installation ideas

We are beginning to think about how to design the gallery space that will be home to Talk to Me. Below are a few inspirational ideas and designs we have collected while thinking about the installation. We are thinking about creating a series of spaces that are semi-private, and accommodating interactive technologies in the galleries.

We like the look of this unfinished interface, perhaps for objects in the show that tweet
A floor like this could be great in a exhibition space
Interesting furniture for interactive exhibitions
Exhibition design that uses RFID technology
A easy and elegant cardboard book display that creates little nooks
A walking house
An interactive screen idea
Concrete cloth could help us make small structures within the gallery
Private furniture creates great spaces for interacting with objects
i-Viewer for looking at small screens in public spaces
Tone Tags: an interesting interactive concept for an exhibition space
Sound-focusing technology
Another awesome exhibition space
Here is a very private piece of furniture, scroll all the way to the bottom
We love the pod-like structures of these Danish bus shelters
And these Soviet bus shelters are nice…