ca. 1948-1974

These papers reflect not only Barr's deep and abiding interest in Russian/Soviet art and culture but also the role of this Museum in trying to establish a basis for exchanging pictures and/or exhibitions with the USSR. Many items in this Series probably duplicate or at least compliment like items in the René d'Harnoncourt Papers and, perhaps, the Registrar's files

Subseries I: Aspects of Barr's Soviet Interest 1948-1974

Folder Title Date
8.I.A; mf 3158:134 General: Correspondence

ca. 105 items
Chronologically arranged
Original order maintained

ca. 1948-1974
8.I.B; mf 3158:279 "USSR 1959; correspondence; VOKS"

ca. 88 items

1957-1959, n.d.
8.I.C; mf 3158:437 Correspondence: Christmas and New Year's Greetings

ca. 24 items

ca. 1959-1969, 1970
8.I.D; mf 3158:479 Letters of introduction and travel suggestions

Correspondants incl. Nathan Pusey, R. Keith Lane, Ralph F. Colin, Porter McCray, Wilder Green, Eliza Parkinson, Helen Franc, etc.
ca. 53 items

ca. 1959-1970
8.I.E; mf 3158:581 Visitors

1956, 1959-1966 1970
Incl. Yevtuhenko in 1966

8.I.F; mf 3158:693 Nina Stevens
8.I.G; mf 3158:722 Embassy

Incl. 1956 visit to Russian Art Experts [NI Lebedev (Dir., Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow) & Al Samoshkin (Dir., Moscow Museum of Fine Arts)]
Corresp. with Malcolm Toon
Notes about Tamara Mamedova (acting cultural attache, USSR Embassy, Washington, D.C.)
Many items probably duplicated in RDH Papers, 1956-1957
ca. 75 items

ca. 1956
8.I.H; mf 3158:838 Marshall MacDuffle

Re: borrowing pictures from USSR
All stamped "Confidential"
Paley, SCC, WAM, NAR, all involved


Subseries II: Soviet Publications ca. 1956-1968

Folder Title Date
8.II.A; mf 3158:940 Unofficial Art USSR

labeled in AHBs hand
Mostly AHB/Ernest Callenbach corespondence
ca. 30 items

1960, 1964-1967
8.II.B; mf 3158:1000 Correspondence: Publications

Alphabetically arranged except for misc. items
7 items from 1940s rec'd by AHB, 1964
ca. 87 items

ca. 1956-1968

Subseries III: Soviet Exhibition 1954-1972

Folder Title Date
8.III.A; mf 3158:1136 Soviet Trip, 1957

Incl. 10 transparencies

ca. 1954-1958
8.III.B; mf 3158:1289 Soviet Exhibition: Legal

ca. 20 items

ca. 1956-1962
8.III.C; mf 3158:1329 Soviet Exhibition: Minutes

ca. 5 items
Incl. "confidential" minutes of meeting between USSR and US experts at MoMA on 11/3/1956

ca. 1956
8.III.D.[a]; mf 3158:1350-1375; mf 3159:13-154 Photographs of Russian Art: Academic

2 items

8.III.D.[b] Photographs of Russian Art: Alexandria Portraits

6 items

8.III.D.[c] Photographs of Russian Art: 18th Century

6 items

8.III.D.[d] Photographs of Russian Art: Fedotov, Perov

7 itemd

8.III.D.[e] Photographs of Russian Art: Impressionist

10 items

8.III.D.[f] Photographs of Russian Art: Ivanov

2 items

8.III.D.[g] Photographs of Russian Art: Diamonas

6 items

8.III.D.[h] Photographs of Russian Art: Kramskoi

3 items

8.III.D.[i] Photographs of Russian Art: Landscape

5 items

8.III.D.[j] Photographs of Russian Art: Icons

6 items

8.III.D.[k] Photographs of Russian Art: Old Russia

9 items

8.III.D.[l] Photographs of Russian Art: Repin

7 items

8.III.D.[m] Photographs of Russian Art: Kusnetsov

6 items

8.III.D.[n] Photographs of Russian Art: Serov

4 items

8.III.D.[o] Photographs of Russian Art: Surikov

4 items

8.III.D.[p] Photographs of Russian Art: V, K, I

3 items

8.III.D.[q] Photographs of Russian Art: Vrubel

2 items

8.III.E; mf 3159:155 Correspondence

ca. 54 items
Mostly 1957

ca. 1956-1968
8.III.F; mf 3159:254 Soviet loan lists

ca. 16 items
List for work for exhibition in America

ca. 1956-1957
8.III.G; mf 3159:306 Photographs of Russian art for exhibition in America

80 photos/negs
1 photo of AHB, RDH and others in MoMA garden, 1958

ca. 1958
8.III.H; mf 3159:496 US loan list

ca. 54 items

ca. 1957-1958
8.III.I; mf 3159:531 US paintings to go to Russia

19th century American ptgs
110 neg stats

8.III.J; mf 3159:1032 Soviet exhibition exchange discussed

ca. 12 items
Refers to "'56 exh."


Subseries IV: Soviet Clippings 1940-1974

Folder Title Date
8.IV.A; mf 3159:1051-1247; mf 3160:11-64 Thaws & Freezes: Cultural

ca. 115 items

8.IV.B; mf 3160:65 Thaws & Freezes: Political

ca. 15 items
1 item, 1944

ca. 1944-1964
8.IV.C.1; mf 3160:106 Art

ca. 77 items

ca. 1963-1974
8.IV.C.2; mf 3160:355 Art

ca. 131 items

ca. 1947-1963
8.IV.D; mf 3160:589 Literature

ca. 100 items

ca. 1949-1968
8.IV.E; mf 3160:750 General

ca. 11 items

ca. 1949-1971
8.IV.F; mf 3160:791 China

ca. 31 items

ca. 1950-1965
8.IV.G; mf 3160:845 Science

ca. 5 items

8.IV.H; mf 3160:851 Architecture

ca. 17 items

ca. 1948-1965
8.IV.I; mf 3160:907 Design/Fashion

ca. 3 items

1957, 1965
8.IV.J; mf 3160:911 Film

ca. 2 items

8.IV.K; mf 3160:914 Theatre/Ballet

ca. items

8.IV.L; mf 3160:926 Music

ca. 40 items

ca. 1949-1968

Subseries V: Soviet Artists Collections

Folder Title
8.V.1; mf 3160:973-1200 Soviet Artists Collections

Includes photos acquired by or given to AHB. Reference to Russia, Poland, Red China. Includes 9 photos acquired by Barr on his 1928 trip of works by Soviet artists, given to Barr by Jimmy Ernst (1962?). Clippings. ca. 22 items, some of which incl. as many as 9 photos.

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Series 9: Barr Writings ca. 1920-1970

Includes Barr writings found in file cabinets removed from his office at 27 West 53rd Street. The earliest item is a sonnet dated "1918", the latest a typescript (n.d. (?)1970-71) for an essay which appears in Miller, Dorothy C., ed. The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection Masterpieces: New York Hudson Hills; c. 1981 20-26.

Subseries A: Writing for fundraising CA. 1932-1960

Folder Title Date
9.A.1.a; mf 3259:23 The Rockefeller Foundation: Presentation

1 item
86 pages

9.A.1.b; mf 3259:116 The Rockefeller Foundation: Drafts 1960
9.A.2.a; mf 3259:262 30th Anniversary Campaign: "Fund Raising Prospectus Nov. 59" 1959
9.A.2.b; mf 3259:325-368; mf 3260:15-84 30th Anniversary Campaign: Wall labels

For reinstalled galleries
Launching of drive at Northeast Harbor, ME., August 14-17, 1959

9.A.3; mf 3260:85 Fund Raising notes 1947
9.A.4; mf 3260:112 1938/1939 1938-1939
9.A.5; mf 3260:296 "Notes of departmental expansion of the Museum"

7 typed sheets
Re: need for a Dept. of Architecture and Film


Subseries B: Wall labels 1963, 1964, n.d.

Duplicates for these and other wall labels by AHB can be found in P&S

Folder Title Date
9.B.1; mf 3260:304 Painting and Sculpture Collections

ca. 31 items

9.B.2; mf 3260:398 Film library label for auditorium

ca. 11 items

9.B.3 The Dance

Accompanied ptg's install. at time of acq. announce. 11/14/1963-12/2/1963


Subseries C: Publicity releases ca. 1929-1967

Mimeographed. Authenticated and/or annotated by Marga Barr.

Folder Title
9.C.1; mf 3260:422 Publicity releases


9.C.2; mf 3260:522 Publicity releases


9.C.3; mf 3260:592 Publicity releases


Subseries D: Misc. writings for MoMA 1936-1946

Folder Title Date
9.D.1; mf 3260:686 Relating to MoMA organizational structure

Incl. establishing a dept. of M.C. and position of Director of M.C.

1943, 1944, 1946
9.D.2; mf 3260:776 Report on the Private Exhibition of Ptgs. from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art, arranged for the Trustees

12 sheets

January 20, 1945
9.D.3; mf 3260:790 "Reports"

Jan. 15, 1944, The Museum Collections, A Brief Report by AHB,Jr.

9.D.4; mf 3260:840 "Annual Report"

22 sheets

9.D.5; mf 3260:864 MoMA "Broadcast"

ca. 14 items

9.D.6; mf 3260:930 The Museum of Modern Art, New York

1 item, 66 papges
Offset book
3/30/1988, another copy placed in library by M. Wheeler


Subseries E: Travel notebooks/calendars 1930s-1975

2 Gaylord rag boxes, 11x5.5x3" given to C. Phillpot from Mrs. Barr 11/1/1978

Box Title
9.E.1; mf 3260:1023 1960-1975

24 items
1 address book
14 travel diaries
1 envelope with handmade n.d. calendar
Notes (?1965)

9.E.2; mf 3260:1403-1417; mf 3261:17-806 1930s-1959

24 items
Incl. 1959 trip to Russia
1956 visit to Picasso
Notes on Matisses
1952 visit with Matisse and Cooper Col. notes
"1935 Paris and Netherlands notes for 'Cubism and A.A.' and 'Fantastic Art'" (in Barr's hand)

Subseries F: Barr articles 1918-1971

Includes bibliographical material, mostly art historical, and accompanying notes, drafts, and typescripts. A complete bibliography of Barr's published writings by Rona Roob is published in Defining Modern Art: Selected Writings of Alfred H. Barr, Irving Sandler, Amy Newman, eds. (New York: Abrams, 1986).

Folder Title Date
9.F.1.a; mf 3261:807 "On Nelson Rockefeller and the Arts" Barr transcript

Green labels refer to NAR Collection Record Group which can be made available at the discretion of MoMA

9.F.1.b; mf 3261:854 "On Nelson Rockefeller and the Arts" Working Notes 1970-1971(?)
9.F.2; mf 3261:909 Simon Rodia Towers in Watts, Los Angeles

AHB statement typed 18 Apr. and read by RDH at Apr. 19, 1968 Mtg. of Nat'l Council of the Arts

9.F.3; mf 3261:965 Homage to Wm. Sandberg 9/18/1967
9.F.4; mf 3261:968 Newsweek "Letter to Ed." 8/20/1967
9.F.5; mf 3261:980 "Around the Automobile" 3/1965-12/1966
9.F.6; mf 3261:984 Contemperanul by Brancusi 1966
9.F.7; mf 3261:995 Harvard/Fogg/Visiting Comm. Report

re: "Primitive"

9.F.7a; mf 3261:1031 Miscellaneous

3 items

1950, 1961, 1965
9.F.8; mf 3261:1041 Hartford Courant Letter to Ed. 12/23/1964
9.F.9; mf 3261:1043 Art News


9.F.10; mf 3261:1133 Amerika & Ameryka 1959, 1960
9.F.11; mf 3261:1218 "de Stijl" revised

Dummy incl. layout in AHB's hand

9.F.12; mf 3261:1263 Presbyterian Life article 1955
9.F.13; mf 3261:1288 Vogue MoMA 25th Anniv. article 1954
9.F.14; mf 3261:1331 "Preface" to PJ Sachs' Modern Prints and Drawings ca. 1951-1954
9.F.14a; mf 3261:1423 House & Home; Letter to the editor 1953
9.F.15; mf 3261:1451 National Sculpture Review; Letter to Ed.

Re: Papini

9.F.16; mf 3261:1466-1487; mf 3262:16-52 NY Times Mag."Is Modern Art Communistic?" 12/14/1952
9.F.17; mf 3262:53 Manchester Guardian 9/1952
9.F.18; mf 3262:64 Mag. of Art Letter to Ed.

Re: "primative art"

9.F.19; mf 3262:68 Mag. of Art "Matisse, Picasso, etc." 5/1951
9.F.19a; mf 3262:103 NY Times Letter to the Ed.

