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Directed by Jerome Hill. (right) &lt;i&gt;Grandma Moses&lt;/i&gt;. 1950. Directed by Jerome Hill." src="/images/learn/Still.jpg?1518473313" width="725" /> </div> <h2 class="prompt">Celebrating 80 years of service to the film and educational community, The Circulating Film and Video Library&mdash;part of The Museum of Modern Art's Department of Film&mdash;provides access to an unparalleled collection of rare films and videos.</h2> <div id="tabbed-content" class="JS_TabbedContent vertical"> <div class="holder"> <div class="tabs"> <a href="/research-and-learning/research-resources/circulatingfilm#aboutcircfilm" class="aboutcircfilm" target="_parent">About</a> <a href="/research-and-learning/research-resources/circulatingfilm#ordering" class="ordering" target="_parent">Ordering & Pricing</a> </div> <div class="aboutcircfilm pane"><p class="top"> Established in 1935 to collect films that illustrate the historic and artistic development of motion pictures and to establish the medium as a major art form, the Circulating Library initially included a circulating collection available at reasonable rates to colleges, museums, and other educational institutions. This has since been expanded to include regional and international film festivals, individual collectors, and other film organizations. The Circulating Library also provides the unique service of offering access to works by important independent filmmakers, works that would otherwise not be readily available. Although the Circulating Library has always had a widely varied collection, including early silent films, important documentaries, avant-garde and independent works, animation, and video art, an effort has been made in recent years to strengthen certain areas and to make more titles available to a wider film community. This effort has led to the inclusion of important works by and about artists such as Andy Warhol, Richard Serra, Yoko Ono, and Robert Smithson. </p> <p>The Circulating Film Library has grown to over 1,200 titles covering the history of film from the 1890s to present. It also incorporates the Circulating Video Library, an important collection of work by leading video artists. The Museum continues to add to its holdings of early silent films, contemporary documentaries, animation, and avant-garde and independent cinema, and to make these available to viewers who otherwise would not have the opportunity to see them.</p> <p>Titles distributed by The Circulating Film and Video Library are available for rental or purchase in various film or video formats. Price quotes and availability of 16mm film purchases provided on request. Inquiries should be directed to <a href="mailto:circfilm@moma.org">circfilm@moma.org</a>.</p> </div> <div class="ordering pane"> <h2 class="top">Titles and Price Lists</h2> <p>Download in PDF format (<a href="http://get.adobe.com/reader/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">Adobe Acrobat Reader</a> required)</p> <p><a href="/docs/learn/Circulating_Pricelist.pdf">Rentals and Sales</a><br /> <a href="/docs/learn/Andy_Warhol_Complete_Price_List-US.pdf">The Films of Andy Warhol 16mm (US and Canada)</a><br /> <a href="/docs/learn/Andy_Warhol_Complete_Price_List_nonUS.pdf">The Films of Andy Warhol 16mm (non-US)</a><br /> <a href="/docs/learn/Andy_Warhol_Screen_Tests-inventory.pdf">Andy Warhol Screen Tests (inventory)</a></p> <h2>Contact</h2> <p>The Museum of Modern Art<br /> Circulating Film and Video Library<br /> Email: <a href="mailto:circfilm@moma.org">circfilm@moma.org</a><br /> Request a rental: <a href="/research-and-learning/research-resources/circulatingfilm/circulating_film_contact">request form</a> </p> <h2>Rentals</h2> <p><strong>Fees</strong><br /> Rental charges are for one screening. Additional showings on consecutive days are 50% of the initial rental fee. Rental fees for auditorium use or showings where admission will be charged are in most cases set at the regular fee or 50% of the box office gross, whichever is higher. Certain films, including those marked by three asterisks (***), have higher auditorium fees. There is a shipping and handling charge in addition to the rental fee for each film.</p> <p><strong>Returning Films</strong><br /> The renter is responsible for the return of the films, which must be shipped the day after the screening via UPS or another registered carrier. Features should be insured for $700 and shorts for $200. The Museum has the right to charge 50% of the base rental for each day’s delay in returning films.</p> <p><strong>Reservations</strong><br /> Availability may be checked by telephone, but this must be followed by a purchase order or a letter of confirmation from an institution or prepayment from individuals before a film is shipped. A confirmation of the booking will be sent to the renter upon receipt of the written order. Cancellations must be received before a film is shipped, otherwise the full rental fee will be charged.</p> <p><strong>Conditions</strong><br /> Rental fees are for educational use with unpaid admissions. Any other use must be confirmed in writing by the Circulating Film and Video Library. An asterisk (*) on the Price List indicates films for which no admission may be charged at any time and for which no contributions can be collected. Two asterisks (**) indicate films that can be rented solely for the purpose of classroom study under the auspices of film-study departments. Films may not be duplicated or televised without written permission from the Circulating Film and Video Library.</p> <p><strong>Damage and Loss</strong><br /> The renter is responsible for the care of the films and will be charged for damage or loss. To avoid damage, always keep your projector gate clean and stay beside the projector during the screening. Do not rewind films, and make sure that the leader is securely taped down prior to shipping. The use of self-feeding projectors and platter systems is not allowed.</p> <p><strong>International Rental Fees</strong><br /> For international rentals, fees listed in this Price List are doubled. Fees must be prepaid by wire transfer or credit card. All shipping and customs fees are the responsibility of the customer and all returning films should be shipped "free domicile."</p> <h2>Sales and Leases</h2> <p>Film sales are in 16mm format and are for non-commercial, non-theatrical, educational use for the life of the print. Sale prints may not be duplicated, copied, altered, or televised. The prices listed for Video in the Film section are for VHS format. DVD may be available, according to title.</p> <p>For television and other rights, please apply.</p> </div> <br class="clear" /> </div> </div> </div> <br class="clear" /> </div>