Talking Families: Part 4

Between September 17 and October 15, kids aged 10 to 14 and their parents/caregivers are participating in a MoMA Family Art Workshop connected to the Talk to Me exhibition. After viewing and discussing objects in the exhibition, the family groups have developed their own communication-related inventions. We have invited them to share their projects here.

Inventors: Konstantin van Schendel and Benny Nord-Levin
Age of inventors: 10 and 10
Invention: The Solar-powered Computer Thingy

Leave your charger and batteries at home when you use the Solar-powered Computer Thingy. This device allows for maximum computing time while using minimum power. Use is limited to daytime, unless you have a bright light to help power the solar cells in the dark. This device is good for the world because it will help save energy.

Inventors: Kyril and Marc van Schendel
Age of inventors: 12 and 53
Invention title: Mobile Device Wedge

Mobile Device Wedge allows you to control environments based on user preference and habits. Lights will dim and brighten as desired, water heaters can be controlled, and power can be regulated. Mobile Device Wedge interfaces with most wireless devices, so it is easy to use, and contains a hard-drive. This all-in-one device helps users save money and reduce detrimental effects on the environment.

Inventors: Zoe Girod and Anne-Karin Kummer
Age of inventors: 11 and 49
Invention title: Bear-Hugger

Give someone a hug from anywhere in the world. Type in an address and the Bear-Hugger allows you to reach out and give someone you know a hug. This device helps bring a sense of your smell, touch, and even pulse to your close friends and family, decreasing distance both real and psychological.

Inventors: Arto and Milena
Age of inventors: 12 and 47
Invention: The Magic Cube

The Magic Cube allows users to explore alternative realities and to see and feel the consequences of a potential choice. The user speaks into a microphone, asking “What if?” and the Magic Cube creates a visualization of a possible consequence allowing viewers to see and experience as if the choice had been made. Accessories are included for an added visceral experience.

Inventors: Tova, Eli, and Dani Roth
Age of inventors: 48, 11, and 5
Invention: Super Dog

This Super Dog is remote controlled and can fly with hover feet. Perfect for children Super Dog is especially fun to play with. He can beat all the bad guys and bring a smile to your face. Don’t miss his X-Ray eyes!

Inventor: Sean Kim
Age of inventor: 11
Invention: Projectapult

When plugged into a computer’s USB port, the Projectapult sends a holigram of text or images to another computer screen. This device makes communication much more interactive and fun.

Inventors: Benjamin Dubetsky
Age of inventor: 10
Invention: Hogwarts Castle

With multiple platforms for various modes of transportation, this model allows for other alternative ways to get to Hogwarts. You can visit by train, helicopter, car, boat, and/or plane. This will help the wizarding world because by increasing accessibility more people will be able to attend the school, not just those who live in the London area.

Inventor: Tanya Belotserkovskiy
Invention: Opti-Useful-inator

A pair of glasses with many functions and extensions, the Opti-Useful-Inator has a built in microphone, ear buds, braided hair, and even a hat. This object allows one to multitask and look great at the same time.

Age of inventor: 10
Invention title: Lazy-inator

A couch with an adjacent computer, the Lazy-inator allows one to type in an object to be retrieved. The object is found and then brought to the user, saving time and effort, as well as maximizing time to relax.

Inventor: Emily Dubetsky
Age of inventor: 8
Invention: The Frosting Cupcake

The Frosting Cupcake is for those who just like to eat the frosting part of a cupcake. It gives the illusion of having a regular cake bottom, but is actually all frosting throughout. This allows for less food waste.

Age of inventor: 6
Invention: House

A house with an outdoor lamp and a lightning rod on top.

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