In their comprehensive website, the Guerrilla Girls declare themselves “feminist activist artists. We wear gorilla masks in public and use facts, humor, and outrageous visuals to expose gender and ethnic bias as well as corruption in politics, art, film, and pop culture…. We believe in an intersectional feminism that fights discrimination and supports human rights for all people and all genders.”

Beginning in 1985, “close to 100 women produced posters, billboards, public actions, books, and other projects to make feminism funny and fashionable.” This work, thoroughly documented in the group’s visual and textual chronologies, as well as a complete bibliography, is well represented in the MoMA Library collection. In addition to a complete set of posters, the Library holds publications and ephemera by and about the group.

Holdings are listed in the Library catalog by subject or keyword.

By the Guerrilla Girls


Ashley Hinshaw, Kress Fellow for Reader Services, and Jennifer Tobias, Reader Services Librarian, 2020