Robert Cumming. Snow Scene Under Construction; Feature Film, “It’s a Wonderful Life” - Stage # 12. 1977. Gelatin silver print, 7 11/16 × 9 3/4" (19.5 × 24.8 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Albert Dorskind. © Robert Cumming/Licensed by VAGA, New York. Photo: John Wronn

Material Worlds is an online discussion series that gathers together experts and scholars who transcend the typical boundaries of expertise to posit new viewpoints on the equitable and resilient sourcing of building materials, not only to envision the future, but also to better understand the past and present of humanity’s impact on the nonhuman world. This series aims to promote sustained discussion about the impact of the building sector, examine new research in both academia and the industry, and establish a vocabulary of ecological architecture, all in the hope of engaging the newest generation of architects to reassess the discipline in the face of urgent change. This series is organized by Lindsey Wikstrom, who will also moderate each session.

This event was made possible through a generous gift from Emilio Ambasz. The Emilio Ambasz Institute for the Joint Study of the Built and the Natural Environment is a platform for fostering dialogue, promoting conversation, and facilitating research about the relationship between the built and natural environment, with the aim of making the interaction between architecture and ecology visible and accessible to the wider public while highlighting the urgent need for an ecological recalibration.