Re: "Miracle"

9.F.20; mf 3262:105 trans/formation 1950
9.F.21 3262:109 CAJ Letter to Ed.

Re: "primitive art"

9.F.22; mf 3262:112 College Art Bulletin Money issue 1950
9.F.23; mf 3262:115 7 Kubanska Malare...

Reprinted January 1944 Bulletin

9.F.24; mf 3262:122 "1949" Société Anonyme entries

Published by Yale

9.F.25; mf 3262:131 Cincinnati Modern Art Society Tenth Anniv. Exh 1949
9.F.26; mf 3262:141 Uhde Primitive Masters


9.F.27; mf 3262:145 Painting towards Architecture

Foreward, Typescript

9.F.28; mf 3262:151 Atlantic Monthly Letter to ed. 1948
9.F.29; mf 3262:174 MoMA Bulletin "What is happening to Modern Architecture?" 1948
9.F.30; mf 3262:182 Art News "Modern Dwgs."

See also folder 10.C.5

9.F.31; mf 3262:186 Agnes scott ..o Quarterly; WIMP reprint 1947
9.F.32; mf 3262:203 Art Council of NJ Letter to ed.

Re: Malevich

9.F.33; mf 3262:208 Museum News and Chicago Speech

Re: "Research & Publication in Art Museums"

1944, 1946
9.F.34; mf 3262:226 Seurat, Fishing Fleet(Great Ptgs. Series) 1945
9.F.35; mf 3262:235 Mag. of Art: "Art in 3rd Reich"

See also folder 9.F.56 for AHB's notes and typescripts, all 1933-32

9.F.36; mf 3262:266 Norte; Ultra

On Cuban ptg.

5/1944, 7/1944
9.F.37; mf 3262:278 Mag. of Art: "Mexican Ptg. Today" 1943
9.F.38; mf 3262:282 Proposed short history of modern art

Incls. exchg. of letters w. SCC

9.F.39; mf 3262:319 PM 1942
9.F.40; mf 3262:328 CAJ: "Modern Art makes modern history too" 1941
9.F.41; mf 3262:371 General: refusals to requests

12 items

9.F.42; mf 3262:389 George Grosz: c/c exh. 1940
9.F.43; mf 3262:391 Klee: typescript 12/20/1940
9.F.44; mf 3262:397 Junior League interview


9.F.45; mf 3262:404 Memo: What MoMA has done for Amer. Art 1940
9.F.46; mf 3262:407 Think: "popular appreciation of art" 1940
9.F.47; mf 3262:416 "Mexican catalog"

No definite proof AHB wrote this acc. to MSB, 5/84

9.F.48; mf 3262:422 Jeu de Paume: "Trois siècles etc..." 1938
9.F.49; mf 3262:426 NY Times

Letter, political
Not published

9.F.50; mf 3262:434 "Cézanne d'apres 1es letters de... 1865-1868"

Gazzette des Beaux-Arts
1937: Carnegie Magazine letter

1937, 1938
9.F.51; mf 3262:496 Van Gogh

Typed notes

9.F.52; mf 3262:539 Sat. Review

Rev. of JTS' book

9.F.53; mf 3262:542 Garden Club of America 1934
9.F.53a; mf 3262:544 Gaceta de arte 1934
9.F.54; mf 3262:547 National Encyclopedia


9.F.55; mf 3262:561 Park Avenue Social Review 1933
9.F.56.a; mf 3262:568 Art under Nazi Germay: Writings and correspondence

Incls. refusals to publish

9.F.56.b; mf 3262:698 Art under Nazi Germay: "Anti-Nazi"

Written by Barr on a folder labeled "German Art - AHB - 1933"

9.F.56.c; mf 3262:769 Art under Nazi Germay: "Nazi Germany"

Clippings and pamphlets
Many anotated by AHB

9.F.56.d; mf 3262:825 Art under Nazi Germay: "Nazi Art"

Illus. Materials, some articles

9.F.57; mf 3262:921 Ask Me Again! ... 1932
9.F.58; mf 3262:928 A Brief Survey 1932
9.F.59; mf 3262:939 Museum der Gegenwart


9.F.60; mf 3262:965 Parnassus: "Postwar ptg. in Europe" 1931
9.F.61; mf 3262:1001 An effort to secure... 1931
9.F.62; mf 3262:1003 The Arts: "Russian Icons" 1931
9.F.63; mf 3262:1032 Requests refused 1929, 1931
9.F.64; mf 3262:1037 Wellesley College Literary Review


9.F.65; mf 3262:1055 Fashions of the Hour: "The Modern Chair"

Unpublished typescript

9.F.66; mf 3262:1067 International Studio

Book review

9.F.66a; mf 3262:1070 Saturday Review

Book review

9.F.67; mf 3262:1073 A New Museum

Book review

9.F.68; mf 3262:1079 "Dix & Neue Sachlichkeit"

Material pre-dates opening of MoMA: corresp. (8/7/29), 2 cats. (1927, 1925), 24 photos/illus.

9.F.68.a; mf 3262:1117 "Expressionism"

Definition of 12/8/1945

9.F.69; mf 3262:1121 Wellesley Course of 5 Lectures on Modern Art : announcement

Incl. 8 issues of Wellesley College News describing it

April-May 1929
9.F.70; mf 3262:1150 Wellesley courses

Incl. 1926 descriptive letter, AHB - parents

1926, 1929
9.F.71; mf 3262:1161-1317 Russian Diary

Unpublished entry
Copies of notes from 96th Street

9.F.71a Photocopy of Russian Diary

Mss. in Houghton Library/Harvard

9.F.72; mf 3263:16 The Arts: Dutch Letter" 1928
9.F.73; mf 3263:40 Very fragile notebook

MSB: "AHB's Dutch diary": "These seem like Russian footnotes; they might interest Leyda; also, some remarks about the Tate"

1924(?), 1927, 1928(?)
9.F.74; mf 3263:81 Exhibition of Progressive Modern Painting: from Daumier to Corot to Post-Cubism

Incl. printed list
23 typed wall labels
Press comments

9.F.75; mf 3263:111 Boston Transcript "Wellesley and Modernism" 1927
9.F.76; mf 3263:114 Harvard Crimson "Boston is Modern Art Pauper" 1926
9.F.77; mf 3263:165 Art Studies: Pollaiuolo
9.F.78; mf 3263:191 Saturday Review

Rev. of Barnes' book

9.F.79; mf 3263:195 "Critical catalog...Loan Exh. of Modern Graphic Art. Fogg Museum. Spring, 1925"

Wall lables
5x7" cards

9.F.80; mf 3263:207 Vassar catalog

1 item
Xerox of art courses taught by AHB

9.F.81; mf 3263:213 "Genoa"

Dated, signed
Incl. 7 pages of sketches by AHB

July 23, 1924
9.F.82; mf 3263:221 "Notes of ornament - Smith"

Incl. 10 sheets of AHB notes w. dwgs. on Vassar letterhead
1947 letter Baldwin Smith to AHB
Smith refs. to Baldwin Smith, prof. who taught ornament at Princeton (RR)

ca. 1923
9.F.83; mf 3263:371 "pome"

A sonnet and letter to his parents

9.F.84; mf 3263:375-387 AHB notes on Surrealism

6 sheets
Typed inaccurately

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Series 9a: Chronicles ca. 1929-1970

These folders contain material, chronologically arranged, used by Alfred H. Barr, Jr. in writing the Chronology of Painting and Sculpture in The Museum of Modern Art, 1977.

Folder Title Date
9a Selective Chronology of The Museum of Modern Art 1929-1964
9a.1 Brochure: A New Art Museum 1929 (early August?)
9a.1A Brochure: The Museum of Modern Art

After October 25th, probably November, 2nd edition)
Contains two indirect references to "multidepartmental plan"

9a.1B Two (Publicity) Releases

"n.b. These were not releases, but drafts for publicity written by AHB in August '29
Much of No. 1 was used in publicity folder published in late summer and reprinted in the Fall with some revisions - see I [folder 9a.1] in this file. AHB Jr. 19 Sept. 1965"

9a.1C Annual Report and Statement of Policy

4 folders

9a.2 An Effort to Secure $3,500,000 for The Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Official statement
500 copies printed

9a.3 The Museum of Modern Art Annual Report 1931-32
9a.4 The Museum of Modern Art by A. Conger Goodyear, in Creative Art 12/1931
9a.5 Brochure: The Public as Artist. The Purpose of the Museum and the Permanent Collection 1932
9a.5A Notes on departmental expansion of the Museum (architecture and films) 6/24/1932
9a.6 The Museum of Modern Art Progress Report

Permanent Collection, Bliss Collection and Semi-Permanent Loans

9a.6A Notes on departmental expansion of the Museum (Architecture and Film)

"This was written in June before leaving to (sic) Europe for a sabbatical year - A.H.Barr, Jr."
See also 5A

9a.7 The Permanent Collection, 2nd draft

First detailed report on the Collection

9a.7A Report on the Permanent Collection.

Second and third draft
Final third draft, complete copy (Torpedo Report), Summer 1933
Report on Loan exhibitions, Spring 1933

9a.8 Present Status and Future Direction of The Museum of Modern Art

Originally prepared as a Confidential Report to the Executive Committee and accepted by them as a fair statement of Principles to define Museum Policies
Drafted by Alan R. Blackburn, Jr., Executive Director

9a.9 A Museum of Modern Art in New York

A Museum of Modern Art should extend its activities to national and international horizons

9a.10A Modern Works of Art. 5th Anniversary of The Museum of Modern Art: Foreword to the Catalog

Exhibition No. 37
Catalog is in Library and in Registrar's office

9a.10B Modern Works of Art. 5th Anniversary of The Museum of Modern Art: Introduction to the Catalog 11/1934-1/1935
9a.10C Policy of the Museum with Regard to the status of the Permanent Collectio; Report for the year October 1935 - October 1936

From a meeting of the Trustees

9a.10D Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting

Policy of the Museum with regard to status of the Permanent Collection, p. 3

9a.10E Executive Director's Report for the Period (Thomas Dabney Mabry, Jr.) 10/1/1936-6/30/1937
9a.10F From meeting of Trustees: recommendations re: acquisitions 11/10/1938
9a.11 Part II Supplement to Petition to the Rockefeller Foundation: The Current Activities and Future Program of The Museum of Modern Art 12/19/1938
9a.11A The Annual Report of the Executive Director to the Trustees and Corporation members of The Museum of Modern Art

The Permanent Collection, pp. 65-70

9a.11B First draft of article for Fortune

Fortune, December 1938, p. 76.

9a.11C The Museum of Modern Art: Notes on its special character and policies for a possible publicity campaign 2/18/1939
9a.11D Painting and Sculpture Collection Purchase Funds

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Gifts
Lillie P. Bliss Bequest, disposals, etc.

9a.11E Painting and Sculpture Collection

Letters - Goodwin, Lewisohn, Mrs. Rockefeller, Nelson A. Rockefeller, etc. ("Valuable" AHB)
2 folders

9a.12 Draft of Recommendations of the Advisory Committee with regard to Permanent Collection of the Museum 5/2/1940
9a.12A The Year's Work - Annual Report

The Museum Collections, pages 32-36

9a.12B Collection of The Museum of Modern Art Preliminary List 7/1940
9a.13 Bulletin of The Museum of Modern Art VIII, No.1, November 1940. American Art and the Museum 1940
9a.14 The Collection of The Museum of Modern Art

Notes on function, space, time, acquisition, installation, publications, disposal

9a.14A The Year's Work - Annual Report

Library Archive has an original copy

9a.15 The Museum of Modern Art Advisory Committee Report on Museum Collections 4/1941
9a.15A The 1929 multidepartmental plan for The Museum of Modern Art: its origins, development, and partial realization

Prepared for A. Conger Goodyear who was working on a history of the Museum

9a.16 Ideal Collection, Museum of Modern Art - tentative and hypothetical layout

Material for this folder not located - see note

9a.17 Bulletin of The Museum of Modern Art, 2 Vol. IX, November 1941 "Modern Primitives" 1941
9a.18 Painting and Sculpture in The Museum of Modern Art, 1942.

