Engage with art in new ways.

Learn about MoMA’s interactive spaces for kids and families.

About MoMA Art Labs

MoMA Art Labs offer a gateway to the collection, allowing visitors to go beyond looking and talking about works of art to engage with art in new ways. In these interactive spaces, kids and adults experiment, play, and create as they make connections between their own creative explorations and the ideas, tools, and techniques of modern and contemporary art.

Our goals for all labs are to create:

  • A safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all visitors, especially families
  • A hands-on experience in which visitors can create, experiment, and explore
  • A thematic lens through which visitors can engage with art and art making
  • A place that is responsive to new ideas and discoveries for both visitors and staff
  • A facilitated environment in which visitors can make connections between their experience in the lab, in the galleries, and in their daily lives

Current MoMA Art Lab

MoMA Art Lab: Places and Spaces

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Transport yourself! Discover landscapes, cityscapes, real places, and imagined spaces. In the Lab visitors of all ages can design, draw, build, and create as we explore places and space in modern and contemporary art.

Visit the MoMA Art Lab: Places and Spaces page for more information.