N.Y., N.Y. 1957. USA. Directed by Francis Thompson. Acquired from the artist

While our doors are closed this summer, MoMA will continue to bring films to our audience. Each week during the month of July, starting Monday the 8th, MoMA will release recently restored short films from the collection here on Magazine.

This online exhibition stars New York itself—an inspiration and influence for filmmakers since the invention of movies—from early footage of the subway, commissioned by Edison & Co., to one of the first gangster movies, to James Agee, Helen Levitt, and Janice Loeb’s In the Street (1952), along with more recent films. The films have been chosen around New York–centric themes, including Performing Gender Downtown, the Streets, Underground, and Skyline. Each week on Magazine, audiences across the country will have the opportunity to see rare and unexpected films and hear from artists, writers, and curators on how these films help us see New York.

Organized by Sean Egan, Producer, Film Exhibitions and Projects, and Sean Yetter, Video Producer, The City Stars is the first digital film exhibition at the Museum, offering a new model for online screenings and programming.