Foreword, Introduction, Index of artists by nationality

9a.19 Bulletin of The Museum of Modern Art 1 Vol. X, October - November 1942. The Museum and The War 1942
9a.20 The Museum of Modern Art: The First Ten Years

By A. C. Goodyear
"The Museum Collection" pp. 83-90

9a.20A The Museum of Modern Art: The First Ten Years by A. C. Goodyear, 1943. Loan Exhibitions: Ten Year Schedule 1943
9a.21 The Latin American Collection of The Museum of Modern Art

pp. 3-4

9a.22 Museum of Modern Art Exhibits New Acquisitions Press Release 7/22/1943
9a.23 Minutes of the Meeting of the Advisory Committee of The Museum of Modern Art. Report of the Committee on the Museum Collections by James Johnson Sweeney 12/8/1943
9a.23A Structural Outline of the Museum Staff and Arrangement of the Collection 1929-1943
9a.24 Bulletin of The Museum of Modern Art, Vol. XI, No.4, Feb.-March 1944. "New Acquisitions in American Painting" by J. T. Soby 1944
9a.25 The Museum News, Vol. XXII, June 15, 1944, No.4. Acquisitions Policy of The Museum of Modern Art Painting and Sculpture by James Thrall Soby 1944
9a.26 Art in America, October 1944. The Collection of The Museum of Modern Art: Four Basic Policies by James Thrall Soby 1944
9a.27 The Museum Collections: A Brief Report

Letter to Philip Goodwin October 1944 concerning space division
Minutes of Meeting of Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Museum, April 27, 1944 concerning creation of a Chair of Modern Painting and Sculpture

9a.28 Report on the Private Exhibition of Paintings from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art, arranged for the Trustees 1/20/1945
9a.28A Other Material in Connection With Folder 28
9a.29 Museum Committees Concerned with the Collection of Painting and Sculpture 1929-1948
9a.30 Policy for the collection of Painting and Sculpture

Also Fall 1944
A suggestion to the Trustees by J. T. Soby, J. J. Sweeney, and A.H.Barr, Jr.
See also 28A

9a.30A Report to the Trustees in connection with a review of the Museum Collection 1/1945
9a.31 The Museum of Modern Art in Transatlantic, June 1946, by J. T. Soby 1946
9a.32 Reports and Brochures for Fund Raising 1946, 1947
9a.33 Painting and Sculpture Collection Purchase Funds

Miscellaneous material

9a.34 Agreement between the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art 9/15/1947
9a.34A Agreement between the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art

First draft, extra copies

ca. 1947
9a.35 Agreement between the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Museum of Modern Art

Also: Termination of Agreement between Metropolitan Museum of Art and Whitney Museum, October 1, 1948

9a.36 The Metropolitan Museum and American Art 1949-50
9a.37 Policy on Museum Collections and Termination of Agreement with the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1952-1953
9a.37A Policy on Museum Collections and Termination of Metropolitan Agreement

From Trustees Meeting, December 11, 1952 ,and January 15, 1953 Statement of change of Policy, February 15, 1953 Policy Committee for the Museum's Collection of Masterworks, 1953

ca. 1952-1953
9a.37B Second copy of 10.37A

Annotated by AHB

ca. 1952-1953
9a.38 Policy Committee for the Museum's Collection of Masterworks - Minutes of Meetings

8 Meetings

9a.39 Painting and Sculpture Collection

Miscellaneous letters, reports, etc.

9a.40 Painting and Sculpture Collection

Miscellaneous memos, releases, etc.

9a.41 Priority lists of Paintings and Sculptures drawn up by AHB


9a.42 Painting and Sculpture Collection

Miscellaneous Annual Reports, floor plans, etc.

9a.43 Museum Collections Floor Plan, 2nd and 3rd floors

Brochure for the Public

9a.44 Painting and Sculpture Collection

Miscellaneous articles

9a.45 Collection Policy: excerpts from the Chronicle

For William S. Paley

9a.46 Confidential Report to the Trustee ad Hoc Committee to Study Future Policies of The Museum of Modern Art

Copy 4
Included: The Museum Collections - Outline of an Appendix and other related material

9a.47 Artists represented in other Departments of the Museum

In addition to those represented in the Painting and Sculpture Collection - for PASITMoMA listings


Misc. memos

9a.49 Museum of Modern Art Publications on Painting and Sculpture Collection

Prefaces, Forewords, etc.

9a.50 Painting and Sculpture in The Museum of Modern Art

Outline of Illustrations, Headings, etc.

9a.51 Painting and Sculpture in The Museum of Modern Art

Memos re production of the catalog

9a.52 Typed draft of PASITMoMA Chronicle in Blue binder

Chapts I - VI
First version

9a.53 Typed draft of PASITMoMA Chronicle in 4 Blue binders

With relevant material re: quotes, statistics, etc. interleaved
2nd version
Binder I: Chapters I and II
Binder II: Chapter III
Binder III: Chapters IV and V
Binder IV: Chapters VI and VII

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Series 10: Personal/Desk 1927]-1973

This Series includes items removed from AHB's desk drawers at 29 West 53rd Street; original order which was alphabetical in Subseries A, has been strictly maintained; quotation marks identifying file units reflect terminology used by Barr. Clive Phillpot has confirmed that "Mrs. Barr checked these papers 3/78 and 5/78."

Subseries A: Subject Areas 1927]-1973

Folder Title Date
10.A.1; mf 3263:404 "American"

4 photos
2 articles
ca. 6 items

10.A.2; mf 3263:424 "Arp Shapes" [Arp forms]

ca. 27 items

10.A.3; mf 3263:451 "Bauhaus (Bayer, etc.)"

9 photos

10.A.4; mf 3263:462 "Baumeister - Chadwick"

20 plus items
Folder labeled in WSL's hand

10.A.5; mf 3263:522 "Baynes"
10.A.6; mf 3263:538 "Belgium"
10.A.7; mf 3263:541 "Belgium"
10.A.8; mf 3263:546 "Biog."

Incl. 1920 CAA Program
1926 typedscript letter to ed. of Art News

10.A.8.a; mf 3263:556 "Biog.": MoMA AHB Tribute / evening 1972, 1973
10.A.8.b; mf 3263:562 "Biog.": 60th Birthday celebration 1962
10.A.8.c; mf 3263:638 "Biog.": "Biographical data; photos"

20 plus items

10.A.8.d; mf 3263:782 "Biog.": "Barr - Ph.D. material"

Incl. 1 item, 1940 letter PJS to AHB
Rest of material sent to Deknatel May 1946l"

10.A.9; mf 3263:784 "Bonnard"
10.A.10; mf 3263:801 "Boston 1948 Manifesto" 1948
10.A.11; mf 3263:834 "Bracelli"
10.A.12; mf 3263:843 "British"
10.A.13; mf 3263:879 "C"
10.A.14; mf 3263:888 "Censorship"

Incls. 1947 exchange btwn. AAR & MoMA staff

10.A.15; mf 3263:899 "Children's Art"

Incl. letter w. ref. to C & AA Chart

10.A.16; mf 3263:914 "Chagall"
10.A.17; mf 3263:916 "Dali"

Incl. 1 n.d. letter to M/M AHB
Mostly photos, announcements

10.A.18; mf 3263:973 "Delmas" 1944
10.A.19; mf 3263:978 "Designs, etc." 1949-1952
10.A.20; mf 3263:1023 "Dream and Dream Art"
10.A.21; mf 3263:1028 "Dreier"

2 letters Dreier to AHB
See also, Series 1: Barr Correspondence, 1.1

10.A.22; mf 3263:1032 "E"

Letter E.A.T. Mesens to AHB re: Ernst

10.A.23; mf 3263:1039 "France - since 1940"

Subtitled "Hilter and Art" by AHB
Incl. AHB brief notes on Picasso & Matisse's activities

10.A.24; mf 3263:1051 "G"

Incl. AHB notes on Kahnweiler/Gris lecture
Gottlieb gall. announc'ts

10.A.25; mf 3263:1070 "German expressionist"
10.A.26; mf 3263:1076 "German artists 1933-45"

See also, Series 9: Barr Writings
2 items

10.A.27; mf 3263:1080 "German - Nazi"

12 items

10.A.28; mf 3263:1100 "German - Neue Sachlichkeit"
10.A.29; mf 3263:1107 "Goodyear, A. Conger/Jeude Paume Exh."

Incl. corresp.
Note from MSB: "correspondence handed over by A. Conger Goodyear about exhs. of Amer. Art in Paris, preceding & including the exh. at Jeude Paune 1938."

1932-1934, 1936-1938
10.A.30; mf 3263:1256 "H"

Letter, Hopper to AHB, 2/5/48

10.A.31; mf 3263:1258 "Harnett - Peto"

See also, Series 1: Barr Correspondence, folder 1.162

10.A.32; mf 3263:1274 "René d'Harnoncourt" 1949, 1956
10.A.33; mf 3263:1289 "Humanism"
10.A.34; mf 3263:1300 "Barr 'Ism' Dictionary"

Incl. 55 sheets, yellowed, brittle paper
4 sheets of charts

10.A.35; mf 3263:1367 "Italian trip"

2 clippings

10.A.36; mf 3263:1373-1388 "K"

All illus. material
4 items

10.A.37.a; mf 3264:20 "Kirstein, Lincoln": "Kerstein" [sic]"

7 items
Letters/info. re: art in the Third Reich

10.A.37.b; mf 3264:60 "Kirstein, Lincoln": "Kirstein reports on art and museum situation at the end of W.W. II"

30 items
All addressed to Monroe Wheeler (MSB's hand)

10.A.38; mf 3264:130 "L"

Incl. 2 letters Jean Lurcat to AHB
Typed notes
Lecture by Leger

10.A.39; mf 3264:149 "Latin Amer. Speech"

17 sheets
8 items

10.A.40; mf 3264:172 "Chicago, Ren. Society"

11 items
Out of alphabetical sequence
Kept here by AHB
See also folder, 5.B.ll.a (filmed), where this speech is identified as "Art in our World"
Incl. 1946 corresp
Speech given April 17, 1946

10.A.41; mf 3264:186 "Lieberman"

19 items

10.A.42; mf 3264:201 " Life Symposium"

Incl. mimeographed proceedings
Life article
Letters to ed.

10.A.43; mf 3264:286 "London"
10.A.44; mf 3264:304 "Louchheim"

Incl. NY Times articles

10.A.45; mf 3264:339 "M"


10.A.46; mf 3264:359 "Matta photos etc. important"

Incl. 3 n.d. sheets of AHB notes (1 191j) w. diagram
0.25": 5 items
Some 20 plus sheets each

10.A.47; mf 3264:366 "Mexican Report"

5 items
Incl. 4 sheet typescript

10.A.48; mf 3264:374 "Miscellaneous Clippings" 1949, 1950, 1953
10.A.49; mf 3264:439 "Miscellaneous photos"

5 items

10.A.50; mf 3264:449 "Miller, Dorothy C."

re: Smith Honorary Degree

ca. 1952-1959
10.A.51; mf 3264:556 "N"

4 items

10.A.52; mf 3264:566 "Nadelman"

1 item
Incl. 10 sheet typed chronology
Author not known

10.A.53; mf 3264:578 "Nationalism"


1945, 1946, 1948
10.A.54; mf 3264:582 "P"

3 items
Incl. catalog of 1st Pollock exh. at Art of this Century
1940 article AHB marked "postaste"

10.A.55; mf 3264:678 "Paris School - miscel."
10.A.56; mf 3264:690 "Pan American Union"

5 photos
1945 corresp. for Leslie Switzer

10.A.57.a; mf 3264:725 "Penguin - artists"

See also folders 6.A.2.a-f: incls. 4" of material relevant to this subject

10.A.57.b; mf 3264:727 "Penguin - Blume" 1945
10.A.57.c; mf 3264:755 "Penguin - Authors, text" 1945
10.A.57.d; mf 3264:757 "Penguin authors" 1945
10.A.57.e; mf 3264:758 "Penguin - Lists" 1945
10.A.57.f; mf 3264:788 "Penguin - miscellaneous"

16 items
Incl. letter S.C. Clark/AHB re: royalty fees

10.A.58; mf 3264:810 "Post Impressionists"

4 items
Incl. Meyer Schapiro letter 7/25/35

10.A.59; mf 3264:819 "Pro-Modern"

6 items
See also, Series 7: Political Controversy folder 7.21a and 7.21b

1941, 1953
10.A.60; mf 3264:851 "Psychological"

Incl. printed matter, 1957 1950, 1946, 1945, 1939

10.A.61; mf 3264:881 "R"

6 items

10.A.62; mf 3264:891 "Religious Art, Modern"

14 items
See also Series 4 and Series 6, folder 6.B.12.
Incl. 9 sheets of AHB writing

ca. 1944-1953
10.A.63; mf 3264:953 "Richmond"

AHB v. Ross Valentine & the Richmond Times Dispatch

1949, 1950-1952
10.A.64.a; mf 3264:998 "Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich" - From desk drawer

Incl. AHB - AAR 11/6/33 re: Bliss Coll.
ca. 26 items

1948, 1947, 1939, 1936, 1935, 1934
10.A.64.b.i; mf 3264:1108 "Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich" - From envelope marked "confidential"

See MSB note: ca. 1.5", corresp. to/from A.C. Goodyear, AAR, AHB
See also, Series 1: AHB Corresp. folders 1.2, 1.59, 1.191

ca. 1934-1944
10.A.64.b.ii; mf 3264:1157 "Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich" - From envelope marked "confidential" ca. 1929-1933
10.A.64.c.i; mf 3264:1283 "Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich" - "Gifts of Art"
10.A.64c.ii; mf 3264:1348-1371; mf 3265:19 "Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich" - "Gifts of Art"
10.A.64.c.iii; mf 3265:191 "Rockefeller, Abby Aldrich" - "Gifts of Art"
10.A.65; mf 3265:256 "Romanticism 19th"
10.A.66; mf 3265:270 "Rouault"

Letter Gordon Washburn/AHB

10.A.67; mf 3265:281 "S"

Illus./printed matter
8 photos

10.A.68; mf 3265:297 "Siqueiros"

3 items
2 photos & booklet

10.A.69; mf 3265:323 "Soby"

8 items
Incl. 5 Sat Rev. pieces 1947, 46
2 1957 letters

See also, Series 1: Barr Correspondence and Series 6: Exhibitions/Publications

10.A.70; mf 3265:364 "The State and Art"

16 items

10.A.71; mf 3265:417 "Surrealism, Dada etc."

