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July 6, 2012  |  Events & Programs, Family & Kids
Designing for Accessibility: Material Lab

Third-grade students who are blind or partially-sighted visit Material Lab. Photo: Kirsten Schroeder

As a coordinator of programs for visitors with disabilities at MoMA I am constantly thinking about ways to make the Museum more accessible and engaging.

April 27, 2012  |  Events & Programs, Family & Kids
Create Ability: An Opportunity to Be Creative, A Chance to Grow

In a previous post I wrote about our Create Ability program for children and adults with learning or developmental disabilities, and the annual exhibition of work produced by these participants that was about to be installed.

March 2, 2012  |  Events & Programs, Family & Kids
Create Ability Participants Take A Trip to the Moon

Next week, staff from MoMA’s Department of Education will attend a workshop organized by the Museum Access Consortium that will focus on museum programs for visitors who are on the autism spectrum.

March 17, 2010  |  Events & Programs
Create Ability: An Exhibition of Their Own

Photograph by Michael Nagle

In September, one of the participants of Create Ability, MoMA’s monthly program for individuals with learning or developmental disabilities and their families, asked me, “Why don’t we have our own exhibition?” We were returning to the classroom to create our own art after a gallery tour wherein we’d discussed The Moroccans by Henri Matisse, Harlequin by Pablo Picasso, and the neon-colored sculptures by Franz West outside in the Sculpture Garden. I immediately began gathering artwork created each subsequent month, and on Thursday, March 4, the opening reception for the first exhibition of work produced by Create Ability participants was held.