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  • Unknown photographer. Portrait of Sasha Stone. Reproduced in “Eine neue Künstler-Gilde: Der Fotograf erobert Neuland” (A new artist guild: The photographer conquers new territory). UHU 6, no. 1 (October 1929)

    Sasha Stone was born Aleksander Serge Steinsapir in St. Petersburg, Russia, on December 16, 1895, though his life and career are rarely associated with that country. Before he turned thirty, Stone had traveled extensively, living in Warsaw, New York, Paris, and England, where he was stationed as a member of the United States army. Stone began photographing as a hobby prior to settling in Berlin in 1918 with his girlfriend, Cami Stone, whom he married in 1922. Living in Germany over the next two decades, Stone published his photographs widely in periodicals such as G, Die Form, Das Kunstblatt, UHU, Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, Der Querschnitt,  Gebrauchsgraphik, and Die Dame. In addition to photography, Stone studied sculpture with the Ukrainian Cubo-Futurist Aleksandr Archipenko. In 1924 Sasha and Cami Stone opened Atelier Stone in Berlin, which produced photography for industrial and commercial advertising. Stone is best known for his Photomontage for the cover of Walter Benjamin’s book Einbahnstraße (One-Way Street), published in 1928. Throughout the late 1920s and early 1930s, Stone exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including Kunst und Technik (Art and technology; 1928-29), Fotografie der Gegenwart (Photography of the present; 1929), Film und Foto (1929), and Exposition internationale de la photographie (1932). The Stones relocated to Brussels, Cami’s hometown, in 1931, where they remained through their divorce, in 1939. Much like Benjamin, Stone, also Jewish, fled Brussels upon the German invasion and died in 1940 en route through the Pyrenees in Perpignan, France, while trying to emigrate through Spain to the United States.

    —Ksenia Nouril

  • Alternate Name(s) Aleksander Serge Steinsapir (Birth Name)

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Artist Chronology

December 16, 1895
At location: Sasha Stone
Saint Petersburg
Lives in Warsaw
At location: Sasha Stone
Late 1913–1917
Lives in New York
At location: Sasha Stone
New York
Works as a welder, draftsman, and industrial drawer. Attends Hunt Diederich's sculpture courses
At location: Sasha Stone
New York
Enlists in the U.S. army and is stationed in England. Begins photographing recreationally
At location: Sasha Stone
Studies at the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) Art Training Centre at Bellevue
At location: Sasha Stone
Late 1918–1931
Cami and Sasha Stone live in Berlin together
At location: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
The Stones publish photographs in G, Die Form, Das Kunstblatt, UHU, Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, Der Querschnittand Gebrauchsgraphik
Contributor: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
Berlin Weimar
Studies sculpture with Aleksandr Archipenko
At location: Sasha Stone
Cami and Sasha Stone marry
At location: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
Atelier Stone, for industrial and commercial advertising photography, operates in Berlin
At location: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
Designs a photomontage cover for Walter Benjamin's Einbahnstrasse
Contributor: Sasha Stone
April 1928
Photographs of Erwin Piscator's home by Sasha Stone and Lotte Jacobi are published in Die Dame
Contributor: Lotte Jacobi, Sasha Stone
June 8–July 22, 1928
Kunst und Technik at the Museum Folkwang
January 1929
Kunst und Technik at Verein Berliner Künstler
The Stones publish Berlin in Bilder
Contributor: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
Franz Roh publishes Foto-Auge: 76 Fotos der Zeit
Werner Graeff publishes Es kommt der neue Fotograf!
January 20–February 17, 1929
Fotografie der Gegenwart at Museum Folkwang

Kestner Gesellschaft v.V, Königstrasse 8, Hannover
March 10–April 7, 1929

Galerie Neumann-Nierendorf, Lützowstrasse 32, Berlin
April 20–May 20, 1929

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
June 6–29, 1929

Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt
July 7–August 8, 1929

Leipziger Kunstverein, Augustusplatz 6, Leipzig
August 18–September 8, 1929

Lichthof des Neuen Rathauses, Dresden
September 15–October 6, 1929

Kunstverein, Rostock
October 20-November 10, 1929

am Adolf-Mittag-See, Städtisches Ausstellungsamt, Magdeburg
November 28–December 19, 1929

Landesgewerbeanstalt, Kaiserslautern
February 23–March 23, 1930

Vereinigung Göttinger Kunstfreunde, Göttingen
May 18–June 8, 1930

May–July 1929
Gas und Wasser exhibition of photomontages and photographs from Bauhaus Dessau
Designer: Georg Muche, Heinz Loew
May 18–July 7, 1929
Internationale Ausstellung des Deutschen Werkbunds Film und Foto (FiFo) at Städtische Ausstellungshallen

Kunstgewerbemuseum, Zurich
August 28–September 22, 1929

Im Lichthof des Ehemaligen Kunstgewerbemuseums, Prinz-Albrechs-Strasse 7, Berlin
October 19–November 17, 1929

Stadtmuseum, Danzig
(dates unknown)

Österreichisches Museum, Vienna
February 20–March 31, 1930

Agram, Zagreb
April 5–14, 1930

Münchner Bund/Verein Ausstellungspark München E.V. (as part of Internationale Ausstellung. Das Lichtbild), Munich
June 5–September 7, 1930

Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo
April 1931

Asahi Shimbun, Osaka
July 1–7, 1931

February 1930
German Advertising Photographs at the Camera Club of London
October 5–November 2, 1930
Ausstellung Portréit-Zeichnungen, -Grafik, und -Fotos at Kunstblatt Reckendorfhaus
Participant: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
1931–late 1939
Sasha and Cami Stone reestablish their studio in Brussels
At location: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
July 2–31, 1932
Exposition internationale de la photographie at the Palais des Beaux-Arts
Organizer: Cami Stone
Editions Arts et Métiers Graphiques publishes Les Femmes, a collection of 25 female nudes by Sasha and Cami Stone
Contributor: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
June and July 1933
Deuxième exposition internationale de la photographie et du cinéma at Palais des Beaux-Arts
Early 1939
Sasha and Cami Stone split and end their collaboration. They continue to work in the same studio until Sasha remarries
At location: Sasha Stone, Cami Stone
July 1940
Attempts to emigrate through Spain to the United States as the Germans invade Brussels
At location: Sasha Stone
August 6, 1940
Dies en route through the Pyrenees
At location: Sasha Stone

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