35 items
Printed matter (some annotated)
1932 Wads-Athem brochure
1940s, 1930s

10.A.72; mf 3265:478 "Insane"

4 items
This folder, not in alphabetical sequence, might have been kept here because it was related to "Surrealism, Dada, etc."
AHB included the art of the insane in his 1936 FADS exhibition
Much of the material in the preceding folder dates from 1936

10.A.73; mf 3265:486 "Sweeney"

7 items

10.A.74; mf 3265:498 "Swiss Booklets"

5 items
Re: AmerVach Verlag of Basel, 1946

10.A.75; mf 3265:506 "T"

2 items
"artists that begin with a 'T'"

10.A.76; mf 3265:518 "Unanswered"

1 item

10.A.77; mf 3265:526 "U.S.A."

6 items

1945, 1946, 1948
10.A.78; mf 3265:565 "War and Art"

1 item

10.A.79; mf 3265:569 "Z"

2 items

Subseries B: Bryn Mawr: Mary Flexner Lectures: "Dogma and Practice in Modern Art" 1942, 1945-1946

See also, Series 5: Barr Lectures, Talks/Speeches 5.B.11.a and 5.B.11.b

Folder Title Date
10.B.1; mf 3265:579 "Miscellaneous"

Typescript of part of lecture
AHB notes and cards

10.B.2; mf 3265:600 "General"

The College News
Announcement/outline of lecture series
Post lecture corresp., May/Apr. 1946

10.B.3; mf 3265:633 "Correspondence" 2/1945-3/1946
10.B.4; mf 3265:702 "Exhibition"

Incl. AHB diagrams, lists

10.B.5; mf 3265:718 "Bryn Mawr"

Incl. quotations AHB seems to have set aside for use in lectures

10.B.6; mf 3265:746 "I Modern ... (machine)"

For lecture "Art should be modern - the rise and decline of the machine"

11 Feb. 1946
10.B.7; mf 3265:809 "II"

Re: lecture "Art should be pure - with a glance at utilitarian consequences"

10.B.8; mf 3265:875 "III (Fantastic)"

Re: lecture "Art should be marvelous - visual poetry of enigma and fantasy"

10.B.9a; mf 3265:942 "IV Intense"

Re: lecture "Art should be - anxiety, violence, ectasy"
Incl. cards, typed notes, lists, etc.

10.B.9b; mf 3265:1000 "B.M.(Intense)"

Incl. clippings and printed matter

1949, 1950
10.B.10; mf 3265:1066 "National V"

Re: lecture "Art should be National - varieties of racial and regional self-esteem"

10.B.11; mf 3265:1081 "VI Social"

Re: lecture "Art should be social - the state of the world; propaganda and prophecy"


Subseries C: MoMA Related 1932-1969

Folder Title Date
10.C.1; mf 3265:1100 "Safety"

Removed: Category #3

10.C.2; mf 3265:1100 "Classification of Collections for purposes of protection in case of war"

Removed: Category #3

10.C.3; mf 3265:1102 "1969: Lowry Resignation": Paley - Barr 1969
10.C.4; mf 3265:1110 "1953: Bill of Rights Conference"; "Emergency Civil Liberties Com." 1953
10.C.5; mf 3265:1146 "1947: Museum Collection - Drawing Exhibition" 1947
10.C.6; mf 3265:1195 "Acquisitions" 1945
10.C.7; mf 3265:1205 "Col. Instal." 1945
10.C.8; mf 3265:1227 "Col. Lists" 1945
10.C.9; mf 3265:1256 "Collection - Trustee opinions" 1945
10.C.10; mf 3265:1265 "Time Analysis" 1936, 1945
10.C.11; mf 3265:1277 "Answered"

2 letters from Leslie Switzer

10.C.12; mf 3265:1289 "Garden 1942" 1942
10.C.13; mf 3265:1297 "Perm Col Instal" n.d., 1941
10.C.14; mf 3265:1306 "Constitution (as amended Dec. 12, 1939)"
10.C.15.a; mf 3265:1316 "Selected Items": The Museum Collections a brief report

1st draft

10.C.15.b; mf 3265:1316 "Selected Items": AHB to SCC 11/1941
10.C.15.c; mf 3265:1316 "Selected Items": Philip Goodwin to PJ 1/10/1941
10.C.15.d; mf 3265:1316 "Selected Items"

re: reopening of MoMA, 1939: NAR - AHB 7/27/39
A.C.Goodyear - AHB 5/22/39
AHB - PJS 5/5/39

10.C.16; mf 3265:1333-1392 "1937 Current Activities and the Future Program of The Museum of Modern Art Congressional Questionnarie"

50 pages

10.C.17.a; mf 3266:19 "1933": "10/33 'The Permanent Collection'"

5 sheets, typed
AHB report, October 1933, Loan exhibition, 10 sheets

10.C.17.b; mf 3266:81 "1933": Master copy Loan Exhibition: Ten Year Schedule (complete) ... by AHB, Jr."

23 typed pages

10.C.18; mf 3266:120 "Suggested exhibitions 1933/Schemes for MoMA 1933 (Blackburn)"

"Exhbition/Lists of suggestions" by AHB, Ascona, May 27, 1933: "This list was begun in December, 1932, outlined in March and completed on the above date: it may prove out of date in some particulars. Dec. '33 /s/ AHB"
24 typed sheets


Subseries D: Art Workers' Coalition

Folder Title Date
10.D.1; mf 3266:163; mf 3266:180-182 Art Workers' Coalition

Miscellaneous printed matter
Printed matter
15 items
3 misc items: printed matter


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Series 11: Matisse 1946, 1949-1975

The Series consists of documentation produced in 1946 and from 1949 through ca. 1975 by Alfred H. Barr, Jr., on the artist Henri Matisse (1869-54) and located in The Museum of Modern Art Archives. Included are a variety of record types: letters, notes, memoranda, phono recordings, photographs, reproductions, two 3-x-5" index-card files and a reel tape recording. Items have been arranged in the organic units in which they were logically accumulated. Thus, three Subgroups have been established on the basis of their functional origins: Matisse Book, Matisse Exhibition and Matisse post-publication material. In some instances several record types can be found in one Series; for example, phono records and written notes are included in Matisse I.B. Subgroup IV was established on the basis of record types. Subgroup V consists of materials collected by AHB but given to the Museum later by Margaret Scolari Barr.

Selected noteworthy correspondents include Clive Bell, Bernard Berenson, Albert Landsberg, Grete Moll, Hans Purrmann, the heirs of Gertrude and Leo Stein, Captain Edward Steichen, Nelson A. Rockefeller and the Matisse family. Although most items are in English, a reading knowledge of French and German would be beneficial to users.

Subgroup I: Matisse Book 1949-1952

Includes material Barr used in the creation of his monograph. The four series in this subgroup were organized to reflect the interrelationship between aspects of producing this monograph.

ca. 1,385 items, not including penciled notes.

Subseries A: Correspondence 1946; 1949-1951

For preparation of book; ca. 840 items. Correspondence [mostly 1949-51; 6 items 1946; several interesting items 1952]: two filing units of General (A-L, M-Z) followed by 17 units alphabetically arranged by collector or collection.

Folder Title Date
11.I.A.1 A - L

Ahlers-HestermannArt News (Thomas B. Hess)Burlington Magazine (B. Nicholson, Editor)Berès, PierreBesson, GeorgesBignou, EtienneBradshaw, Mrs. RobertBrummer, ErnestBuchholz GalleryCarstairs Gallery (Georges Keller)Cassirer Ltd., Paul (Grete Ring, Director)Corcoran, GeraldDimand, MauriceFeigl GalleryFine Arts Associates (Otto Gerson)Finklestein, Louis (Jewish Theological Seminary)Gold, AlfredGourgaud MuseumGreenberg, ClementGrünewald, IvanHamilton, George HeardHighet, GilbertHildebrandt, HansHope, Henry (Indiana University)Hugo Gallery (Alexander Iolas)Janis, SidneyKahnweiler, Daniel-Henri (Galerie Louise Leiris)Karpel, BernardKarpovich, Michael (Harvard University)Kennedy & Co.Kirstein, LincolnKleemann GalleriesKraushaar GalleriesLasker, Albert D.Lieberman, William S.London, The Tate Gallery (John Rothenstein)

11.I.A.2 M - Z

Matisse, AlexinaMaugham, SomersetMaurer, AlfredMöll, Greta (Eric Carlson)Morrice, James W.Mosse, Eric P.Matisse MoviesMower, Martin (Fogg Art Museum)Neumann, J.B. (New Art Circle)Norman, Mrs. Edward A.Pach, WalterPalme, CarlParke-Bernet Galleries Inc.PrefaceRequin, GeneralRocaille ChairRockefeller CenterRogers, DerekRosenberg, PaulRosengart, SiegfriedRosenthal, Gertrude (Balto Art Museum)Salz, SamSeligman, GermainSloan, Helen F.Smith, MatthewSoby, James ThrallSteinberg, LionelEarl Stendhal GallerySteuben GlassSwarzenski, George (Museum of Fine Arts)Terrasse, CharlesThannhauser, JustinToklas, AliceVient de ParaîtreVietor, Alexander OrrWeber, MaxWheeler, MonroeWhitney Collection

11.I.A.3 Barnes Collection

3 items

11.I.A.4 Bell, Clive

18 itemsLetter 6/20/56 included

11.I.A.5 Berenson, Bernard

12 items

11.I.A.6 Bernheim-Jeune contracts and correspondence

37 itemsCopies of ea. contract included

11.I.A.7 Dodds, Prof. John W.

19 items

11.I.A.8 Gomez Sicre, Jose

17 items

11.I.A.9 Landsberg, Albert C.

32 itemsTracings from drawings included

11.I.A.10 Matisse, Henri

11 itemsIncludes copy of 1945 item

11.I.A.11 Matisse, Pierre

30 itemsIncludes letters 7/19/46, 8/1/46, to AHB and n.d. notes

11.I.A.12 Museums: A-Z

202 items

11.I.A.13 Museums: Baltimore

35 items

11.I.A.14 Museums: Moscow, Museum of Western Art

30 items3 letters from 1946

11.I.A.15 Museums: New Haven - Yale

Donald Gallup, 30 items

11.I.A.16 Museums: San Francisco

20 items

11.I.A.17 Purrmann, Hans

17 items

11.I.A.18 Rewald, John

47 items

11.I.A.19 re: Gertrude & Leo Stein

18 items

11.I.A.20 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stein

11 itemsLetters to AHB 8/8/46 and 10/8/44

11.I.A.21 Steichen - Stieglitz

12 itemsIncludes 8 sheets of quotations from Camera Work and Stieglitz letters at Yale

Subseries B: Notes

Notes and observations on different aspects of Matisse's oeuvre arranged alphabetically in filing units (Ballet to Vence Chapel); record types too cumbersome to interfile placed in 2 separate units at end of this sequence.

