This website documents The Museum of Modern Art's extraordinary collection of more than 3,000 Expressionist prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures, illustrated books, and periodicals, exploring the various artists, themes, and techniques associated with the major modernist movement that developed in Germany and Austria during the early decades of the 20th century.


Erich Heckel


(1911), dated 1910



Kandinsky paints first Improvisations

Heckel, Kirchner, and Pechstein work closely together at the Moritzburg ponds ...

Premiere of Kokoschka's one-act play Murderer, Hope of Women at the Gartentheater of the Internationale Kunstschau ...

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Emil Nolde

German, 1867–1956

Painter, printmaker, watercolorist. First trained as a woodcarver; later studied painting ...

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The Collection

This website is dedicated to the Museum's rich collection of German Expressionist art. Defining Expressionism in broad terms, this collection comprises approximately 3,200 works, including some 2,800 prints (644 of which are in periodicals in the Museum Library), 275 drawings, 32 posters, and 40 paintings and sculptures. The preponderance of prints in the collection parallels the crucial position of printmaking within the movement as a whole.

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Interactive Books

Page through 27 books that feature illustrations by Expressionist artists. Learn more about each one.

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Printmaking Videos

New videos demonstrate the processes involved in woodcut, intaglio, and lithography, three printmaking techniques used by the Expressionists.

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