Tengu © Crispin Jones

Expressive and reactive, designer Crispin Jones’s Tengu is a desktop companion that reacts to sounds from your computer. The face, with eyes, a nose and a mouth, begins to sing, contort and respond to noise.  The simple yet effective interface of Tengu is a platform for the user’s imagination. The Tengu jumped to immediate popularity when launched in 2009. Users responded by treating it as an interactive “Mr. Potato Head”, attaching elaborate costumes to the interface.

Tengu Choir © Crispin Jones

We love the Tengu’s flexibility and open “face”, which sparks the user’s creativity. The object launched a series of animations ranging from stylized, experimental to the absurd, where users have envisioned their own Tengu worlds with the simplest of movie-making techniques.  Here is one such video here:


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