Folder Title Date
11.I.B.1 Articles and interviews

ca. 31 itemsIncluding 22 3x5" index cards and notes in AHB's hand

11.I.B.1a.i Artist's Questionnaire 1st version

4 itemsIncl. 1 TL AHB-Henri Matisse, 1949 September 20

11.I.B.1a.ii Artist's Questionnaire I

18 itemsIncl. 1 TLS Olive Bragazzi-AHB, 1949 August 21 TL AHB-Matisse, 1945 April 20

11.I.B.1a.iii Artist's Questionnaire II

7 itemsIncl. 1 memo Monroe S. Wheeler-AHB, 1950 March 111 TLS Wheeler-AHB, 1950 March 191 ALS Wheeler-AHB, 1950 April 22

11.I.B.1a.iv Artist's Questionnaire III

3 items

11.I.B.1a.v Artist's Questionnaire IV

13 items

1950 Artist's Questionnaire V

5 itemsIncl. transcript of interview with Matisse1 ALS John Rewald-AHB, 1950 August 41 TL AHB-Rewald, 1950 October 181 ALS Rewald-AHB, 1950 October 11

11.I.B.1a.vii Artist's Questionnaire VI

7 items

11.I.B.1a.viii Artist's Questionnaire VII

5 itemsIncl. 1 ALS Pierre Matisse-AHB, 1951 July 51 TL AHB-Pierre Matisse, 1950 September 15

11.I.B.2 Ballet

3 itemsIncluding list in AHB's hand, clippings

11.I.B.3 Barr's notes

0.5"Penciled notes on yellow paperNeeds to be filed

11.I.B.4 Catalogs/Salons/Exhibitions

15 itemsIncluding collection and salon lists, brochures

11.I.B.5 Chronologies

10 items

11.I.B.6 Illustrated books

11 itemsIncluding corres. Between William S. Lieberman and AHB, 1949-51 and AHB notes

11.I.B.7 Jazz

3 items

11.I.B.8 Bertha Slattery Lieberman's notes

21 5x8" cards2 letters

11.I.B.9 Prints

8 itemsIncluding Dorothy Lytle and Olive Bragazzi information and AHB notes

11.I.B.10 School

4 items

11.I.B.11 Vence Chapel

17 items

11.I.B.12 12" box of reproduction note cards
11.I.B.13 1 wooden box

9.5x5.5"Incl. 3x5" index cards

11.I.B.14 1 small wooden box

3.5x5.5"Incl. 3.5x5.5" index cards: "Matisse (notes)" in AHB's hand

11.I.B.15 Bundle: 33 blue "Audiograph Electronic Soundwriter"

Records1+" deepMachine on which to play these NOT available

Subseries C:

Magazine of Art 44(5): 163-170 published an article by Barr that was based on two chapters of his book.

Folder Title Date
11.I.C.1 Article on Matisse

5 items

May 15, 1951

Subseries D: Correspondence

Production and publication of the book: folders include dedication, technical information, such as reproduction rights, and finally, reviews and comments. The latter all dated 1952 since the book appeared in December of 1951.

Folder Title Date
11.I.D.1 Dedication

17 items

11.I.D.1.a Cover / photocopy of Matisse photo and ALS Judith Cousins
11.I.D.2 Set of plate section

0.5" thick1 item

11.I.D.3 Color plate correspondence

58 itemsAlphabetically arranged

11.I.D.3.a Color notes

In AHB's hand

11.I.D.4 Photographs and Reproductions

Lists and correspondenceca. 26 itemsOrig. AHB notes included

11.I.D.5 Permission to quote and reproduce

79 items

11.I.D.6 Distribution

Lists and memoranda48 itemsArranged chronologically

11.I.D.7 Reviews

Originals and photocopiesca. 45 items

11.I.D.8 Comments

ca. 175 itemsAlphabetically arranged


Subseries E: "Photographs for Matisse book"

Box Title Date
11.I.E.1 "Photographs for Matisse book"

1 flat black box 20.5x15.5x2.5"

ca. 1949-1952

Subgroup II: Matisse Exhibition 11/13/51-1/13/52

Matisse Exhibition held at The Museum of Modern Art. Records for this exist elsewhere; see Related Collections.

Folder Title Date
11.II.A Press releases

0.5&Pime; thick
3 items

11.II.B Opening speech by AHB

6 items

11.II.C Correspondence and lists

ca. 50 items
Alphabetically arranged
Lists at the rear
Copies of these items in MoMA's Registrar Exhibition File

Subgroup III: Matisse Post-publication Material 1952-1975

Includes letters, photographs, reproductions, announcements of exhibitions, notes and catalogs (some annotated by Barr) arranged chronologically 1952-75. Pictorial material received after 1951 has been arranged according to the time the items were brought to Barr's attention, not according to "time. . . produced" (see Schellenberg, Management of Archives, NY: Columbia, 1965; p. 326); reasons are twofold - dates are frequently controversial and, as Matisse and Barr are dead, future authorities will have to determine their validity; secondly, Barr's notes on some of the items in these series indicate that he wanted the material kept this way until he had time to examine it thoroughly - he did not want to mix photos in this subgroup with those in Subgroup IV. Therefore, I have adhered to another Schellenberg rule: "records from one source should not be merged with those from another" [Ibid, p. 329].

Many relevant references to this subgroup can be found in catalogs, clippings, etc., in Subgroup V, which includes Matisse material collected by Barr and given to Barr Archive Dec. 14, 1976 by Mrs. Barr. This material came to the attention of the archivist after the Barr Papers were processed.

Folder Title Date
11.III.A.1 Matisse Book: Correction
11.III.A.2 1976, 1977, 1980

Requests for Matisse information answered by others
ca. 20 items

11.III.A.3 1971-1975

37 items

11.III.B 1970

37 items

11.III.C 1969

17 items

11.III.D 1968

27 items
Plus D.I. Arts Council Catalog with invitation from Queen to Matisse retrospective

11.III.E 1967

15 items

11.III.F.1 1966: General

15 items

11.III.F.2 1966: MoMA exh. #803 file

Mostly copies
ca. 44 items

11.III.F.3 1966: Artforum

Articles by Elsen: "Sculpture of Matisse" (boxed in Matisse d/d)

11.III.G 1965

25 items
Incl. 1931 letter from Matisse to Gen. A. Conger Goodyear, sent on occasion of his purchase of La Musique

11.III.H 1964

26 items

11.III.I 1963

50 items
Incl. AHB notes on Orinetal influence

11.III.J 1962

12 items

11.III.K 1961

18 items

11.III.L 1960

25 items

11.III.M 1959

11 items

11.III.N 1958

23 items
Incl. 4 small catalogs

11.III.O 1957

11 items

11.III.P 1956

25 items

11.III.Q 1955

3 items

11.III.R.1 1954: General

ca. 51 items
Incl. condolences to Matisse family

11.III.R.2 1954: Obituaries

ca. 200 articles in 3 manila envelopes
1 item

11.III.R.3 1954: 50 photographs

Matisse funeral
Musée d'arene
1 item

11.III.S.1 1953: General
11.III.S.2 1953: Mrs. Barr's 1952.1953 talk on 1952(?) visit with Matisse
11.III.T 1952

14 items
Incl. 4 catalogs

11.III.U Reel of tape

Labeled "Interview Alfred Barr on Matisse"
1 item

11.III.V Undated Material

ca. 13 items

Subgroup IV: Matisse Photographs 1890-1954

Consists of two accordion-pleated folders, each neatly labeled in Barr's hand. Each pleat of the accordion has been given a date and photographs of that date have been filed into the proper section. Labelled in AHB's hand.

Folder Title
11.IV.A "I. 1901-1931 (see 1890-1900 in II)"
11.IV.B "II. 1890-1900...1932-1954"

Subgroup V: Itemized List

Matisse material (published items, many annotated, and letters) collected by AHB and given by Margaret S. Barr to Clive Phillpot December 14, 1976 for the Barr Archive; brought to attention of and processed by archivist 9/84.

Folder Title Date
11.V.1.a Deluxe editions of Barr: Matisse…

#76/495 dedicated by AHB to his mother

11.V.1.b Deluxe editions of Barr: Matisse…

1/495 dedicated to M/M Barr by HM 4/16/1952

11.V.2.a Barr Matisse

"with pencil drawing and dedication by HM to AHB and letter to AHB from Matisse"

11.V.2.b Barr Matisse

"with drawing and dedication to Madame A. H. Barr"

11.V.3 L'Arte Sacre

Inscribed by HM to Alfred Barr

11.V.4 Chapelle du Rosaire

Both dedicated and signed
Incl. (1) oversize Chapelle du Rosaire
See Box 21

11.V.5 Barr: Matisse

Annotated by AHB with folder of inserts, itemized by PL Moeller

11.V.6.a "Matisse Material annotated"

Marked and labeled by MSB
MoMA Sculpture of Matisse catalog
1970 Paris Grand Palais catalog

1970; 1972
11.V.6.b "Matisse Material annotated"

Marked and labeled by MSB
Leningrad Matisse catalog
1968 London/Hayward Matisse catalog

1968; 1969
11.V.7 Paris: Grand Palais Catalog

With inserts
a) Envelope with MSB's color notes
b) Hilton Kramer NY Review of Books 10/8/70
c) NY Times 7/28/68
d) Life 9/1970

11.V.8 NY Times Magazine

Mellows: "Matisse: a celebration of pleasure"
See Box 21

December 29, 1969
11.V.9 Artforum

4 issues
Elsen: "Sculpture of Matisse" articles

1968 Sept./Dec.
11.V.10 UCLA Matisse Retrospective


11.V.11 Paris: Jacques Dubourg


11.V.12 Paris: Musée National d'Art Moderne catalog 1956
11.V.13 (#3) Kunsten Idag

Incl. A. E. Holm: "Matisse som Skulptor"

11.V.14 BMA News: "Cone bequest number"


October 1949
11.V.15 Eliz. McClausland: A. H. Maurer catalog 1949
11.V.16 (Avril) Les chroniques du jour no. 9: pour ou contre Henri Matiss;

Annotated with original drawings by HM

11.V.17 MoMA Matisse

Inserted items of later date, some 1951

11.V.18 4 photos (Chapel at Vence and funeral)

See Box 21


/s/ MSB's hand
Notes by Mrs. Barr
14 items

11.V.19.a "Matisse Material Annotated"

1956 Hunter: Matisse. NY: MMA Miniature Series
1956 "Matisse. NY: Tudor
1953 London: Tate. Sculpture of Matisse
1953 NY: Valentin. Sculpture of Matisse
1951 NY: MoMA Matisse exhibition catalog
1950 Art d'aujourd'hui. No. 7-8. Mars

This and the following folders were contained in a single envelope with notes by Mrs. Barr.

11.V.19.b "Matisse Material Annotated"

1950 Nice: Musées de Nice Galerie des Ponchettes. Henri Matisse
1949 NY: Durand-Ruel Galleries. "What they said…postscript to art criticism" (for MoMA 20th Anniv. benefit)
1949 "Paris: Musée National d'Art Moderne: Henri Matisse

11.V.19.c "Matisse Material Annotated"

1949 Art News. April. (Matisse issue)
1932 Andocles 1(1). Feb. (incl. Schapiro: "Matisse and Impressionism")
1931 Formes XVI. June.
1930 Formes I. Jan. (Matisse article, annotated by AHB)
1920 Sembat, M. Matisse et son oeuvre (covers missing)


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Series: 11a: Matisse Adddenda 1931-1970

Matisse materials previously in Barr's office, found in the Museum Library's storage, and added to the collection in 1985.

Folder Title Date
11a.20 Cahiers d'Art #5-6

"Matisse" annotated with notes by Mrs. Barr

11a.21 Buchanan, Donald W. James Wilson Morrice: a biography. Toronto: Ryerson 1936
11a.22 Paris: Musée National d'Art Moderne & München: Haus der Kunst exh. Le Fauvisme francais et les débuts de l'Expressionisme allemand 1966
11a.23 Postcard invitation to MoMA's Modern Painters and Sculptors as Illustrators: image of Matisse etching 1936
11a.24 Life. Morris: "Matisse" 8/28/1970
11a.25 Barr Matisse



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Series 12: Barr Picasso Papers ca. 1931-1975

Nineteen document boxes of material concerning Picasso collected by AHB ca.1930 - ca. 1975; includes notes, printed matter, and photographs. In 1931-32 AHB proposed a Picasso exhibition which was never held (see Subgroup XII). In 1950 AHB wrote (see I. A.10) that he was preparing a revised ed. of Picasso: 50 which had gone out of print; he was also working on his important Matisse monograph at this time (see Subgroup VI.D). In 1967 AHB told an interviewer that he would revise/update Picasso: 50 after his retirement. This never happened due to illness. Indeed, throughout Barr's Picasso Papers one finds the designation in his hand "Picasso book"; this material, photographs, printed matter (clippings from newspapers and magazine, catalogs, brochures, etc.) was accumulated by Barr ca. 1940s - ca. 1970s for the book that was never written. Barr collected these items as they appeared or as they were brought to his attention; in processing the Barr Picasso Papers this original order has been maintained wherever possible.

Subseries I: Picasso Catalogs

Box Title
12.I.1 Picasso Catalogs

Set aside by AHB for his personal use; Many annotated.
For additional catalogs see Series 12a.

