October 1, 2012  |  Family & Kids, Videos
VIDEO: The Teenager’s Guide to the Galleries! (Part 3)

Cross-Museum Collective teens on the set of The Teenager’s Guide to the Galleries!

Everyone knows that The Godfather Part III is the worst film in the trilogy, and that Rocky III and Jaws 3 aren’t anywhere near as good as the famous blockbusters that they followed. But what about The Teenager’s Guide to the Galleries! Part 3? Can the Cross-Museum Collective avoid the pitfalls that have brought down so many great series of the past, and continue to build upon the success of our first two installments?!?

In this episode, the Collective tackles the subject of what to do during your museum visit once you find yourself inside the galleries, and how teens and young adults can make their time in front of an artwork as powerful and worthwhile as possible. As with the other videos, the Cross-Museum Collective teens had a hand in every single aspect of the film’s creation: from writing the script, to acting out the scenes, to designing the props, and even coming up with the title. It’s a guide to the museum experience unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and we’re proud to present it to the Inside/Out audience.

This installment also features what must be one of the most profound and meaningful lines in the entire history of art criticism: “OMG, totes! Let’s Instagram it!”

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Special thanks to Chris Lew, Matthew Evans, Max Brand, Plowshares Media, and (of course) the incredible Cross-Museum Collective.