tech updates

Amazon Kindle on the iPad | Product details
Books in the Age of the iPad
| Craig Mod is an advocate of digital books
Google and Partners Seek Foothold in the Living Room
| Soon, TV users will navigate the Web with their remote controls
Reimagining the Magazine Cover For The iPad
| How editors must innovate upon the traditional magazine cover
Mag+, a Conceptual Future of Digital Magazines
| BERG discusses how magazines will become more interactive
IPad’s Arrival in Tokyo Causes Japanese to Reflect | New York Times Article by Hiroko Tabuchi
Videos: Watch me Swipe the Time Inc. Tablet
|About digital magazine concepts
Wired Magazine on the iPad
| A presentation of the the Wired Reader app
Eye Tracking Technology | May revolutionize the written word
Less Stuff | Death of the Floppy, iPads Replacing Paper
New RFID Tags | Could reduce line waiting at the grocery store
World’s First Remote Heart Surgery Completed | Operation could soon be performed over the internet
Could the Mobile Phone make the Interactive Display Unnecessary? | Handheld device may make a lot of technology obsolete
Apple Wins Multi-Touch Patent | Via PatentlyApple
Top 10 Luxury Brand’s Websites Don’t Work on the iPad | PSFK Reports
On Demand Gaming| May be the Future
Designing for iPad : Reality Check | Web designers iA discuss the new device
Seeing the Forest for the Trees| The Science of Object Recognition
The Future of QR Codes | An Interview on PSFK
$3 Microscope | Diagnostics are now affordable via Cellphone
How the Tablet Will Change the World | WIRED discusses the changing paradigm of home computing
5 Great HTML5 Examples | Designers creating new styles of website that using HTML5 that offer sophisticated interfaces and interaction
‘Eyephone’ Lets Your Eyes Control Your Phone | New idea for navigational setting on mobile phones
Sony Develops an Ultra-thin Rollable OLED Display | Progress in OLED technology
Better Screen Same Typography | A Review of the newly-announced iPhone4
Kindle’s Future? E Ink shows off colour and flexible displays | New E Ink technologies coming to the market
Trouble in App-land | Article from Monocolumn (Monocle) about recent app contraversies
The Irrationality of the Watch | Article from Wired website discussing the use of the watch in the digital age
Immaterials: the ghost in the field | exploring the spatial qualities of RFID
‘Virtual Human’ Milo Comes out to play | BBC News
Apps We Wish We Had | The New York Times
Apps and Downs| Growth in Mobile Applications
The Future of the Book | IDEO presents a vision of reading in the future
Creative Barcodes | The answer to protecting information?
Context-Aware Smartphone Senses Your Mood | Intel develops new technology
Mind Control Army Helmets? | Designed by DARPA
E-Skin | Touchable skin for robots
Talk-Powered Cell Phones | Talking to recharge your batteries