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Expressive and reactive, designer Crispin Jones’s Tengu is a desktop companion that reacts to sounds from your computer. The face, with eyes, a nose and a mouth, begins to sing, contort and respond to noise.  The simple yet effective interface of Tengu is a platform for the user’s imagination. The Tengu jumped to immediate popularity when […]
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Phones that Grow, Gain Weight and Breathe

We were intrigued by these devices that are in development—they were sent to us by Bastian Koch. They are prototypes for mobile phones that were developed by Fabian Hemmert at TU Berlin that are designed to give us the feedback we would expect in the real world from a physical object.  For example, the shape-shifting phone moves […]
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David Merrill and Jeevan Kalanithi have capitalized on the dexterity of the human hand through interactive siftables–new ways to effortlessly sift and sort. Siftables are independent, compact devices with sensing, graphical display, and wireless communication capabilities. They can be physically manipulated as a group to interact with digital information and media. With this flexible technology, one day Siftables could […]
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South by Southwest Digest

It’s been about a week now since I’ve been back from SxSW interactive, and I’ve been constantly thinking about what I saw, who I met and what I learned—so much of it pertains to Talk to Me and what the show is about it is all-consuming project to track down all the leads. I thought, […]
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