Subseries II: General Subjects ca. 1944-1974

Folder Title Date
12.II.A Batigne

Labeled "BATIGNE, Summer 1957"
Incls. many photos (some by JTS in 1956(?)
Oversized: see Box 21
ca. 15 items

1957, 1970
12.II.B Demoiselles d'Avignon

English translation of Gunter Bandesmanns' text

12.II.C Communists and Picasso

Incl. Penrose letter

12.II.D Gary Coopers

Added 11/84 from additional boxes
2 photos, 1 tie, 1 manila envelope with oriqinal Picasso inscriptions/drawings
Dated "16.5.57"
Oversized: see Box 21 (envelope) and Box 23 (tie).

12.II.E.1 Films: Clouzot's Le Mystere Picasso

7 items

12.II.E.2 Films: General

ca. 8 items

See also, Guernica (12.II.F.4) & 1962 Public Education Association (P.E.A.) exhibition folder 12.IV.B

1953, 1957, 1958
12.II.F.1 Guernica: MoMA History 1979
12.II.F.2 Guernica: Book notes

Selected material relevant to a revised Picasso: 50

ca. 1946-1958
12.II.F.3 Guernica: Symposium

Incl. drafts, notes, & material by AHB

November 25, 1947
12.II.F.4 Guernica: Camera III TV

9 items
8 letters and mss, typescript

12.II.F.5 Guernica: Selected printed matters

Alicia Legg's 1967 Vietnam protest photos added 5/85

1956, 1959, 1962, 1973-74
12.II.F.6 Guernica: Film 1945
12.II.G Junyer ca. 1945-1978
12.II.H Loans to exhibitions

Correspondence [85th Anniversary Exhibition, Paris and Amsterdam (ca. 1965-67); 75th Anniversary, Paris (1955-56)
Duplicates in Registrar's file
Include JTS letter
Many clippings
Kept as separate series by AHB

12.II.I Carl Nesjar

12 items

12.II.J Papini

16 items
AHB's complete file on this subject can be found in P&S
Items here mostly ca. 1969

12.II.K Henri Roche

Notes from conversations

ca. 1946
12.II.L Sculpture Exhibition: Tate/MoMA

Barr wanted "separate file for this ... " MSB aided AHB in communicating with Picasso: AHB wrote rough draft while MSB translated and reworked and AHB signed
v. interesting account of AHB's visit with Picasso in late 1967
Draft of Penrose's preface for sculpture book

12.II.M Soby-Picasso material

Much printed
See also II.A. for JTS photos of 1956 summer
Oversized: see Box 21

12.II.N.1 Spain to 1904: AHB questionnaire

Submitted through Junyer

12.II.N.2 Spain to 1904: General correspondence

10 items

ca. 1944-1962
12.II.O Gertrude Stein Collection, acquisitions

6 items

12.II.P UNESCO murals

4 items

12.II.Q Vallauris murals

11/84 additional photos added
Oversized: see Box 21

1956, 1958

Subseries III: "Picasso Book"

AHB collected material on Picasso, incl. letters, notes, and printed matter, in order that someday he would write a monograph on the artist. "Picasso Book" is the term he used to designate that this material be kept as a distinct unit in a separate file. The material is arranged in the way it was collected, chronologically.

Folder Title Date
12.III.A.1.a Correspondence and Printed Matter: Death of Picasso; April 7, 1973 1973
12.III.A1.b Correspondence and Printed Matter: General

ca. 45 items

12.III.A.2 Correspondence and Printed Matter

37 items

12.III.A.3 Correspondence and Printed Matter

8 items

12.III.A.4 Correspondence and Printed Matter

34 items

12.III.A.5 Correspondence and Printed Matter

55 items

12.III.A.6 Correspondence and Printed Matter

35 items

See also 12.II.M

12.III.A.7 Correspondence and Printed Matter

35 items

12.III.A.8 Correspondence and Printed Matter

55 items

12.III.A.9 Correspondence and Printed Matter

50 items
Incl. letter from Penrose

12.III.A.10 Correspondence and Printed Matter

65 items

12.III.A.11 Correspondence and Printed Matter

3 items

12.III.A.12.a Correspondence and Printed Matter: General 1960
12.III.A.12.b Correspondence and Printed Matter: Tate Gallery Picasso Exhibition

See also 12.II.L

12.III.A.13 Correspondence and Printed Matter

50 items

12.III.A.14 Correspondence and Printed Matter

46 items
Incl. original Picasso drawing on envelope addressed by Jacqueline; letters from Judge Rosemann, Ralph Colin, Douglas Cooper

12.III.A.15.a Correspondence and Printed Matter 1957
12.III.A.15.b Correspondence and Printed Matter: David Duncan 1957
12.III.A.16 Correspondence and Printed Matter

45 items

12.III.A.17 Correspondence and Printed Matter

20 items
3 pieces of personal corresp.
incl. postcard from JTS re: possibilities of Picasso 60
All the rest printed matter

12.III.A.18 Correspondence and Printed Matter

16 items
Incl. typed "Notes of conversation with Louis Stern November 1954"

12.III.A.19 Correspondence and Printed Matter

14 items
Incl. B. Berenson's review of Picasso exh. in Rome

12.III.A.20 Correspondence and Printed Matter

35+ items
Incl. notes by AHB and MSB on their visits with Picasso and Mme Cuttoli

12.III.A.21 Correspondence and Printed Matter

15 items

12.III.A.22 Correspondence and Printed Matter

25 items
See also, Barr/Picasso Subseries IV, Picasso 60

12.III.A.23 Correspondence and Printed Matter

25 items
Corresp. dated 1948, and 1939 New Yorker found here

12.III.A.24 n.d. items

55 items
Incl. 1 sheet of AHB notes

12.III.B.1 Photos: "to 1905"

24 items
Incl. annotated manila envelope with AHB markings

12.III.B.2 Photos: "1906-1932"

24 items
Incl. catalog, 1953 Perls Gallery

12.III.B.3 Photos: "1932-1944"

35 items
Incl. 9 photos taken by JTS in 1937 at Spanish Pavilion of Paris Expo

12.III.B.4 Photos: Galerie Louis Carée 1945-46: Expositions Picasso

7 photos
1945 (3), 1946 (4)

12.III.B.5 Photos: "1944-ca. 1953"

13 items
Incl. 10 fr. Gal. Louise Leiris
See also, 12.III.B.10

12.III.B.6 Photos of Picasso

23 items
Incl. paintings, photos, and snapshots, periodicals and other sources
2 items added 3/9/93

12.III.B.7 Photos: "Museums: Picasso and others"

Incl. 7 sheets AHB handwritten notes (statistics) on Tschukine and Morosov collections in "First Mus. of Mod. West. Art" and "2nd Mus."
10 photos, install. Matisse hall of State Mus. of Mod. West. Art, Moscow
1954 clippings
6 photos brought from Moscow by AHB (in 1956)

12.III.B.8 Photos: "Picasso Milan 1953"

8 photos
1 list
Incl. typewritten list
1953 Milan Exhibition
AHB-marked catalog in Box 18

12.III.B.9 Photos: Gal. Louise Leiris & Saidenberg

10 photos
10 photos in AHB-marked envelope
works date mostly from 1964-65

12.III.B.10 Misc. Photos

13 photos

Subseries IV: Picasso 80th Birthday Celebration 1962

Folder Title Date
12.IV.A.1 Proposed Picasso Paperback

AHB office file folder and staff memos, drafts, permission letters

1962-ca. 1963
12.IV.A.2.a Proposed Picasso Paperback: AHB File of Working Notes

(Put together in 1962 and kept with him in Greensboro and at home)
Labels and/or notes prepared by AHB for past exhibitions and publications
Corresp. re: details of book

ca. 1962-1963
12.IV.A.2.b Proposed Picasso Paperback: AHB File of Working Notes

37 sheets
Typed annotatetd chronology and notes
Dummy of cuts

12.IV.A.3 "Picasso Paperback/New Layout/Sept/1962"

On paper from white, unlined 5x8" pad

12.IV.B Public Education Association (P.E.A.) Picasso Benefit Tribute

25 items
Exh. Held in NY galleries

12.IV.C Television program

12 items
Incl. AHB's remarks, typed

April 23, 1962

Subseries V:

Folder Title Date
12.V Paper Neckties; Envelope

Contains 3 paper neckties and envelope by Picasso sent to AHB 5/18/1957 at time of this exhibition
Additional information in MoMA Registrar's Exh. #619 file

ca. 1957
12.V.A.1.a Catalog and NY Exhibition

2 AHB-marked copies of catalog

12.V.A.1.b Catalog and NY Exhibition

Dummy of catalog

12.V.A.1.c Catalog and NY Exhibition

Color plates
40 items

12.V.A.2 Catalog and NY Exhibition: Clippings

6 items

12.V.A.3 Catalog and NY Exhibition: General

42 items
Incl. corresp. with D. Cooper, Cuttoli, Penrose, Zervos, Soby; interesing 1954 exchange between AHB and RDH

1954, 1956, 1957
12.V.A.4 Catalog and NY Exhibition: Kahnweiler, Picasso corresp

91 items

12.V.A.5.a Catalog and NY Exhibition: Lenders A - L

110 items

12.V.A.5.b Catalog and NY Exhibition: Lenders M - Z

265 items

12.V.A.6.a Catalog and NY Exhibition: Lists

Catalog requests, additions and corrections to catalog, Invitation lists, lenders list

12.V.A.6.b Catalog and NY Exhibition: Lists

Works of art

12.V.A.7 Catalog and NY Exhibition: Lithographs

41 items
Incl. photos

12.V.A.8 Catalog and NY Exhibition: Publicity

50 items

12.V.A.9 Catalog and NY Exhibition: "Recordings from backs of pictures"

105 items

12.V.A.10 Catalog and NY Exhibition: Refusals to lend

76 items
Incl. 2 letters to AHB from Rocky (Mrs. Gary) Cooper

12.V.A.11.a Catalog and NY Exhibition: Routine

67 items
Travel details, incl. insurance values

12.V.A.11.b Catalog and NY Exhibition: Routine

100 items
Expenses, incl. purchase orders for catalogs, etc.

12.V.A.12 Catalog and NY Exhibition: Soviet

9 items
Incl. photostat of Picasso letter to USSR requesting they lend to MoMA exh.

July 1956-March 1957
12.V.B.1 Photographs: A - P

32 folders labelled and alphabetically arranged by collection and/or collector

12.V.B.1 (cont'd) Photographs: R - Y

20 folders labelled and alphabetically arranged by collection and/or collector

12.V.B.2 Photographs: "Private Collections"

Incl. photos and/or reproduction with letters attached
85 photos and/or repros.
6 photos with letters attached

12.V.C Chicago and Philadelphia

50 items
Versions of MoMA exhibition

Subseries VI: "Picasso 60" ca. 1944-1950

Folder Title Date
12.VI.A "Correspondence and corrections"

Original order strictly maintained
Incl. material set aside by AHB for use in rev. ed. of Picasso 50 with an itemized list of contents
Correspondents include Barnes, L. Carre

ca. 1944-1950
12.VI.B Notes for bibliography

29 items

February 1950
12.VI.C Picassos in American museums

80 items
Few items 1949, 1951

12.VI.D Photo lists and correspondence 1950
12.VI.E "Revisions, Films, Psychoanalysis"

6 items
Original order
AHB notes

12.VI.F Notes made at Yale

Original order
20 sheets, yellow pulp papers
Pencil in MSB's and AHB's hand

March 1950
12.VI.G Re: Picasso exhibition in Moscow: Duncan photos, Gunther text

22 items
Added May 13, 1985 - from items in compact storage brought to RR's attention after record inventory completed
Oversized: see Box 21

ca. 1956-1957

Subseries VII: Picasso proposed exhibitions ca. 1945-1949

Folder Title Date
12.VII.A Correspondence

ca. 12 items
re: possible acquisitions

ca. 1945-1949

Subseries VIII: "Picasso 50" ca. 1944-1946

Folder Title Date
12.VIII.A Post- Picasso 50 Correspondence and Reviews

Incl. letters responding to Picasso 50 from Borofsky, Gaffe, Gonzalez, Seligmann]

12.VIII.B.1 Questionnaires

105 items
Notes in MSB's hand

12.VIII.B.2 Questionnaires

Typed "Questions about Picasso and his Art" transmitted by James Plaut and answered by Sabartes

12.VIII.B.3 Questionnaires: "Questions and answers"

Corresp. with:
T. Catesby Jones
Pierre Loeb

12.VIII.B.4 Questionnaires: Julio Gonzalez's notes

Sent to AHB June 9, 1944

12.VIII.C Notes

Very fragile
AHB's, WSL's, MSB's handwriting
All on yellow pulp paper

12.VIII.D Photographs: miscellaneous

Incl. "snapshots with repro objects in b.g."

