April 15, 2015  |  Learning and Engagement
The MoMA Studio Experience

When you’re at a museum, how often do you have the impression that “freedom reigns,” or that you can “create anything?” Or have you ever experienced the sense of belonging to a larger community wherein people “from very different backgrounds and places…feel that there is something that can unite [them]?” We believe it is essential to nurture these opportunities through our educational initiatives, such as MoMA Studio.

MoMA Studios are free, interactive spaces that offer drop-in programs and artist-led workshops to visitors of all ages, in conjunction with an exhibition or a topic related to modern and contemporary art. By inviting visitors to engage with art in participatory, creative ways, the Studios generate experiences that complement and expand upon the acts of looking at and talking about works of art that take place in the galleries. This initiative began in 2009, and over the course of six unique installations the Studio series has become a vital part of our programming.

Watch the video above to learn more about the MoMA Studio experience through the eyes of some of our loyal participants, including Benedicte Caneill, who is quoted above describing the time she has spent in these spaces over the years.