Contemporary Chinese Art: Primary Documents
Edited by Wu Hung

Additional Articles

Rebuilding Elite Art: Reconsidering Changes in the Structure of Twentieth-Century Chinese Art (1989)
By Lang Shaojun

Digging a Hole, Building a House: The Video Installations of Wang Gongxin (2008)
By Barbara Pollack

Chinese Art and Market in the 1990s (1996)
By Wang Lin and Ye Yongqing

Chinese Curators: Directed but Lacking a Path (2003)
By Zhang Qing

Harald Szeemann Talks to Chinese Artists about Venice, CCAA, and Curatorial Strategies (2001)

We Are All Too Sensitive When it Comes to Awards!—Cai Guoqiang and the Copyright Infringement Problems Surrounding Venice’s Rent Collection Courtyard (2001)
By Zhu Qi

Abridged texts with additional excerpts

Zero to Infinity: The Nascence of Photography in Contemporary Chinese Art of the 1990s (2002)
By Karen Smith

The Rise and Development of Video Art and the Maturity of New Media Art (2002)
By Wu Meichun and Qiu Zhijie

“Experimental Exhibitions” of the 1990s (2002)
By Wu Hung

The Reception in the West of Experimental Mainland Chinese Art of the 1990s (2002)
By Britta Erickson