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kitchen scenes in film

Stills from the films listed below, together with some as yet unidentified, are on display in the exhibition. All are drawn from MoMA’s collection.

Kärlek och Journalistik (Love and Journalism). 1913. Sweden. Directed by Mauritz Stiller

Pleasure Mad. 1923. USA. Directed by Reginald Barker

Too Young to Marry. 1931. USA. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy

Shoot the Works. 1934. USA. Directed by Wesley Ruggles

Sprucin’ Up. 1935. USA. Directed by Gus Meins

Luckiest Girl in the World. 1936. USA. Directed by Edward Buzzell

Magnificent Brute. 1936. USA. Directed by John G. Blystone

Modern Times. 1936. USA. Directed by Charles Chaplin

My Man Godfrey. 1936. USA. Directed by Gregory LaCava

The Man I Marry. 1936. USA. Directed by Ralph Murphy

I Married a Doctor. 1936. USA. Directed by Archie Mayo

Meet Nero Wolfe. 1936. USA. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman

Borrowed Trouble. 1937. USA. Directed by Carter DeHaven

Always in Trouble. 1938. USA. Directed by Joseph Santley

Jitterbugs. 1938. USA. Directed by Walter Graham

Merrily We Live. 1938. USA. Directed by Norman Z. McLeod

The Beloved Brat. 1938. USA. Directed by Arthur Lubin

You Can’t Take It With You. 1938. USA. Directed by Frank Capra

Invisible Stripes. 1939. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon

Blondie Meets the Boss. 1939. USA. Directed by Frank R. Strayer

Calling Dr. Kildare. 1939. USA. Directed by Harold S. Bucquet

On Borrowed Time. 1939. USA. Directed by Harold S. Bucquet

Christmas in July. 1940. USA. Directed by Preston Sturges

Three Cheers for the Irish. 1940. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon

Blondie in Society. 1941. USA. Directed by Frank R. Strayer

Manpower. 1941. USA. Directed by Raoul Walsh

Puddin’ Head. 1941. USA Directed by Joseph Santley

Man Hunt. 1941. USA. Directed by Fritz Lang

Shantytown. 1943. USA. Directed by Joseph Santley

Arsenic and Old Lace. 1944. USA. Directed by Frank Capra

The Sullivans. 1944. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon

Christmas in Connecticut. 1945. USA. Directed by Peter Godfrey

Pillow to Post. 1945. USA. Directed by Vincent Sherman

Janie Gets Married. 1946. USA. Directed by Vincent Sherman

The Best Years of Our Lives. 1946. USA. Directed by Samuel Goldwyn

My Wild Irish Rose. 1947. USA. Directed by David Butler

The Egg and I. 1947. USA. Directed by Chester Erskine

Room for One More. 1952. USA. Directed by Norman Taurog

How to Marry a Millionaire. 1953. USA. Directed by Jean Negulesko

The Long Grey Line. 1955. USA. Directed by John Ford

Young at Heart. 1954. USA. Directed by Gordon Douglas

Full of Life. 1956. USA. Directed by Richard Quine

My Man Godfrey. 1957. USA. Directed by Henry Koster

The Catered Affair. 1957. USA. Directed by Richard Brooks

Imitation of Life. 1959. USA. Directed by Douglas Sirk

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. 1960. USA. Directed by Charles Walters

The Apartment. 1960. USA. Directed by Billy Wilder

A Raisin in the Sun. 1961. USA. Directed by Daniel Petrie

The Thrill of It All. 1963. USA. Directed by Norman Jewison

The Odd Couple. 1968. USA. Directed by Gene Saks

The Stepford Wives. 1975. USA. Directed by Bryan Forbes

Kramer vs. Kramer. 1979. USA. Directed by Robert Benton

Tootsie. 1982. USA. Directed by Sydney Pollack

Uncle Buck. 1989. USA. Directed by John Hughes

Point of No Return. 1993. USA. Directed by John Badham

Big Night. 1995. USA. Directed by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci