October 13, 2010  |  Collection & Exhibitions, Counter Space
Juliet Kinchin on The Martha Stewart Show: It’s a Good Thing!

Juliet Kinchin with Martha Stewart on the set of The Martha Stewart Show last week (October 6)

Here’s a fun update: Counter Space Curator Juliet Kinchin recently made an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show! The episode that aired on Wednesday, October 6, was dedicated to modern kitchens and kitchen organization, and Juliet starred in a seven-minute segment to discuss the exhibition, with a focus on the Frankfurt Kitchen. You can watch the video on Martha’s website, and read her review of the show in the Observer. We took along several objects from the exhibition, including the Ice Cream Scoop (1935), Lurelle Guild’s Tea Kettle (1932–33), the Chemex Coffee Maker (1941), and the Corning glass Frying Pan (c. 1942).

While we were at it, we took the opportunity to showcase a 1963 minikitchen by the famous Italian designer Joe Colombo, a piece which we were unfortunately not able to fit in the exhibition. This mobile kitchen unit (mostly plywood with varnished coniferous-wood veneer, aluminum, steel, plastic, laminate, and electrical components) was manufactured by Boffi and recently reissued. “Things have to be flexible,” said Colombo in 1966. “My kitchen can be moved around or out of a room and when you are finished with it, it closes up like a box.” The minikitchen includes two burners, refrigerator, cutting board, electrical outlets for small appliances, and multipurpose storage compartments.

Another update for your attention: we are still adding material to the other parts of the Counter Space website. Try revisiting Kitchen Sink Dramas, where you’ll now find excerpts from three very different kitchen-related video works by women artists from the U.S., Japan, and Mexico: Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975), HIDEO, It’s Me Mama (1983), and Devil in the Flesh (1998). These works are in the MoMA collection and are on view in their entirety in the exhibition.