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The 2009 Feltron Annual Report

The 2009 Feltron Annual Report © Nicholas Felton For every person with whom Nicholas Felton had a “meaningful” encounter in 2009, he asked them to answer an online survey about their meeting. The only requisite is that the encounter was face-to-face and substantial enough so that the person could report about his personality and habits. […]
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Braun Lectron System

Georg Greger designed the Lectron System (1967- 69) as a teaching tool for use in schools and universities. It is made up of a large range of little bricks, like dominoes, that magnetically connect to one another. Once the blocks are organized on a conductive plate, they can form a variety of functional circuits. See […]
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The @ adventure

MoMA has collected the @ sign, as you have probably heard by now. We consider the “acquisition” of @, an exquisite symbol of communication between people and machines, not only a celebratory step towards the Talk to Me show but also an important step towards setting all curators free to roam about and tag away, […]
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