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MO musical objects from the Interlude project

Jean-Louis Frechin (French, born 1962) and Uros Petrevski (Serbian, born 1981) of (France, est. 2001); Frédéric Bevilacqua (Swiss, born 1967), Norbert Schnell (German, born 1967), Nicolas Rasamimanana (French, born 1978), Emmanuel Fléty (French, born 1975), and Côme Maestracci (French, born 1987) of IRCAM (France, est. 1977); Fabrice Guédy (French, born 1961) of Atelier des Feuillantines (France, est. 1995); Bernard Garabédian (French, born 1975) of DA FACT (France, est. 2002); and Dominique Fober (French, born 1957) of Grame (France, est. 1992)



Category: Double Entendre

Tags: Interfaces / Interactions / Visualizations

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