March 16, 2011  |  Events & Programs
The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project Presents: Imagination and the Changing Mind

Admiring a painting by Mark Rothko during a Meet Me at MoMA program. Photo by Jason Brownrigg

For The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project, my colleagues and I work to expand upon MoMA’s programs for individuals with dementia and their caregivers, which currently include gallery conversations and art-making programs at MoMA as well as off-site visits to assisted-living facilities. To this end we’ve developed resources, including a publication and website, which can be used by museums, assisted-living facilities, or other organizations serving people with dementia and their care-partners. We also travel domestically and abroad, presenting our programs and holding workshops on using art to engage individuals with dementia. So far we’ve reached over 7,000 people and 220 cultural institutions, and over 60 museums have since committed to initiating their own arts programming for this audience.

In the course of this work, we’ve met some remarkable people with unique insights on the opportunities that can arise out of changing cognitive ability. While such changes are often viewed as debilitating, many capacities, including the ability to imagine and learn, can remain intact and even flourish.

On Monday, March 21, at 7:00 p.m., we’ll bring some of these fascinating people together for a panel discussion called Imagination and the Changing Mind. Dr. Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize–winning medical researcher; Paola Antonelli, senior curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art; David Shenk, author of The Forgetting and The Genius in All of Us; and Dr. Anne Basting, director of the Center on Age & Community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will consider how innate differences or changes that develop later in life can beget creative engagement and meaningful contribution to society. The program is presented free of charge, but registration is required—reserve a spot online or in person at the lobby information desk or film desk at MoMA.

Imagination and the Changing Mind is part of Mapping Perceptions: The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project Summit, a day-long symposium exploring the intersections of art, dementia, and learning. Though participation is by invitation only, we’ll post video footage from the day’s events on our Meet Me website and share some of the outcomes of our conversations with you here.


Great program! The ability to be in MOMA and access its opportunities as well as the specific content of this program provides services and education for both patient and caregiver. In addition, it offers respite for the caregiver.


this program looks great. hav a particular interest in people w alzheimer’s. i created a theatre class and performance for the alzheimers association in st louis as well as creating a theatre piece on another occasion for caregivers

i am in st louis but on my way back to nyc this weekend. however, when i try to register for the monday nite symposia online as is required, the website wont let me register

additionally, i wld like to be able to attend some of the 0ther events in the symposia but i dont know how to inquire abt that or what day it is.

color me frustrated. this is not the first time i hav had a problem registering online at moma. and i am a member

wld appreciate someone getting back to me abt all of the above asap.


hi Joan, I’m sorry you are having issues registering for the symposia, could you please let me know what is happening? I just tried registering and it appears to work fine (am using Firefox browser are you using something different?). Thanks, Rebecca

Hi Joan, thanks for your interest in our programming! I’m also sorry you’re having some trouble with the website, hopefully it was just a temporary glitch. However, FYI: the website will ask you for your credit card information even though the program is free of charge. This is just a feature of our online ticketing platform. The Museum won’t charge your credit card or keep your information on file.

In terms of our symposium, unfortunately, due to space constraints, participation is by invitation only. However, we plan to post video footage from the day on our website. Please check in late spring for updates!


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