May 10, 2013  |  Do You Know Your MoMA?
Do You Know Your MoMA? 5/10/13


How well do you know your MoMA? If you think you can identify the artist and title of each of these works—all currently on view in the Painting and Sculpture Galleries—please submit your answers by leaving a comment on this post. We’ll provide the answers next month (on Friday, June 7).

Congratulations to Rick Ho, who for the second month in a row was the first of several people to correctly identify all six works. Do you have what it takes to claim this month’s title?


1. Pavel Tchelitchew. Hide-and-Seek. 1940–42

2. Franz Kline. White Forms. 1955

3. Frida Kahlo. My Grandparents, My Parents, and I (Family Tree). 1936

4. Frank Stella. Empress of India. 1965

5. Willem de Kooning. Woman, I. 1950–52

6. Agnes Martin. Harbor Number 1. c. 1959


1.Paul Cezanne- Still life with apples
2 Yves Tanguy- slowly toward the north
3.Odilon Redon – The Athenaeum
4. Jackson Pollack – Echo
5.Bruce Nauman: Drawings for Neons
6. Henri Matisse – The Moroccans

1 – Still life with Apples, Paul Cezanne.
2 – Slowly Toward The North, Yves Tanguy.
3 – The Window, Odilon Redon.
4 – Echo: Number 25, Jackson Pollock.
5 – Read/Reap, Bruce Nauman.
6 – Moroccans, Henri Matisse

1. Paul Cézanne, “Still Life with Apples”
2. Yves Tanguy “Slowly Toward the North”
3. Odilon Redon, “The Window”
4. Jackson Pollock, “Echo: Number 25”
5. Bruce Nauman, “Read/Reap”
6. Henri Matisse, “The Moroccans”

1.”Still life with Apples”.Paul Cezanne.
2 “Slowly Toward The North”. Yves Tanguy.
3 ” The Window”. Odilon Redon.
4 “Echo: Number 25”. Jackson Pollock.
5 “Read/Reap”. Bruce Nauman.
6 “Moroccans”. Henri Matisse

1. Paul Cézanne. Still Life with Apples, 1895-98
2. Yves Tanguy. Slowly Toward The North, 1942
3. Odilon Redon. The Window, 1907
4. Jackson Pollock. Echo: Number 25, 1951
5. Bruce Nauman. Read/Reap, 1983
6. Henri Matisse. The Moroccans, late 1915 and fall 1916

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