Panel from Patrick Keck’s The Many Frog Faces of Sally Cruikshank, 2023. Courtesy the artist

“What I like about animation is you can get a kind of ecstatic energy from watching it,” says Portland, Oregon–based cartoonist Patrick Keck. For this month’s Drawn to MoMA, he created a tribute to the animator and artist Sally Cruikshank, whose work has influenced his own. Author of the graphic novel Peepers and the comics collection Little Tomb, Keck got the idea for this story when he came across a still from one of Cruikshank’s films while searching through MoMA’s archives. “What inspired me about this story in particular is the feeling of interconnectedness that happens when I do some research about an artist I’m interested in, and find all these points that connect back to me or other artists I admire. I find some comfort in that.”

Patrick Keck is a cartoonist living in Portland, Oregon. His books include Peepers, Little Tomb, and, in collaboration with Josh Simmons, Dream of the Bat.

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