DO YOU KNOW YOUR MoMA? 07/16/2010

July 16, 2010  |  Do You Know Your MoMA?
Do You Know Your MoMA? 07/16/2010

How well do you know your MoMA? Above are images of works from the MoMA collection that are currently on view throughout the Museum. If you think you can identify the artist and title of each work, please submit your answers by leaving a comment on this post. We’ll provide the answers—along with some information about each work—in two weeks (on Friday, July 30), along with the next Do You Know Your MoMA? challenge.


Another stumper! For the second time running, Do You Know Your MoMA? proved a bit too difficult, with two people correctly identifying one artist each. A case of the summertime blues, perhaps?

Clues for the Do You Know Your MoMA? challenge, 7/2/10

1. Kara Walker. Gone: An Historical Romance of a Civil War as It Occurred b’tween the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart.1994

2. Simon Hantaï. Untitled (Suite Blanc). 1973

3. Melvin Edwards. Sekuru Knows from the Lynch Fragment series. 1988

4. Pino Pascali. Bridge. 1968

5. Robert Mapplethorpe. Triptych: Self-Portrait. 1972

6. Gordon Matta-Clark. Bingo. 1974


The past two weeks challenge were indeed difficult, hope we could have some more clues to keep us participating with the challenge…cheers and have a great weekend y’all…:)

The 6th is Ellen Gallagher’s
“Bad Skin” 2004-2005.

1 Rauschenberg currents 1970
5 Alison Knowles the identical lunch

2 Kerry James Marshall study fr blue water silver moon 1991
3 Bruce nauman!!! Long title something like punch and Judy ii birth & life & sex & death 1985
4 Lucy mckenzie untitled 2002
6 Ellen Gallagher part of the DeLuxe piece 2004

Last minute submission frm @mchang02 !

I wonder how ever none of the works of art of Pino Pascali is displayed?

Thank you.

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