Access the Visitor Guide, Social Guide, and Sensory Map to help you move around the Museum.

Download the Social Guide in English or en español
Download the Sensory Map in English or en español

Download the Bloomberg Connects app and select MoMA’s guide to explore the Museum with audio designed for kids, or listen on our website.

Talk to your kids about what they might see. At MoMA you can explore paintings, photographs, sculptures, films, design objects, performances, drawings, prints, and architectural models. Modern and contemporary artists often push the limits of what art can be—look for things that surprise you. Use the Social Guide to help your kids understand what to expect of their upcoming museum experience, including arrival procedures, how to move their bodies around the artwork, and who to ask for help if they need it.

Help protect the art. Keep at least an arm’s distance from artworks and explain to your kids why they can’t touch (even in the Sculpture Garden). If you have a child under the age of five, hold their hand in the galleries.

Use pencils to draw and sketch in the galleries. Colored pencils, crayons, and markers are not allowed. Please have adults carry supplies when walking through the galleries.

Take breaks. Alternate time in the galleries with visiting the Sculpture Garden and lounges on Floors 1, 2, and 3. Check out the Sensory Map to find quieter and less busy areas within the Museum.

Have something to eat and drink—but not in the galleries. Visit Café 2 on the second floor for family-friendly lunch options. You can also leave the Museum to enjoy a snack in one of the courtyards nearby.

Strollers are welcome in the Museum, but for your safety they are not allowed on escalators.

Baby-changing stations are located on each floor, including private, all-gender restrooms on Floors 1, 3W, 5, and T1.

A feeding and lactation pod is available courtesy Mamava, on Floor 1 adjacent to restrooms. For access, use the Mamava app or ask a guest assistant for the keypad code.

Ask for help! Visitor Engagement staff and security officers are here to answer any questions or direct you where you’d like to go.