The Museum of Modern Art
Video Spaces: Eight Installations
June 22 - September 12, 1995

It all began with the Portapak

"Video installation and video sculpture have now emerged as the most fertile forms of video art. Artists have released the image from a single screen and embedded it within an environment that extends in both time and space. . . ."
Barbara London, Introduction to Video Spaces: Eight Installations

Judith Barry / Brad Miskell
. 1994

Stan Douglas
. 1994

Teiji Furuhashi
. 1994

Gary Hill
Inasmuch as It Is Always Already Taking Place
. 1990

Chris Marker
Silent Movie
. 1994-95

Marcel Odenbach
Eine Faust in der Tasche Machen (Make a Fist in the Pocket)
. 1994

Tony Oursler
System for Dramatic Feedback
. 1994

Bill Viola
Slowly Turning Narrative
. 1992

"For many people video is the quintessential 'new' art; consequently, there is a tendency to look at it with the slightly patronizing gaze reserved for the forever young. However . . ."
Samuel Delany, "High Involvement," Video Spaces: Eight Installations

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