critical thinking

These thought-provoking articles look at issues of how we know, communicate and behave in our contemporary culture.

Hash| Exploring the semiology and phenomenology of ‘hashtaggery’
Warning: Your Reality is Out of Date
| About ‘Mesofacts’–facts that change neither too quickly nor too slowly
Pre-modern Blogs
| How new is bloggery? Some historical precedents
A Digital Native
| The new mores of a culture (nearly) always online
Interactions Magazine
| The April/May 2010 issue discusses design thinking
If you can’t master English, try Globish
|An English “Lite” that can be understood by all
Bruce Sterling’s State-of-the-Spime address on Vimeo
| Science fiction author of the cyberpunk genre
The Big Rethink: Design driven innovation
| Roberto Verganti discusses the imporance of meaning
Clicking for Gold
| How internet companies profit from data on the web
PowerPoint Does Rocket Science
| Edward Tufte on PowerPoint and its inaccuracies
Gary Wolf | The Data Driven Life
Dispatches from Tokyo | A history of interaction design in Japan
Jonas Lowgren | Interaction Design as a Discipline
The Color of Sound | Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Paints with Sound
We Have Met the Enemy and He is PowerPoint
| The Enemy Lurks in Briefings on Afghanistan
New Museum Merges Art and Tech Brains
| 7 on 7 at the New Museum
Art Made at the Speed of the Internet
| 7 on 7 at the New Museum
Furniture Designers are Shifting Focus
| Alice Rawsthorn discusses the Milan Salone
Historic Day
| Non-Latin Web Addresses go Live
Why I hate 3-D (and You Should Too)
| Roger Ebert Discusses Film and Technology
Insights On Storytelling, Nowism, Indirection, And Humanizing Technology
| Jonathan Harris at Pratt Institute
Hitting Rewind on the Cassette Tape
| Rob Walker on the nostalgia value of old media
Is it Creepy that Amazon is Tracking Most-Highlighted Kindle Passages?
| Is it Intrusive?
Technology Heirlooms
| Microsoft researcher Richard Banks discusses digital inheritance
Dark Clouds (For Rent)
| Criminals Control the Largest Computing Cloud
Jobs Saves?
| Khoi Vinh discusses if the iPad can save publishing–design publishing, that is
What the iPad is Missing (No, it’s Not a Camera)
| It’s good typography, dummy…
iPhones and Mobile Charity
| Inventing Interactive discusses giving on the go via apps on the iPhone
Is James Cameron’s Blockbuster Beautiful?
| Karrie Jacobs discusses Avatar
Curated Computing: What’s Next in a Post iPad World | A new era of personal computing?
Flash and Standards: The Cold War of the Web | HTML 5 vs. Flash
American Heart Association and Wii Partner | Nintendo and AHA promote a healthy lifestyle
The Gradual Disappearance of Flash Websites | Using Flash makes no sense?
Smart Things | Writing on Interaction Metaphors by Mike Kuniavsky
Video Games Touted as Learning Tool
| Research presented at a New York University conference on games as a learning tool.
Dieter Rams’ Ten principle Series: 1 of 10
| Inksie Journal of Design and Culture
Ethics 101: Designing Morals in Games
| Emil Pagliarulo and Jordan Thomas discuss the need for ethical gameplay in relation to they games they have created
A Story about the Semantic Web
| By Kate Ray, a recently-graduated NYU journalism/psychology student, currently working on
A Sense of Place, A World of Augmented Reality: Part 1 | How do tracking and communication devices change our sense of place?
A Sense of Place, A World of Augmented Reality: Part 2
Consumed – Did Foxconn Make Your Gadget? |Article from the
Design Fiction/Science Fiction| How Sci-fi influences designers
Our Digital Crisis| Jonathan Harris discusses the current state of the internet
Revenge of the Nerds| Should we listen to futurists?
10 Ways Data is Changing How We Live | From the Telegraph
Remember This? | The New Yorker discusses a project to help us record everything in life
Feature Presentation | The New Yorker discusses over-featured technology
Lo-Fi Design is Conquering the World of Tech | Post-Digital Aesthetics discussed by Fast Company
Emotional Attachments to Roombas | Popular Science discusses how humans can love their ‘bots
QR and Fashion Week | NYT discusses the use of QR tags and consumerism