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Nicolás Norero


Designer: Nicolás Norero

The project includes the introduction of a foreign body to the courtyard, an approach that is intended to create a tension between the existing volumes, the street, the neighborhood and the visitors. The introduced body is an element that refers to various formal, spatial and sometimes opposing origins. This body is understood as a framework that will generate an indoor /outdoor space that enables interactions and events. The body is understood as primitive and raw, and is complemented by soft elements such as fog and vegetation.

The fog is meant not only to refresh the environment and lower the temperature, but also to create an atmosphere that shifts and changes, ranging from a dense body to being virtually invisible. The wood, vegetation and gravel are intended to absorb the fog, releasing smells that will activate the senses.

Once finished with the project, Nicolás Norero proposes to recycle not only the materials, but also the concept. The space, the created body and the kit of frames are intended to be transported to a new site/community.