24 hours with Allison Janae Hamilton

Artist Allison Janae Hamilton and her hairless companion Percival share a day with us.
Allison Janae Hamilton September 20, 2019

This feature is part of our A Day series, in which writer Heidi Julavits invites artists to share an account of their day with us.

Allison Janae Hamilton and Percival Hamilton
Allison Janae Hamilton and Percival Hamilton

6:00 a.m. wake up
6:00–6:15 check emails in bed (bad habit)
6:15–6:30ish read something positive (good habit)
6:30–6:45 morning routine, get dressed, etc.
6:45–7:00 respond to emails, set agenda for the day
7:00–7:30 take Percival (my hairless Chinese crested dog) to the park
7:30–7:45 back home, put the news on, feed Percy, get coffee
7:45–8:30 complete the hardest administrative task of the day (finish grant proposals or exhibition statements, taxes, etc.)
8:30–9:30 gym or go running
9:30–10:00 get dressed again, go to studio, walk P before going upstairs
10:00–2:00 studio work (paintings, larger sculptures), head home
2:00 eat lunch, have a break
3:00–5:00 studio work from home (photo/video editing, etc.)
5:00 walk P, call mom
5:15–7:00 feed P, administrative tasks or research
7:00–7:45 tasks, laundry, cook dinner
7:45 walk P, call brother
8:00 eat dinner, watch TV
10:00 p.m. sleep