Phones that Grow, Gain Weight and Breathe

We were intrigued by these devices that are in development—they were sent to us by Bastian Koch. They are prototypes for mobile phones that were developed by Fabian Hemmert at TU Berlin that are designed to give us the feedback we would expect in the real world from a physical object.  For example, the shape-shifting phone moves depending upon the information that it contains. If you download Moby Dick for reading on your phone, it would actually expand and become larger—telling you that your phone now holds more information.  Another example he has developed is the weight-shifting phone.  If you’re looking at a map, the weight will shift inside the phone, guiding you to the left or the right—so you don’t have to be looking at your phone to know where to go.  Finally he also developed a “living” phone that would have a heart beat and breathe, and as it is stimulated by missed calls or unread emails, it gets agitated and demands attention.  I thought that these projects are relevant to the thesis of Talk to Me, since they are using intuitive human senses to transmit information.  Check out Fabian Hemmert’s TED talk:[/youtube]

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