Print Studio: Last Week to Make a Print!

A wall of "Editions" made by Print Studio participants

Hard to believe that five great weeks have flown by at Print Studio and that this is the final week of the project! That’s right…the next couple days are the last chance to visit the studio and make your own print using the color copier and scanner equipment on hand, as well as the many mixed media and collage resources available.

As many of the Print Studio artists can attest, the Reanimation Library’s Mid-Manhattan Branch has been a wonderful source of inspiration for the countless projects that have been created. Based on our last count of the copy machine, over 24,000 prints have been made—what an amazing output! Evidence of this work can be seen in the colorful Print Studio Editions that line the walls of the Cullman mezzanine space where the action has taken place since mid-January. If you haven’t already had a chance to drop by, we urge you to come in this week to make a print, or visit the space and take a look at the amazing variety of work that has been created!

Phil Sanders and collaborators working on their "printervention," a book of iPad drawings by artist Eddie Martinez

On Thursday of last week, we had a surprise visit from Phil Sanders, master printer and director of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, a program of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. He came, with colleagues and a few extra materials in tow, to use the resources at MoMA’s Print Studio to print and bind a series of editions for a special project he had planned with artist Eddie Martinez.

It was exciting; Print Studio underwent a “printervention” of sorts as Phil and his associates set up shop to make this series of editions. To give you a sense of the project, the final product resulted in a printed and bound book which resembled an artist’s sketchbook. Each page of the 22-page bound book featured a unique iPad drawing made by and selected from Eddie Martinez’s digital sketchpad. Phil will be following up with a special post on this project soon, so stay tuned!

Reproduction of Marcel Duchamp's The Blind Man, discussed at the Triple Canopy public program on Feb. 27, led by artist Sarah Crowner.

Coming up on Wednesday, March 7 at 2:30 p.m. join us for the final installment of Triple Canopy’s series of public programs. Poet Ariana Reines and Triple Canopy editors and guests will lead a discussion about the nature of publication. Transcripts from the program will be edited, and related materials will be compiled, for an edition of Triple Canopy’s publication Volume Number that will be distributed in the Millenium Magazines exhibition opening at MoMA soon. Keep your eye out for it!

Thanks to all those who have visited Print Studio and tried their hand at making a print! For those who have yet to come, we look forward to seeing you this week!