February 13, 2012  |  Artists, Collection & Exhibitions, Print Studio
Ten-Minute Talk: Collective Task at Print Studio

As part of Print Studio, we offer a weekly series of short talks focusing on issues related to the medium of print and the sustainability of ideas within the context of modern and contemporary art. During these Ten-Minute Talks, a variety of MoMA staff—from conservators to librarians and archivists—as well as guest artists and educators, share their expertise, offering insight on a variety of topics and a special behind-the-scenes look at MoMA’s engagement with the medium of print and selected Print Studio projects.

This week poet Robert Fitterman discusses the ongoing Collective Task project and its re-imagined version for Print Studio. In this entertaining video, Fitterman is in conversation with Lanny Jordan Jackson, the current curator of the Collective Task project.

We encourage you to create a print in response to this week’s task, adapted from Lisa Sanditz’s original task:  “Make something while honoring the spirit of Freecycle. That is, all materials used in the project must be used, borrowed and bartered.”