12.VIII.E "Picasso 'contents'"
12.VIII.F Dummy of Picasso 50

Subseries IX: . vol XII (no. 3). 1945 January 1945

Folder Title Date
12.IX.A.1 Correspondence

10 items

12.IX.A.2 Typescript

10 items
Copies of Bulletin
AHB/Groth/Seckler corresp.

12.IX.A.3 Background Info

14 items
1st post-war interviews, reviews


Subseries X: Picasso "catalog v"

Folder Title Date
12.X.1 Picasso "catalog v"

"Catalog v" refers to a 5th edition of the 1939 Picasso "catalog," Picasso: Forty Years of His Art, to which AHB referred in July-September 1944; see Picasso 50: Series A and B. Includes printed matter: 1939 (2),1937 (1),1932 (1),1921 (1).

ca. 1921-1944

Subseries XI: Picasso: 40 1939-1940

Refers to catalog for Picasso: Forty Years of his Art, [MoMA Exh. #91, November 15, 1939 - January 7, 1940]; MoMA's Registrar's file Incl. related information

Folder Title
12.XI.A Comments on the Catalog

10 items
Incl. Kahnweiler letter re: Gosol, Janis letter re: Guernica

12.XI.B Lists of lenders and/or Works

9 items
50 sheets

Subseries XII: Picasso: an exhibition proposed

Folder Title Date
12.XII.1 Picasso: an exhibition proposed

These items concern a Picasso exh. planned for November 1932 but never held (see letter, Goodyear to AHB, 1/32); corresp. Incl. Reber, Maury, ea. (n.d.) AHB list of Picasso "Periods"


Subseries XIII: Miscellaneous Oversize Material

Incl. 2 Picasso Pierrot posters (1953); Life 1968 Dec. 27; Art News (Picasso issue) 1939 Nov. 18; Revista 11-171954 March; Picasso (exh. Catalog), 1931 Dec.; 5 clippings re: 1939 Picasso exh.; 5 photographs (oversize). 16 items.

Folder Title Date
12.XIII.1 (2) Pierrot posters

Oversized: see Box 22

12.XIII.2 Life

Oversized: see Box 22

12.XIII.3 Art News 38(7) (Picasso issue)

Oversized: see Box 22

12.XIII.4 Revista 3/11-3/17/1954
12.XIII.5 Picasso (exh. catalog)

NY & Paris: Demotte Gallery
No. 671 (ed. of 800)

12.XIII.6 Picasso exhibition

(5) clippings
NY Times, 10 Dec. 1939
Newsweek, 27 Nov. 1939
La Voix de France, 15 Dec. 1939
(2) Life
Oversized: see Box 22

12.XIII.7 Photographs

5 photos
Oversized: see Box 22

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Series 12a: Barr Picasso Papers Addenda

Folders 1-8 contain material given by MSB to MoMA Library 1975/76 and processed in 1984. Folders 9-15 contain material originally held in Barr's office bookshelf, found in Library storage, and added to this collection in 1985.

Folder Title Date
12a.1 Picasso: 50 years

With drawing on frontispiece by Picasso /s/ "Valluris le 5 Septembre 1952"

12a.2 2 copies of Picasso: 50

Barr marked
Items inserted by AHB into each copy kept intact and should not be removed
Of art historical and/or biographical interest

12a.3 Milan: Picasso exh. at Palazzo Reale

/s/ "Valuable: Barr Marked" in AHB's hand

12a.4.a Picasso 40

MoMA, 15t ed/
Barr marked

ca. 1939
12a.4.b Picasso 40: Loose Inserts

Items inserted into above publication (Folder 12a.4.a by AHB

12a.5 Paris: Gal. Georges Petit catalog

Annotated by MSB

12a.6 Zurich: Kunsthaus exh. catalog

Barr marked
Pictures rated

12a.7 2 issues of Formes

No. 25, 1932 May
Nos. 26-27, 1932

12a.8 "Picasso 1932 exh"

In AHB hand
Incl. undated and 1966-1932 material
Incl. Picasso family photos
Photos of Picasso exh. at Galerie Georges Petit
Annotated by AHB
Photos of I Tatti and B. Berenson
Photo of Varian Fry, Ernst, Breton, & Masson

12a.9 Descarques, Pierre. Picasso

Paris: Eds. Universitaires (Temoins du XX siecle)
Inscribed to AHB

ca. 1956
12a.10 Pellicer, A. Cirici. Picasso: antes de Picasso

Barcelona: Iberia-JoaquinGil
Inscribed to and marked by AHB

12a.11 Picasso: documents iconographiques.

Intro. by Sabertes
Geneve: Cailler
Annotated by MSB

12a.12 Prampolini, E. Picasso scultore

Rome: Libreria Fratelli Bocca

12a.13 Sabertes, J. Picasso: an intimate portrait

NY: Prentice
AHB marked

12a.14 Zervos, C. Picasso

Paris: Hazan
Bibliothèque Aldine des Arts Series
AHB marked

12a.15 Hommage à Pablo Picasso

Paris (exh. catalog for Grand Palais & Petit Palais
Annotated by AHB

February 1966-November 1967

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Series 13: Russian Material ca. 1903-1974

5 linear feet of material concerning Russian art and culture removed from AHB's office at 27 West 53 Street, June 4, 1975. There are a variety of labels (see box 1.1) that would seem to indicate that this material has been moved and reboxed frequently in the past 9.5 years. Items now organized into three 15.5" Hollinger boxes and 6 gray archival boxes. Much of this material is valuable and fragile.

This Group includes material on Russian art, film, theater and music acquired by Barr in 1927 during his historic trip to Russia and on his subsequent trip there in 1956 and 1959. Many of the guidebooks, pamphlets and catalogs are annotated. Barr's interest in these subject areas (i .e., Icons, Tatlin, Rodchenko, etc.) continued unabated throughout his career: this is reflected in the accumulation of material from a variety of dates and places included in a specific subject area. See also Series 8: Soviet matters.

Folder Title Date
13.A Russian pamphlets, books, catalogs, guides

56 items
Incl. 3 issues KINO
Most in Russian (with titles translated)
Collected by AHB mid-1927-1929
Covers photocopied onto acid-free paper - see AHB Russian printed matter notebook

13.B Novy-Lef

1 gray box
1927: #2-12
1928: #1

13.C Children's Books

42 items
Most date from 1920s
Covers photocopied
See notebook

13.D Icons

Incl. publications, catalogs, notes, mss by AHB for his Russian icon article in The Arts. 17(5); 1931 February

ca. 1925-1974
13.E Rodchenko

23 slides
Blk 3-ring album (1" thick)w. photographs, corresp. 1929-28
Inventory by CP 9/10/82
6 file folders, Barr marked: "The Sunday Times", "USSR", "Rodchenko", "Rodchenko re: New Left"

13.F.a Tatlin: Tatlin Dream

Russian Suprematists and contemporaries
Catalog and clippings

13.F.b Tatlin: Correspondence

30 items
Incls. letters from Jay Leyda
AHB notes on conversation with Lipchitz, 1943 March

1936, 1956, 1967, 1961
13.F.c Tatlin

1 envelope: Tatlin by Punin
"/s/ punin, 1928"

13.F.d Tatlin

1 envelope: 1 copy Punin's Tatlin, c. 1921
3 copies Punin's Monument to the III International

13.G Russian printed matter

60 items
Books and pamphlets
Some Eng. lang. material, mostly Russian
All covers photocopied - see AHB Russian printed matter book

ca. 1950s and 1960s
13.H Russian secondary material

17 items
All in English
Incls. 1 file folder with 6 items from J. Bowlt to AHB
4 issues VOKS (#76, #6, #1, #5)
News from Behind the Iron Curtain, 1953, 1952
4 issues Soviet Life, 1974 & 1973
Gabo: "The Concept of Russian Art," June 1942 from World Review

ca. 1950s-1970s
13.I.a Miscellaneous Items: Labels

Previous identifying labels for all the Barr Russian Material

13.I.b.1 Miscellaneous Items: Box of Slides

"Picasso" (20), "Gauguin etc.," "Matisse" (16), "Hermitage"

13.I.b.2 Miscellaneous Items: Box of Slides

"L'Ermitage, Leningrad"

13.I.c Miscellaneous Items: Russian works in MoMA Collection as of 4/73
13.I.d Miscellaneous Items: "Liste des principles oeuvres franraise in Musée d'Art Moderne Occidental a Moscou"

Incls. photostats, lists
AHB marked folder

13.I.e Miscellaneous Items: MMA Russian Craft Exh. 1972
13.I.f Miscellaneous Items: Vereisky

Photographs of the artist and his

13.I.g Miscellaneous Items: "Oak/ /Linden...Leningrad"

Pressed leaves

13.I.h Miscellaneous Items: "Maples...Leningrad"
13.I.i Miscellaneous Items: Russian theatre

14 items
Incls. programs
3 sheets of AHB notes and diagrams
"Jay Leyda doesn't want" in MSB's hand

13.I.j Miscellaneous Items: "Annenkov - 1918 - Alexander Blok - Twelve Dwgs by Annenkov"

Petersburg 1918
3rd printing

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Series 14: Harvard: Board of Overseers

Barr was a member of the Visiting Committee on Fine Arts, Fogg Museum, 1958 and Chairman, 1965-1970, as well as a member of the Harvard College Board of Overseers, 1964-1970.

Much of this material is mimeographed Harvard reports, etc. and Barr material which was duplicated in other files, therefore, it was deemed advisable by CP that it not be "maximum processed". No series list has been prepared.

Box Title Date
14.1 Harvard: Board of Overseers 1964-1970

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Series 15: Family Letters and Early Education

This series contains family correspondence and early documentation relating to AHB. It was collected by Margaret S. Barr for John Russell who was considering writing a biography of AHB; given by MSB to MoMA Library's Barr Archive 1/16/78. To date a biography of Barr by Russell has not been published.

Detailed Series List provided (see Box a/c); whenever possible items have been arranged chronologically, latest to earliest within folders. Additions to this series expected as relevant material exists elsewhere.

Subseries A: General family letters

Folder Title Date
15.A.1 Margaret S. Barr letters to AHB

21 items
(9) ca. 1943-1954
(5) n.d.- 1950s
From Panofsky, 1943, 1944
3 clippings

15.A.2 AHB letters to MSB

128 items
Incl. postcards
Re: dates: majority of letters n.d. but most from 1950s, 1940s
One dated 1939
Postcards dated 1942-1966 (per RR)

ca. 1939-1966
15.A.3 Mrs. AHB Sr. to Roberta C. Barr ("Aunt Bob")

10 items
All found in one envelope postmarked 1935

15.A.4 Rev. AHB Sr. to Mrs. AHB Sr.

10 items

15.A.5 Miscellaneous

28 items
1917, 1920s, 1945-1946, 1955-1956
Difficult to identify letters
To "Annie" or Mrs. AHB Sr. from family, friends, parishioners

15.A.6 Barr family history

3 items
Printed matter

15.A.7.a Andrew W. Barr to his parents

6 items
Mostly re: fiscal matters

15.A.7.b Andrew W. Barr to his parents

50 items

ca. 1923-1927
15.A.8 MSB: Notes and Correspondence With John Russell

14 items

Subseries B: AHB letters to his parents 1930-1961

This subseries contains letters between Barr and his parents, Alfred H. Barr, Sr. (Sept. 3, 1868-Sept. 2, 1935) and Annie Elizabeth Wilson Barr (1868-1961). Most of these letters are from AHB to his mother, although some are from Margaret S. Barr to the his parents. Items roughly in chronological order, most recent to earliest. There are many interesting enclosures, as copy machines not readily available to AHB, who appears to have sent his parents various clippings and others letters

Folder Title
15.B.1 Clippings

Very fragile
Some date back to 1918

15.B.2 1961

2 items

15.B.3 n.d.-1950s

1 item

15.B.4 1959

31 items
16 ALS
Printed matter

15.B.5 1958

28 items
Incl. ALS Wm. Ruskin to AHB

15.B.6 1957

81 items
Incl. note AWB to AHB
W.A.M. Burden to AHB

15.B.7 1956

56 items
Incl. ALS Marianne Moore and NAR

15.B.8 1955

60 items
Incl. 2 ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.
Mrs. Karl Zerbe to AHB

15.B.9 1954

55 items
Incl. 1 ALS Victoria Barr to AHB, Jr.
MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.9a 1953
15.B.10 1952

28 items
1 ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.11 1951

13 items
Incl. 4 ALS to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.12 1950

11 items
Incl. ALS Tod Rock. to MSB
MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.13 1949

20 items
Incl. 1 ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.
Edward S. King to AHB

15.B.14 1948

36 items
Incl. 1 ALS Christian Gauss to AHB

15.B.15 1947

17 items

15.B.16 1946

22 items

15.B.17 1944

7 items

15.B.18 1943

1 item
Postmarked October 26

15.B.19 1940-1942
15.B.20 n.d. - 1940s

6 items
1 ALS MSB & 2 Victoria Barr to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.21 1939

2 items
1 ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.22 1938

6 items
1 ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.23 1937

10 items
1 ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.24 1936

22 items
Incl. ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.25 1935

27 items
Incl. ALS MSB to Mrs. AHB, Sr.

