MoMA Learning is your destination for engaging with modern and contemporary art. It reflects the profound shift toward digital learning since the Museum launched its first curriculum website in 2006—a transition not only from print to digital, but towards customizable, interactive, self-guided, anytime-anywhere learning. MoMA Learning aggregates a wealth of content produced by the Museum and links to exemplary content from other sites, encouraging a thematic exploration of art and offering downloadable and customizable slideshows, worksheets, and many other resources for use in the classroom or for independent study.

The history of art is not simply a linear progression of styles. Rather, artists respond to and participate in the intellectual, social, and cultural contexts of their time. The structure of MoMA Learning reflects this cross-pollination, situating artworks in thematic groupings that extend beyond chronology, geography, and style. We hope this approach and these resources will inspire new interpretations of the art of our time.

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Education at MoMA is made possible by a partnership with Volkswagen of America.

Generous support for School and Teacher Programs are provided by an endowment established by The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation, The William Randolph Hearst Endowment Fund, Mimi and Peter Haas Fund, and by the gift of Emmett S. and Jamie L. Watson.

Additional funding is provided by Ducommun and Gross Family Foundation and the Annual Education Fund.


MoMA Learning Team

Sara Bodinson
Director, Interpretation, Research and Digital Learning
Kelly Cannon
Associate Educator, Interpretation, Research and Digital Learning
Karen Kedmey
Independent Art Historian and Writer
Jenna Madison
Assistant Director, Interpretation, Research and Digital Learning
Lisa Mazzola
Assistant Director, School and Teacher Programs
Wendy Woon
The Edward John Noble Deputy Director for Education

Web Concept and Design

Katie L. Koch
Kiss Me I’m Polish, LLC

Thanks to All Those Who Previously Worked on MoMA Learning

Amy Boyle
Colleen Brogan
Joe Bucciero
Allegra Burnette
Solana Chehtman
Ingrid Chou
Sara Dayton
Dante Fumagalli
Desi Gonzalez
Beth Harris
David Hart
Deborah Howes
Tana Johnson
Stephanie Pau
Jason Persse
Dan Phiffer
Alice Potter
Kris Wetterlund