Mayo Nissen | Visualising Energy Usage
Jennifer Kay, Jacek Barcikowski, Martina Pagura | Sidetrack
Nicholas Felton | Annual Report
Benjamin Dennel | Brushing Teeth Poster
Andrew Kuo | My Wheel of Worry
David McCandless | The Hierarchy of Digital Distraction
Frank Warren | PostSecret
Jason Rohrer | Passage
Christien Meindertsma and Julie Joliat | PIG 05049 (This piece is already in MoMA’s collection.  Read about it on INSIDE/OUT)
We Are What We do | History Pin
Revital Cohen | Genetic Heirloom
Auger Loizeau | Happylife
Interactions Research Studio, Goldsmiths University of London | Prayer Companion
Jae Kim | The Messenger
Soner Ozenc | EL Sajjadah
Johanna Bresnick and Michael Cloud | From Mouth to Mouth
Greg McInerney and Stefanie Posvec  | (En)tangled Word Bank
Revital Cohen | Phantom Recorder
Revital Cohen | Artificial Biological Clock
Michiko Nitta | Hyperreal Everyday Life