July 26, 2013  |  Warm Up
Warm Up 2013: It Just Keeps Getting Better
Warm Up 2013, MoMA PS1, July 20, 2013. Photo: Charles Roussel

Warm Up 2013, MoMA PS1, July 20, 2013. Photo: Charles Roussel

This summer, week by week, artist by artist, Warm Up continues to outdo itself—and last weekend was no exception. It saw a DJ set from Brooklyn’s own Obey City; Fade to Mind Records’  vocalist, Kelela, performing a live set and singing with DJ L-VIS 1990 (who also turned in a stellar DJ set). The day was closed out by two dance world luminaries: Recloose, whose albums and singles have been released by Planet E (Detroit) and Rush Hour (Netherlands), and Steve Goodman, better known as Kode9, who founded top indie label Hyperdub,  and also records plenty of music under his own name and with collabors such as The Spaceape.

This weekend we welcome another stunning selection of international talent – new artists and dance music legends alike.

The day opens with Cologne-based artist Roosevelt, a solid new addition to the UK’s Greco-Roman label (cofounded by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard). Roosevelt is already gathering fans and press as both an electro pop producer/vocalist and as a DJ.

One of the biggest new names in UK dance music over the past few years has undoubtedly been Daniel Avery, and we are thrilled to have him as part of this weekend’s programing. His rapid succession of slo-mo disco EPs on the Phantasy label (run by DJ Erol Alkan) created much excitement in the dance community, and his reputation was further cemented when he was invited to release a DJ mix as part of the Fabric Mix series last year.

Majical Cloudz have, no doubt, recorded one of the most beautiful, heartfelt albums of the year with their LP Impersonator, released on Matador Records. Helping us continue to add left turns and surprises every weekend, the band’s front man, Devon Welsh, will fill the courtyard with his romantic, haunting melodies and vocals—and perhaps bring all of us a bit of calm before the storm that is our two headliners.

Warm Up 2013, MoMA PS1, July 20, 2013. Photo: Charles Roussel

A rainbow appears over the crowd during Warm Up 2013, MoMA PS1, July 20, 2013. Photo: Charles Roussel

Ben UFO is the founder of Hessle Audio, one of the hottest & most consistently surprising UK bass-head music labels to emerge in the recent past. He’s  responsible for the premiere pirate radio show in the UK via RinseFM and his two commercial mixes succeeded in bringing this live radio spirit into a more mainstream arena –  : he recorded one for the RinseFM mix series, and one for the Fabric Mix series. He brings all these skills to the stage .

Closing out the day is a DJ and producer who is, without a doubt, one of the most revered dance-music figures ever to grace the MoMA PS1 stage: A Guy Called Gerald. Always at the forefront of several  dance music genre shifts,  he is also a gifted DJ’s recording what is one of the most stunning Essential Mixes of all time – early membership in 808 State & part of the landmark Newbuild LP + legendary solo recordings like Hot Lemonade, Automanikk, and Black Secret Technology—considered three of the greatest full-length dance albums ever. Gerald is also responsible for perhaps the most recognizable dance single of the past 25 years, “Voodoo Ray.”

This weekend  A Guy Called Gerald will combine a live set with a DJ set and create something wholly unique, undoubtedly, thrilling for us all to bear witness to and dance to.

There is also amazing art & corn dogs available to see and eat, if you find the time.