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Color Shadows

Eduardo Castillo


Designer: Eduardo Castillo

The winning project of the first edition of Yap_Constructo was developed by architect Eduardo Castillo and opened in January 2010. The proposal calls for construction of a temporary landscape inspired by the spring celebrations in Chile’s Central Valley, resulting in large sun-filtered atmosphere. A system of roofs structured from wooden posts that, together with fabric, created a topographic relief, more than covering the patio, spatially contained it. Benches made of faceted wood serving as sculptural elements were capable of not only adding aesthetic value as sculptures but also providing space for recreational activities. The constructive expression and upper finishing details of the large lateral wall, conceived in the image of a wooden shed but with the horizontal pieces joined inversely from conventional designs, remind us of agricultural-industrial architecture, where the final expression is that of a construction system. Another element that stands out is an ornamental pond, designed as an attractive element for use during the warmest part of the summer. This architectural piece created a focal point towards the back of the patio, enlivening the space and providing a leisurely layout structured around water. Other elements like swings and additional furnishings allowed for simultaneous occupation activating a network of simultaneous situations.