Talking Families: Part 3

Between September 17 and October 15, kids aged 10 to 14 and their parents/caregivers are participating in a MoMA Family Art Workshop connected to the Talk to Me exhibition. After viewing and discussing objects in the exhibition, the family groups have developed their own communication-related inventions. We have invited them to share their projects here.


Inventors: Max and Debra Borchardt
Age of inventors: 12 and 50
Invention: Super Splint

Typical finger splints are bulky and impede other fingers’ movement. The Super Splint streamlines the design, becoming adaptable to different fingers and allowing for the largest possible range of motion. Made of metal wire and spandex fabric, the Super Splint is supportive and responsive to all users.

Inventors: Ilan and Galina Filonenko
Age of inventors: 14, 35
Invention: Walking Traffic Light

Using cues including colors and facial expressions, the Walking Traffic Light replaces typical crossing guards, giving children very clear direction when crossing the street. Mobile and adaptable, the Walking Traffic Light can be placed at multiple intersections and locations.

Inventors: John and Ty Lei
Age of inventors: 56 and 11
Invention: Green Meter

Green Meter monitors and displays the amount of energy one produces and consumes. Through rich visual incentives Green Meter encourages green habits by making easy comparisons between use and production.

Inventors: Maeve and Karina Hogan
Age of inventors: 10 and 41
Invention: IC Gameplayer

IC Gameplayer is a device for children without siblings, which plays multiplayer games with them like checkers, chess, Monopoly, or Scrabble. It also makes ice cream. Sensors on the device allow IC Gameplayer to receive aural and visual feedback to respond to children as they play. Game cartridges are removable, allowing new games to be added. The game comes with a charging tray so it can recharge while children sleep.

Inventors: Stella and Ognjen Simic
Age of inventors: 11 and 46
Invention: Solar

Solar is a multipurpose hat with solar panels embedded in decorative features. The power generated by the solar panels helps run a CD player so the user can listen to music through built in headphones.

Inventors: Eli O’Brien, Rebecca Stead, and Josh Weiner
Age of inventors: 10, 43, 10
Invention: Bad Day Machine

The Bad Day Machine gauges users feelings about their day on a sliding scale. The device helps provide comfort by giving users choices about treats and other objects that might cheer them up. For example, BDM asks whether you like ice cream and if you pick “yes,” it offers you three different kinds of ice cream. BDM also features music to help you make it through your sub-par days.

Inventors: Carlota and Walter
Age of inventors: 13 and 46
Invention: ColdBox

ColdBox is a new take on the 19th-century icebox. With a sleek design, featuring two streamlined compartments, ColdBox requires no electricity to keep any number of items fresh and cold. Using Dry Ice (so it doesn’t melt) the ColdBox may be ideal for picnics or other places where electricity for refrigeration is not available.

Inventors: Justin, Isabella, Alex, and Nicole Park
Age of inventors: 10, 9, 42, and 40
Invention: Green Path

Green Path is a mix between a street sweeper and a robot. Powered by solar panels and using LEDs, Green Path is optimized for green performance with preserving the environment as a key concern. Inside the device one finds multiple compartments; sensors help to separate recyclable materials that are found on the street. In order to help relieve congested traffic, Green Path has the option to travel by flight as well as on the ground.

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