Many Eyes | Browsing Visualizations
+DATAVISUALIZATION | A collection of visualizations
Johnny Lee | Researches applications for the Wii Remote; Researcher at Microsoft
Edward Tufte | Designer and noted author about information design
Addict Creative Lab
| Creative consultancy company in Brussels, Belgium
EON Reality
| Immersive software company in Irvine, CA
Obscura Digital
| Immersive and interactive experience lab in SF, NYC and Tokyo
Rom and son
| Interactive design practice, London, UK
Willow Garage
| Hardware and open-source software developers in Menlo Park, CA
Zach Lieberman, Theodore Watson, and Arturo Castro | OpenFrameworks
Julian Assange | WikiLeaks
Brad Paley | GS NYSE Broker Handheld
Steve Pevnick | Jeep Waterfall
Magnetic North | Magnetic North Website
Clayton Miller | 10 GUI
By Design | mydeco
Pasha Sadri, Guangwei Yuan and Jianing Hu | Polyvore
Micki Krimmel | NeighborGoods
Stephen Lodge | Speaks4me
BBC | The Beauty of Maps | International network of artists’ programs in science and industry research lab
Scratch | Create and share you interactive stories, games, music and art
Opinion Space | Data visualization and statistical analysis on U.S foreign policy
Quirky | A platform for new product ideas
Prezi | A revolutionary way to make presentations more engaging and creative
Mint | A free service that downloads and categorizes your balances and transactions every day
Global Incident Map | A global display of terrorism and other suspicious events
A History of the World | This collaboration between the British Museum, London and BBC uses objects to tell a history of the world.
TOTeM Labs | Tales of Things
Togetherville | Social Networking for Parents and Children
NeighborGoods | Borrow, rent or buy things from your neighbors via this website
Diaspora | A new social networking site
Kickstarter | ‘A New Way to Fund and Follow Creativity’
Ponoko | ‘The world’s easiest making system’
Blurb | Make your own photo books
Spark Fun Electronics
Scooloscope | Interactive information about schools
GetJar | Apps store with independent developers for all phones
Android Market | Android apps store
Thinglink | Make your images interactive
Ourgoods | Social bartering network for artists
Mixi | Japan’s largest social networking site
Tweet Nest | Organize, Categorize and Archive your tweets
Gowalla Missing Items Location Finder | aka MILF
Wikitude | Augmented reality application
Architizer | Social network for architects | Art collection for the tech set
Kooaba | Visual recognition application
Spoonflower | Print your own on-demand fabric
Instructables | DIY resources
Dropping Knowledge | Open forum for discussion
Wiring | Open-source programming | Realtime Twitter Curation
Google Public Data Explorer | Make your own visualizations