15.B.26 1934

14 items
Incl. ALS Jere Abbott to MSB
2 TLS MSB to AHB, Sr.

15.B.27 1931

5 items
Incl. TLS MSB to AHB, Sr.

15.B.28 1930

16 items
Incl. 1 TLS
ALS AHB to his Aunt Roberta
ALS Rev. AHB to AHB, Jr.
AHB's wedding announcement

Subseries C: Early Barr Material 1902, 1911-1928

This subseries includes papers concerning Barr's "Education" (MSB's term). Included are graduate and undergraduate school notes, Wellesley course cards, and some inscribed books.

Barr graduated from Boys' Latin School, Baltimore, June 18, 1918 at age 16. He entered Princeton that September and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1922. Though his class notes and letters were written in his youth, they are not marked by the immaturity of style one assoicates with the word "juvenile", therefore, we have decided not to identify these items as such. (R. Roob).

Folder Title Date
15.C.1 Letters to Parents

12 items
Only ones dated are 1926 and 1927 postcard

15.C.1.a Letters to Parents: "Northern Ptg." course

Given at Wellesley College
Bundle of 3x5" cards used by AHB

15.C.1.b Letters to Parents: "Tentative thesis outline"

2 items
40 sheets

15.C.1.c Letters to Parents: Bowdoin College

4 items
Re: AHB lecture

May 1927
15.C.2 Letters to Parents

29 items
Most from Harvard, where he was "assistant" and "Thayer Fellow"
Incl. ALS Katherine Gauss to Mrs. AHB, Sr. 9/15/1924

15.C.3 Letters to Parents

27 items
From Vassar College, Poughkeepsie
Most n.d.

15.C.4 Letter to Parents

5 items
2 ALS K. Gauss to AHB
CAA lecture 1924

Summer 1924
15.C.5 Certificate of Appointment

2 items
Princeton Fellow

15.C.6.i Princeton Undergraduate Years: Letters to parents

46 items

ca. 1918-1922
15.C.6.ii Princeton Undergraduate Years: Relevant printed matter ca. 1918-1922
15.C.6.iii Princeton Undergraduate Years: Princeton exam booklets

With AHB's notes
0.5" bundle of notes on 5x8", 3 note paper , tied together with string

15.C.7 Health certificates

Test for Typhoid

15.C.8 William Blake ms.

18 sheets

15.C.9i Early Education, Boys' Latin School

General, incl. SHB's valedictory address
Ca. 30 report cards

15.C.9ii Early Education, Boys' Latin School

Inkwell, 6 issues

15.C.10 Earliest Material

18 items
Incl. 1913, 1911 diaries
1911 story
1910 ALS to parents
1902 baptismal certificate
Misc. n.d. letters

1902, 1910-1913
15.C.11 Misc. Printed Matter

37 items

Subseries D: Printed Matter: Books

Book inscriptions in Barr's hand included in quotation marks following the title. Items 15.D.(1) through 15.D.(4) were added on May 15, 1985. They came from compact storage with inscriptions that pre-date AHB's association with The Museum of Modern Art. Volumes 15.D.(6) through 15.D.(8) were given to Clive Philpot 5/16/86.

Volume Title Date
15.D.1 Art Studies

"A.H. Barr, Jr./From his Father/Christmas 1924

15.D.2 Dickinson. Poems.

"Princeton 1926

15.D.3 Handbook of the Art Collections of Smith College. 1925
15.D.4 Leonard, William E. Two Lives.

"Princeton, March 1926/recommended by D.B"

15.D.5 Mullen, Mary. An Approach to Art

"AHBarr/Vassar College/January 1924"

15.D.6 Villon. Poems

"Wellesley; Sept. 1928"

15.D.(1) Brown, Alice van Vechter & Rankin, William. A Short History of Italian Painting

Toronto: Dent & NY: Dutton; 1921
"Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Paris July 12, 1924/ 46f"

15.D.(2) Brummer Gallery exhibition catalogs

AHB marked

15.D.(3) Rodin: Art

Boston: Maynard; 1912
"AHB, Jr. 1 December 1922"

15.D.(4) Valery, Paul. Variety

Translated by Malcolm Cowley, NY: Harcourt; 1927
Inscribed " For Alfred from his mother/Jan. 28, 1929"

15.D.(5) Gleizes, A. & Metzinger, J. Du 'Cubisme'

Paris: Figuiére et Co; 1911

15.D.(6) The Little Review

Spring number
Final number

15.D.(7) Zaho, Leopold. Paul Klee: leben/werk/geist

Potsdamn: G. Kiepenheuer; 1920
Inscribed: "AHBarr/Berlin/1927"

Subseries E: Miscellaneous

Folder Title Date
15.E.1 The Dial July 1926
15.E.2 Handwritten notes on "Dante"

Signed by AHB

15.E.3 Photographs

Several of AHB relatives

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Series 16: Miscellaneous

1 box of material received too late to be either integrated with other Barr Papers or to be microfilmed; in alphabetical order

Lists & envelopes from previous attempts to organize Barr Papers in 1st folde r)

Folder Title Date
16.[1] Artists in Exile

Catalog & signed George Platt Lynes photo

16.[2] Brancusi

2 "caps," signed, with note of explanation from MSB: mementos of a party in Brancusi's studio

Moved to Box 2 & 3

16.[3] The Chapbook

4 issues: June, Mar., Feb. '23; Aug. '20

16.[4] Arthur Cohen/MSB TLS, 14 May 1977

22 items
Appraisals of ALS with the originals

16.[5] Coggeshall, Susan Wison

22 items
(Daughter of Seely Perkins)

Aug. 15 1933
16.[6] Dali ALS Postcard 1959
16.[7] Delaunay, Sonia

3 items
Apollinaire documents, given by SD. to AHB
rec'd into Lib. 1973

16.[8] ALS: Fini
16.[9] Goetz: Authentication of a van Gogh painting

See also AHB Pers. Corresp. Series

16.[10] Guggenheim, Peggy

7 items
Printed matter

1942, 1962
16.[11] Hitccock, Henry Russell

1928 Aug 12 ALS
1928 Apr. 18 ALS
1927 Dec. 5

See also Abstract Art, Cubism, Futurism; A.13

16.[12] Lewis, Wyndham

3 ALS; 4 TLS; 1 sketch

1927, 1939, 1941
16.[13] ALS Lipchitz to Barr 1944 Dec. 27
16.[14] Martin, Maria ALS
16.[15] Moore, Marianne TLS 1942
16.[16] Mop, Maximillian/AHB TLS

8 items

16.[17] Re: Museum of Modern Art

Printed matter

16.[18] 2 ALS Paul J. Sachs to Barr

3/14/1926; 11/3/1925

16.[19] ALS Steiglitz to Barr Jan. 3 1944
16.[20] ALS Randall Thompson to Barr 1931
16.[21] 2 ALS "Laurence" to "Alf"
16.[22] 1920s general Folder

10 items
incl. n.d. gallery list for Wellesley students
1929: unfinished poem
1929: ALS Kiesler to Barr, ALS Stefan Hirsch card
1927: 6 ALS to Barr in London
1918: Sonnet by Barr TL


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Series 17: Removed Material; Formerly 3g and 3h

Subseries A: Series 1a 3g Material: Recommendations ca.1930s-1970s


Folder Title Date
17.A.1.a General A - K
17.A.1.b General L - Z
17.A.2.a Guggenheim Foundation A - J
17.A.2.b Guggenheim Foundation K - Y
17.A.2.c Guggenheim Foundation - Addenda ca. 1934-1947
17.A.3 Guggenheim Award Jury
17.A.4 "Artists as Lecturers and Teachers" ca. 1940s
17.A.5 Ford Foundation and Fund for the Republic
17.A.6 Trustees, staff 1947, 1960
17.A.7 Fogg Fellowship in Modern Art 1941

Subseries B: Series 1a 3h Material: Fund Raising ca.1930s-1970s

10". Mimeographed Steering Committee Minutes, 1959-1962, removed

Folder Title Date
17.B.1.a Mrs. Simon Guggenheim 1942, 1943
17.3.B.1b Mrs. Victor Reisenfeld

Incl. AHB eulogy

1961, 1964, 1965
17.B.1c Rockefeller, John 3rd M/M ca. 1948-1964
17.B.1.d Spingold, Nate B. ca. 1960-1965
17.B.1.e Smith, Louise ca. 1953-1964
17.B.1.f Stern, Louis E.

Stern, Max, item 1957

ca. 1959-1965
17.B.1.g Thompson, David G. 1959, 1963
17.B.2.a Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Possible Contributions 1959-1963
17.B.2.b.i Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Given Contributions A - K 1959-1963
17.b.2.b.ii Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Given Contributions L - Z 1959-1963
17.B.2.c.i Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Lists, committees, etc.

Ganz, lists, lists of prospects

17.B.2.c.ii Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Lists, committees, etc.

Lists, suggestions

17.B.2.d Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Berne Auction 1961
17.B.2.e Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Par-Bernet Thirtieth Anniversary Auction

4 folders

17.B.2.f Thirty-fifth and Thirtieth Anniversary Campaigns: Westbury, Long Island Benefit Exhibition

This unit concerned with the exhibition proper, i.e. not 3h except for fact that exhibition's purpose was fund raising
Belongs with Registrar's records

17.B.3 MoMA finance and budgetary matters

Incl. handwritten AHB letter
Salaries discussed
Interesting due to date of correspondence

1942, 1943

Subseries C: Items removed from Series 10: Personal/Desk July 23, 1984

Folder Title Date
17.C.[1] Letter

Re: Bill Rubin
From folder 10.A.69

June 9, 1971
17.C.[2] "Lieberman"

From folder 10.A.41

1950-1951, 1953
17.C.[3] "Saftey" and "Classification of Collections for purposes of protection in case of war"

From folders 10.C.1 and 10.C.2

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Series 18: Alfred H. Barr, Jr. / Nelson A. Rockefeller Papers ca. 1947-1971

According to guidelines set forth by Clive Phillpot in his memo of 1/26/82 to Richard E. Oldenburg re: RDH Papers, this Group of papers belongs to "Category 2, papers which can be filmed but which should be impounded for an undetermined period of years." Much of this material mentions prices paid for works of art purchased by NAR (i.e., category 2b)

Subseries I: NAR Collection: Acqusitions ca. 1947-1971

Subseries A: Correspondence 1947-1971

*Misc. refers to letters in which more than one artist is mentioned; correspondence in Misc./General units arranged chronologically.

Folder Title Date
18.I.A.1 Misc.*/General

1070 items(?)

ca. 1947-1958
18.I.A.2 Misc./General

105 items3 n.d.

18.I.A.3 A - B

115 items

18.I.A.4 C - D
18.I.A.5 E - L
18.I.A.6 M - O
18.I.A.7 P - Z
18.I.A.8 Picasso I

225 items

ca. 1948-1956
18.I.A.9 Picasso II

125 itemsRe: transactions which took place between 1957-1967

18.I.A.10 Glass sculptures

ca. 40 items2 1964 catalogs1 marked


Subseries B: Lists and Clippings 1955, 1957 1959

Folder Title Date
18.I.B.1 Correspondence and lengthly lists relevant to Nelson Rockefeller's bequest of works of art to the Museum

Barr's choices detailedca. 105 items

1955, 1957 1959

Subseries II: NAR Collection: Catalog ca. 1969-1970

Subseries A: Barr "Preface" ca. 1969-1970

Published as "On Nelson Rockefeller and Modern Art." In: Miller, Dorothy C., ed. The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection: Masterpieces of Modern Art. NY: Hudson Hills; c. 1981

Folder Title Date
18.II.A.1 Working notes
18.II.A.2 Typed draft 1969-1970

Subseries III: Rockefeller window(s)

Subseries A: Plans, etc.

Folder Title Date
18.III.A.1 Plans, etc.

Plans, photographs, relevant correspondence for various windows to be executed at Pocantico Hills: 1954-55 (Matisse) + 1961 (Manessier, Goodnough, Soulages). ca.35 items.

1954-1955, 1961

Subseries IV: NAR and New York State Council on the Arts

Folder Title
18.IV.1 NAR and New York State Council on the Arts

All mimeographed material which can be found elsewhere

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