With just two months until reopening, new exhibitions enter the final stages of installation. The Sculpture Garden fills with new artworks and iconic pieces arrive in the conservation lab for cleaning and restoration as the new Museum comes to life.

Table of Contents

0:08 - Art handlers and the conservation team remove Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night from its frame.

0:59 - Chief conservator Kate Lewis and senior conservator Anny Aviram inspect The Starry Night’s condition.

1:38 - Film projectionist Hunter Webb screens a silent film and discusses changes in the projection booth.

2:20 - Associate curator Anne Morra explains how the film department prepares for screenings and series.

2:49 - Conservators Michael Duffy and Diana Hartman touch up Henri Rousseau’s The Sleeping Gypsy.

4:00 - Artists John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein finalize the installation of David Tudor’s Rainforest V (variation 1).

6:33 - Chief curator Ann Temkin and associate curator Cara Manes oversee the placement of sculptures in the Sculpture Garden.

8:19 - Associate curator Esther Adler directs the installation of the Betye Saar exhibition.

9:03 - Chief curator Christophe Cherix guides Betye Saar through her exhibition for the first time.

The eight-episode video series At the Museum offers a behind-the-scenes, cross-departmental view of MoMA’s staff preparing for the Museum’s reopening in October. Watch the previous episodes from season two now.