Photo: Martin Seck

The Heyman Family Art Lab is an interactive space where kids and adults experiment, play, and create as they explore the ideas, tools, and techniques of modern and contemporary art.

The Heyman Family Art Lab is intended for individual visitors and families. We cannot accommodate groups. To get to The Heyman Family Art Lab, walk across the Sculpture Garden, or down the corridor on the second floor of the Museum (past Café 2), then downstairs to the first floor of Education and Research Building.

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The Adobe Foundation is proud to support equity, learning, and creativity at MoMA.

Family Programs are made possible by the Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Family Endowment Fund.

Major support is provided by the William Randolph Hearst Endowment Fund, Volkswagen of America, the Emily Fisher Landau Educator Fund, the Charles A. Cuomo Education Endowment Fund, and by the Annual Education Fund.