The Museum of Modern Art, Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries

In conjunction with the exhibition Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye, we explore the intersection of sight, sound, and touch. What do we mean when we refer to a genre of music as "smooth"? Why do we refer to a piece of music as having "texture" or "going against the grain"? What did punk feel like? And what is the phenomenon called “synesthesia"?

Engage in a hands-on project with various images, sounds, and textures as we consider the intentions of artists and musicians whose work engages our senses in multiple ways."

This session concludes with a special live Stratocaster demonstration in conjunction with STRATURDAY.

Join us for lively conversations and engaging activities, facilitated by Museum educators, that offer insightful and unusual ways to engage with MoMA’s collection and special exhibitions.

Gallery Sessions are free for members and Museum admission ticket holders. No registration is required. Groups meet in the Marron Atrium, Floor 2.

FM headsets for sound amplification are available for all talks.

This event is part of Gallery Sessions.