Superstudio. The Continuous Monument: St. Moritz Revisited, project. 1969. Cut-and-pasted printed paper, colored pencil, and oil stick on board. Gift of The Howard Gilman Foundation

In recognition of Earth Day, the Ambasz Institute will host an annual keynote lecture to address the increasing challenges of living on a damaged planet. Addressing the climate crisis requires a momentous cultural shift. Tune in on Earth Day, enter into the conversation, and become part of the needed change.

This event was made possible through a generous gift from Emilio Ambasz. The Emilio Ambasz Institute for the Joint Study of the Built and the Natural Environment is a platform for fostering dialogue, promoting conversation, and facilitating research about the relationship between the built and natural environment, with the aim of making the interaction between architecture and ecology visible and accessible to the wider public while highlighting the urgent need for an ecological recalibration.