tasty morsels

Bitman video bulb
Alberto Rigau |
Irrigation Channels in Isabela, Puerto Rico
Emotional Everyday Objects
My Way
What is this thing called?
“Touch Screen” Commercial
Microsoft’s vison of 2019
Hi, a Real Human Interface
Google Pacman
Yahoo! Audibles
The New York Times Website through the Geo-Cities-izer
The LOLGraph: Charts, Graphs and Diagrams
Envisioning Your Future in 2020
Roadside “Flowers” Bloom in Capetown
Visualizing Traffic Patterns the Old-Fashioned Way (with Paint)
Dustbot, It’s like Wall-E for real
Stuff that Fails
Removing the Marlboro Barcode
Twitwee Clock
Wu Yulu’s Homemade Robots and they make art
Grand Theft Auto in Google Maps
Don’t Mouse Around
If Mario was Designed in 2010
Redrawing Europe
Emotional Lamps
Techie Techno at a Polish University
Speak Italian: The Fine Art of the Gesture
Japanese Robot performs Wedding
Dance of the Bulldozers
Twitter Followers on Parade
Where Cursors Come From by Nathan Pyle
Urban Cursors
Fonts Based on Arcade Games
The Breakup Letter
Strange Signs from Abroad
If I Were President
The Awkward Moment Card
37 Or So Ingredients
Interactive Gastronomy
iPad holder built out of a Mac Classic
Imperiled Icons on Core 77
Otamatone and Veromin
Face Bank
Real Snail Mail
Like and Dislike

Felix Morelo Chalks the Sidewalks
Keyboard Napkin
Iconic Stationery
USB typewriter
Crossroads (what to do)
Honda Cog
Britain From Above
Becoming Critter
How William Shatner Changed the World
The Universal Strategum for the Simplification of the Visual Language
Training Device
Neurosonics Live
Globe Genie
Tweeting Shoes
Human Pac Man
Star Trek Fleet Technical Manual
Pac Man’s Skull
Remove Hands When No Longer Strangers
Mouth Vases
Human Subway Map
QR Quilt and Cross Stitch Barcode
Smile Switch
My Little Piece of Privacy
“The Street”
Iggy Investigates an iPad
USB Port Pump
Virtual Frog Dissection