The @ adventure

@ fatigue yet? Never!

MoMA has collected the @ sign, as you have probably heard by now. We consider the “acquisition” of @, an exquisite symbol of communication between people and machines, not only a celebratory step towards the Talk to Me show but also an important step towards setting all curators free to roam about and tag away, bringing the world into their collections and their collections into the world, no matter the physical constraints. I was however taken aback–pleasantly–by the public’s reaction to the announcement. Not all feedback was good, mind you. Lots of snarky comments and funny parodies but it struck a nerve! and that is much more than we could hope for. One more hit towards a wider, deeper understanding of design.

On March 22, early in the morning, I posted a piece on the main MoMA blog to spread the news. No press release, we decided to test the strength of the blog and draw traffic to it. I then sent 43 emails to nodal friends and colleagues and boarded a 5-hour flight. Upon landing, all heaven and hell broke loose. For a few days, a whirlwind of interviews, posts, and articles. Not to mention a flurry of comments to the blog post, to the point that we had to follow up with a second to explain criteria for inclusion in the collection.

Here is a selection of the most interesting/gratifying/hurtful/funny articles:

The International Herald Tribune
The Independent
PC Magazine
The Daily Heller
Fast Company
Digital Artist

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    Hey, there’s a style problem or an issue related to web browser compatibility but I thought I should post to inform you. The structure and design look fantastic though