Anticipation fills the Museum on the final public day before its temporary closure. As guests search out their favorite artworks to say goodbye, the staff concludes their work before embarking on a whirlwind of closed-door preparations for a new MoMA.

Table of Contents

0:05 - Conservators Megan Randall and Caitlin Richeson conduct morning cleaning in New Order: Art and Technology in the Twenty-First Century.

0:37 - Chief curator of Painting and Sculpture Ann Temkin breaks down how curators will transform the presentation of MoMA’s collection in front of Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

3:02 - Film projectionist Hunter Webb screens the last film shown prior to closure, Jacques Deray’s 1969 La Piscine (The Swimming Pool).

4:17 - A young visitor speaks about being inspired by artist Faith Ringgold.

5:06 - Volunteers Libby Brodheim and Irene Feuerstein admire Honore Sharrer’s Workers and Paintings (1943).

6:05 - Security supervisor Chet Gold ushers out the last guests.

The eight-episode video series At the Museum offers a behind-the-scenes, cross-departmental view of MoMA’s staff preparing for the Museum’s reopening in October. Watch other episodes from Season 2 here.