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Departments at MoMA

Thanks to the exhibition dataset from MoMA, we can track and display who was head of which department, and when. You can also see the larger picture of how departments have opened, closed and merged since the museum was established in 1929. It's also definitely worth reading the README notes on Github for extra detail about the history of the departments.

Map of Department Heads

Each black rectangle represents a person. And, please note that exhibition data only goes to 1989, so you might see some more recent people listed with "no exhibitions" after that date, even though that may not be the case.

The Museum of Modern Art has had six Directors since its inception in 1929.

  1. Alfred H. Barr, Jr.  American, 1902–1981
    1929–1943 • Director • 53 exhibitions
  2. René d'Harnoncourt  American, 1901–1968
    1949–1968 • Director • 24 exhibitions
  3. Bates Lowry  American, 1924–2004
    1968–1969 • Director • 2 exhibitions
  4. John B. Hightower  American, 1933–2013
    1970–1972 • Director • no exhibitions
  5. Richard E. Oldenburg  American, born 1933
    1972–1994 • Director • no exhibitions
  6. Glenn D. Lowry  American, born 1954
    1995–now • Director • no exhibitions

Curatorial departments