social networking

These articles discuss social interfaces that are evolving our ways of communicating with one another.

Telling Friends Where You Are (or Not) | Foursquare users at South by Southwest Interactive
Facebook Spreads Itself Across the Web | New plug-ins will increase social interactions
Guardian: Service Design| About design innovation in the public and private sectors
How Future Historians will use the Library of Congress | Library of Congress to archive every twitter produced
Telecommunication and etiquette norms | About our communication culture
Blockchalk on Cool Hunting | Community-based bulletin board for connectivity on a more local level
Toaster, Toilet Lead Appliance Invasion of Twitter | They tweet to the basic question: “What are you doing?”
Foursquare Graffiti Appears Across College Campuses | Officials are concerned about those defacing the online community space.
Using Mobile Phones to Broadcast News | Voice of the Village, a new bulletin in rural India
Mashable | Why User Competency Matters in Social Design
Center for Democracy and Technology | Over-Sharing and Location Awareness
Electronic Frontier Foundation | On Locational Privacy, and How to Avoid Losing it Forever
The Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline | Oversharing and lessons learned the hardway
Teenage Insults Scrawled on Web, not on Walls | Digital Vandalism
Facebook Glitch Brings New Privacy Worries | The latest frustrations for users of Facebook
Opting Out of Facebook’s Instant Personalization 101 | How to navigate Facebook’s privacy policy
How Tweet It Is! | Library of Congress Acquires Twitter’s Archive
John Dimatos on Networked Objects, Creative Technology and Social Good | ITP Faculty Member vis PSFK
Diaspora | Privacy Controlled Social Networking
The Social Media Bubble | Umair Haque discusses the shortcomings of being connected
Four Nerds Cry to Arms about Facebook | Users of Facebook are Angry!
Computer Algorithm Can Recognize Sarcasm | Machine intelligence makes a leap forward
Facebook and “Radical Transparency” | Danah Boyd weighs in on Facebook Privacy
The 10 Most Creative People on Twitter | Fast Company’s List
Instant Messaging: This Conversation is Terminated | BBC discusses why IM is loosing ground
Facebook’s Culture problem May be Fatal | Article by Bruce Nussbaum, Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons School of Design
Huge Gap Remains between Mainstream Media and the Social Web | Article outlining the differences in news coverage across various social media platforms
Check-ins, Geo-Fences and the Future of Privacy |Exploring the future possibilities of geo-tracking
Most People Google Themselves Now | Results of survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International
Online Bullies Pull Schools into the Fray | How Should Schools Handle Cyberbullying?
The Twitter Brand and What Comes Next | Khoi Vinh discusses the branding of Twitter
Governments Embrace Twitter | Citizens are alerted to traffic, tornadoes and other important info via tweets